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Sandy & Dani & I
by Jim

My college roommate Sandy had a weekend job apartment sitting for a guy in one of those ritzy apartment know, the kind with a doorman that announces you and makes you register at the front door...well anyway, she was told by the guy who owned the place that she wasn't allowed to have any parties or any guys in while he was gone. He told her that the neighbors were instructed to report any infractions of this rule. He didn't say anything about girls though.

Sandy is, how shall I say, more physically developed than I am. Oh, all right, she's STACKED! (Got to be at least 36DD's packed and bouncing around under them Gym Shirts and sweaters she wears. I, on the other hand was, "developmentally challenged," not really flat chested, but do wish I had more than my 34A's -- maybe B cup if I retain water during my period. (Since I had a child, my measurements in my chest went up to, and thankfully stayed at, 34C.) One good thing about my tits is that I have extremely large nipples (at least 3/4 inch long, like pencil erasers), and they stick out at the slightest stimulation. Also, my tits are very, very firm so I rarely ever need wear a bra and I love to wear tight fitting tops, usually Spandex, to really show off my nipples.

ALL the guys drool over Sandy all the time (and so do some of the other girls, too, or so I hear). Me? Well, lets just say I wouldn't mind getting a peak at them up close and personal! (I never get to be in the shower after gym class with her.) I've also heard rumors that Sandy likes to peek too....

Sandy has very long, straight, brunette hair, all the way down to the middle of her ass. I, on the other hand, have short (natural) blonde hair and a small muff on pubic hair, also blonde. I don't know (yet) how much cunt hair Sandy has, if any. I was hoping that I would get a chance to find out soon!

We were in the guy's living room and began watching TV. Sandy asked if I was hungry or thirsty and I said yes. She went to the refrigerator and brought back a couple of sandwiches and a couple of beers. I was kind of leery about drinking while we were studying, but figured, what the fuck, maybe it'll loosen us up and we can do some better research on the homework we were doing!

We drank a couple of beers each and were feeling good and Sandy started telling me how she felt so uncomfortable with her body because all the guys stared at her tits. She told me she loved the way my body was and wished she had it. My cunt tingled when she said that and I could feel a little bit of moisture seep out into my panties. (I was only wearing denim short shorts and a half top (Spandex, of course)) I disagreed with her and told her that HER body was fantastic and that I would give nearly anything to have HER tits and ass...they were absolutely marvelous.

We really weren't getting too much homework done, being as buzzed as we were, so we decided to watch some movies instead. We found an unmarked tape in the library and stuck it in the VCR. We were shocked by what we saw at was a lesbian sex tape. Actually, when I first saw it, I was kind of interested, but faked shock so that Sandy wouldn't be shocked at me for liking it. The brief scene I saw showed two shaved cunts fucking each other with a long double dildo, both girls were in the missionary position going to town on each other as if there was no tomorrow. She quickly hit the STOP button

That little peek, combined with the beers got me real hot, so I told Sandy that the beer was running through me and I had to pee. I went into the bathroom and began fingering myself. While I was in there, I saw a razor and decided to shave off what little pubic hair I had. It didn't take too long and apparently Sandy didn't hear me walking down the hall. Because when I looked around the corner, the tape was playing again and there was Sandy and she was fingering HERself through her shorts. I watched for a few minutes then went back to the bathroom and made it a bit more obvious that I was coming back. (I coughed rather loudly.)When I got back to the living room, the tape was off again and Sandy, although a bit flushed and breathing a little heavier than normal, was looking at her school book (she didn't realize it was upside down though)!

We began talking about our school work and then how appropriate it was that we saw that tape, since we were talking about "alternative lifestyles" ( lesbians, bisexuals, etc). Boy...did we ever sound convincing to each other...well, we tried!

I suggested that it may be a good idea to keep watching the video for study material and Sandy couldn't agree more. She grabbed the remote and took a seat next to me on the sofa.

Sandy reached in front of me to grab her beer and a smoke and when she did, she accidentally (?) brushed against my tits. That slight touch was all they needed and my nipples sprang to life, poking and straining at the Spandex in all of their hardened female glory. She pretended not to notice as she sipped at her beer and lit her cigarette. My pussy was itching, not just from the shave, but from the excitement of the prospects of the events to come.

We continued watching the video, taking "notes" and as I looked at Sandy, I noticed a slight motion of her left hand against her crotch.

After a while of the watching, during a "non-action" scene, I suggested that we pay a visit to a new sex-shop that opened down near campus, to "study" the different types of sex toys that are available and used by lesbians and bisexual women. Sandy agreed, so we went to the store.

We were kind of jittery about going into the store, but we finally mustered up the courage and entered. We were mortified when a bell jingled announcing our presence. We were turning red when we saw that the clerk was a woman in her late 20's or so. She was thin, nicely built and gorgeous with red hair framing her well made-up face (her bright cherry-red lip stick really set her face off).

She asked if she could help us and we sort of just let out a nervous sounding "no - - just looking." She said OK. We were looking at the different magazines (its really amazing what is shown...guys fucking guys, women fucking women, women solo, it goes on and on).

We went into the next section (actually only an aisle over) when we saw some of the sex toys...most of them looked like they we for masturbation and not for couples. Mostly single dildoes and vibrators with a few strap-on types and kinkier looking things that I have no idea what they did and neither did Sandy. Being a bit buzzed from the beers made us a bit giddy and boisterous in the store, asking each other in a loud whisper "What do you think THAT does?"

Well, apparently the clerk overheard us because she walked over to us. She said in a bit of a British accent. "If you'd like some help, I'll be glad to show you how those items work..."

She startled us and we turned around. It was then that we got a real good look at this woman. She was about 5'8", about 120 pounds with nice firm grapefruit sized tits under a see through white blouse (no bra, either as we could see her tiny nipples poking through the sheer material) and a "wet look" black leather mini skirt with zippers up each side. Her red hair was shoulder length.

"It's time for me to lock up for the night, but since you're already here I'd be glad to give you the demo show."

I looked at Sandy and Sandy looked at me. The beers were still having their effect on us and we decided that we would stay for the "show" and told Danielle (the clerk) that we would stay and what we were doing (the college work on lesbianism and homosexuality and whether or not they are born or "made".) It was then that Danielle told us that it would be difficult to offer her honest opinion because she herself was bisexual, she would suck a dick as soon as eat a pussy (MY kind of girl, and as I was to later find out, Sandy's also).

After Danielle closed and locked the door and pulled the shade on the window, she turned the lights down and offered us into the back stock room for the show.

When we got into the room, we saw a tantalizing array of all types of toys, jellies, lotions and creams. Most of the items were out of their boxes and a more-than-faint aroma of sex pervaded the room. It was obvious that we weren't the first ones to have this "special" personal demonstration. Danielle started by asking us if we had any questions. Sandy and I looked at each other with sparkles in our eyes and nervous grins on our faces. We looked back at Danielle and she also smiled.

"Well, its obvious that the tension is a bit high about loosening up some and maybe it'll lighten a bit." she said. With that, she took a joint out of her purse and lit it, inhaling deeply and offering us some of it. We each took a hit off it and were immediately more at ease.

Danielle then began by showing us a basic vibrator and demonstrating how it is used, through her leather skirt.

Definitely hot. We smoked some more of the joint and that, combined with our beers were making us fucking hornier than shit.

She moved on to a "normal" sized dildo, and advanced to the larger 10 and 12 inch ones. Then came the double and strap on kind. We obviously had a confused look on our faces when they came out.

"It is a tad warm in here, don't you say?" Danielle said.

We readily agreed and "Danny" took her top off, exposing her grapefruit sized breast. 100% natural, firm and gorgeous. Not an ounce of silicone in those boobs. Perfectly round with medium sized, pert erect nipples.

We joined her, slowly at first. I took my Spandex top off, showing what little tit I had. Sandy was a little slower, taking her time to watch us. I KNEW she liked to watch! So, to speed things up, I helped her along. Her bulky sweater got her hair all full of static so I helped straighten her hair and as I was brushing it down her back, I stopped just long enough to unhook her bra. Mounds of flesh cascaded out of that sling, bounced once or twice and rested comfortably against my chest. Danny was amazed at the sight before her eyes. To tell the truth, we were too. For, while we were beginning to undress each other, she finished by pulling the zippers up on the sides of her skirt and yanked it down, showing that she had crotchless panties on, exposing a beautiful mound of red muff, shaved into the shape of a heart. She also took the time to put on a strap on dildo (just how long DID we take to undress each other)?. We finished undressing ourselves. Sandy took her G-string panties off and I took off my French cut briefs, taking time to finger myself for a few seconds to help heat things up. My nipples must have been sticking out a full inch! Those fuckers have NEVER felt so hard. Of course with Sandy and Danny sucking them, they had a bit of help!

I knelt down and finally (after what seem like forever) took my first taste of pussy. It was Sandy that I chose. What a rush. Between the beer, the pot and the sweet aroma of her cunt and Danny's leather scented pussy put me into an instant orgasm. I gently tongued her twat as she stood with her legs spread, exposing that auburn pubic hair of hers, not too much, not too little. Suddenly I felt a pushing on my own cunt. I turned back to see the red-haired Danny pushing a strapon dildo into me, and she began fucking the shit out of me.

I reached over to the shelf and grabbed for a vibrator and began working it in Sandy's clit. She came twice in a row while I tongued her ass hole and vibrated that erect twat of hers. I wasn't doing too bad myself. Danny's expert dildo fucking had me coming over and over again. I screamed in ecstasy, when the next thing I know, I was on my back watching as Sandy grabbed a double dildo and inserted one end in her cunt. I lay there finger-fucking myself wondering who she was going to choose. She went to Danny, who inserted the other end in her cunt. They pumped pussies together, intertwining their red and brown hairs, meshing into a beautiful shade. Their juices were dripping out of their pussies, down their legs, so rather than let it go to waste, I slowly tongued their legs, savoring each and every drop of the honey.

A simultaneous orgasm exploded into my ears as they both came together and collapsed into a heap, into each others arms on the carpeted floor. Not wanted to miss out, I crawled over and took Danny's end of the double dong out of her cunt and sucked it like it was Sandy's cock taking the full length and burying my nose in her soft bush.

Danny began sucking my now bald twat as I knelt in front of Sandy, her tits bouncing wildly. I stopped and began to rub my tits on her cunt and clit, making her come once again. I looked up and Danny was sitting on Sandy's face, with her ass towards me. After grinding my pussy with Sandy's (I loved the tickling that her bush did for me), I took the strap on dildo that Danny had earlier and, after figuring out how to put it on, lifted Danny's ass cheeks up just enough, so that Sandy could still tongue her, and I could (after getting some lubricating jelly) fuck her up the ass. What a fucking trip. Not only was I fucking another girl, but it was BUTT fucking (something I love to do, by the way) and the strap on had a built in clit massager, helping me to come while Danny and Sandy did too.

After about 2 or 3 hours, we finally all fell into each others arms, French kissing each other and fingering one another. Then, one by one, we drifted off to a little sleep. Sandy and I awoke a bit later, only to find this note from Danny:

Girls, I had to run, but please feel free to continue. I feel that I can trust you to lock the door when you leave.
P.S. If you need more help with your research, feel free to "come" back any night around closing. I'd love to help you continue your college education.

She signed the note with a red heart. Hmmmm I wonder what that means? I'm sure we are going to need more research time for our course. Don't you?
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