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Summer Fun
by Slick

The hot summer night was like most in August. The air was heavy from the humidity, breathing was hard, even for those in good physical condition. Time seemed to stand still because of no air movement. You could hear cars on the freeway miles away as they sped to their appointed destinations. The neighbors were sitting on their back deck in the quiet night air, sipping ice tea and deep in their own thoughts when they began to hear humming sounds coming from the house next door.

The humming wasn't from someone not knowing lyrics to a song but of the mechanical variety, like from a motorized appliance. The sound was mixed in with intermittent low moans like when someone is in pain, or more precisely, like when someone is feeling great sexual pleasure. That's it, that's what it was...the woman next door was pleasuring herself with a vibrator. No, wait. Maybe HE was pleasuring her with the vibrator. The man on the deck had seen his neighbor dress very provocatively on many occasions. As a matter of fact, she almost always wore something revealing. It was the rare time when she didn't.

He loved to watch her from his yard. When lying in the sun she usually untied her top so as to have no tan lines. Sometimes if he was lucky she would occasionally turn onto her back, exposing her bare chest. She would lie there for hours with only her tiny bikini bottoms on, sitting up once in awhile to take a sip of a cool drink, then returning to a prone position to tan some more. As the humming and moaning continued he wondered what she would be like to fuck. His wife had gone inside to take a bath and to get away from that "disgusting noise". He decided to investigate a little closer. Stepping off the deck he crept to the open bedroom window where the sounds were coming from. There was no moon that night, so he couldn't be seen from the street.

As he peered into the dimly lit room he could see the action taking place. The headboard of the bed was right under that very window! His neighbor was on his back, naked and legs spread. She was naked as well, kneeling between his legs. She was giving him a blow job. Her hands were hand-cuffed together, forcing her to use both hands to stroke him as she slipped his rock hard cock in and out of her mouth. Her hands continued to pump him as she would trace her face with his glistening shaft, leaving behind a sticky trail. She knew what to do with a cock and when to do it. To keep him at maximum erection she would from time to time swallow his entire cock while massaging his balls with her cupped hand.

The moaning was from his neighbor laying there as he watched her pumping his cock and trying to make him cum. The humming was from the dildo he had placed in her ass prior to her going down on him. What was making him really moan was watching their dog fuck her at the same time. His paws were scraping her back as he pumped her like a bitch in heat. With the rotweiller's hips slamming into her it forced her to fall forward onto the mans chest. She moved her hands over his head near the headboard and pushed herself up. As she looked up she saw the neighbor looking in from outside the window. He was startled when she looked directly at him, sure she was going to make a scene. He couldn't believe his luck when she just closed her eyes, put her head down and kept fucking. She looked up at him again and moaned, "I want you to cum too". Believing they were alone, her guy thought she meant him, and he pulled his slippery mass out of her mouth and started stroking himself as he shot his load against her tanned stomach and chest with cum shots as he continued to pump.

The neighbor outside couldn't resist and he took out his cock and pounded himself off as he watched the incredible sight happening in front of him. His jizz shot against the house and dripped onto the plants at his feet. As the dog pulled out, he could see it's enormous cock dripping with her juices as well as his. She coaxed the dog up near her head and proceeded to suck his cock of all the fuck fluid it had left. She then went immediately down on her man again to capture any lingering cum she could lick up. She loved to have cum in her mouth. After watching her suck the dogs huge cock, his cock was hard again and her guy gave her a few extra pumps of his cock and loaded her mouth with his sticky cum. The overflow trickling out the corner of her mouth and dripping onto her chin and down her neck. She sat back on her haunches and, tipping her head back, she let his fuck fluid slide down her throat swallowing it all, With her thumb she wiped the cum off her chin and sucked it clean.

Smiling, to no one in particular she asked, "Did you enjoy it?"

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