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Sara's Friend
by Hea_2_sta

Sara stared at her friend lying on the couch watching TV. She couldn't get over the fact that she had turned into such a beautiful woman since she had seen her last. It had been about five years ago when Michelle had chose to move to a different state to start over in a new life after her divorce. Michelle had had a rough marriage to Tyler for three years and it had showed in how she had kept her self-back then. Never dressing up, putting on make-up or even caring if her hair was fixed. When Michelle had finally moved out and filed for a divorce, Sara had been so happy for her. It had been hard when Michelle moved but they had kept in contact over the last five years on the phone. Sara could tell her friend had bloomed in spirit as they talked over that period of time.

Mentally shaking herself of those thoughts she look at Michelle lying on the couch. Michelle had let her brown hair grow passed her shoulders to the middle of her back. It was now shiny and somewhat curly from a perm she had done. Her eyes were defined by her long lashes, which enhanced her bright blue eyes. Her nose was pert and cute with wide full lips always ready to smile. Sara looked at her slim throat and the then went lower to discover her shirt had come unbutton a few buttons in her restless move on the couch to get comfortable. She could see the hint of cleavage and the thrust of Michelle's breast in the way she laid. Sara stared at her breast intently for a moment guessing them to be about 36C. Sara felt a tingle run through her as she looked at Michelle's breast. She was shocked that she felt this. Sara realized her friend was turning her on. Looking lower at Michelle's body, Sara knew she had a slim and firm stomach. She had seen it the other night when they had went swimming at the hotel pool.

Michelle was now wearing a buttoned down white shirt that reached her mid thighs. And nothing else. It was late and they would probably go to bed soon. Looking at Michelle's legs slightly tan from the tanning bed, Sara saw they were toned and smooth. Again Sara felt a slight tingle in her body except it was now in her stomach. Sara thought to herself, "Geeze what am I doing," as she quickly diverted her eyes to another part of the room. When she finally focused she realized she was staring at the mirror on the wall. It was so huge you could see almost the entire room. Sara saw herself and analyzed how she looked. She knew she was attractive and that men stopped to stare at her occasionally. Her soft curly strawberry blonde hair was to her shoulders and framed her face very nicely. Her eyes were green and surrounded by long lashes also. Her nose couldn't be called small and pert, but for her face it fit perfectly. Her mouth was wide and full with a slight pout on the bottom lip. She has had many complements on that by men.

Her breast was smaller then Michelle's being 36B, but were pert and sensitive to the touch. Sara liked how they felt when she twisted her nipples sometimes as she masturbated. Her stomach was smooth and tight from working out twice a week and her hips although not big were rounded just right. Her legs were not overly long but toned, smooth and shapely. Sara knew she had a good body and sometimes liked to stare at herself naked in the bathroom touching all over to see how her body reacted.

"Sara, why are you so quiet?" Michelle asked her with concern.

Jumping slightly from hearing her Michelle, Sara turned her head and smiled.

"Oh I was just thinking is all, you know me always lost in thought," Sara laughed.

"Okay then, I was wondering," said Michelle as she smiled at her.

Sara looked at Michelle turning her head to watch TV and knew she couldn't tell her friend she was checking her out. That would embarrass the both of them too much. Getting aggravated at herself for even thinking about Michelle in an intimate way Sara jumped off the couch and looked toward the kitchen.

"Would you like a beer?" Sara asked Michelle.

Looking up from the TV Michelle lifted her head to her friend and smiled.

"Yea it sounds good. Thanks Sara." Michelle said.

"Not a problem." Sara stated as she headed into her small kitchen.

Sara reached the kitchen and headed for the fridge. Opening it up she noticed there was a twelve pack left over from her friends coming over the other night. She smiled slightly to herself as she thought of them all drinking and sitting in the hot tub outside. She had had a blast that night and had paid for it the next day when she had gotten up. Sara giggled to herself as she thought about her hangover. All that morning she had swore to her she would never drink again and now here she was reaching in the fridge for more beer. Grabbing two, she raised up and shut the door on the fridge. Sara headed back in the living room and approached Michelle with her arm holding out the beer to her.

"Here you go," she said smiling still thinking about the other morning.

Michelle looked back up and smiled at her again reaching for the beer.

"You are too nice Sara," Michelle said as she took the beer and opened it with her other hand.

"Hey what are friends for but to help you get drunk and stupid!" Sara laughed as she too opened her beer.

Laughing Michelle replied, "That's so true. I like the way you think."

There was a moment of silence as Sara thought again of the other night with her friends. She knew Michelle would be staying with her for a week visiting and thought maybe she should ask her if she wanted to relax in the Jacuzzi. Michelle had been complaining about how tired and stressed she was from her job back home. Coming to the conclusion she would ask her Sara walked over to the TV.

"I got an Idea Michelle," Sara said, "How about we kill this TV and go out to the hot tub and relax in it for awhile?"

Michelle looked at her and started to get up from the couch. Which exposed more of her upper thigh. Sara's eyes were glued to it. Looking at the new exposed leg with interest.

"Yea I do think that is a good idea." Michelle responded not noticing where Sara was looking.

Quickly diverting her eyes off Michelle's legs, she reached over to turn off the TV. Straightening up she looked at Michelle and smiled.

"Follow me," she said and started heading for the French doors leading outside. As she got there she looked back to see if Michelle was behind her. Noticing she wasn't Sara paused in opening the door. Michelle was still at the couch although standing looking sort of confused.

"What's wrong Michelle?" Sara asked, concerned.

"Well...." Michelle replied, "Should I go upstairs to get my bathing suit or what?"

Laughing with relief Sara relaxed. She had been worried for a second that Michelle was upset.

"If you want you can I can wait for you," she said.

Michelle looked at her and asked, "Well are you going to change?"

"No, I just get in naked myself ." Sara told her, then relaxing Michelle might be uncomfortable with that quickly stated, "Unless you feel funny seeing me like that?"

"No that's okay Sara," Michelle laughed, "We both have the same thing anyway. I just didn't know what to do is all." She stated as she visibly relaxed while she started walking toward Sara. Feeling excitement rushing through her body Sara realized right then she would get to see her friend totally naked for the first time. Her hands shook slightly as she turned around to open the door leading outside on the deck. Sara hasn't felt this excited in awhile and her mouth was dry with anticipation.

Walking out into the hot night with a slight breeze to make it livable Sara looked up at the stars. They were very visible tonight. Not a cloud in the sky. She looked down around her as she stared at the small area of woods beside her house. Sara had no neighbors close by for she lived off the main road in the woods. So she was able to come out her anytime she wanted naked to relax in her hot tub. She loved the silence in the night and the stars. She hoped Michelle appreciated it to. Looking back to see what was going on with her friend, she noticed Michelle had laid her beer down on the deck and was reaching for the bottom of her shirt. Sara stopped dead watching as Michelle lifted her shirt slowly over her body. Smooth hips came into view first then white panties. It seemed eternity that Michelle was taking in getting off her shirt but Sara knew it was only a few seconds. Lifting higher over her stomach Sara saw finally the curves of her breast underneath. Sara's heart started beating fast as her breathing became faster. She could feel herself getting wet just by watching this little bit of Michelle's strip show. Michelle lifted up higher, and Sara saw her breast fully.

"MY God!" Sara thought to herself, "They are beautiful."

Sara stared at them so pert and round with perfect small nipples in the middle. Mentally groaning Sara felt the need more then ever to touch and feel them. Thoughts popped in her head of even tasting them. Michelle moved the shirt up over her head as Sara quickly looked away. Not wanting her friend to catch her staring. Moving fast and trying to slow down her breathing Sara moved to the hot tub to turn it on.

"WOW this wind feels good," Michelle said.

Sara not trusting herself to look at her friend replied while watching the bubbles form in the tub.

"Yes it does feel real good," she said slowly as not wanting to give away the excitement in her voice.

Testing the temp of the water, Sara felt the warmth and moved away from the tub. She reached for her tee shirt at the bottom and flipped it over her head quickly, wanting to get in the tub fast. Not looking at her friend she reached down and put her fingers on the sides of her panties and slid them down over her hips. Letting them fall to the deck and flipping them over to the side with her foot. Taking a deep breath Sara finally looked up at her friend and caught her breath. Michelle was staring at her body intently. She could see Michelle's eyes looking over her breast, stomach, hips, and legs slowly. Sara felt herself getting even moister between her legs as her friend accessed her body. She couldn't believe how turned on she was by this. She had never thought of her friend this way before tonight. Sara had never even been with another woman. Her breathing coming faster she watched as Michelle lingered on her pussy. She knew that she kept it trimmed and nice. She had a small line down the middle where her pubic hair was reaching the top of the lips, while her lips were shaved smooth. Often Sara liked to rub her hands up and down the outer lips to feel how soft it was after each shave.

Michelle finally looked up at Sara's eyes with amazement in them. Looking at each other silently for a moment Michelle just stared for a minute.

Clearing her throat loudly Michelle said breathlessly.

"My God Sara you have an incredible body."

Blushing slightly Sara looked down at the deck and answered, "Thank you."

With that nothing else was said as Michelle reached down to her panties to slide them down also. Sara looked up and stared straight at Michelle's pussy as it became exposed. Sara felt a jolt of excitement as Michelle slowly uncovered herself. Swiftly sucking in air in shock, Sara saw that Michelle was completely shaven. No hair at all to see. She was very excited to see her lips gleaming in the night, looking slightly plump and holding each other tightly together as it hid its secrets.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." Sara moaned in her head as she felt her nipples grow hard. She was so completely aroused at what she was seeing. She wanted to touch her right then. Worrying that Michelle would notice her being aroused she started to move.

"Let's get in the tub before we get cold," Sara said to try to get her mind off of Michelle's body.

Walking toward tub the Sara stood next to it and slowly slid her left foot in. Bubbles circled her foot swiftly as she felt for the step with her toe. Finding it she quickly slid her one leg in then her other as she moved down into the tub. The sensations of feeling the warm bubbly water around her body were exceptional. Turning around to face Michelle she lowered the rest of her body in the water. Her breast felt as though they were floating softly. She sighed and leaned back sitting on the bench in the tub. Closing her eyes she let the water wash over her, hoping that her excitement would go away. She heard rustling from Michelle, then splashing, as she knew that Michelle was inching her way into the water. Sara didn't dare watch for she knew she would show in her face she wanted Michelle. Since the tub was only made for two people maybe even three there wasn't a lot of room in it to where you didn't touch each other underneath the water. Sara felt Michelle's satiny legs as they shifted around to get comfortable. She moaned out loud by accident from the jolt of electric shock that went up her body.

"Are you okay, did I hurt you?" Michelle asked concerned.

"Yes, yes I am fine," Sara quickly reassured her." I just like the feel of the water," she lied not wanting to give the real reason.

"Okay," Michelle said as she settled back on her bench and looked around. Both stayed quiet for a moment as they enjoyed the feeling of the tub and water. The night was quiet yet relaxing also. Which made them both loosen up. Finally Michelle reached over to the edge of the tub to pick up her beer and take a sip. Hearing the rustle in the water. Sara opened her eyes to see what happened. Michelle was looking at her smiling as she swallowed her beer.

"What?" Sara asked Looking at her friend.

"Oh nothing I was just thinking you were great to ask me come stay and spend time here so I can relax," Michelle replied.

Smiling slowly Sara looked for her beer also, finding it and lifted it up to take a swallow. When she was done she smiled at Michelle.

"Well I was being somewhat selfish " Sara said starting to giggle, "I wanted to see you and I knew I could lure you here with saying it was to relax."

"And it worked." Michelle said laughing.

"I had hoped it would." Sara replied.

Taking another swallow of her beer Michelle looked around the area of the deck. Clearing her throat she looked at the woods near the house.

"You know you have a lot of privacy here don't you?" Michelle asked.

Looking around also, Sara started nodding her head in agreement.

"Yes I do. That's why I bought this house, I wanted to be able to have this Hot tub one-day and I got it " she smiled as she thought of her one pleasure.

"I can see why, I can already feel myself relax," Michelle responded.

Sara looked over her friend's body that wasn't covered by water and she was indeed looking less stressed in her shoulders and face. She thought with happiness that she was glad to help her friend find some peace for awhile. That's when she noticed something sticking on the side of Michelle's neck.

"Michelle," Sara said, "Honey you have something on your neck."

Michelle lifting her hand automatically tried to find what it is. The only problem was everywhere she touched she seemed to have missed it.

"No, No to the right," Sara would say. "Now to the left," she continued.

"I can't find it," Michelle said getting aggravated by this losing battle. Her hand moved all over her neck to find the offending spot. Sara started to laugh softly as she saw her friend struggling not to get pissed off.

Sighing, Sara laid her beer on the deck with a smile and straightened up. Her breast came above the water as she moved around. Her nipples got hard again from the exposed air and tingling from the waters seduction.

"Hold on I will get it," Sara said as she moved over toward Michelle, her eyes intently on the spot.

"Oh okay Sara thanks," Michelle said as moved her head back to expose her neck to Sara. Michelle closed her eyes and laid her trust on her friend to fix her problem. Sara moved in the water to get closer still to her friend. Finally getting close enough to touch her Sara looked at Michelle's neck intently. She could see that it wasn't a bruise or something like that, which was good. Reaching up with her hand she softly touched Michelle's neck at the spot. She moved her finger softly over it to make sure it wouldn't hurt Michelle in case it was a bug. Totally into what she was doing Sara never noticed that her body had moved to rub Michelle's softly. Michelle of course had and her breathing became faster when she got a tingling in her stomach.

Sara's breast rubbed onto Michelle's as she picked off the offending object from Michelle's neck. Moving it closer to her eyes Sara looked hard at it to see what it was. It seemed to be a piece of a leaf from one of the bushes around Sara's house. Sara Smiled slightly as she looked up to shows Michelle what she had discovered, completely unaware of Michelle's excitement. Sara looked into her friend's eyes with humor till she noticed her friends breathing was becoming ragged and her eyes were clouding up with lust. She suddenly became aware of her body so near Michelle's and how the water squeezed in-between them. She also noticed Michelle's breast rubbing against hers too. Sara's body became suddenly alive with excitement . She could feel heat starting again in-between her legs as she looked her friend in the eyes. She knew then that she could be with her intimately. She saw the lust become more visible as each second went by. Sara moved her body slightly closer and rubbed her breast closer to her friends. Michelle gasp spoke volumes to Sara and pure pleasure went through her as she sees her friend is aroused. Michelle lifted up slightly to adjust, which brought her floating breast above water. Sara was entranced; she felt the need right then to taste them. Without saying a word Sara looked into Michelle's eyes, smiled and leaned her head down to Michelle's left breast licking the top of it. Michelle's groan was deep as she moved again to help Sara get better access to her breast. Sara moved her tongue all over her breast before lifting it up softly from underneath to bring the nipple into her mouth. It instantly hardens in Sara's mouth. This drove Sara to be bolder as she moved her body closer towards Michelle to where water couldn't even get between them.

Sara sucked on Michelle's nipple softly as her hands moved in the water toward Michelle's body. Sara felt a natural high at knowing she was going to be able to touch what she has so wanted in the last hour. She was amazed Michelle was letting her do this, but quickly put it out of her mind and just went with the flow of enjoying the moment. Michelle moved slightly as Sara's mouth sucked harder on her nipple.

"Oh God Sara that feels good," Michelle moaned out softly as her hands moved to wrap her fingers in Sara's hair. Sara moaned in response as she moved her hands under the water to trace her fingers across Michelle's belly. Sara moved her head to pay attention to the other breast as she moved her tongue all around the nipple, finally setting her lips around the areola and sucking it in her mouth. Michelle jumped slightly from the sensation of pleasure. Sara moved her hands up to cup both breast firmly and to squeeze slightly as she sucked on the needy nipple. Michelle was moving her body towards Sara's and grinding her hips on Sara's leg. Sara was highly aroused by this new and sexual experience. She knew she wanted to give Michelle as much pleasure as possible.

Gripping Michelle's breasts in each hand Sara paid as much attention to Michelle's nipples as possible. Ever so often switching back and forth sucking each on in turn. Michelle moaned and squirmed also moving Sara's head in closer to her breast as possible. Finally Sara lifted up her head and looked into Michelle's eyes again.

"I want to touch you, taste you, lick you, and smell every single part of you tonight," she said.

Michelle looked at her friend and knew she wanted to give her body over to her so bad. Her excitement was built up so high she couldn't do anything but nod her heads and says " ok". Sara smiled and looked down at Michelle's lips so perfect and full and lifted up her head grabbing the sides of her face gently but firmly and kissed her wildly. Sara took her lips and planted them on Michelle's letting her tongue slid all over the inner side of the lips. Michelle moaned and let Sara take over her mouth. Michelle moved her hands to Sara's shoulders to hold on as Sara ravished her mouth. Sara was so turned on she couldn't help but be dominate towards Michelle. Although she knew Michelle seemed to like it cause she wasn't complaining. Sara slid her tongue inside Michelle's mouth to taste her.

"Oh god she tasted so good," Sara thought to herself. Plunging her tongue deep in Michelle's mouth to consume her. She was so sweet and moist that Sara played forever with her tongue in Michelle's mouth. Making sure she didn't miss anything in her friends sweet mouth mouth. Michelle moaned and played with Sara's tongue too. Both women were highly excited by the kiss.

Sara moved her hands down from Michelle's face and started kissing her gently as her hands traveled all over Michelle's body. Feeling her smooth soft slippery skin was very intoxicating to Sara. Michelle opens her legs slightly to let Sara's hand go where it pleased. Sara stopped kissing Michelle to look at her.

"Oh no not yet baby," Sara said her voice soft but controlled. "I want to take my sweet time." Sara moved her hands to Michelle's thighs in the water and slid them slowly back and forth first on top then inched toward the inside with each stroke up. Michelle trembled each time Sara's hand inched closer to her pussy. Sara sat back and watched as Michelle arched her back and closed her eyes. Letting the sensations ride over her. Sara smiled as she saw her friend feeling pleasure. Michelle's breast was totally out of the water as she sat with her back up on the deck some. This gave Sara an idea and she moved back from Michelle.

"Michelle move up on the deck," Sara told her.

Michelle opened her eyes and looked at Sara in confusion. Sara just looked straight at the deck then back at Michelle as if saying silently "don't ask just do."

Michelle nodded and lifted herself out of the hot tub with her arms behind her. Her body hitting cool air from being so wet made Goosebumps spread over her body.

"Lay back and let your legs hang over the edge of the deck in the tub," Sara commanded. Michelle did as she was told and laid on her back, swinging her legs in the water. Sara looked over her breast as if mountains and then down the valley of her tummy to her hips.

"Damn but your beautiful," Sara remarked. Michelle never said a word as Sara moved her eyes down between her legs. Her legs were spread slightly to where you could only see the outer lips of her pussy. Sara decided it was time to find Michelle's secrets. Moving her body through the warm water back toward Michelle, she laid her hands on Michelle's knees. Michelle jumped slightly and Sara rubbed her knees to reassure her it would be okay. Michelle relaxed and Sara slowly opened her legs to expose her shaven pussy. Moving her body in-between Michelle's legs so she can get a closer look, Sara stared in amazement.

"This woman gets more and more beautiful," Sara shook her head in amazement with that thought. Smiling to herself Sara knew she was about to taste something exceptional. She moved her head down in-between her friend's legs and looked at her pink, glistening pussy in the moonlight. Michelle started breathing harder cause she could feel Sara closer between her legs. Sara laid her nose just an inch from Michelle's pussy lips and inhaled deeply. Her eyes almost rolled to the back of her head from it smelling so good. Sara knew then she was addicted to Pussy. She didn't have to taste to know that. The sweet, musk, womanly smell drew her in. Michelle groaned as she felt breathe from Sara's mouth fan her between her legs. Sara leaned in closer and set her nose on the lips to inhale deeply again. Slowly taking her tongue and sticking it out she licked softly on the outer lips up and down. Michelle squirmed and moaned. Sara getting intoxicated by this slowly let her tongue press harder to where her tongue was sliding in the crack between Michelle's pussy lips.

"Oh god yes," Michelle said breathlessly.

Sara getting encouraged by her friends passion she licked in deeper and started to get of a taste of her friend. The taste was right on the tip of her tongue as Michelle's pussy lips held Sara's mouth in place. The taste was wonderful. Sweet, tangy and just a tad salty to make you want more. Which is what Sara wanted more then anything. Taking her fingers and moving them between her friend's legs, Sara placed them on Michelle's lips and slowly spread them open as her tongue moved deeper inside. Michelle moaned loudly and started squirming as her hips moved to push toward Sara's mouth.

"Oh god yes Sara lick me please," Michelle cried out desperately. Sara paused and looked up briefly.

"I will baby. I am going to make you cum hard in my mouth," Sara said with conviction.

Michelle moaned her consent and Sara returned her mouth back to Michelle's pussy. With vigor Sara started taking long dog like strokes with her tongue up and down that sweet pussy, already tasting the sweet juices flowing in her mouth. As she moved her tongue slowly Sara felt herself getting extremely wet from this and loved the fact her nipples were getting hard. Moaning between Michelle's legs she licked harder to add pressure. Michelle stared murmuring and whimpering as she felt her legs go warm from those long licks. Sara moved her tongue from Michelle's clit to right before her anus. Michelle was on fire. She was becoming so wet by what Sara was doing that she couldn't control her moans.

"Oh yes Sara, please, please, more!" Michelle almost screamed out.

Sara moved her mouth up to place it over Michelle's clit and placed her lips completely around it as if a suction. Moving her fingers down to Michelle's vagina, Sara traced lightly the outer edge of it. Michelle stilled suddenly in anticipation for what was about to come next. Sara suddenly sucked hard bringing the clit totally into her mouth right as she slid her finger up Michelle's pussy. Michelle screamed out in pleasure. Sara started flicking her tongue over the hard bud quickly while her finger felt the inside of Michelle's Pussy. Michelle was going wild pumping her hips to meet Sara's finger as she whimpered to the feelings Sara was giving her from sucking and wrapping her tongue around her clit. Sara worked carefully as not to make her cum yet, but Michelle so excited by what was happening was starting to feel it coming.

"Oh god Sara your gonna make me cum soon," she cried out.

Sara lifted her head quickly and responded with a controlled " No". Placing her head back between Michelle's legs she lightly bit her on her inner thigh as if saying " No " again. Michelle calmed down and Sara replaced her mouth to slowly wrap her tongue around that proud sweet clit. Flicking her tongue again on it and then changing over to slowly to lick up and down rubbing letting the clit slide up and down on her tongue. Michelle went wild. Squirming and twisting her hips to get closer to Sara's mouth. Sara took her time letting that clit rub on her tongue as she slowly slide her finger in and out of Michelle's pussy. Michelle whimpered as Sara added pressure to the licks making the skin covering the clit move back and forth over the tip. Sara was so excited from smelling and tasting Michelle she could feel her own pussy go on fire. She knew she needed to make eating pussy a part of her life from now on.

Sara moved her tongue slowly away from Michelle's clit to slide it down to her vagina. Michelle started to protest but Sara lifted her head to lightly bite her friend's thigh to let her know to be still. Michelle grew quite and sighed. Moving her face back to Michelle's pussy she moved her finger out and replaced her tongue around the outer edge of the vagina. Slowly stroking up and down and around it Michelle began to moan again. Sara played with the outer edges for a moment before suddenly sliding her tongue inside Michelle's pussy as she tongue fucked her. Michelle started bucking her hips while Sara went wild slamming her tongue as far as it could go inside her friend's sweet pussy. Moving her hand up to clasp Michelle's clit between two fingers. Sara started moving the trapped clit in slow circles around as she continuously tongue fucked her. Michelle was in heaven, she was screaming slightly and bucking her hips trying to grind them to Sara's face. Flinging her arms back and lifting her hips off the deck to let Sara get a closer lick, Michelle thought she was going to die with pleasure. As Sara slid her tongue all around in Michelle's hole she thought of something that made her excited tremendously. She quickly moved her head further down and started to lick above Michelle's anus. Flickering her tongue just above it to drive Michelle nuts. Michelle went wild as Sara licked and sucked above her anus. With Sara's fingers working on her clit and her tongue making long pressured strokes between Michelle's pussy and ass she knew Michelle might cum. She decided to let her have her orgasm but with a twist. Moving her hands away Sara slid them down and slid them in Michelle's soaking pussy, pumping slowly in her as she covered Michelle's clit once again with her mouth. Michelle was moaning ad mumbling. Sara couldn't understand what she was saying, but she knew she was in heaven.

" Please...Oh god please I have to cum," Michelle begged.

Sara slipped out her finger from Michelle's pussy and let it slid down to her anus feeling softly all around the outer edges. She started to move her tongue quickly on Michelle's clit licking and sucking to make Michelle's body get ready to cum. Michelle started to move her hips faster grinding them harder into Sara's face. Sliding her finger over Michelle's anus, Sara slowly applied pressure to let Michelle know she was going to put her finger in. Michelle relaxed and softly Sara pushed in as Michelle screamed out in pleasure. When Sara got her finger where she wanted, she started to move it in and out slowly to finger fuck her friend's ass. Wrapping her mouth around the clit Sara went wild as flicked that little bud till Michelle couldn't take it anymore. She started to stiffen and convulse as she screamed, "I am cummmmmmmmmming..." loudly in the air.

Sara quickly sped up on pumping her ass and licking her clit. Knowing how good it felt to have this done. Michelle went wild; having a huge orgasm as Sara lowered her head to stick her tongue into her pussy hole to taste. She was feeling herself getting excited knowing her friend was having probably the best orgasm in her life. Michelle didn't stop as Sara still licked softly in her pussy lapping up everything she could and finger fucking her ass. Michelle came again hard. She couldn't hardly breath as she felt waves upon waves of heat, tingles, hot flashes wash over her body.

Finally she was spent and moaned, "Oh my god," as she felt her body shake with after math. Sara slid her finger out slowly and continued to lick up Michelle's juices as she just lay there while her friend licked her and cleaned her up with her tongue. She couldn't move. It was the best orgasm she had ever had. Sara finally finished and moved away from Michelle's legs to move back to her side of the tub. Sara could smell Michelle's pussy all on her and still taste her in mouth. Smiling big Sara watched as her friend slowly sat up and blushed avoiding Sara's eyes.

"What's wrong baby?" Sara asked.

Michelle moving slowly back into the hot tub. Slid back into her seat on the bench in the water.

"Nothing I'm just well...wondering if you want me to do anything for you?" she replied, stills not looking her friend in the face. Sara smiled big and replied.

"No not tonight...I am fine, besides we have a whole week."

Michelle looked up quickly at her friend and started laughing. "Yea you said I would be relaxed here, and you were right," she responded as she reached for her beer. Both knowing this wasn't the end.


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