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Shadows Fall at Sunrise
by Attik

NOTE: Rape is a bad thing, its cool to role play about it with a willing partner, but if you are seriously thinking about actually raping someone, go get a shrink. Oh yeah, and you're not a vampire, so don't go around biting people unless its your idea of kinky sex, ok?

As the sun sets in the far away city of Mantion the demons and freaks of nature come out of their slumber to hunt among the living, to hunt the living. One of the poor creatures that will be slaughtered on this night is a peaceful dark soul that will finally find her place in this world. We meet the young girl as she is leaving a late night party with friends, "hey Wendy where are you headed?" Asked a friend. "I'm getting out of here and heading home, I'm totally baked." She replied. With those final words spoken, she left and returned home.

Once she arrived home she got out of her clothes in front of her bedroom window, with the blinds wide open all the bums and whores on the dark cold streets watched as she removed her clothing, they could see her beautiful ripe breasts and smooth pale skin, the light seemed to reflect off of her black hair, she was a sight of pure beauty, and they all could see it. Now she wasn't normally so careless, but on this night after such a late party she felt drained and wasn't thinking very clearly.

She decided to go take a shower to see if it would help her get her head straight, so she headed for her bathroom and turned on the shower. She gently stuck her hand beneath the stream of water coming from the shower head to feel its temperature, when it was finally right she slowly got in. She enjoyed the feeling of the warm water beating down on her shoulders almost giving her a very gentle massage, she turned and began to soap up her body, running her soapy hands down her smooth legs and lathering her stomach. She washed her raven black hair and got out of the shower, when she finally realized that her blinds were up she ran to shut them. As she ran she dropped the towel she had wrapped around her and the mix of cold air with the water on her body made her nipples stand erect as the people in the streets continued to stare at her gorgeous naked body. She quickly struggled to clothes the blinds, when she finally got them shut she went to lay on her bed, forgetting about the cold or the fact that she was naked, she laid there with her eyes closed and fell into a deep peaceful sleep.

As she had dreams of love and grand treasures that will never be found by any man, the dark creatures that could easily become a part of us slowly crept into her room while she peacefully slept. She was startled out of her gentle slumber by one of the creatures grabbing her by her hair and dragging her onto the floor. She looked up at the pale evil looking young man and spoke in a dying voice: "Who are you and what the hell do you want?"

The dark soul simply smile showing dog like fangs and spoke in a voice as beautiful and haunting as the wind. "I am Lesten and all we want is you my dear." Wendy looked at him with fear in her eyes and he stared back with his cold dark stare, and without a moments warning he put her on her knees right in front of him, and began tugging at his pants. Wendy knew what he wanted but with a foolish idea she began to beg him to leave her be, and as she did Lesten looked her and said "Listen, you can do what we want and have eternal life, or we can kill you right now, its totally up to you."

With this new ultimatum in front of her she chose the same as any other would. She opened her mouth and accepted Lesten's cold soft dick into her warm mouth and began to suck, she sucked on it ever so gently as she could feel it begin to get hard in her mouth. Just as it reached its full size Lesten turned from the gentle person he seemed to be into a wild crazy animal, he grabbed two hands full of her hair and began fucking her face with brutal force, showing her no mercy as he slammed his hard dick deep into her throat. She began to gag and choke on his dick and she started scratching at him to try to get her head free, but it was no use. Finally with one final thrust Lesten shoved his dick into her mouth one last time and fed her all of his dark demon seed. She coughed and thought she was going to vomit the semen she was just forced to swallow.

As Lesten walked right by her she heard him say "She's all yours." As he spoke those final words she saw the others come towards her, in fear her first reaction was to try to run but as she got to her feet they got hold of her and through her back onto her bed. Now she was laying flat on her stomach on her bed with her knees on the floor, she could hear the sounds of zippers being undone and pants falling to the floor, and when it finally hit her that they would all use her she began to cry and scream. While she was screaming Lesten came over to her and grabbed yet another hand full of her hair and whispered in her ear "if you do not shut up, you will die right now." With the new found fear of death once again in her heart she kept quiet and laid there as the first of 5 men took his place behind her, she couldn't see his face but she could smell the sent of death all around him as he slowly pushed his hard penis into her exposed pussy. He gave one weak sigh as he got all 7 inches of his dick into her and then began to savagely pound his hard cock into her pussy, she could do nothing to fight him as he used her, she could only lay there and listen to the springs of her bed squeak as he continued to thrust his dick into her time after time. She laid there with tears in her eyes as her body rocked back and forth with the man using her from behind until she heard a grunt and felt him cum deep inside of her well used pussy, once she felt that, the tears began to flow twice as much as before. "Oh god, don't let me be pregnant with this monster's baby." She thought to herself as the man pulled his soft dick out of her pussy.

The man that just fucked her got up and walked over to Lesten, just as he got up another man picked Wendy up and laid her does on the floor, he climbed up on her chest and pointed his smelly dick right at her face. She got a good look at this man, he was of average height but he had a big beer gut and he smelled of rotten meat. He was as pale as the others but something about this man was different, and then she noticed, he didn't have fangs like Lesten or the other men she had seen. As she was realizing this the man shoved his soft penis into her mouth and she almost began to struggle but quickly remembered what Lesten had said to her, so she laid there on the floor as this smelly man humped her face, he continued to hump and her head began to bang on the floor from the speed and force he was using until he suddenly pulled his dick out of her mouth and stumbled back a few inches. She wondered what he was planning, but it soon became clear as he place his dick between her breasts and began to mash them together and hump, as he began humping another man came up and put his dick into her mouth and started humping her. Now she was being used by two men at once, and she hated every moment of this. Finally the man that was raping her tits grunted and covered her beautiful tits with his cum, and got up and joined the others.

The man in her mouth continued, he humped her mouth and started grabbing her cum covered tits and sticking his fingers in her semen-filled pussy. She could smell his strange aroma and it made her sick, she couldn't stand smelling him and it was worse that she had to continue feeling his hairy smelly balls bang into her nose as he used her mouth like it was a hole in the wall. She felt used, and humiliated, she felt worthless and weak at the hands of these evil men. When she finished that thought she was interrupted by what seemed to be a river of cum being shot into her mouth and she began struggling to swallow it all as the man using her mouth grunted and groaned.

After the man got off of her the others went to work on her, throughout the night she had a dick in every hole of her body. She was even forced to lose her anal virginity to Lesten, who carried her into the shower and used shampoo to lubricate his dick as he rammed it into her ass and he listened to her cry and beg and it was all music to his ears. When they finally finished with her Lesten drug her over to the door where the others had just left through, he kissed her cheek gently once again becoming the gentle person he was when they first arrived, he kissed her and licked down her face till he got to her neck, then he gently kissed her and began to nibble.

For a moment Wendy began to feel safe, even comfortable with the position she was in. All of that was torn away as Lesten sunk his teeth into her neck and began to feed on her, her screams echoing in his ears as he feasted on her beautiful neck. When he was finished he let her go and walked out of the door, she began to crawl towards her bed, she didn't have the strength to make it. She crawled to the window where everyone could see her naked body only hours ago. She looked out of that same window and saw the homeless, the whores, and all the others laying there in the streets dead. As she felt the final drops of blood fall down her neck, as the bright lights became so dim, she knew that they would awaken the same as her. They would awake as vampires and zombies, and she knew she should we be giving birth soon, giving birth to her bloodsucking baby. With that final though floating out of her head, she fell to the ground and slowly died.

This story is for a "friend", by request.


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