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Sara's Friend Pt. IV
by Hea_2_sta

Keith came to the red front door leading to Sara's home excited but very nervous. Wiping his hands down the side of his blue jeans as he thought over again and again what the possibilities could be tonight. He knew that whatever it may be this was definitely going to be one of the best nights of his sexual life. When Sara had called him today at home he had been confused by her meaning till she made it plainer to him. He remembered his heart going through his gut as realization had come in. It was definitely most men fantasy to have two beautiful women in a threesome. He just hoped he was able to please them both. Although he would never tell anyone he even doubted himself with that. Slowly lifting his hand up to press the doorbell, he came to the conclusion that if nothing else he would damn near try even if it killed him. With a chuckle at that thought he pressed the button and waited.

Waiting a moment then eventually hearing someone walking toward him on the other side of the door, Keith took a deep breath. He wanted to remain calm and collected to make sure these women were at ease with what was to happen tonight.

"Hello?" a voice said on the other side of the door.

Clearing his throat softly Keith responded.

"Hi Sara?" he said

"Yes," the voice continued from inside the house with caution.

"Sara, it's me Keith," he replied.

"Oh okay Good" Sara said with relief as Keith heard her fumbling with the locks of the door.

Slowly the door opened to reveal Sara smiling and dressed very sexy. She had on a short shirt showing her midriff and snug blue jean shorts. Although most men would have liked the showing up naked or lingerie... for Keith her being natural and comfortable was even sexier. Also the fact that she was barefoot showing Pink nail polish on her toes made her seem so feminine. He could also tell as his eyes wondered back up her body to rest on her breast, that she wasn't wearing a bra. Keith almost groaned out loud as he felt a stirring in his jeans from looking and imagining what he would do with those soft, firm, and "puppies" later. He smiled at that thought also.

"What are you smiling about Honey?" Sara said with a smile full of mischief

"Like you can't guess," Keith said laughing out loud as he moved closer looking her in the eye.

Sara feeling wanting to tease moved to block his way inside the house.

"You know I wonder..." she said giving him a fake look of concentration

"Yes?" Keith replied stopping short and raising an eyebrow at her.

"Well... I was wondering if maybe you have any doubts about entering in here tonight," she said teasingly.

Keith looked at Sara for a moment then moved his head around to look over the yard. As if seeing if anyone was listening. Sara watched for a moment perplexed until he stopped looking around and looked straight at her. Walking slowly toward her till his body was not even an inch away he leaned down toward her ear.

Sara started to breathe hard with him so close to her body. She could feel her nipples harden under her shirt as she felt his warm breath breathing in her ear.

"Do I have doubt that I will fuck you hard and make you cum baby?" he asked as he whispered in her ear. Sara started to close her eyes as she felt her body go weak.

"No I don't doubt that at all," he continued. "The only thing I doubt about is am I going to make you cum eight or nine times tonight... I haven't decided yet." He finished as he leaned down to kiss the side of her neck softly.

Sara shivered as Goosebumps appeared on her skin at his answer.

"Now let me in this house and stop teasing me so I can prove it," he demanded softly between soft kisses on her neck.

Sara obeyed by moving a step back as he followed to let her lover in the house. She knew he had total control now and it excited her more. Giving one soft lingering kiss on the base of her neck Keith looked up again in Sara's eyes, reached up and slowly pushed the door over her head open. Never breaking eye contact with Sara. Letting her know that she was no longer in control of the situation. Sara complied by stepping back and lowering her eyes to let him in her house. She could feel the moisture in between her legs as Keith moved by her to go into the house, slightly brushing her breast with his arm as he passed.

He looked around the familiar house as Sara turned and shut the door softly. Making sure it was locked back and taking a deep breath she looked back to Keith and moved to the doorway of her living room. Keith watched her intently as if she was prey to his game. Sara had never seen anyone so calm and intent before. She definitely felt female in Keith's presence. He just looked her in the eyes waiting for her next move as if he expected her to take flight. Sara knew even if she made a move to do so he would stop her and drive her crazy with sexual lust before she made a step. Feeling unsure of her now she looked down at the floor for a moment.

"Would you like to sit on the couch and wait till Michelle gets down here?" she asked a little nervous.

"No," he stated "I will just wait here in the hall with you."

Confused but acceptant Sara looked around the hall for a second then looked up at Keith's eyes as she tried to figure out in her mind what he was thinking.

"Are you sure you wouldn't want to get comfortable on the couch? " she asked trying to please him

Keith looked at her and moved slowly toward her again, making Sara move back toward the wall without realizing it. Feeling her back hit against the cold surface behind her made Sara jump slightly. Keith kept moving in on her never taking his eyes from her. She saw determination and lust build up in them as he finally made it to her. Her breast slightly touched his chest as he stopped and raised his arms over each side of her head. She couldn't move, or even hardly breathe.

"Sara, I want you to do something for me," he said as he moved his hips closer toward hers.

"Yes?" Sara croaked out softly as her body responded to Keith's.

Smiling softly and looking deep in her eyes as if he was searching her soul he answered.

"I want you personally to make me comfortable."

Sara almost melted as she felt his hips move gently against hers making her pussy wet.

"Kiss me Sara, make me comfortable" he demanded gently as he lowered his head down, before stopping just a breath away from her soft mouth.

Sara looked at him with lust also filling up her eyes as she felt his dick harden next to her pussy. Her hesitation only made him move his hips closer to hers, sending jolts of heat up her body and making her breast swell.

"Kiss me baby... you know you want to" Keith said with persuasion.

"Oh God Keith" Sara answered her eyes slightly closing

"Open your eyes and kiss me" he demanded again as he totally pushed her up against the wall with the rest of his body.

Sara opened her eyes and slowly leaned in toward his mouth. Her lips touch his with hesitation and wonderment. Keith let her take control as she moved her mouth over his softly. She couldn't stop the moan as she felt how soft his lips were. She wanted to suck on them and make them red with her kisses. Sliding her tongue out and lightly taking the tip to trace his lips, Sara licked all over the surface of them. Keith parted them to allow her to move her tongue a little inside. Taking the tip Sara traced the inner side of each lip feeling moisture and warmth of his mouth. Her heartbeat started to race as she moved her tongue in more. She was nervous as she slid her hands up to wrap her fingers in his hair. Keith moved his hands from above her head to put them on the sides of her face. Ever so slowly she moved her tongue deeper into Keith's mouth and played with the tip of his tongue. Teasing and making soft movements as Keith held her head snug. Opening her mouth wider to bring her tongue out more Sara groaned.

"Damn he tastes so good," she thought to herself.

Keith slowly grounded his hips to hers as he started to take over the kiss. She knew he was about to break and kiss her passionately. She could feel his cool start to break.

Keith moved his tongue out of his mouth more and entered her mouth. Slowly sucking and lapping up all her sweet juices in her mouth. Sara knees started to shake. She felt her pussy start to pulsate as he moved his tongue all around her mouth. She could actually feel the lips of her pussy start to swell, as her breast became sensitive with the movements from his chest rubbing on hers. Every nerve ending in her body was alive with pleasure. Keith took over the kiss totally as he kissed her with pressure. His control starts to disappear, as he grounded his mouth to hers. A growl escaped from his throat as he felt her compliance. He wanted to fuck her right there. He knew she had the ability to make him loose control totally and he loved it. Gripping her head he moved his mouth all over hers consumes her every breath. Sara was in his total control.

Moaning deep in her throat made Keith want more and more, breaking the kiss suddenly Keith raised his mouth to move it down to her neck. Holding her head as he moved his mouth all around her throat and the base of her neck. Sucking and nibbling all the places he knew would make her ass tingle. He was enjoying himself very much. His hard on was proof of that.

"Oh God Keith ... yes" she whispered desperately wanting more.

Keith continued the assault on her neck and rubbing his cock on her pussy showing her what she would have soon. He knew he could make her beg for him if he teased her enough. She had made him do the same thing in the past, begging for her. Keith pushed her totally up against the wall as his hands moved from her head to move down to hold her breast one in each hand. Sara moaned as the swelled to fill up the palm of his hand. Lightly he moved his thumbs over the erect nipples feeling her slightly jump from the sensation.

"MM.... yes baby touch me," She said between moans.

Keith stopped and looked into her glazed eyes his looking just the same.

"I will... All over and believe me when this night is over. My fingerprints will be all over you," he said with determination.

Sara's body melted, as she knew he was as good as his word.

"But first... I want you to take off all these cloths" he continued.

"Now?" she asked trying to understand him correctly

"Yes now, right here" he said smiling " I don't want no barriers"

Slowly Sara detangled her fingers from his hair and let her hands fall down on the side. Keith dropped his hands and moved back to enjoy the show. Slowly she raised her hands back up, grabbed the hem of her shirt and lifted it over her breasts. Keith watched with admiration as her breast came into view. He automatically wanted to wrap his tongue around those nipples and make a little Cocoon for it to nestle in. Having control at the moment and not pouncing on her was the toughest thing he was dealing with at the moment.

Flipping the shirt over her head and letting it drop to the floor as her eyes connected with his made his dick swell more. Smiling she looked down to her shorts and slowly unsnapped and unzipped them. Hooking her hands on the side she slid them over the smooth curve of her hip and let it fall to the floor. Slightly lifting her legs to move her feet from them. Keith stood in amazement as he noticed she had no panties on. Her pussy looking perfect as it waited for him. He could already see some wetness, showing him she was soaking between the lips.

"Holy shit " he thought to himself " Is she trying to drive him insane? "

Keith growled and moved toward her.

"No Please Keith... take your cloths off too." She asked urgently.

Keith stopped and realized he was indeed fully clothed. Quickly he unbuttoned his shirt, whipped it off and went for his jeans. Sara stood and watched him this time. Enjoying everything about his body. His chest was covered with light hair and broad. His waist slim and fit. He had the perfect washboard stomach from working with his fathers Construction company on the weekend. As He unsnapped his jeans Sara licked her lips to await the prize. She loved how good he made her feel when they were together in sex. He was definitely one of the best looking men she ever knew in her life. With his brown eyes, long lashes and curled to give off a mysterious look. Blue eyes so bright they made you stop to take a second glance before you lost yourself in them. He faces almost perfect in shape as she had seen women stare when he was around. But the thing that really got her the most was the self-assurance surrounding him wherever he went. He could walk in a room and everyone would notice. It made her wet just thinking about how masculine he was. She had known the first time she had met him she wanted to be with him in his bed. Bending down quickly with his jeans unsnapped he took off his shoes and socks. Where they went Sara doesn't know she just watched him. Finally that done he reached back up to his jeans, watching her watch him.

Keith continued to take his jeans off as he slid them down over his hips showing he wasn't wearing any underwear. Sara sucked in her breath as she saw his cock spring forward to let her know he was ready for her. She moaned out loud as it moved around teasing her as he slid his pants down his legs and then whipped them off also to sling them away. Still looking at her he stood in all his glory letting her access his body with her eyes. She became very hungry for him and it showed in how she devoured his body with each second of her gaze. Keith was totally turned on by this, which made his cock jump.

Slowly Keith smiled and moved toward Sara swiftly. He wanted to eat her up. Grabbing her arms gently he raised them up over her head, holding them against the wall as his mouth went back to her neck. Sara stood still as he moved his mouth softly over her skin. He nibbled slowly on the base of her neck as he moved one hand from holding hers. Taking his other to hold both above her head. Slowly he moved his free hand down her neck to her collarbone and over the top of her breast. Sara groaned loving the tingling feeling spreading through her body. Reaching down further he cupped one breast softly, flipping his thumb over the hard nipple. Sara groaned loud not caring who heard her. Keith raised his head and moved his mouth to her ear.

"How bad do you want this cock in you Baby?" he whispered.

Sara shivered as she felt warmth from his mouth go in her ear. Keith being impatient from her lack of answer moved his cock closer, rubbing it on her belly.

"Tell Me." he continued " How bad you want me to slam my cock in you?"

"Oh my God bad Keith" Sara whimpered.

Keith quickly moved back from Sara and turned her body to face the wall. Sara's face was positioned sideways as her cheek rubbed the wall. With her hands still above her head as Keith held them with one of his she didn't have many choices as to what she could do. She loved every minute of it. Again Keith moved he free hand over her body feeling and lightly caressing her breast, moving down her stomach. Finally making it to the top of where her lips were. Sara felt tingles as she craved for him to mess with her clit. Moving his finger slowly up and down the surface of her lips. Sara thought she would go crazy with wanting. She wiggled her hips to invite him in her pussy. Keith moved his hand away quickly and leaned his head down again.

"No... " He demanded softly " I will decide when I want to play with that clit, you don't move" He whispered in her ear roughly making her juices flow even more from her pussy. She loved when Keith took control over her body making it his totally.

"Now." he continued " are you going to be a good girl for me baby?" he asked teasingly, knowing she would do anything he wanted.

"Yes, Yes, Yes" she cried out softly

"Good " Keith stated.

Moving his hand back down to tease her lips again, Sara groaned letting him take over her body. Softly he traced the outline of her lips from the top to the bottom teasing the crack between with some pressure. Sara desperately wanted him to slid his finger inside so bad she tasted it.

"Oh my, what do we have here? " Michelle said as she walked down the stairs to pause a few steps from the bottom.

Sara jumped slightly totally forgetting Michelle was in the house. Keith stopped and looked around. Immediately noticing how beautiful Michelle was. His mind went into overtime of all the sexual thoughts rushed in.

"Well Hello there" he said casually still holding on to Sara so she couldn't move.

Michelle smiled at him and took the rest of the steps down to get off the stairs.

"Hi " she answered a little shyly looking over Keith in his nakedness feeling herself getting excited by thoughts running in her head also.

"Oh Boy " she thought to herself with a smile appearing on her lips. She knew she was going to have fun.

Keith looked over Michelle's body in a small sundress with spaghetti straps. She was barefooted and looking very sexy also. Keith groaned in his mind thanking God for this once in a lifetime chance.

Michelle feeling a little nervous but determined to join in moved a few more steps closer. Sara could see her out of the corner of her eye wondering what she was thinking. Finally deciding not to worry about it and hope Michelle joins in soon. Her pussy was aching to have Keith play with it.

"So how can I help...Keith" Michelle asked pausing briefly on his name to make sure it was right.

Keith smiled , Looked over her, Keith felt she was overdressed for one thing.

"Well, Hon, you can start by taking that lovely dress off for me." He said. Wanting desperately to see this woman naked. Slowly starting to move his hand again on Sara's pussy, he watched Michelle as she reached for the dress, pulling it up, and sliding it over her head. Again Keith was surprised to find she was also naked under her cloths.

"Things just seem to get better and better, " he thought to himself. He slowly smiled again looking over Michelle's naked body as his hand worked on Sara's Pussy.

"My god she is beautiful " he thought to himself again.

Michelle dropped the dress and walked closer toward Him and Sara. Keith watched as his finger slid between Sara's lips to tickle the tip of her clit. Sara groaned closing her eyes.

Michelle walked to where she was a foot away from Keith, looking him in the eye as he caressed Sara's clit.

"How can I help? " she asked suggestively.

"How do you want to help? " Keith answered with a question of his own.

Michelle looked at her friend Sara seeing her lost in sexual pleasure as Keith's fingers played with her pussy. Suddenly wanting to be all over her friend's pussy herself. Michelle looked back at Keith.

"I know what I can do" she stated as she moved closer to Sara against the wall. Keith turning his head to watch saw her reach for her friend's body. Her hands sliding over the skin of her stomach. Sara feeling four hands on her about fainted from the sensation. Slowly Michelle moved one hand down to join in with Keith's finger. Their hands brushing each other as they both explored Sara's pussy. Her other hand going toward Keith's cock and wrapping it around his stiff shaft. She slowly started to stroke it up and down as Keith groaned, loving the feel of Michelle's soft warm hand tightening over his cock. Michelle leaned into Sara's shoulder to kiss softly on her shoulder and upper chest exposed to her. Sara groaned out loud. Keith worked harder on Sara's clit, as Michelle pumped his cock gently. Michelle slid her fingers first on the outside of the vagina teasing her friend then slowly slid them up in her. Both Sara and Michelle groaned at the same time. It was so soft and warm. The warmth of it was tremendous. Feeling the walls of Sara's pussy. Michelle sought further up till her knuckle was at the base of the friend's vagina. Slowly circling around till she found that soft little hump inside and started to press on it. Sara went wild, moving around as Keith flicked his finger over her clit and her friend pressing off and on quickly on her G-spot. Moaning loudly Sara wiggled her ass to grind her hips closer to the fingers. Keith gripped Sara tightly around the waist so she wouldn't squirm away. Michelle also continued to move her hand up and down on Keith's cock, making sure she brought her thumb up to rub softly but firmly over the tip to make Keith moan each time. The nerve endings at the tip if his cock going into over time. Keith looked up in Michelle's eyes seeing lust form in them as she saw how much she was bringing pleasure to her friends. She liked the power she had with these two people.

Pressing a little more on Sara's G_spot Michelle decided to taste her friend for the first time. Slowly moving her body down to where she was on her knees she moved in-between Sara and the wall, letting her other hand move still over Keith's cock. Keith feeling her grip on his cock and knowing as he watched what Michelle was up to was driving him wild. He moaned as she once again slid her thumb over the tip, spreading some of the pre-cum around. Michelle slowly lowers her finger out of Sara, making her friend groan with disappointment. And then moved her hand away from Keith's cock after making the tip moist. Feeling himself free of Michelle's hold, he moves closer behind Sara wanting to feel her soft body against him. His eyes rolls back as he feels all the soft, smooth contours of her.

"God I loves the feel of a her" he thought to himself

Sara feeling his hard cock moves against her ass cheeks groaned out loud as she got wetter. The urge to feel him slid in her was getting intense. Her eyes closed as Michelle's breath brushed over her pussy lips. Sara wanted Michelle so bad to taste harder hips moving an inch forward to let her know silently. Keith slowly moved his hands down from Sara's waist to rub them softly over Sara's ass cheeks loving the feel of them so soft and firm. Sliding his hands a long them then slowly going in-between them to trace a finger down the middle, stopping just before he reached her pussy. This drove Sara wild with want.

Michelle, her face just inches in front Of Sara's pussy felt her mouth water. She wanted it so much in her mouth she couldn't stand it. Un-consiously Sara spread her legs to give both Keith and Michelle accesses. This was Michelle's signal. Moving her head to bring her mouth right on top of Sara's pussy lips. Michelle softly kissed the top. Sara feels the light butterfly kisses on her lips went weak and held on to the wall to support her. Keith still moving his finger up along the crack between Sara's ass cheeks wanted to feel the heat of her. Slowly sliding his finger down to enter her where Michelle had left. Feeling him inside her and Michelle kissing her pussy lips made Sara groaned out deep and gasped out " yes". Her nibbles got harder as her breast swelled.

Michelle...slowly brought out her tongue to slide it up and down the pink lips. Loving the feel of Sara on her tongue. She added pressure just like Sara had done to her and could feel the friction of the two bodies meeting, Keith looked down seeing what was going on couldn't hold out any longer. Moving his cock to rub in-between Sara's ass cheeks he positioned the head right at the opening of Sara's Pussy

"You want it now" he asked Sara in her ear as he wiggled his hips against her to drive Sara crazy.

Sara swallowed not able to talk. Her mouth dry and her mind going a dozen different directions. " Did she want it" what kind of question was that she asked herself?

"Come on baby" Keith whispered again. " Answer me" he demanded softly

Michelle just at that moment slid her tongue in-between Sara's lips and tasted her friend's juices for the first time. Sara moaned out loudly as Michele felt with her tongue the hard clit beneath. Keith moving his cock between Sara's ass cheeks his finger sliding in and out of her pussy was too much.

"Yes" she screamed at the wall " I want it now"

Hearing this Michelle reached up gently with her hand to open Sara's pussy lips apart and moved her mouth to suck on her friend's clit. Michelle could feel Keith's hand moving against her chin as he slid inside Sara with his finger.

"My god" Michelle thought " she tastes wonderful."

Which made her suck on her clit harder. Keith seeing Michelle getting deeper in Sara's pussy took his finger out of Sara to grab hold oh his cock to position it at the opening of her pussy. Feeling the opening at the tip of his cock he slowly slid the head in.

"Here it comes baby, take me all in and let me fill you up " he whispered in her ear again.

Sara's head was spinning, as Michelle sucked on her clit like a person dying of thirst and feeling Keith's cock slid in her. She couldn't speak and she couldn't move. If it wasn't for Keith holding her she would had slid down the wall. Keith groaned as he felt himself starting to go deeper in Sara his hips pushing him forward. Michelle hearing him groan moved her hands from Sara's pussy lips brought them up and around both her friends above her and grabbed Keith's ass to slowly hold him in place. Her nails giving Keith pleasure as she dug a little in his cheeks. Keith's cock moving up all the way into Sara stopped when he was totally in her to let her adjust to him. Michelle wanting to get all the Sara's juices in her mouth left her clit to slid her tongue up and down her pussy, touching and tasting Keith's cock too. Michelle's head also started to swarm as she licked all she could of her friends. Her fingers kneading into Keith's ass cheeks

When Keith felt Sara's body adjust to him he slowly started to pump in her. He could feel Michelle's tongue on him and it made him groan as he held onto Sara tightly around the waist.

"MM.... you feel so good Baby" he whispered in Sara's ear before bringing his mouth down to lightly nibble on the back of her neck.

Sara couldn't speak; just closing her eyes and enjoying her friends make love to her. Michelle wanting to make Sara's orgasm explode through her body, moved her mouth back to her friend's clit and wrapped her tongue around it to suck gently. Sara's lips closing in on Michelle's mouth as if to secure her there.

Keith pumping his cock inside her moved his hands down from Sara's waist to move them down to Michelle's head to hold her hair gently. Feeling Michelle's head move as she sucked on her friend drove Keith crazy as he quickened up his pace; moving his cock faster and feeling the walls of Sara's pussy hold him in. His fingers dug more into Michelle's hair. As Michelle's hands gripped his ass, holding each other tightly around Sara.

Sara felt her friend's bodies wrapped around her making her get hot all over. It felt so much like they all had become one person in a matter of seconds. Michelle continued to suck on Sara's clit feeling so much moisture between her own legs near the floor. Keith could feel himself getting warm all over his body. His speed increasing

"I want to feel you cum baby " he whispered in Sara's ear knowing she liked for him to talk to her during sex.

"I want you to cum all over my cock" he continued pumping in her faster and faster. He knew he wouldn't last much longer and needed to build Sara up. Sara hearing him talk to her felt her orgasm coming along quickly. Her legs tingling and her breathing unable to be controlled. Michelle could sense something about to happen and rubbed her tongue harder on her friend's clit. The juices so sweet in her mouth, making her own nipples harder and tight.

"Baby do you know how good you feel" Keith continued to whisper in Sara's ear" so damn good I am about to cum everywhere from it"

Sara lost control then, knowing she was about to explode. Michelle sucking on her clit and Keith driving his hard cock in her at the same time was more than she could take.

"Oh My God I am about to cum " she screams out in the hall

Keith letting go of Michelle's head moved his hands up to grasp Sara's breast and moves his thumbs over her nipples, feeling his cock beginning to swell. He wouldn't be far behind her. Moving his hands over her breast, he took his fingers to squeeze bother nibbles to heighten her orgasm, kissing the back of her neck. Michelle wanting to hold her friends when she came let go of her friends clit with her mouth and slowly stood up between Sara and the wall. Squeezing through till she was totally standing in front of Sara. Sara leaned against her friend, her body weak as her orgasm built up. Their breast pushed together tightly with Keith's hands between them. Michelle looked into her friends glazed eyes knowing by the expression she was about to cum. Keith pounding them all in the wall with force as his built up his as well

"Cum for us baby, cum for Michelle and me " he gasped out as he felt his body stiffen. Michelle leaned in and closed her mouth around Sara's, kissing her passionately. Moving his hands from between them, Keith reaches around to grab Michelle's head again to hold her to Sara. His fingers once again wrapped in her hair. Moving her arms around Sara and Keith she hugs them tight to her. Loving her friend and wanting her to feel all her love. Sara starts to cum, screaming into her friend's warm moist mouth, Michelle feeling it all she as Sara continued to scream with pleasure. Chill bumps rise all over Michelle's body as her mouth vibrates with her friend's orgasm. Michelle continues to kiss her wanting to feel it all. Keith starts to feel his orgasm come to the tip of his cock.

Throwing back his head, Keith lets out a deep groan as he feels his cum shoot out into Sara. The walls of her pussy closing around him as they both cum together. Michelle groans against Sara's mouth also as she hugs them as tight as possible. Both tremble, as they both lost in their orgasm. Michelle feels Sara's moans become softer as she cums all over Keith's cock inside her. Keith pumps all he can inside her as he cum fills her up. His breathing so fast and his legs growing weak as he finally does one last push into Sara, releasing every drop. Michelle slowly decrease the pressure of her kiss to help her friend breath better as Sara feels herself getting soaked down between her legs.

Keith lies up against Sara and Michelle against the wall as he tries to control his breathing. His body alive and his mind relaxed. Michelle still holding them tight as she moves her mouth from Sara's, her body wanting release from experiencing this beautiful thing with her friends.

Slowly they all start to breathe slower, Keith still inside of Sara as he raises his head and looks into Michelle's eyes. He can tell she needs to cum and he fully plans on helping her out once he has gotten his body back to where it needs to be. Leaning his head toward Sara's ear his eyes still on Michelle he whispers

"This is just the beginning babe, I plan on leaving here with very two satisfied and wore out females sleeping in their bed."

Michelle hearing that, gets Goosebumps all over her body knowing he really meant it. Licking her lips as excitement builds up in her from his words. Sara hearing him also shivers slightly at that wonderful promise. Everyone still in a tight circle agaisnt the wall in the hall.

Sara opening her eyes and letting them adjust looks around where they are starts to slowly giggle at what they must look like in this room.

"What's so funny?" Keith asks wondering how she can giggle now

"I am sorry," She says as giggles harder trying to tell him what she sees

"I just thinks its funny we never made it out of the hall " she gets out between hard giggles

Keith looking around too also takes notice of all them being naked and hugging each other tightly in the room starts to chuckle. Finally turning to face Michelle who was having a hard time not busting out laughing too. That just making Keith chuckle harder as he started moving back some, his cock sliding out of Sara to give them room. Michelle moves her arms away from Keith to hug her giggling friend to her tighter. Her laughter now not being held backs as they both hug and laugh. All of them laughing for a bit over their impatience. Keith staring at them slowly stops chuckling, seeing what a wonderful picture this makes of two beautiful females, and loving each other and life. He quiets down to a smile as they also quiet down to a giggle here and there. He looks at them both soaking in their bodies with his eyes and their beautiful faces. He knows tonight is what all men wish for and a wider smile comes across his face full of mischief. Michelle looking up from her friend sees him smiling as if he had a secret he wasn't sharing. Her questioning look must have gotten his attention cause he looks deep in her eyes and slowly his mouth starts to move. There was no sound and not many words at all but what she read on his lips made her whole body tingle and her heart drop in her stomach with excitement. As she swallowed hard holding Sara tightly to her. Sara totally satisfied and comfortable in the embrace of her friend didn't notice the tightening of Michelle's muscles in her body. Only two words registered in Michelle's mind as Keith bent down to collect his cloths and walk toward the bathroom down the hall. The sentence repeated again and again in her head.

"You're next".


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