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Something For Mary Pt. II
by NastyMom

Needless to say, Saturday could not arrive soon enough. Antonio and his brother Marcus were to arrive at our house around 8 o'clock. I was taking Mary out to dinner and expected to be home before then and have her dressed in the crotchless French Maids uniform I had bought her complete with 6" "fuck me" pumps. I would give her that when we got home from dinner.

Dinner was wonderful. The food was great, the wine was delicious and we stared across the table into each others eyes and held hands and professed our love. In the car on the way home I pulled out my erection and Mary immediately bent over to give me one of her amazing blow jobs. The ride was short so I didn't have time to cum but it was sufficient time for Mary's pussy to get wet (a wonderful side effect from blowing me).

I followed her into the bedroom where she had already begun to strip, telling me her pussy was on fire and she was feeling quite insatiable already. I got her wrapped outfit from the closet where I'd hidden it and gave it to her. She looked delighted and said for me to leave while she got slutted up for me. I told her to call me when she was dressed because I had two more presents for her but I had to take her to them in the family room downstairs. She went into our bathroom, closed the door and I heard the shower turned on.

I quickly went about setting up the camera and the quilts and pillows on the floor in the family room. I heard a car pull up and ran back upstairs to let Antonio and Marcus in. It was 8:10 pm. I told them to relax and got them both beers. Marcus was a real stud, just as tall as his older brother but more muscular and his shaved head made him look a bit menacing. However, he was polite and when he saw a picture of me and Mary on the coffee table seemed very delighted that his brother had brought him along. Antonio asked me if they should strip but I told them to just strip down to their underwear then I handed each of them a pink ribbon and told them to tie it around their cocks. I wanted to wait and see those cocks but I knew Mary would be finishing up soon and I didn't want to spoil her surprise. I left the two handsome, black studs and told them I'd be back soon.

Mary was sitting on the bed slipping on her black pumps when I got back to the bedroom. She looked stunning. My cock began to grow just from the sight of her sexy body in that slutty outfit. "Crotchless?" she smiled, "you're such a perv" I wanted to take her right then but of course I couldn't.

I have to describe how she looked. The outfit was sheer, see through camisole with matching see through crotchless panties. The white ruffled apron hid the fact that the panties were crotchless and hid enough of her large, firm tits to keep you curious. The stockings were thigh high fishnet, no garters and her legs looked longer and sexier then ever. I guess the black 6" pumps with the metal around the spiked heels gave her that heightened look. She stood, towering over me as she stood a good 6 feet tall. I took the night blind fold that she sometimes slept in to keep out any light and had her put it on. I walked her slowly towards the stairs and then very carefully we descended to our ultimate evening of pleasure. I had the music on loud enough so she wouldn't sense the presence of our guests who were seated on the couch but stood as soon as Mary came into view.

I have to tell you, these two guys looked like gods stripped down to their underwear. They were both around 6'3" but Marcus had overly muscled thighs and a big chest and huge arms. He was void of any body hair as far as I could tell. He had on silk boxers and the tent in front made me wonder if he had a loaf of bread in his shorts. Antonio had on tiny briefs and his cock was turned to the side and was wrapped around and almost touching his hip. He had the body of a well built basketball player, his muscles more lean. He was devoid of any chest hair but I saw hair leading from his navel to the treasures that awaited my Mary.

I led Mary to the center of the room and had her kneel down. I told her not to peak and made my way for to the camera, picked it up and aimed it at the three of them. The two men stepped up until they were about 5 feet in front of her, hands on their hips looking proud as can be. They both had smiles on their faces knowing they were about to fuck one of the hottest, sexiest women alive. "Remove your blindfold, baby" was all I said.

I am so glad I had decided to film this because the look on her face was priceless. Her eyes were wide open, a look of partial shock and lust on her face, her jaw actually dropped. She looked up at me holding the camera and just stared at me. "Go ahead sweetheart, enjoy. Happy anniversary!" with that she returned her attention to the two black studs in front of her who had stepped forward and were now within her reach. Her hands trembled as she reached for Marcus' tent and rubbed its length. She grabbed his shorts by the waist and slowly slid them down around his thighs, "its huge" she said to no one in particular. He was hard already and the head was peeking out from the foreskin. If I had to make a quick guess I would've said 8 or 9 inches and thick. His balls were pretty big too. He was completely shaven of all his pubic hair. She leaned forward and kissed the head and I saw a string of pre cum as she removed her lips.

She turned her attention to Antonio and when she peeled down his briefs my jaw dropped too. He wasn't even hard yet. His cock looked like a black snake, the head hidden beneath its foreskin. It hung down halfway to his knees and was already easily over a foot long. It wasn't as thick as Marcus' but it was so long. I felt like a girl next to these two guys. Mary took a bow in each hand and pulled on them and then looked over to me and told me they were the best presents she ever gotten in her life.

She took Marcus in her mouth first, taking a good five minutes to lick all of his cock and balls before slipping about half of it into her mouth. She stroked Antonio while she did this and he was getting even bigger. My cock had been the only cock passed her beautiful lips and now she had two that were twice the size of mine. She was completely lost now in lust, forgetting I was even in the room as she worked her mouth and hands from one cock to the other. Marcus' cock was really leaking pre cum and she seemed to enjoy the way he tasted. I zoomed in with the camera and watched close-up as the cock disappeared into her mouth. The more she sucked the deeper she was able to suck them in. At one point she had both swollen heads in her mouth and was swirling her tongue around them.

Marcus sat back on the couch while Antonio moved behind her upturned ass. He spread her cheeks and said "check it out bro, she's got red hair in the crack of her ass" all Marcus could say was that was funky. Antonio set about to devour her wet ass and pussy. He looked over to me and told me how sweet my wife's hairy cunt tasted. My cock was aching for release from my slacks but I didn't dare whip it out in front of these two studs.

Antonio licked out her ass hole and pussy while she went to town on his "little" brothers cock. Mary's knees almost gave way when she exploded for her first orgasm. Her entire body spasmed and trembled as her face finally fell into Marcus lap. She was resting trying to catch her breast as Antonio knelt behind her and began to slap her ass and pussy with his magnificent cock. She gasped as he entered her and I was right there with the camera. He started to fuck her with long, slow strokes and he was fucking her at such an angle I caught it all on tape. "Oh shit baby, I'm gonna cum" I looked up and saw Marcus with his eyes closed now fucking Mary's mouth hard. She pumped his shaft hard but never took that cock out of her mouth. The kid was moaning and jerking his hips and in general, enjoying my Mary's wonderful mouth. I moved around to see him pull his cock out. Mary had cum all over her chin and cheeks and I watched her tongue snake out to taste as much as she could. Marcus sat back on the couch to catch his breath.

Mary looked at Antonio and told him she wanted to ride his cock. It was while she was squatting on that cock that I shot my first load in my pants without even touching myself. Its funny because when you watch the video you can tell just when I cum because the camera gets very shaky, it lasts a good full minute or so too. Marcus looked on and stroked his cock which was getting hard again. Mary was really riding that huge, black cock and her pussy lips were so red and swollen and angry looking. I knew her poor pussy was going to ache for days when these two brothers finished with her.

Mary came two more times while she rode Antonio. After her first orgasm Marcus stood next to her and fed her his cock once again. She really loved sucking that huge cock, it was pretty obvious. After her second orgasm at the hands of Antonio's cock she had to climb off. It was like her 4th or 5th major orgasm already and her tight pussy needed a rest. Antonio asked if he could fuck her tits which she gladly agreed to.

I watched the two well hung black studs strip my wife down to her stockings and pumps. Antonio straddled her beautiful tits and started fucking them. His long cock slid into her open mouth with every up stroke. Marcus was trying to feed her his over anxious cock as well and she seemed lost in a haze. Finally Antonio stopped pumping and he started cumming. I watched in amazement because his cum didn't cum flying out but rather it oozed out... and I mean oozed. He came as much as I cum in four orgasms. It rolled off of Mary's tits down her sides, under her arms, down her neck...all over. Then Marcus erupted, sending shots of cum all over her open mouth and face. I rubbed my cock through my pants and I came as well for the second time. It was then that the two hour tape ran out. I looked at my watch and couldn't believe it was 10:15 already.

Marcus said he had to run because he was suppose to meet his girlfriend at 11. They asked if they could take a quick shower and I pointed to the bathroom. They went in together and I sat on the couch next to Mary. She was covered in sweat and cum and her body was flushed pink. Her pussy was still stretched open and a bright pinkish red. Her clit looked like it was an inch long. She pulled me to her and told me how much she loved me and how I could do or have anything I wanted for the rest of our lives if I didn't let this evening end. She kissed me and I could taste the cum on her lips and tongue.

Mary smiled when she saw I was into our little kiss. "Help me clean myself up a little" she said. I started to stand so I could get a towel but she held me there by my wrist. "clean me with your tongue" she whispered. Now I was no new comer to cum, but I had never tasted any but my own. I liked it and enjoyed eating Mary's pussy after we fucked but this was new. She saw me hesitate and she whispered a sweet "please" to me. How could I resist?

I can't begin to tell you how much cum covered her upper body only to say it was plenty. I worked my tongue all over her and I had to admit that I really liked the taste. Similar to my own but not quite as bitter. Several times I would lick a gob of cum from her tits and then kiss her and feed her the delicious mixture of these two brothers cum. My cock was getting hard again so this time I unzipped to let it out. I had two loads worth of cum all over my cock, balls and belly... a real mess.

Mary was now squeaky clean and I was ready to fuck her but instead she had me sit back so she could clean me up. That's when the guys came out of the shower. I asked them if they could stay, all the while Mary was licking my crotch clean but Marcus said his crazy girl would kill him if he didn't show up. Besides, he said she would be suspicious if he didn't fuck her a few times and Mary was going to drain him if he stayed any longer.

"Antonio, why don't you stay and let your brother take the car. Brian will drive you home in the morning. How does that sound?" Mary really didn't want this stud to go home. "Sounds like a plan to me. I got plenty of lovin left for ya" he smiled. "Just be careful with my ride little brother" he said to Marcus.

Marcus shook my hand and kissed Mary on her lips, he slipped his tongue in her mouth but didn't seem upset that she had my taste in it. The brothers gave each other a high five and Marcus looked back one more time and said he hoped he would be invited back so he could fuck Mary the next time. "for sure" Mary answered quickly. He left us smiling.

"I think we could both use a shower. Antonio, why don't you bring the camera up to our room and set it up. There's a new rape in tha bag. We'll grab a shower and meet you in a few minutes." He dropped his towel and Mary and I both watched that cock swing around as he grabbed the stuff and headed upstairs. Mary and I went into the bathroom to freshen up for the next round.

To be continued...

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