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Something For Mary Pt. III
by NastyMom

Up until we stepped into the shower I felt like I had been in control of tonight's fantasy. Mary kissed me immediately and my cock was on the rise again. I don't remember ever being as horny as I was at that moment. I guess knowing that our special night wasn't nearly over had completely recharged my battery. Mary soaped up my back and whispered in my ear if I enjoyed licking their cum from her body. I answered truthfully that I did. She asked me if I had ever imagined a cock could look as good as Antonio's and I said it was indeed pretty amazing. She asked me if I would lick her clit while she was getting fucked later and as she spoke she touched my cock which had regained its full hardness by then.

We kissed passionately and she was careful not to let her touching my cock go too far. "You could lick Antonio's balls while you licked my pussy," she whispered and I shuddered because since I was 16 I've been curious about having another man in my mouth. "Would that gross you out?" I asked wondering how far she was going to let this go. "Not at makes me drip just thinking about it. I bet you'd be a good cock sucker" Her talk was making me crazy with lust.

We dried each other quickly and made our way up the stairs to the master bedroom. Antonio had already set up the camera and we found him laying on the bed gently fondling his huge, soft cock. "Antonio, I want to teach Brian how to suck a cock, would you mind volunteering?" he just smiled at her and told her it was fine by him, he liked having two mouths working his cock.

Mary and I dropped our towels and climbed on the bed between Antonio's open legs. His cock was hanging down covering his heavy balls and the sight of it was really awesome. At this point I wasn't sure what to do until Mary suggested I begin by licking his balls. I have to admit, within a couple of minutes of this I knew that I liked it. I licked and gently sucked his balls. He too liked it if his growing cock was any indication. Mary eventually lent her tongue to the deal and we wound up licking his balls for a good 25 minutes or so.

Next Mary demonstrated the proper way to lick and suck a cock. Before long my mouth was sliding over the swollen head and down the first few inches of cock. Antonio had now become fully erect and Mary asked me if I minded she sat on that thing for a while. I moved away and watched her squat down and lower herself onto Antonio's cock. She was so wet it was unbelievable and as I got a real up close look, I was amazed that so much of that fit into Mary. She began moaning when he hit bottom (which still left a good 4 or 5 inches exposed. Taking advantage of a good situation, I leaned down and began to tongue Mary's ass hole. She had an orgasm within minutes of this and her honey was flowing, dripping down Antonio's shaft. I licked up what I could and leaned back.

She got a pretty steady fucking for the next ten minutes until she came again. I helped her spin around without losing contact with the black snake buried in her pretty, red-haired pussy. I saw her clit now, so swollen and so pink. I went after it and combined my tongue work between her clit and his balls until she came again. She then got up off of Antonio and ran to the bathroom to pee. I looked at his cock, so dark but it was coated with Mary's cum juice. I couldn't resist. I bent down and took him in my mouth again, deeper then before and licked him clean. Mary cleared her throat and I turned to see her standing there, obviously she was ready for more. She was an insatiable slut when it came to black cock I found out that night.

She handed me a tube and told me to lube her ass. I looked at her wide-eyed. "No, I want you to take my ass cherry" she said with a sexy smile. I anxiously smeared the cold jell all over her and worked two fingers into her tight back door. That's when she surprised me even further. She climbed back onto Antonio and lowered his shaft into her gaping twat. She looked over her shoulder at me and my throbbing cock. I smiled this time knowing what she wanted.

Careful not to hurt her, I rubbed the head of my cock against her wrinkled back hole. I was planning to enter her very slowly but I actually slid in much easier then I would have thought. As I began to fuck her ass, Antonio began to fuck her pussy. He had been completely still until then. It was so hot and sexy, I could feel his cock through the thin membrane of her pussy walls. I also felt his balls rub mine as my entire dick disappeared into her depths. I'd like to say I fucked her like crazy but this wonderful experience lasted only about five minutes. I will say she had an earth shattering orgasm in that time.

I buried my cock ball deep when I exploded finally, and my cum splashed along the walls of her ass. That's when Antonio finally started to fuck her really hard and really deep. When he told her he was ready to cum she jumped off his cock, spun around and jerked him off while his cum flew everywhere. Once again I found myself licking up the mess but this time Mary was helping me out.

We were completely spent, all of us and Mary complained how much her pretty little pussy hurt. Naked, we all went to sleep with Mary in the middle. She must've really been exhausted because she was asleep in minutes, cuddling both her lovers.

The next morning I awoke to the sensation of a warm mouth on my dick. I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed the wonderful feeling for several minutes. When I did open them, I saw Mary still sound asleep beside me. I smiled knowing that this big, black stud was sucking my cock. His cock sucking skills were awesome and he would back off when I was ready to cum and then bring me back to the brink until finally I announced I was cumming. Antonio continued to suck me until he had drained every ounce from my balls.

Mary rolled over and opened her eyes briefly but said she was too tired to get up. I let her sleep, this time I sucked Antonio's cock with no coaching and I think I did pretty well...judging by the mouthful of cum I was rewarded with. We dressed and I drove him home. Mary slept until almost 3 p.m. and when she woke up she could not stop thanking me. It was her fantasy come true but mine as well...she's planning a special birthday present for me and I can hardly wait.

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