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Sue's First Time
by Dave H.

I had been trying to get into my girlfriends Amber's pants sense we starting dating but every time I tried she would tell me it was time to go home. Today was the same thing we were making out on the couch in the basement and I had her top and bra off and was kissing and feeling her tits.

She seemed to be getting hot so I started kissing her tits but as I tried to undo her pants she straighten up and said time to go home. Same as always as I was walking home thinking what a tease she was I heard someone yell my name when I looked back I saw Amber's younger sister Sue old running down the street.

When she caught up to me I asked her what she wanted she said that she wanted to show me something private and could we go somewhere where we could be alone. I said we good go to my house sense my parents were working and wouldn't be home till 6 so we had 4 hours till they came home she said that would be fine.

When we got their I asked her what she wanted to show me. She asked if we could go to my room so I led her to my bedroom and said now what did you want to show me. With that she pulled her T-shirt over her head and reached behind her back and undid her bra revealing a really nice and firm pair of tits to me and asked if they were as nice as her sisters.

They weren't as big as Amber's but they were nice as I said to her they are lovely as I reached out and started feeling them as I felt her tits I pushed her back onto the bed and laid her down than I took off my shirt and laid beside her and started kissing her and feeling her tits as I continued feeling her tits I started kissing my way down to her breasts when I started kissing an sucking on them she started moaning, that feels so good.

I could tell she was getting hot by the way she was moaning and moving her ass against my leg. So I took my hand and slid it between her legs and started rubbing her crotch. She was going nuts as I rub her crotch. She started humping my hand so I slid my hand up to the top of her jeans and started undoing her pants she just stared at me as I pulled her zipper down and started to slid her jeans off I could see that her panties were wet after I took her jeans off I started kissing her legs till I got to her crotch I spread her legs and started kissing her pussy through her panties she started moaning again saying how good that felt.

Than I got on my knees between her legs and reached under her ass and starting pulling her panties off revealing her hot little pussy to me after I got them off I lowered my head to her pussy and started licking her she was squeezing my head with her thighs as she went into her first organism. When she relaxed I got up an started to insert a finger into her pussy than started pumping it in and out till she came again.

Than I got up and starting to take my pants off as I was standing there in my underwear Sue was staring at the big bulge that my hard cock was making. Then I slid my underwear off revealing my 6 inch cock to her which was sticking out from my body. She sat up on the side of the that and asked if she could feel it as she reached out I step forward and she took my cock into her hand. She said it felt so hard and warm but at the same time it felt so soft.

She reached beneath my cock and was feeling my balls and asked is this were your sperm is made. Yes I said, as she continued to rub my balls she asked if I was going to stick my dick into her. I said I would if she wanted me to than she laid back onto the bed and spread her legs as I got between them and grabbed my cock and pointed it at her pussy she said that she had never done it before and she was still a virgin.

I told her I would be gentle with her as I pressed my cock against her virgin pussy and started to slide into her she was tight as my cock started in after I at gotten about 2 inches in I hit her cherry and pulled back telling Sue that it might hurt when I popped her cherry then I slid back in stretching her cherry but didn't break it so I backed out till the head of my cock was just inside her pussy and thrust my cock into her. Just as I thrust she pushed her ass up to meet me and I tore through her cherry taking her virginity has all of my cock slid into her.

Sue had let out a scream so I just held by cock into her till she relaxed when she said that it felt better I starting fucking her slowly letting her get used to having my cock in her pussy. She looked up at me and said you won't do it in me will you sense you don't have a condom on and I'm not on the pill. I just shook my head no and kept fucking her.

I had fucked a couple of girls before but had always used a condom but this felt much better having a hot pussy wrapped around my cock. Not feeling a piece of rubber between us. As I continued fucking sue she was moaning oh, oh, oh, is feels so good keep doing it so I staring fucking her faster telling her to wrap her legs around my back.

I then started fucking her harder going deeper into her pussy till she had her first cock induced organism her pussy was squeezing my cock it felt so wonderful. Sue had gone limp letting her legs slide off my back as she laid their I was still fucking her when she opened her eyes and looked at me and said that was wonderful.

I had slowed down but begin picking up speed as I drove my cock in and out Sue asked if I was ready to do it I told her I wasn't but it wouldn't be long she said good because she wanted for me to make her cum again.

So I started slamming my cock into her I could feel the pressure in my balls starting to mount as I fucked her. She was moaning that she was going to cum when her body stiffened and she went into a full blown organism her pussy was squeezing my cock for all it was worth and her muscles in her belly was rippling asking for my seed.

I felt my balls tighten and knew I was going to cum. I knew that I should pull out but my cock was doing the thinking now and their was no way I was going to pull out of her tight hot pussy. So I kept fucking till my body stiffened and I thrust into sue and delivered my first load of sperm.

Sue's eyes flew opened just as my cock had swelled and jerked in her pussy she could feel my hot load shooting into her. She yelled your doing it in me your putting your sperm in my belly. As I pulled back and thrust again shooting other load of cum into her saying I couldn't stop that it felt so good. Sue just wrapped her arms around me as I continued to fill her pussy with my cum. When I was done I pulled out and their was cum stains on my cock I knew I had did a good job filling her up.

More to come.

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