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7:15 Train
by Scoperella

She checked the giant clock on the wall of the train station for what had to be the hundredth time. 7:15. His train was due to arrive at 7:18 PM. She ran her fingers through her long blonde hair and flipped it over her shoulder. She reached into her purse to pull out a mint, the last in the roll. An entire roll of Breath Savers in less than half an hour. She was so nervous and excited she couldn't keep still. She had known him for nearly two and a half years and had fallen in love with him long ago.

They had met on the Internet, a sports chatroom late one night. Starting off as just casual conversation and getting to know each other over the next few months had formed a great friendship between them. Then one day they realized their relationship was more than that ... they were each other's best friend ... and each other's true love. They both knew without a doubt in their mind that they would spend their lives together, forgetting the 12 year age difference, all without ever staring into each other's eyes, touching, or kissing. But all that was about to change in a few minutes.

She heard the train screeching to its stop and smoothed her dress over quickly. A white strapless dress, clinging to her 5'8", 125lb, 36c-24-34 frame in all the right places, mid thigh in length to show off her tanned and athletic legs. She smiled to herself at that thought ... he constantly said how much he loved legs. She knew she looked great, and prayed he would think so too.

When the first passenger got off the train her stomach filled with butterflies and her heart began pounding. There were quite a few people getting off, a crowded Friday night in New York City. She scanned the crowd eagerly when her eyes met the beautiful brown eyes she'd been dreaming of for so long. He had already seen her, just standing still, just staring at her, a smile slowly creeping onto his face. She grinned when she saw him as her eyes started to fill with tears. She wanted to move towards him but she couldn't. She couldn't blink or speak or move. All she could do was grin and fight the tears.

He started walking towards her and it seemed like it took an eternity. She couldn't take her eyes from his ... this was the man she loved so desperately, the one she had waited all her life for. She was in a daze. When he reached her, he dropped his bag on the ground and opened his arms to her. She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around his neck tight, his strong arms wrapping around her waist and back, pulling her against him. It was at that moment she melted completely ... he was the one.

He backed away from her slightly, raising his right hand up to her cheek and stroking it softly, brushing her hair back, staring deeply into her tear filled eyes. He wiped a tear away as it ran down her cheek and slowly lowered his head, his sweet lips meeting hers for the very first time. As soon as they brushed together he pulled back again, opening his eyes to see hers, and kissed her again, his lips gently parting hers, his tongue entering, touching hers quickly, softly, and pulling it out as quickly as it entered. Catching her lower lip between his he sighed softly. Breaking that kiss was truly painful.

"God I love you" he said softly. She opened her eyes and saw his now filled with tears as well ... the tough guy who said he never ever cried.

She smiled and removed her arms from his neck. "I love you back."

"Good, so you are the right girl," he joked.

She laughed and all her nervousness vanished. "You're such a dork. Let's get outta here." She grabbed his left hand with her right as he picked up his bag. They walked towards the exit hand in hand. She turned around once they were outside. "I forgot something" she said with a bit of a smile.

He looked at her puzzled.

"What.." she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face to hers, kissing him softly but firmly, her tongue licking his lips and parting them, finding his and circling around it, tickling the roof of his mouth with hers. She felt her knees go weak just as his hand wrapped around her waist.

After a minute, she pulled back and smiled. "Sorry ... I've been meaning to that for quite a while now."

They hailed a cab and she directed the cabbie to the restaurant she selected. The rode holding hands and chatting about their days, the train ride, and their nervousness. They had talked enough to fill a thousand dates, but this was their first official date. And the true beginning to their lives together. Everything had to be perfect.

He paid the cabbie when they pulled up to the restaurant and hopped out of the cab, taking her hand to help her out. "Have I told you how gorgeous you are yet" he asked. She shook her head, suddenly nervous again.

"You are absolutely breathtaking," he whispered into her ear and kissed the hand he was holding. She blushed and smiled, and they walked into the restaurant.

As they finished the last of the cheesecake they shared she thought how dinner seemed to just fly by. Staring into his eyes, laughing with him, falling for him more and more as each second passed.

After paying, they got a cab and headed back to her apartment. Just as the butterflies started to come back from thinking about what would happen once back at her place, he put his arm around her and kissed the side of her forehead. He leaned back and she laid her head on his shoulder. She felt so safe and comfortable with him, anything she could be nervous about vanished with that one gesture.

In the elevator up to her apartment, she reached up and kissed him quickly. "Thank you for dinner" she said softly. She kissed him again, her tongue finding his. 12 floors later they broke their kiss when the elevator stopped. She pulled her keys from her purse and he took them from her when they reached her door. He unlocked the door and tossed his bag just inside. Pushing her against the doorframe, holding her hands behind her back, he kissed her tenderly. A soft moan escaped from her lips. He leaned down and scooped her up, holding her tight, and carried her into her apartment, kicking the door shut. He walked to the door of her bedroom and put her down gently. "Change for me? I'll wait for you on the couch" he said softly as he lifted her hand and brought it to her lips. He knew how much she loved having her hand kissed. He reached behind her and opened the door as she stepped through.

During many of their infinite conversations on the computer, they would browse the Victoria's Secret and Frederick's webpages, telling each other what they liked what they hated and what they found simply irresistible. One particular time she directed him to a teddy she liked very much, and he loved it even more. His comments about it gave her no choice but to order it and save it for just this occasion. She hated that he had already seen it, but on her and in a different color it would at least be a little different.

She slipped off her dress and kicked off her shoes, and put them away. She grabbed her bottle of Strawberry and Champagne body lotion from VS (her favorite ... the scent always turned her on) and rubbed it all over her legs, making sure they were extra silky. She went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth quickly. Going to her dresser, she pulled out the blue nightie and matching thong. She put it on, brushed her hair, and looked in the full length mirror. She had been told all her life how beautiful she was. Even she knew she was gorgeous. But none of that mattered now ... all that mattered was what he thought. She smiled at her own reflection ... he would approve. She hoped. She lit several candles throughout her bedroom, giving enough of a glow to illuminate everything romantically and enough light to allow them to stare into each others eyes. Content with her appearance and her room, she exited the room.

He was seated in the middle of the couch, his back towards her. He hadn't heard the door open. She slowly walked towards the couch, in front of it, and stopped when he turned to look at her. His eyes met hers first, and slowly moved down the length of her body. Not in an inappropriate way, but in the way you'd look at a beautiful ocean or painting for the first time ... the excitement of something new and the appreciation of its beauty. His pupils widened and his jaw dropped slightly ... his eyes found hers again, and he began to try to say something, but he couldn't speak. The look on his face and in his eyes told her everything she needed to know ... he definitely approved.

Wordlessly she walked to him and straddled his lap. She covered his mouth with hers and kissed him hard. She needed him. She wanted him. He pulled her closer against his body and she thought she felt the arousal in his pants. She hoped she was right ... she knew she was already soaked. She wasn't aroused because she wanted the sex; she was aroused because she was finally with the man she loved and needed, about to show him what he meant to her, how much she loved him. She lost track of time. The only thing she could think of was his mouth. She eventually pulled back and looked in his eyes ... they were filled with the same love and desire she felt in her own. She kissed him slowly, feeling his hands alternately moving from her back to her thighs, caressing her face and playing with hair. She slid his suit jacket down his arms, as they began speaking to each other, professing their love and how happy they were to be together at last. She sat back and began untying his tie ... she loved doing that ... her eyes locked firmly on his. She unbuttoned his shirt slowly, one button at a time, her eyes still watching his. By this point she knew he was hard. When the last button was undone he reached for her lips again and pulled his shirt off. They broke the kiss just long enough to pull off his undershirt together. They resumed and her hands roamed all over his strong chest and shoulders, his hands caressing her tight ass gently. She pulled away and dropped down to the floor in front of him, on her knees. She slowly undid his belt, and the zipper of his pants. She tugged on them as he lifted up in the air and slid them to his ankles. She pulled off his shoes and socks, his pants right behind. Her eyes had been on his the whole time, but now she let them fall to the crotch of his boxers. The head of his hard cock was poking through. She smiled and bent towards it, flicked the tip lightly with her tongue and kissed the head. He moaned loudly at her touch.

He sat forward as she rose to her knees and scooped her into his arms. He carried her to the bedroom door again, and this time carried her inside. He stopped when he saw the candles and satin sheets, and smiled at her. He laid her down in the middle of the bed and kneeled in front of her. "God you're gorgeous" he murmured as he laid down next to her. His left leg was between hers, his right arm cradling her head on the pillow. He touched her chin with his left hand and stared into her eyes. "I love you" he said, and she thought she heard his voice crack slightly. "I love you back." He kissed her hard and long. He moved his lips to her jawline and licked it, nibbling and sucking on her ear. His left hand was roaming her body softly, her thigh and side mostly. His hand traveled up her inner thigh, this time not stopping until it reached her soaked panties. He traced her lips with a finger, so softly, making her squirm and moan, rewarding him with hard kisses.

He kneeled in front of her and ran his hands up her thighs to the sides of her panties. He pulled them down slowly and tossed them on the floor, his eyes never leaving hers. He laid down next to her again and kissed her, his hand running up her thighs to her now naked pussy. She was shaved completely smooth. He traced his finger around her clit and up and down her swollen lips. She moaned loudly as she kissed him hard.

He sat up between her legs and pulled her up off the bed. Together they removed her nightie and cast it to the floor. She laid back down completely naked. "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen," he almost whispered, mesmerized by her beauty. He slipped off his boxers and laid down on top of her. He kissed her lips softly, moving his head down her neck to her breasts. He licked her right nipple and sucked it loudly, nibbling it gently. He did the same to the left. He trailed kisses down her tummy until he reached her pussy. He licked up and down her thighs as she squirmed under him. He reached out and licked her clit quickly, then kissed it. He kissed all over her wet pussy, quick kisses. She grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled him up to her and kissed him.

"I love you" she said as she slowly spread her legs for him. "I love you" he said as he smiled down at her. He lowered himself on top of her and placed his face just inches from hers, staring into her eyes. He placed the tip of his cock at the opening of her pussy as her legs wrapped around him tightly. He slowly slid himself into her, staring into her eyes the whole time. The emotion and passion and hunger of the moment took control of her, as she felt her pussy contract around his hardness. She was cumming already. Low moans escaped each of them as he had completely filled her. When her orgasm subsided he was smiling down at her. "You are so beautiful ... I love you" he whispered as he kissed her with open eyes. He slowly began rocking in and out of her. God he felt good inside her ... that was his home, where he was meant to be. No one had ever made her feel close to the way he was. She didn't want it to ever end.

They made love slowly and rhythmically, never changing positions or altering their pace. His right arm was under her back and his left roaming her body and caressing her face; her right arm around his neck, playing with his hair; her left rubbing his back gently. Both of her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist, keeping him close. She felt her orgasm building and her moans and bites told him that, as he began to speed up, wanting to cum together. She clenched around him again just as she felt his fluid entering her body. Their moans coincided as their orgasms passed. They kissed tenderly and whispered their love for each other again. He stayed inside her until he involuntarily slipped out of her.

Rolling over, he pulled her on top of him, wrapping his arms around her. He held her tightly until they drifted off to sleep. She had never felt safer in her life and smiled at knowing this was the first of many many times she'd fall asleep in his arms.


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