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Strip For The Guys
by Chuck Wood

The owner of our neighborhood bar is a friend - not a good friend, because he is the kind that you hesitate to trust very far. But he is a great guy to be around. He knows everybody and everything, just ask him. He has plenty of wild tales about his youth and seems to have done about everything. Harry is definitely a guy's guy.

My wife Sally and I frequently stop for drink after work and we often meet friends there before we go to dinner or whatever. Sally is very outgoing and friendly to everybody. She always kids Harry and sometimes flirts with him. Once when she was mad at me she sat with Harry and one of his friends at a table while I sat with two of her friends and sulked. I was certain that I saw Harry and his friend both slip their hands beneath her dress on more than one occasion, but I was too stubborn to go to her rescue. I thought it would serve her right if they took her into Harry's office and had their way with her.

When we finally got ready to go Sally was ready to make up. When we got in the car, we kissed and I put my hand up her dress. Boy was I surprised when I found that she had no panties on. I was sure that I had seen her in panties before we left for the evening, but when I asked her about it she assured me that she had not worn panties. Sally always could talk her way out of a fix and I believed her. She could not deny that she was wetter than hell and ready to go. I took her right there in the parking lot.

Many months later when we were in an amorous mood Sally told me that Harry and his friend had propositioned her to fuck them both that night. She told me that she was so mad at me that night and so flattered by all of their attention that she just about took them up on it. She admitted that they had talked her out of her panties that night. They both had finger banged her under the table and threatened to remove her panties right in front of everybody, including me. She finally agreed that she would provide them with her panties if she could remove them herself. They told her they would add them to the collection kept in Harry's office. They offered to let her see their collection, but she knew that if she let them get her in the office they would have had more than her panties to add to their "collection."

Strangely, I was not mad about Sally's revelation. I was turned on. The fantasy of Sally fucking another man (or men) became a recurrent one. Sally has a great body. She was a cheerleader in high school and has athletic thighs and an ass to kill for. She has gained a little weight since we married, but it went to all the right places. She has nice round tits. She tans in the nude so every inch of her is brown. She keeps her bush well trimmed and her pussy is always clean shaven. I often wondered whether Harry and his friend were surprised when they discovered she was shaved. Every time I saw Harry after Sally's revelation, I thought I could detect a leer when he looked at Sally.

One night while me and some of my buddies were having a beer after work, Harry approached our table and invited us to a motorcycle rally he was hosting at the bar the following weekend. Harry's place has a large outdoor picnic area and he was planning on letting the local motorcycle group use the facility to stage a summer benefit ride. The members are mostly professionals who like to dress up on the weekends. I knew a lot of them and thought it would be fun since I knew that most of them got pretty drunk at these benefit rides. I mentioned it to Sally and she was non-committal. However, when Saturday rolled around we were both ready to party.

Sally came out of the bedroom in an outfit I did not even know she owned. It turned out that she had borrowed it from one of her friends at work who rides with her husband but could not attend. She had a leather vest on with nothing underneath and leather chaps over a pair of jeans that were obviously too large. Her friend was a bit larger than Sally and Sally did not usually wear jeans. I noticed that I could seen down the back of her jeans. She was wearing white thong panties and I could see them disappear down the crack of her ass. She had a couple of drinks while she was getting ready and had that "fuck me" look on her face. I was a little miffed at her getting a head start on me and she knew it. I figured what the hell, I'll catch up soon enough when we get there.

When we arrived there were hundreds of motorcycles and some motor homes parked in the parking lot and on the surrounding streets. The place was packed. I saw some of my friends from work and we started drinking with them. Sally was in a rare mood. It must have been all the leather because she was flirting with strangers she had never seen before. She was doing her own thing - playing pool and being loud. I was soon feeling no pain and enjoying watching Sally. I could see several guys looking down the back of her jeans and it turned me on to know that they knew she had on a pair of thong panties. From the looks of some of their women, I doubt they were wearing thongs. We were having a great time.

As the night wore on, I lost track of Sally. I searched the bar for her and did not find her. I went outside. People were partying everywhere. It was dark and it was difficult to see very well. Ron, one of my friends, saw me wandering around and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was looking for Sally and he said he would keep an eye out for her. I went back in the bar and got another beer. Ron grabbed me at the bar and told me he had something he wanted to show me. I figured he wanted to show me a motorcycle because he was really into machines. He lead me across the street. There was a big motor home parked along the street and there were a lot of people milling around the entrance to the motor home. I could hear loud music coming from inside.

Ron motioned me around to the other side where no one was. I wondered what he was doing. He stopped me and told me that he found Sally and he didn't think I was going to like what he was about to show me. He told me to climb up on a lawn chair he found nearby and look inside the motor home. When I did I almost fell off the chair. There was Sally with her clothes off except for her white thong panties. The front of her panties was pulled up so that her cunt lips were hanging out the sides. I didn't recognize any of the guys in the room. Guys were yelling for her to take it off as she did the bump and grind on top of a table in the middle of the room. I didn't even know she knew how to do the bump and grind, especially the way she was doing it! It was obvious she was very drunk. Suddenly I was aware that Ron was right next to me taking in the sights. He offered that Sally was better looking naked than he had imagined. There wasn't much we could do but watch.

Slowly Sally gave into the requests that she take it ALL OFF. A couple of guys helped her out of her panties and there she was in front of a room of guys naked. One of the guys put her panties up to his nose and announced that he thought she was ready to fuck. I about came in my pants. Several guys pulled her down on the table, laid her on her back and pulled her legs open. She was spread eagled away from us and I could only imagine the view that the guy who was dropping his pants at that moment had. He wasn't that big, but he lost no time burying his cock in Sally's sloppy wet cunt. I could hear Sally grunting as she bucked to meet his every thrust. After a few minutes he unloaded his load in her and pulled out to make room for the next guy. I watched as several guys took their turns. I lost count, but about the sixth or seventh guy was huge. His cock must have been ten inches long and as big around as a can of corn. There were a couple of women watching my wife get gang fucked and both of them were awe struck. He rolled Sally over with her ass sticking in the air. I could see the look in Sally's face. I am sure she couldn't see me but she was only a few feet away as this guy impaled her. She was grunting and groaning as he drove in and out of her. He fucked her for what seemed an eternity. Everybody was spell bound. Ron had his cock out and was beating it for everything he was worth. Suddenly I could hear Sally and the big guy reaching a crescendo. When the guy came, Sally screamed in orgasm. When he finished filling her up and pulled out of her, I could hear the pop when the head of his cock exited her pulsating snatch. She was still cumming.

The guys were not done. The must have figured that she was stretched too far for a good fuck after the big guy finished with her. They turned her around and forced her to her knees. Now she was going to suck some cock. Several guys took turns fucking her mouth. Suddenly I recognized Ron. He was next in line and was ready to slip his cock between Sally's lips. I had not even noticed when he left my side to see if he could get a little for himself. I wondered what his wife would think if she caught him slipping it to Sally in front of a bunch of guys. What happened next surprised even me. Ron pulled Sally to her feet, turned her around and bent her over the table again. I realized my friend was going to fuck my wife up her ass. Everybody cheered as he entered this virgin hole. Sally was in a trance by now.

When Ron was finished, I pushed my way through the crowd and led Sally to our waiting car. She was a bit embarrassed in the following days, especially when Harry told her that everyone had heard she liked to strip for the guys. She told me she doesn't know what got into her, but all the attention just drove her wild. She promised me she would never fuck anybody else again, unless I wanted her to do it!!!


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