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Star Gazing
by Mia Love

My folks sent my sister and myself to stay at my aunt and uncles house for the week. I didn't mind though. My cousins, my sister and I all got along really well. We had always been brought up near each other and enjoyed seeing each other with family visits.

I was developing well. Apparently Rick had noticed this he spent the first couple of days of the visit flirting around with me. He would innocently grope my tits and bump into my ass. I was already 5 feet 6. I had long light brown hair that was naturally wavy. I had blue/green eyes, And was very fit. I played Volleyball, and Basketball and I was on the track team. So I kept in shape. My cousin Rick was a very cute guy. He had dark brown hair, Hazel/blue eyes, and a cute dimple in his cheek when he smiled. Rick was a sports nut so he had a really nice body too. I knew quite a few girls that had crushes on him.

About halfway through our stay at their house we heard on the radio that there was going to be an amazing meteor shower late that night and that it could easily be viewed. So the four of us decided that we were going to wake up and watch the meteor shower. Well, when the time came to go outside, my sister and Laura wouldn't wake up, the wimps! So Rick and I ventured outside alone. We had taken 2 blankets because it was cool out that late and we also figured we would be sitting on the ground so it would be more comfortable.

As we sat there talking Rick got the idea that we would be more comfortable if we laid down in the bed of his pick up truck. It was just a small truck, but there was plenty of room for the two of us to lay down. So we climbed into the truck bed, we used my blanket to line the truck and then laid down and shared Rick's blanket to cover up with. It was a very cool night and I was huddled up under the blanket... I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew Rick was nudging my arm and asked if I would mind not kicking him... I apologized, feeling quite embarrassed I knew I wouldn't doze off again.

Not long after that Rick began squirming around a bit when I asked him what was wrong he said that his foot had fallen asleep.. He settled back down but not before he brushed across my leg with his foot. He looked over at me and said that I had very soft skin. Without even realizing it I found myself rubbing my foot up and down his leg. He looked at me and told me I shouldn't do things like that because It did things to boys that I shouldn't be doing. I looked at him puzzled, I really didn't know what he meant. He told me that to most people that would be a sexually suggestive act. I know I blushed, and though I hesitated I didn't stop. Soon he was squirming more. I was soon going to find out why.

He looked at me again and told me how pretty I was becoming.. Then he asked me if I had a boyfriend. I told him no I didn't and he said that he was surprised and that he was sure I would soon. With that I slid over closer to him and reached out toward him. I didn't really know what I was doing but my instincts had kicked in and were taking over. As I reached out and touched his arm he turned back to me and leaned his head toward mine and without a word I found his lips pressed against mine, his tongue probing my lips searching for access to my mouth. I didn't wait too long. I welcomed his tongue and began to suck on it and match his tongue's movements with my own. Next thing I knew he had his hand up under my T-shirt fondling my developing tits. I was not completely developed but I was already a 34c.

In an instant my nipples were standing firm and I heard myself moan with the caress of his hands. Then I lifted up just a little bit as he removed my shirt and lowered his lips to my breasts and began sucking them. It felt so good I had never known that having someone playing with my tits would feel like this. Well. I was completely gone. I thought of nothing more then to see where this was going to lead. Soon his shirt was off and he was tugging at my shorts. I didn't fight any of it. I raised my hips so that he would have an easier time getting me naked. And that is exactly what he did. Now he was kissing all over my body and I felt an odd tingling in my crotch that I had never experienced before. I had played with myself a little but I had never really done anything. I could feel my slit dripping with wetness and knew that I was his to do with whatever he wanted. As I ran my hands through his thick brown hair, he kissed down my stomach and lightly stuck his tongue in my belly button.

He stopped just long enough to look up at me and tell me again how pretty I was and then he looked back down and the next thing I knew I felt his warm breath creeping down my slit. Then with one hand he continued fondling my tits and with the other he separated my virgin cunt lips and took my clit in between his thumb and index finger. "Oh god Rick, that feels good." He just laughed and said that I hadn't experienced anything yet. Then without a warning I felt his tongue begin to lap at my virgin hole. It was more then I could ever imagine. It felt so good. And he began giving me my first tongue fucking. I bit on my lower lip as I began to writhe in pleasure. And I remember pulling him in deeper by pulling his head toward me. It didn't take long for me to cum. As I coated his face with my juices he lapped up every drop.

Then he looked at me and took my hand and asked me if I had ever felt a guys cock before. I admitted that I hadn't. With that he put my hand down his shorts and I found my hand grasping at his hard dick. Without a word I found myself pumping it with my hand wrapped around it. I was stroking up and down the shaft and I could see in his eyes that it felt good as he looked at me and told me he wanted me to suck him. I was kind of nervous now since I had never done anything like this before but I wanted to do it. So I moved myself to the right spot and stuck my tongue out and gently licked the bulb at the tip of his cock. There was already a little pre-cum beginning to ooze out and when I tasted it I quickly became addicted. With that I began working his dick into my mouth a little at a time. I swirled my tongue around it and then pulled it out of my mouth just long enough to lick down one side and up the other.

Then I swirled my tongue around the head again and took it back in my mouth deeper this time then it had been before. Rick was groaning quietly and I could tell that it felt good to him. What surprised me was how much I liked the feeling of sucking on him. It set my pussy on fire. I sucked on him and bobbed up and down on his cock. I reached around with one hand and found his balls and fondled them a bit which apparently felt good because when I did it Rick groaned louder. Then pushed himself deeper into my mouth. He was going in and out of my mouth now. He was pumping in and out as I was bobbing up and down. I couldn't believe how deep he was shoving his dick into my mouth.

I almost gagged but soon became used to it and took it in as deep as possible. He was running his fingers through my hair and guiding the rhythm. I felt his balls tighten in my hand, and he said to me to be ready he was getting ready to cum and he wanted me to swallow it. That I just needed to relax and swallow when I felt it happening. With that I felt the first squirt shoot into my throat. It tasted so good. It was warm and I knew I was going to be a cum guzzler. As I swallowed that first shot it was unbelievable and I found myself having an orgasm from it. I can't believe that I was able to cum just from him shooting his load down my throat. It tasted so good. I greedily sucked it down.

When Rick had spent his load his cock began to go limp and he took it from my mouth. I looked over at him and told him that I wanted to feel his cock inside my pussy. That I wanted to lose my cherry to him there and then. With that I reached down and began to rub his cock with my hand and I found him quickly growing in my hand. Once he was erect again he asked me if I was sure. When I told him I was positive, that I was aching to have him in my pussy he climbed on top of me and spread my legs apart and I could feel his tool rubbing against my slit. I was so wet from everything that had already happened but I know I got even wetter from feeling that cock so close to my love hole. He slowly reached down and spread my lips apart and aimed his rod toward my pussy. He told me to take a deep breath and as I did I felt him push forward into me. "Oh god" I couldn't believe this was happening.

Then with a quick lunge forward by Rick I felt it. It hurt a little but there was no doubt what it was. He had done it he had popped through my cherry. It hurt a little but I just took another deep breath and closed my eyes. In a matter of seconds the pain had faded and all I could feel was Rick's cock sliding in and out of my pussy. With each thrust he went in a little deeper. It was feeling so good. "Oh god Rick, Yes that feels good. Oh thank you. MMMM!" Rick was so lost in the moment he was groaning and moaning too. Then he pushed my legs up toward my chest and I couldn't believe how good it felt when he went deeper into my hot snatch. "Oh yes, that feels good, oh fuck me Rick. Fuck me. I want to feel you shoot your cum in my pussy." Rick just looked at me and smiled. Then kissed me again. Our tongues dancing in my mouth. As he pounded in and out of my little cunt. I soon found myself pushing my hips back toward him to meet his strokes. His pace began to pick up and I decided that he must be close to cumming. He was pounding me faster and faster. Plunging deep into my wet hole. Fucking me harder with each stroke and then with one hard thrust I felt his warm seed shoot deep into me. And that was all it took my pussy went crazy. I came so hard I almost couldn't breath. My pussy contracted around his cock like it was trying to lock him into place. And that sent us both over the edge and made orgasm even harder.

Rick didn't pull out of my right away. His cock just kind of popped out as I felt our mixture of juices dripping from my hole. Then he went back to his spot on the blanket beside me.

We didn't see too many stars in the sky that night. But I think I saw a few stars in my mind with the thunderous orgasms that we shared. The next morning my sister and Laura asked us what happened, if we really saw the meteor shower. Rick just kind of looked at me and winked and told them that they were better off not being there that night. I just smiled and said "It was an experience, But that it was hard to stay awake most of the night." If they had only known it was from exhaustion and not boredom.

I found myself gazing at the stars with Rick a lot that summer. Actually even through the winter. I wasn't going to pass up the chance to be in that truck with Rick.


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