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Slave Girl at Night
by Tess


Big Al was the most exciting man she had ever met, and she enjoyed every punishment he subjected her to. he was quite older than her, in his late fifties and when he bought her at the slave auction she melted when he felt her up as he inspected her in the slave line that she stood in with the other naked young girls, he handled her roughly and he had an angry look in his dark gray eyes, a look that excited the pretty young girl.

That first night when he took his newly purchased property home was a night Sandra would never forget.

Her masochistic heart pounded as he brought her downstairs and showed her his dungeon, it was a cold and damp place and she felt goosebumps rise on her white naked flesh as she stood bare foot on the cold cement floor.

Her master felt up her hairless pussy as he told her of the tortures she would experience in his dungeon as his slave girl, then he whispered vulgar things in her ear that made her blush and as he fondled her she began to shiver in sexual excitement.

That night he made good his word and brought the girl to masochistic heights she never even dreamed of, the man tortured the slim figured girl till morning, then he became tired and shackled her wrists high above her head against a brick wall and went upstairs to sleep in his nice warm bed.

The metal wrists bands pulled the pretty naked girl's wrists up to the point where it caused her to have to stand on her toes on the cold basement floor.

Just above her head was a device he had rigged up that dispersed a generous portion of a white powder which landed on a metal dish that was propped under her nose every fifteen minutes.

Sandra couldn't help but inhale the substance each time it appeared and after several hits she realized it was cocaine or something even more potent because it caused her to feel incredible sexual rushes that made her body quiver in erotic ecstasy, and it kept her hot and horny all night long.

Hours later her master came down and brought his horny little slave girl her breakfast which consisted of two slices of stale bread in a bowl, an empty glass and a spoon.

He then unlocked her wrists bands and commanded the bewildered girl on her knees, then he unzipped his pants and pulled out his ten inch semi erect cock, he then held the bowl that contained the two slices of bread under his dick and urinated into the bowl.

After the bread was completely soaked in his urine he placed the glass under the stream and emptied his remaining piss into it.

"This is your breakfast, slut," he then said. "Enjoy it."

The girl's eyes widened and her heart began to pound rapidly as waves of sexual pleasure over took her very being, she began to shake and feel a bit faint and her pussy started to quiver in arousal, she could feel the moistness starting to slowly seep out of her pretty hairless pussy, then she licked her lips and smiled up at her master.

"If daddy could only see me now," she thought.

Sandra then enjoyed her breakfast as her master watched, while she slurped the urine soaked bread off the spoon she looked up occasionally and smiled at her master as he massaged his now erect cock.

She commented to him on how delicious it was knowing how it was turning him on, she wiggled her ass in an excited manner while she feasted on the foul smellig bowl of bread and piss.

"Oh, yummy, yummy" she teased, "it's sooo yummy in my little tummy, yum, yum."

After she licked the bowl clean she drank from the glass and gulped down the warm fresh piss and she noticed he was shaking and sweating as he watched her with bulging eyes while he masturbated his rock hard cock at high speed.

After she finished she crawled to a position where she was kneeling directly under his cock and opened her mouth and held that position till he let out a deep grunt and his cum squirted into the waiting mouth of his little slave girl, after she swallowed the thick delicious sperm she licked her lips like a naughty kitten who just got into the cream. Then she lovingly licked her master's cock clean.

Later that day a friend of her master who was an expert at branding girls came over and set up his equipment in the dungeon and her master watched as the man branded her once on each of her ass cheeks with her master's initials.

After she was branded the master allowed the man to fuck Sandra up her ass as she was bent over a wooden saw horse while the man banged against the girl's painfully fresh brands.

She loved it.

When night came the master put the naked girl out, most masters in the neighborhood put their girls out for the night. The girls were put out regardless of the weather and tonight it was expected to be around twenty degrees.

The girls would walk the streets and allies and by morning they had quite a few stories to tell their master's about the men that used them while their master's slept.

When it was time big Al pushed the naked girl out the door and he slapped her ass then she heard the door securely lock behind her. It was midnight and it was dark and cold, the master had given her a small purse that contained more of the white substance that she loved so much. She took a few generous hits of the powder and patted off into the night in her bare feet and headed for the first alley feeling a sexual rush of excitement go through her as she pondered the reality of what was taking place.

She noticed other naked girls just like her who were also out for the night, and they looked hot and horny too.

She saw brutal looking men lurking in door ways and dark corners and she felt comfort in the knowledge that her master was safely at home in his nice warm bed, and she was thankful that he locked his door tonight because the men in this neighborhood looked absolutely frightening and she wouldn't want any harm to come to the master that she loved so dearly.

Once in the dark alley she saw girls being terribly abused and her pussy quivered with sexual excitement as she took a few more hits of the white powder so she could increase her desire even further.

As she walked naked down the alley she wiggled her bare ass in order to attract a man, and soon she did just that, he grabbed her by her wrists and pulled her into a dark area behind a garbage dumpster, the man undid his zipper and Sandra knelt down before him on the cold ground. He cock was enormous, she held it in her delicate hands and played with the big erection for a while, it smelled like shit and piss and the odor increased her arousal, she licked under his big nuts to taste the foul collection of slime that slave girls love so much, and she ran her tongue further into his hairy dark area to enjoy the flavor of the grease that coated the man's ass hole.

Then she returned her attentions back to the big purple knob on the end of the man's stiff cock and she soon felt the hot cum hit the back of her throat. He asked her if she needed a wash down and she told him that would be great, so he urinated into her mouth and the girl swallowed the delicious piss right down to her thirsty tummy and thanked the man before they parted.

She lost track of how many men had used her during the night. It was morning now and her master wold be waking up soon so she headed back to his house thinking about the one special man she had pleasured among the many others.

She couldn't wait to tell her master what the man had her do, she knew it would excite him when she told him and maybe he would like for her to do the same for him as well, she hoped he would, and she thought about it while she walked naked down the street in the morning's light, as she felt her tummy and smiled.

She never did it before but she found it to be the most erotic experience she ever had, and the man really gave her quite a generous amount of it and afterwards she licked the remainder of it around his ass hole to get all she could, because she found it to be the most exciting thing she ever did.

And as she walked she could still taste the foul flavor of the man's shit in her mouth.

"I can't wait to tell my master about my eating a man's shit, he'll love it." she thought as she walked home giggling.


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