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Schoolgirl Crush
by True Brit

I was about 19 or 20 and was living in a flat in South London with a couple of mates. We had money enough to enjoy ourselves in the local night spots and frequented the local pubs on a regular basis.

Finding girls wasn't generally a problem and at least a couple of nights a week there would be rampant sounds of fucking coming from one bedroom or another. Whoever was unlucky on those particular nights would lie in bed masturbating furiously listening to the sounds of passion until we ended up creaming the sheets.

This story concerns one of my lucky nights. We'd all been down to the local boozer enjoying ourselves chatting up the local girls. I'd got chatting to a girl we hadn't seen before. She looked quite young with long straight light brown hair down to the middle of her back. This was an immediate turn on for me. She was wearing a thin blouse through which you could see glimpses of bra with lacy edges covering smallish mounds. She had a short, tight skirt which showed off ample amounts of creamy white thigh and from the back a nice round, firm arse.

As the evening wore on we were getting on fine. We'd been through the first touches phase and had progressed to a bit of trial hugging and squeezing. The bulge in the front of my trousers was beginning to get a bit obvious and to save my embarrassment in front of the crowd I pulled her closer to hide it.

Well there was no way she wouldn't have felt it as it rubbed up against her tummy. She pulled back for a brief moment and looked down as if wondering what it was. She grinned broadly and pulled me back close to her again.

"I guess you like my company, then." She said coolly. With that she placed her drink on the bar and moved her hand down across my stomach and slipped it between our bodies. I felt her fingers slide over the tip of my erect cock and slowly feel her way down to its base. It was all I could do to stop myself shooting my lot into my St Michael's and cover a look of shock on my face.

"Fancy coming back to mine?" I managed to gasp.

"No," she said "back to mine. My parents are out 'til late but I have to be there when they come back. You'll have to go later".

No second invitation was needed and we headed for the door, me bending forward slightly to attempt to hide my rock hard cock in the folds of my trousers.

Her place was no far but I pulled her up a short way from the pub and turned her around towards me. I pulled her close and bent down to kiss her. I felt her tongue push between my lips and I sucked it up into my mouth feverishly. At the same time our hands explored each other. I ran my hands over her back, through her luscious hair and down over her firm bum. Her hands were running all over my backside kick my prick back into life. I ground against her bending my knees slightly so that the length of my cock rubbed against her mound. She pushed back against it breathing deeply through her nose. "Oh god." She cried breaking away from our kiss. "Let's get back quick." I couldn't agree more.

We practically fell through her front door and onto the hallway floor. I kicked the door close behind me. Kissing and tonguing each other again I moved my hand up and started caressing her right breast through the material of her blouse and bra. At the same time I started unbuttoning her blouse with the other hand, supporting myself on my elbows. I pulled aside the material and started again on her tits.

They were small, as I'd thought, but felt very firm and her nipple was poking up through her bra like a small pebble. I pulled aside the top of her bra revealing her stiff, red button and immediately started to suck on it teasing it with the tip of my tongue. She arched back forcing more of that firm tit into my mouth.

She had already pulled my shirt out of my trousers and was now working on my belt. Soon she had my trousers down a little was and was reaching in to get at my cock. Suddenly I felt her small cool hand locate its target and wrap around my knob sliding up and down on the shaft.

I rolled onto my side to give her better access but more importantly so that I could slide my hand down her body to those lovely milky thighs. She spread her legs wider as I worked my hand up her inner thigh and up under her short skirt. As I moved up her skirt came with my hand until I had a good view of her small red panties. I gently started to run my finger up and down her slit through the material causing her to thrust her hips up to meet my strokes and moan loudly.

Her hand was working overtime on my cock now and she raised her body up pushing me down with her spare hand. She had a wicked grin on her face as she bent over moving her head towards my manhood. There was a large drop of precum at the head which she proceeded to smear over the helmet with her finger. Then she lowered her head and ran her tongue around my helmet lapping up the sticking liquid. She got onto her knees and took the head of my throbbing cock into her mouth. I groaned as she started moving her mouth up and down the shaft working her tongue over it as she did so.

I said "If you keep doing that you're going to get a mouthful of my cum." To which she just looked at me and continued to gobble my prick.

She moved around so that she was facing down my body so I took the hint. I pushed my hand up her skirt again from behind and rubbed my hands over her firm bum cheeks. Then I slid my finger down the crack of her arse until my finger was once again tracing along the lines of her slit. Her panties were soaking with her love juices now and the more I pressed them into her hot slit the more they oozed. I reached up and pulled them down over her cheeks revealing her hot, wet cunt. She had a few wisps of hair down there but otherwise everything was on show: It was beautiful.

By now her mouth had almost done for me and I couldn't take much more. I slipped my finger into her hot hole and started fucking her with it accompanied by some muffled moans of approval. I felt my balls begin to tighten and my whole body stiffen. I shouted out a warning and started to pump my hot cum down her willing throat. It felt like the whole of me was leaving via my cum hole as I shot more and more into her.

Eventually I started to slow down and start to soften in her mouth. She raised her head and smiled at me. There was a few dribbles of my cum at the corners of her mouth but other than that she'd swallowed the lot. No other girl had done this for me before and I was ecstatic. "Don't stop." Was all she could manage as I continued to finger fuck her tight wet cunt. I kept pumping my finger in and out of her quickening my pace as I listened to her fast panting. She pushed back against me and let out a low cry and I felt her pussy tighten around my finger followed by a stream of her juices running down my hand.

We both fell limp on the floor and starting laughing. She broke the ice first "That was fantastic. I've never sucked a boy off before. It tasted fine. It certainly won't be the last either. I'm Sheryl, by the way."

It hadn't occurred to me that we hadn't exchanged names. "Dave," I said. "and you're right, it was pretty fantastic from where I was too. And it was my first time too."

"Do you think you'll get it up again soon?" She almost whimpered. "I would really like you to fuck me." She started slowly rubbing her fingers up and down on her pussy then slid one finger inside. She pulled the finger out and brought it to her lips sucking long and slow tasting her own juices. "Mmmm, would you like some?"

I couldn't believe this young girl was so brazen. I watched her repeat the process and hold her finger out for me to taste. As soon as it touched my lips I felt that old familiar stirring down below. She noticed too and ran her hand up and down the shaft speeding up the process.

"Let's go upstairs. I think we'll be more comfortable up there." She said.

She led me to her bedroom and we quickly stripped off the remainder of our clothes each of us watching the other intently. She was quite petite, her small breasts standing firm against her slim body, her nipples still very erect. My eyes ran down across her flat tummy to the wispy hairs of her pussy. My cock was fully erect again but I knew I wanted to taste her again, this time from the source.

I pushed her back on the bed quite forcibly making her let out a little false cry of surprise. I started sucking on those rock hard nipples taking each in turn into my mouth and sucking them in until my mouth was full of tit and nipple. She had hold of my prick again but I didn't want to come too soon this time and worked my way down her body letting my cock slip out of her hand.

I traced my tongue across her belly, around her navel before descending on the honey pot. I slipped my hands under the top of her thighs pulling them up and spreading them wide apart, my eyes feasting on her open, pink folds of her vagina. My tongue slid from her sweet puckered anus up over her hole ending up flicking across her stiff clit. She let out a long moan and cried "Oh, yes, please. Please use your tongue on me. Make me come. I want to feel your tongue all over my pussy and in my hole."

A young chap doesn't need much encouragement and I set to work rolling my tongue into every part of her sex. Her body twisted and bucked as I pushed my tongue into her hole as deep as I could, sliding it out and running it over her clit time and time again. Her juices were flowing out of her in copious quantities washing over my lips and chin and running down the crack of her arse. I moved my hand up and used my fingers to open her cunt so that I could get my tongue deeper up her. Then I went back to work on her clit sucking it into my mouth.

She started to buck violently now, moans and cries of pleasure coming from her mouth. I used my spare arm across her belly to hold her still while I administered her pleasure. As I sucked harder on her stiff little clit I moved my finger down and started gently probing her little anal ring. "Oh, yes. Do that .. oh god I'm commmmmmming"

With that her whole body convulsed, her hands clamped my head down onto her clit thrusting her body up at the same time. With the amount of her love juice around my finger slipped easily even deeper into her anus.

As she began to calm down I pulled my finger free and pulled my head out from between her legs. She pulled me up her body and started kissing and licking her own juices from my face and lips before sinking her tongue deep into my mouth. "I don't think I've ever come quite that strongly before." She said.

"It's not over yet." I teased and moved my body between her soft milky thighs. The tip of my stiff cock touched her pussy and she let out a cry of pleasure.

"Fuck me, Dave. I want your prick deep up inside my pussy."

I reached down and rubbed my dick up and down her wet slit, teasing her clit before positioning it at the entrance to her hot hole. I then fed it into her inch by inch stretching her cunt muscles and making her moan loudly. God, she was tight.

I started to rhythmically shaft her, feeling her hips rise and push against each of my strokes. Her moaning was getting more intense with each thrust of my rod in that tight wet hole. I arched back, sliding my hands under her firm buttocks running my cock even deeper into her and pumping faster and faster. "Yes, fuck me, fuck me. I'm going to cum, oh please, yes, yes ... aahhh, god I cummming.

Her whole body tensed, forcing her hips up and grinding against my straining cock. I couldn't hold back any longer and shot a second load of hot cum deep inside her. Spurt after spurt jetted into her wet hole as I thrust myself at her heaving body. Her cunt muscles tightened and gripped my cock like a vice. "Oh god, Sheryl, what a great fuck." I breathed.

"God, yes." She moaned. "I felt every spurt of cum. You made me orgasm really strong."

My cock slipped from her soaking hole dibbling a trail of our mixed juices across her thighs. She idly slipped her hand down between her legs and rubbed her well fucked cunt. I watched as my white sticky load, mixed with her sweet juices, seeped out of her and over her fingers. I then watched with amazement as she brought her fingers up to her mouth and nosily licked every drop of liquid from them. She almost purred with satisfaction as she finished off my issue.

She then glance over at the clock and bolted upright. "Shit, Dave. You've got to go. My Mum and Dad will be back any minute."

I quickly got dressed and she ushered me quickly out of the back door. She gave me a long toungey kiss and I could still taste our juices from her. I went home grinning like to cat who had the cream, although I guess it was her that got the cream.

I saw her the next day and got the shock of my life. She was with her mates heading off to the local school in her uniform. My guilt of fucking a young school girl didn't last that long and within the week I was fucking her

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