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Step-Mom Gets Hot
by Marron

It was Saturday morning ­ Bob phoned his wife Carol and told her he wouldn't be back from his business trip until tomorrow. Carol was disappointed ­ Bob had been away all week. She felt frustrated and horny ­ she was hoping to persuade Bob to show her a good time in bed that night. Still, nothing she could do ­ and anyway, there was no guarantee that Bob would be up to it. Bob's nearly 50 now and doesn't take much interest these days, while Carol, at 44, still feels as sexy as ever. In fact, Carol had got dressed that morning with the aim of seducing Bob when he got home. She'd chosen her skimpiest black bra and matching panties, a loose light blue blouse that showed her impressive cleavage, her shortest black skirt and sheer black hose. Carol has kept in shape and wears her years very well.

Carol is Bob's second wife ­ he was just divorced when they met. They live with Ian, Bob's 21 year old son from his first marriage. Carol had had the occasional fantasy about Ian, a handsome young guy with sandy hair and a great physique, but he seems interested only in his girlfriend Tracie. Having said that though, Ian had had a good long look at Carol when he saw how she was dressed that morning.

Tracie dropped by just before noon and went upstairs with Ian to listen to some CD's. She's a good looking girl of 19 ­ long dark hair, slim but not thin, a heavy bosom almost as big as Carol's own, She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt without a bra and her nipples showed prominently through the thin material.

Carol decided that as Bob wouldn't now be back today, she might as well change into something more casual. Carol went upstairs towards her bedroom, hearing the sound of the CD playing in Ian's room. But she also heard something else ­ a soft moaning, barely audible above the music.

She tiptoed up the door of Ian's room which was ever so slightly ajar and looked inside. Ian was sat on his bed stark naked ­ Tracie was just pulling her t-shirt over her head ­ now she was nude too. Tracie was stroking Ian's thick, hard cock. Carol gasped, it was at least 8 inches long. As Tracie stroked, Ian moved his hands up and down her body, caressing her huge breasts, pulling at the stiff nipples.

Carol was mesmerized, of course why shouldn't her step-son and his girlfriend have sex in his room? They were both adults, but Carol still felt uneasy. Uneasy and turned on too ­ she couldn't turn away as Tracie pumped Ian's stiff prick hard, while Ian now slipped a finger between Tracie's parted thighs and into her damp cunt. Carol found herself slipping a hand under her skirt, lightly touching herself, caressing her clitoris through her underwear.

Suddenly Ian gave a cry as he came all over Tracie's tits. They both turned around at this point and Carol hurried downstairs in case they saw her watching. Had they known she had been there?

A short time later Tracie left to go home. Ian saw her out and sat down in the kitchen as Carol made them lunch. Carol couldn't help but stare at the young man as he ate and Ian smiled back at her. After they'd finished, Ian announced that he could use a bath. Carol immediately offered to go upstairs and run one for him. Ian looked puzzled ­ his step-mom didn't usually do this much for him, but he agreed.

Ian waited a few minutes then went up to the bathroom. He found carol bent over the bath adjusting the taps. His gazed ran up her long, smooth legs to her ample ass, where her skirt was just short enough to reveal her panties. He was blessed with an instant hard-on. He thanked his step-mom for running the bath for him and sat down on the floor to strip off his shirt and jeans. Carol turned around and took the discarded garments from him. Her blouse had the top few buttons undone and as she stooped, he got an eyeful of her heavy breasts. His erection was unmistakable now and made a huge bulge in his briefs.

Carol looked down at the bulge and simply said "If you want me when you've finished your bath, I'll be in my room".

She went into her bedroom and sat on the bed. She didn't need to wait long. Carol heard the sound of the bath water running out and Ian appeared in the doorway. He was naked and his huge erection jutted from his body. Carol lay back on the bed, her thighs slightly apart, her skirt awry. Ian walked over to the bed, his stiff prick bobbing up and down as he went, he climbed onto the bed, placing a knee in between his step-mother's parted thighs. Carol spread her legs wide and Ian ran a hand up her nylon-covered legs, feeling the firm flesh of her inner thighs, before resting his hand over her hot, moist snatch, kneading the flesh through her hose and panties.

Carol groaned and almost tore off her blouse, hurriedly undoing the buttons. Her big breasts fell out, barely contained by her lacy black bra, her stiff nipples clearly visible through the fabric. Carol shrugged her blouse from her shoulders, unzipped her skirt and slipped it off. She lay back, legs wide apart, in just her bra, panties and sheer hose. Ian looked down at the tiny triangle of lace that only just covered Carol's cunt. He grabbed her hose and pulled it slowly off, discarding it on the floor. He bent his head and pressed his face against his step-mom's pubis, savoring her hot moistness through the flimsy panties, then he drew his head up and traced a line with his tongue from her navel to her breasts . Carol unclasped her bra and let her massive globes swing free. Ian immediately went at them in a frenzy, sucking, pinching, licking - taking each nipple in turn between his teeth. Meanwhile his free hand had slipped beneath her damp panties and he placed one, then two fingers inside her wet cunt. Carol reached out and curled her fingers around the shaft of his cock, squeezing hard and pumping, just as Tracie had earlier.

Realizing that this was getting out of hand, Carol decided to take control of the situation. She pushed Ian onto the bed, looking down onto his huge erect cock. Carol finally removed her, by now soaked panties and straddled him. She reached into her bedside drawer and handed him a condom which he hurriedly put on. Carol raised her ass so that it hovered just above the tip of his prick, then slowly lowered herself onto him. Ian groaned his step-mom's hot cunt gradually enveloped his meat; he put his hands out and grabbed her hips, guiding her down onto his pole.

Carol savored the feeling of the thick hard cock inside her and slid her cunt up and down the shaft, slowly at first then faster. She bucked her hips as Ian's hands grasped her buttocks pushing his prick deeper than ever. Carol leaned forward so that her huge tits dangled in front of Ian's face; he craned his neck to lick her distended nipples.

Carol felt herself coming and ground her cunt onto Ian's cock, arching her back and crying out as her orgasm arrived. Ian was just behind her, thrusting his cock into her once more as he came. Exhausted they lay beside each other for what seemed like hours until Carol heard a noise downstairs and sat up in alarm. "Who could that be" she whispered, worried that Bob had got home today after all. How would she explain being found stark naked with Bob's son!

Someone was obviously coming upstairs. Carol was trying to think up a plausible story to tell Bob when Tracie appeared in the doorway. Carol noticed she was smiling; so was Ian. Seeing Carol's uncertain expression, Ian explained that he and Tracie had noticed Carol watching them earlier and after he and a few minutes ago when he'd gone to the bathroom he'd called Tracie up on his mobile and told her what had happened.

Seeing that Carol still looked a little unsure, Tracie said "I think three could be even better than two Carol, don't you?" With that she started taking off her clothes.

Carol saw that Ian's cock was now once again at full attention and she felt herself getting wet again as she watched Tracie strip off the last of her clothes.

"Why not" she said feeling hornier by the second. She reached out and ran a hand along Tracie's wonderful body, briefly inserting a finger into her moist cunt then moving up to caress her erect nipples. Tracie joined them on the bed, pressing herself against Carol, feeling her breasts squashed against the older woman's and kissing her deeply. Ian grabbed Tracie's raised ass and slipped his cock into her from behind.

The three of them spent the rest of the weekend in an unending triangle of lust. And over the next few weeks Bob was puzzled as to why his wife didn't seem to mind him going away on business any more!

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