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Southern Hospitality Pt. I
by DarkDestiny

It was mid-afternoon, and like all proper young ladies, Kira was taking a nap. She was dressed in a long silk gown, and lying on elegant satin sheets, with her head resting on velvet pillows. A thin white veil fell from the posts of her canopy bed. Paintings of woodland cottages, mythical creatures, and a few portraits lined the walls. Images of ancient Greek gods and goddesses were etched on two expensive stained-glass windows. The hot Georgia sunlight passing through them cast a soft pastel glow on beautiful body of the young heiress.

At only eighteen, she had the slim-but-curvaceous body of a Parisian model. Her face was pale, with just a hint of pink in her cheeks. Sparkling sapphire eyes were hidden behind long, curled lashes. Her lips, the colour of Merlot (her favorite red wine) were drawn into a sensuous pout. Silky jet black hair flowed like an ebony river over her narrow shoulders, down her back, stopping just below her tiny waist. Her firm round breasts - measuring an amazing 34DD - slowly raised & lowered with every breath. Her lower ribs were curved inward toward her smooth, flat stomach. Her waist measured 21 inches without a corset, and 15 when fully corseted. Someday, she hoped to fit in a 12 inch corset. That, to her, would make her truly perfect.

Her hips measured 32 inches. 'Too small for bearing sons' her aunt always said. (Not that she'd ever planned to do so, although it was almost a necessity for all women of substance to be married by age eighteen, and to bear at least one son by age twenty.) Her backside curved into a softly-rounded heart shape. Her long, slender legs and small, delicate feet were the finishing touches on a body so magnificently beautiful, that several local painters and sculptors had made her the subject of their greatest works.

The house in which Kira lived was the last surviving fragment of a once immense plantation called Resolut. It was built in the mid 1600's by Baron Jon-Pierre DuSillette as a gift to his new American wife, Marie Anngeline Sutter. Behind white marble walls and iron gates were a great house, a church, kitchen, three tobacco barns, family cemetery, above-average slave's houses, vineyards, a garden / labyrinth, and 150 acres of land. Some 200 years later, after the civil war, all that remained of the DuSillette home was the great house. Though only a dim shadow of its former magnitude, 'Resolut II' was still a thing of unsurpassed beauty; much like it's sole resident... Mademoiselle Kiranne Jacqueline DuSillette.

On quiet afternoons like this, Kira often slept for several hours. What more was there to do? She'd hired servants and maids to come in twice a week to clean the house. She had no need to work, for she was, after all, a DuSillette. And the money her father left to her in his will would guarantee that she'd never work a day in her life. As for food, she didn't eat much anyway. When she did, it was mostly fruits & vegetables, and she could get those in the garden. She had no phone, no TV, no car; no 'modern conveniences,' not even electricity. Her closest neighbors - her aunt & cousins - were ten miles away. In every respect, she was completely alone. And thus, in every respect, she was the perfect victim...

Kira's slumber was interrupted by the sound of breaking glass. As she opened her eyes and started to sit up, she felt something - maybe a rope - being wrapped around her neck. 'Not a sound, or I promise you'll regret it. Understand?' a young man's voice whispered as he tightened the rope. Kira nodded. She recognized his voice as having a strong Yankee accent. 'Now, let's get you out of that silk nightie, so I can see that sweet body of yours.' He brought out a knife, holding it up in Kira's view, and felt her body tense with fear as he brought it down toward her neck. Just before it touched her soft milky flesh, he turned it slightly and cut one of the shoulder straps on her gown, then he switched hands, and repeated his actions, cutting the other strap. Only this time, he accidentally scraped Kira's skin, resulting in a trickle of blood which slowly dripped down Kira's chest, in between her breasts, and down her stomach. The attacker turned her around to face him, slowly licked up the blood, then kissed her, making Kira taste her own blood. 'Ahhhhhhh, so sweet...' he moaned.

He dropped the rope and started groping her body. His hands roughly caressed her soft curves, squeezing and pinching her nipples, then moving down between her legs, pushing them apart, and sliding his finger into her tight virgin pussy. 'Well, this is certainly a surprise. Mmmmmmm... Hahaha. Uncharted territory,' he laughed. He slid another finger inside of her, and then another. Kira's body trembled, and her eyes filled with tears. But she didn't cry out. In fact, she spread her legs wider to allow him easier access. This seemed to surprise him even more than discovering that she was a virgin. He took his fingers out of her pussy, and ordered her to lick them clean. Then he made her lie down, and tied her hands to the bed posts. After which, he took off his clothes and knelt over Kira's face. Obediently, her lips parted, and took his huge cock into her mouth. He rammed deeper and deeper; his victim straining & gagging as he forced her to deep-throat. But after a few minutes, she actually became accustomed to it, and even seemed to enjoy it.

Her assailant backed off, unable to believe that his 'victim' was submitting to him so willingly. After contemplating this for a second, he lay down on top of her and slowly pushed his way into her tight young pussy. Her moans of pain were quickly replaced by moans of pleasure as her innocence was taken in a series of violent thrusts. In a few short moments, she felt his cum filling her, with a few drops spilling onto the sheets. Again, her Northern attacker was bewildered by Kira's actions. She had enjoyed being raped. He even started to wonder why he'd waited so long to do this.

He had been riding past her house every day for several months. Sometimes, she would be on the porch, drinking a glass of wine. Other times, she'd be in the garden, picking strawberries. Once in a while, he'd climb the gate and sneak up to the parlor window. He'd watch for as long as he could without fear of being caught. When he was feeling especially brave, he'd wait until she took her nap, and climb up her balcony to watch her sleeping. Once, he even mustered enough courage to enter the room, and sit by her bed. But as he leaned in to kiss her, she stirred, and he made a hasty retreat. He had then decided that he had to have her; no matter what it took. He assumed that a lady of such prosperity and class would not willingly give herself to him. So, he'd have to take what he wanted by force. And that's just what he had done. But... now that he had her.... well, now what?

He'd always fantasized about dominating a woman, and turning her into his oh-so-willing slave. 'Well, I'll be damned if this isn't the perfect opportunity!' he thought to himself. He then began picturing how she'd look, kneeling naked at his feet, wearing a leather collar, with an ID tag marking her as his property. Nah, an ID tag was too easy. Maybe a tattoo.... or a brand. Yes, a brand; a little heart branded on her left inner thigh, just inches from her sweet cunt. Then, much to his surprise, his thoughts shifted from how beautiful she'd look on her knees before him, to how much pain she'd be in when being branded. He imagined the iron being heated until it was glowing bright red, then slowly pressing it into her tender flesh, hearing her agonized screams as the nerves were scorched and her soft skin seared by the burning metal. Mmmm.... she would truly suffer then. So much pain... Such a... delicious thought!

At first, he was horrified at such thoughts. Then as he stared at Kira's nude body, a wicked smile crossed his face. That sweet neck. Those tiny wrists. Those perfect ankles. Just begging to be chained. Kira's back arched as he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back to kiss her. He ran his hands down her back and imagined how it would look and feel when covered with welts & bruises. He then realized that he didn't have to imagine that part. He reached for his belt, and made Kira turn over. He brought the belt down on her upturned ass, resulting in a long red welt forming a painfully beautiful contrast the ivory flesh, followed by a blood-chilling scream from his young victim. The first lash was followed by nine more.... Each more cruel than the previous ones.

Then the sadistic man stopped, but only long enough to pick up Kira's riding crop from a nearby table. He proceeded to stripe her from shoulders to ankles, then he turned her around, and did the same thing on the other side. When he was done, several marks had trickles of blood, while others formed dark bruises. He lit a candle and waited a few moments for some of the melted wax to accumulate. He poured the hot wax on Kira's breasts, and her stomach, then forced her legs apart and poured some on her pussy lips, and then continued down her legs. Kira's screams were music to his ears. He even encouraged her to scream louder. 'Yes, you little slut, scream. Show me how much you're suffering. Consider this a small sample of the pain you will endure in your life as my slave! No, I won't stop. I'm enjoying this far too much for that. I've waited a long time to have you like this. Now that you're mine, I will make you pay for every day I wasted pining for you...'

As Kira's cries diminished, her new 'Master' began thinking up new ways to torture her. He was amazed that such cruel thoughts could come from him. He didn't know how or why he was suddenly so evil. All he knew was that he loved it! He had so many terribly painful ideas, he didn't know which to use first. But then, he could take his time with her. It wasn't like anyone would interrupt them. No... There was no rush. Just take it nice and slow. Besides, if he went to fast, it might take away from the pleasure of making her suffer. His sadistic thoughts were cut short by an unexpected sound. It sounded as if someone was knocking on the front door. It couldn't be. But just as he convinced himself it was impossible, he heard a door slam, and moments later, saw the bedroom door handle start to slowly turn. Then the door slowly opened and in stepped a young girl - about Kira's age, but not nearly as beautiful. But good enough, he thought. Well... things just keep getting better. Now he had two slaves to torture...

'Miss Kira, it's Angelique, the maid's daughter. I saw a truck parked...' The girl's voice trailed off as she stared at the man who had been leaning over Kira's tortured body, and was now walking slowly in her direction. 'What the hell? Who... Who are you? How did you get in? What are you doing here? What...' Her questions were met with a fierce slap across the face; so powerful that it knocked her to the floor. She started to stand, and received another slap, more painful than the first.

'Now, listen and listen good. I will not repeat myself. As of now, I ask all the questions. I give all the orders. I am in charge here. You, and your little friend belong to me! Now, since I failed to introduce myself to Kira, I'll do it now. My name is Seth. But you will call me Master. I must admit, I hadn't planned on having another little playtoy. But then, two slaves means two times the fun for me, and two times the pain for you girls!' Seth laughed wickedly at the horrified look on his new victim's face. 'Such fear... such absolute terror... It's wonderful. Yes, that's right. Go ahead and cry, little one. In a few moments, I'll really give you something to cry about. Since you're here, why don't you go say hi to Kira...'

Angelique walked over to the bed, and stared in disbelief at the sight of 'Miss Kira' lying there, bruised & beaten, trembling and still sobbing from the pain she'd just been through... but also smiling, which confused Angelique. She tensed as she felt Seth's cold, cruel hands on her shoulders. He reached around and started unbuttoning her shirt. She started to resist, and soon felt the cold metal of his switchblade knife against her neck. Seth continued stripping Angelique, slowly revealing her cute little body. Once he finished, he turned her around a few times, so he could see every inch of his newly acquired property. Her breasts were not nearly as big as Kira's. Seth guessed she was maybe a 34B. Her stomach wasn't perfectly flat, but he'd take care of that. Her ass was not as firm, nor were her legs as long & slender as Kira's. But then, he thought, Kira is indeed a rare find. An old-fashioned Southern lady in the midst of 20th century America... Definitely a diamond in the rough.

He would learn that Angelique was not simply less physically appealing than Kira. She was also less willing to be used for her new Master's pleasure. His first hint that this French filly would take a much firmer hand was when he ordered her to 'Suck my dick, slut!' At first, she obeyed. But just as Seth began to enjoy it, Angelique bit down - hard, causing Seth to jump back, screaming in pain. 'You little bitch! You're gonna pay for that!' His voice softened momentarily; just long enough to tell Kira to get something to tie Angelique's hands & feet with. Then he turned back to his rebellious little captive. 'I'm gonna enjoy making you scream!' he said as he pointed the knife at her throat. Once more, his attention turned to Kira, who was working on binding Angelique's hands & feet, as her Master had commanded. 'Good girl, Kira. That's right. Nice & tight. All right now baby, I want you to leave the room. This isn't gonna be for the eyes of a sweet little lady like you. I'll call you when I'm done. That's my good girl.' With that, Kira left the room, leaving Angelique at the mercy of her sadistic Master.

Angelique's body trembled as Seth stood over her, shaking his head in disgust. 'If you'd only been more cooperative, this wouldn't have to happen. Kira obeyed me, and you see how nice I am to her. Oh well... Guess you'll have to learn the hard way. Shall we get started?' He grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair, and dragged her to the bed. He then picked her up and tossed her onto the bed. He took out his knife again and lightly traced Angelique's curves with it. 'Hmmm.... where shall I start? With those tiny tits?' he said, pressing down a little harder... Just hard enough to hurt, without breaking the skin. 'No, I don't think so. Shall I begin with this not-so-flat tummy? Maybe that'll slim it down a bit,' and again, he pressed the knife into her skin.

He heard her whisper something about not hurting her, and he couldn't help but laugh. 'Don't hurt you? Don't hurt you? Ha! I'm not gonna hurt you. Oh, no, not at all. I'm gonna abuse you! I'm gonna cause you pain in ways you could never imagine. I'm gonna start with that chubby little face of yours {here he nicks her cheeks with the knife} and end with these tiny little French feet {here he scrapes the knife against the bottom of her feet}. I sent my little princess out of here because I didn't want to scare her... Didn't want her thinking I'd ever do these kinds of things to her. I'd never hurt my good little girl. But I would.... and I will hurt you!' Seth growled.

Angelique started crying, which seemed to cause Seth to become more eager to make her suffer. He untied her feet, and re-tied them to the bedposts, then did the same with her hands. He started by whipping her with the riding crop, giving her twice as many lashes as he had given Kira. He had ordered her to count each lash. But since she hadn't, he'd whipped her even more than he'd intended. Not that it mattered. He just hoped he hadn't hurt her too bad. 'Too much pain all at once, and one loses all sensation for the pain that follows... That wouldn't be much fun, now would it?'

Once he had her all striped up, he positioned himself behind her, and started to fuck her pussy. But after a moment's hesitation, he decided it would be much more painful if she were fucked in the ass. Sure enough, the minute he pressed against her tight little ass, she started screaming. The further he thrust inside of her, the louder her cries became. He paused to give her time to catch her breath, then started pounding her even harder. He came much too quickly, and pulled out after only a few minutes, with a look of disappointment on his face.

'Oh well... Let's continue,' he said as he untied her and flipped her over, then re-tied her again. He searched the drawers and found a handful of plastic clothespins, which Kira had used to hang her clothes up to dry. Seth placed one on each nipple, and four around the nipples, then moved down and placed three on each pussy lips. He also found a ball of string, which he threaded through the holes in the clothespins. Binding all of them together, then standing a couple feet away, Seth pulled the clothespins off in one painful yank. He'd never heard a woman scream as loud as Angelique did at that moment. Her cries were enough to make him hard again, and this time, he fucked her pussy. 'Hmmm... not a virgin, but still pretty tight. Are you enjoying this? No, of course not. But I am! Hahaha... And just think... we're just getting started. So much flesh, so many choices... What would cause the most pain? Well, we're not in any hurry. We've got plenty of time. And when we're done, we'll invite Kira in here to view the results...'

To Be Continued...


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