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She Had It Coming
by Kurgin

Charlie really did not mean for it to go this far. His only intention (at first) was to teach his buddy's girlfriend a lesson about teasing him. But it had turned into the most sexually charged night of his life.

Charlie's friend Jim had met Crystal while they were both at college. The three soon became good friends. But before Charlie could get up the courage to ask Crystal for a date, Jim had beaten him to the punch. Jim and Crystal had been dating for about a year, and though she was dating his friend, Crystal never passed up the chance to 'accidentally' brush her perky breasts or firm ass against him. It was starting to make Charlie uncomfortable. It didn't help that Jim would always brag about how he and Crystal would fuck, or she would blow him. Charlie was beginning to fantasize about what it would be like to fuck Crystal. His friend's girlfriend!

Crystal soon became a regular in Charlie's beat off routine. Though he dated regularly, he just couldn't get her off of his mind. And then one day, it happened. He was in the shower one day, stroking himself, when he heard the door to the bathroom open. He froze. Jim was supposed to be in class. "Honey, I really gotta pee," said a female voice he recognized. Crystal. And she thought he was Jim! He took his hand away from his prick and wondered what he should say.

Before he could answer, he heard the sound of pants being pulled down, and the unmistakable sound of someone peeing. He figured he would just ride out the storm in silence. But to his chagrin, his cock didn't go down, it stayed rock hard! With every heartbeat, he could feel it pulse. Just a couple more minutes and I'm cool, he thought to himself. He heard the toilet flush, and sighed with relief.

Before he could say a word, the shower curtain opened and Crystal jumped in beside him, totally naked! Her eyes widened with shock, and then slowly narrowed as she looked at Charlie, and then settled her eyes on his cock. God was she beautiful! Her perfect breasts were not huge, but they were perfectly shaped, with small nipples, which became hard the instant the water hit her.

"Did I interrupt something?" she said, giggling at the sight of his organ jutting out from his body. Charlie quickly tried to cover himself, but to no avail. "I thought you were Jim," she continued. "Do you know what time he gets back from class?"

"Uhh, I think at three" was all Charlie could manage. He couldn't believe what was happening. Here was his dream girl, in the shower, with him, naked, and she was acting like they were talking after class. He couldn't help but look at her breasts. With each glance, his cock throbbed painfully. She looked at him, smiled and said "Are you going to hog all the water?" and with that, started towards the faucet. As her back turned to him, she moved along side him, forcing him back against the cold wall. His hands instinctively kept him from falling, and in doing so, his erect cock came in contact with her hot, heart shaped ass as she slid by him. Acting as if nothing had happened, she proceeded under the water and began to wash herself. "Jesus! What should I do?" he thought to himself. He moved to the back of the tub and watched this magnificent creature lather her beautiful body.

The throbbing in his cock had become unbearable. He needed release. He debated in his head whether he should leave and go to his room, but the sight of this angel in front of him was too much. Being shy, he finally decided to go to his room. Halfway out of the shower he heard Crystal's voice ask him "Would you mind doing my back?"

Trying desperately to be a gentleman, he replied, "Crystal, I really don't think I should."

She laughed and said "Are you trying to go to your room to finish what you started, or are you just chicken?" His face reddening, he stepped back into the shower and grabbed the soap from the rack and started to lather up her firm back. The only way to describe the sounds she made was to say she was purring. And still his cock throbbed. "Missed a spot," she said, and moved back until his cock was touching her firm asscheeks. He was slowly going insane. This was his buddy's girlfriend. But his dick throbbed. He slowly moved his hands around to the front of her body, massaging the breasts he had fantasized about for so long. Sensing no resistance, he traced his hand lower, until it came in contact with her clitoris. She jumped as if hit with electricity, and he felt how extremely wet she was. She shuddered against him and growled softly as her head rested against his shoulder. Her fingers intertwined with his and guided them into her hot, open pussy. The lather from the soap running down her back formed a slick path that his dick was slowly sliding up and back into. He was about to burst, when with her back arching, she came all over his fingers. "OOOOOHHH, YES! YES! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING" she cried. Charlie was only seconds behind her, when she quickly disengaged herself and moved away from him.

Standing there dumbfounded, Charlie watched as she coolly rinsed herself off and got out of the shower. "What about me?" Charlie asked.

"I got what I was after," came her snide reply. "Why don't you just beat off!" she replied, and snickering to herself, left him alone in the bathroom.

It was then that Charlie plotted his revenge. He would fuck her, and make HER beg for it. He wouldn't have long to wait. Later that week, a group of mutual friends decided to go out clubbing. Crystal looked great, and as usual, flirted with him every chance she got. The drinking got heavy, with everyone doing their share. Jim was the first one to pass out. Some friends left to take him home. One by one every one else left, until it was just Charlie and Crystal. Neither had been drinking much. Crystal said sarcastically, "Did you beat off the other day after I left?" laughing at her own words.

"Why do you insist on teasing me, Crystal?" he asked.

"Because I know you're too much of a chicken shit to ever try anything." came her reply. Charlie felt the stockinged tip of her foot massaging his balls under the table. Laughing, Crystal leapt from the table, and, motioning Charlie to follow, led him to the cordoned off stairwell that led to the upper tier, which was closed. Ducking under the ropes, they went upstairs. From upstairs, they had a clear view of the entire club.

"Ooh, I like this song. Will you dance with me Charlie?" she cooed, and began rubbing herself against him. The teasing had gone on long enough. Charlie matched her rhythm with a slow grind. Grabbing her ass with both hands, she melted against him as he started to thrust against her. The song ended and a slow song began. Leaning into her, he crushed her against his body so she could feel his hard prick in her stomach. "Are you happy to see me?" she laughed.

Charlie's only answer was to reach under her short skirt and begin rubbing her pussy. She wasn't wearing underwear, and his hand easily found her clit. Her laughter caught in her throat and surprise crossed her face. "Charlie, we shouldn't, stop!" she said, but made no move to stop him.

"You've teased me long enough, Crystal, it's time to pay the piper."

Sensing her lack of resistance, he thrust two fingers into her already dripping pussy. "GGGOODDD, YES!" she cried, and began thrusting herself onto his fingers. She seemed shocked when his fingers withdrew. "What's wrong, Charlie?"

"Tonight is payback for all the times you've teased me. It's my night. You'll cum only when I allow it. I will bring you off, but only when I'm satisfied your sorry about teasing me." he stated.

"Screw you! bastard!" she yelled and launched herself at Charlie. Charlie easily avoided her and she crashed unceremoniously into a booth.

Charlie stood over her and said, "Do we have a deal?" She kicked out at his groin and catching her foot, dropped between her now spread legs and kissed her pussy. She was taken aback by the sudden contact and Charlie held her legs open and began licking her pussy in earnest. She soon held her own legs apart as Charlie feasted on her hot snatch. With one hand on the back of his head, she ground her sex into his face.

"YESSS! YESSS! I'm almost there! No one has ever eaten my pussy like this! I'M GONNA, GONNA...." she cried, her shouts being drowned out by the overhead music.

Just as quickly, Charlie stood up. "FINISH ME! PLEASE! MY GOD! FINISH ME! she yelped. "Not yet," he said, "tonight's my night.

"PLEASE CHARLIE, PLEASE!" she pleaded.

Standing over her body, Charlie told her "Pull up your top." Meekly, she obeyed. She wasn't wearing a bra and her magnificent breasts jutted out. Charlie slowly stood and unzipped his pants. His erect penis stood out proudly. He began a slow stroking, and touched her pussy. She shook from the contact, never taking her eyes off of the cock in front of her. "I always dreamed what it would be like for you to suck my cock, so do it, tease, suck my cock."

Shifting her position, she sat on the edge of the booth and slowly took hold of Charlie's hot throbbing dick. Licking it slowly, bathing it in saliva, she kept the head in her mouth as she slowly stroked the shaft with her hand. Charlie growled at the contact. Damn, her mouth was good! Running her tongue all over the tip, she slowwly jacked him off into her mouth. "Open your eyes and look at me" he said. Slowly her sex glazed eyes opened and looked at Charlie directly.

"Do you like sucking my cock?" he asked.

Taking her mouth off the tip, still jacking him with one hand, she replied, "I thought about this all week since I saw you in the shower. You could have fucked me then. I've wanted you ever since."

Dropping her head again to his prick, she took him back into her mouth. Moving her hand away, she began sliding him deeper and deeper into her hungry mouth, until she had him completely in her throat. Sliding up and down his pole, she began a slow rhythm that was driving Charlie crazy. Withdrawing, until he was completely out of her, she said, "Do you want to fuck my face? I want you to fuck my face." Charlie needed no prompting as her aggressively held her head in his hands and starting thrusting in and out of her hot mouth. She would gag when he would go deepest, and the sensation of her throat tightening around his hot muscle drove Charlie into a frenzy. His hips became a blur as he pistoned in an out of her hungry mouth. She was an excellent cocksucker. Slowly she snaked a hand too massage his balls, and withdrawing his prick once again, said "I'm sorry for ever teasing you Charlie. It was all in fun and I didn't mean anything. Sucking your cock has gotten me so hot! Can you fuck me now, PLEASE?"

Still jacking his cock, she looked at him with pleading eyes. "Soon enough," was his reply. "I'm going to cum in your mouth and you are going to swallow it."

"But Charlie," she protested, "I don't do that, please, anything else, but that."

"You should have thought about that before you teased me."

Guiding his cock back to her mouth, he began a forceful face fuck as she whimpered. Charlie could feel the semen rushing through his dick, and, thrusting fully into her throat, emptied spurt after spurt of cum. She gagged a little at first, but proceeded to drink his entire load.

When he was finished, she said "That wasn't bad at all, I hardly tasted it. Can we do...the other now?"

Charlie grinned and moved down between her thighs. She let out a surprised "OOHH MY GOD!" as his tongue once again invaded her slit. His tongue traveled up and down, side to side and soon, she was about to orgasm. Sensing this, Charlie thrust a finger into her snatch, and placed his mouth directly over her clitoris, nipping it with his lips. "OOHHH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!" she screamed, as Charlie's face and fingers were bathed in her juice. Never stopping the onslaught, he brought her to another shivering, shrieking orgasm before he stood up. Struggling to catch her breath, she looked at Charlie and his still erect cock.

Picking up her limp body, her brought it to the railing overlooking the packed nightclub. "Charlie? What are you uuugugh..." she cut off as she felt Charlie's dick start pounding into her from behind. It was too surreal for Crystal. She was leaning over the rail, in full view of the club, fucking her boyfriend's friend. The sensation was overwhelming.

Charlie was mercilessly pounding her lubricated slit. Holding unto her hips, he reamed her spasming pussy like a machine, rocketing out and then back in at a frantic pace. She was screaming "YES!YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!" Charlie roughly pulled back her blond ponytail and placed a hand over her mouth. "Do you like it when I pull your hair? Can you feel me in you? Do you like it rough?" he stammered in her ear through the thrusting. "Everyone in the club can see you getting fucked. Does that turn you on?"

Crystal was awash in orgasm. Her head felt like it was going to explode. "YES! FUCKER! PULL MY HAIR! PULL IT!" Charlie gave her hair a swift yank and whispered in her ear "I'm gonna cum all over your pretty ass. Do you want that? Want me to cum over your ass?"

"OOHHH GOD! YES! YES! CUM ON MY ASS! PLEASE! CUM ON MY AAAAASSSSS!" she cried as she had yet another violent orgasm. Her quivering pussy was too much for Charlie to take. He felt the pressure in his balls building. Pulling out, he placed his dick between the cheeks of her ass, and using her own lubrication, became furiously fisting himself. Pulling back even harder on her hair, he said "FEEL IT! FEEL MY CUM!"

Growling, his dick started shooting pearly white semen all over the small of her back. "CUM ON MY ASS! CUM ON MY ASS! YESSSS!YESS!" she screamed.

When the orgasm was over, they both went back to the booth and sat down. "God! That was incredible!" she said. "I thought for sure we'd be seen."

Charlie answered, "Thank you for fulfilling my fantasy, Crystal. You were better than even I imagined." grinning widely. "We better be getting back"

"Well, I don't know if I can go home like THIS," she laughed. "Do you know where I could take a shower?" with a mischievous look in her eye.


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