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So How Was Your Vacation? Pt. III
by Whiff

The phone rang about four. I picked it up, and immediately recognized Tricia's voice. "Uh, hi Brad?"

I answered "Hi Tricia."

She asked "Is my Mom there? I mean, I can't find her anywhere." I raised my eyebrow in question to Janet and she held out her hand for the phone.

As Janet started talking, I staggered in to take a leak. I was happily wasted, probably fucked out, though I had thought that about an hour ago, and Janet had revealed a blow job technique so amazing I asked her again to marry me. It was either the third or fourth time I had proposed. She hadn't answered me until half an hour later, in the shower, whispering in my ear as our slippery bodies rubbed together. "Brad, if you keep doing that, asking me, pretty soon I'll start thinking you mean it." For reasons which escape me, she cried for about five minutes when I said I hoped so, because I did.

When I got back into bed, she had a frown as she answered her daughter. "No, we can't change the tickets, dear. For one thing, there's a penalty, for another, the flights are all booked." There was a pause, then she said "I don't know where he is, Patricia. He was at that girl's, you know, yes, Carol's, but he said he was leaving. We can't go calling all over San Diego, dear. Did you look at the rates in that card beside the bed? It's five bucks for two minutes." Another pause. "Dear, Brad's an adult. You can't expect him..."

Janet was staring at me, as she listened for a good five minutes. All I could hear was that faint chatter, as her expression became severe. Then there was a period of silence. Then, Janet said "All right dear, he and I will discuss it." She handed me the phone, waited until I hung it up, then muttered "Shit." She looked up at me, then sighed, and said, with a pissed off expression, "She wants you to take her cherry. To fuck her."

What's the word? Speechless? Sure, but that's nowhere near close enough. Rocketed to the next galaxy over? Well, closer. Maybe caught in the middle of a supernova? Yeah, that's kind of the feeling. Dimly, sort of far away, I heard the woman with whom I had fallen in love during a day of the greatest, most overwhelming sex of this millenium, try to explain her daughter. "The idea is, you're just a vacation distraction to me, but she's head over heels in love with you. Even if she never sees you again, she wants you to be the one. She says it's my responsibility as a mother. Fucking hormones."

Well, I can't remember everything that was said, or how we ended up with the plan. There were two calls to Tricia, at least a gallon of tears, and a giggling session during which the absurdity of the whole thing just made us crazy. We finally had dinner in her room, with Tricia, in our bathing suits, after I had to beg the front desk to get my room made up. I could tell the guy was not buying my need to be out of the sun all day, working, but he finally dispatched a maid. Tricia was happy as a clam, flirting with me, that teenage delight with getting her own way filling her with pride.

She took off her bikini after the guy brought the meal, and paraded around in front of me. When Janet yelled at her, she answered that I had seen her nude the night before, and was going to fuck her tomorrow night. Janet and I sort of glowered, and weren't much fun for Tricia. She dressed and went out to the disco at nine.

We ended up walking down the beach, yawning almost constantly, talking it over. "Well, at least I'll be there, Brad. Don't worry about how I'll feel, okay? If we have what we think we have, it can survive this. It isn't your damn fault. Jesus." She was a lot more confident than I was. We slept in my room, spooned together, and I had a funny dream about being a bird, diving for water, and hitting a rock. I woke up with cold sweats.

It didn't seem as bad in the morning. I ate Janet out for a good ten minutes of her rocking, throbbing climaxes. Then she straddled me, and we had an absolutely incredible cum together. We kissed and cooed in the shower, grab-assing gayly, and I was getting hard when we toweled each other off. When I started for her, she chuckled and whispered "Save something for my daughter, darling. Not too much, though."

Tricia pounded on the door just then. We took our time answering, and when I finally opened for her, she hugged me, then whispered over her shoulder "Don't tire him out, Mom. I mean, geez, it's my first time. I want him fresh." The whole thing was so strange it seemed unreal, and we all went down to breakfast, Janet and I eating ravenously, while Tricia munched on some toast, babbling away about a kid she'd met at the night club. As we walked down toward the beach, Janet and I looked at each other, and started laughing uncontrollably.

Tricia went to the beach, we stayed by the pool, and I opened the files that had come through when I logged on before we came downstairs. The troops had made good progress, working from the format I had developed, and I was pleased with the way things were shaping up. I spent the morning working, but Janet dragged me away after lunch, to play around in the pool, and strangely, I didn't mind. My feelings about her were buzzing in my head, and as the afternoon wore on, we both started to get edgy. We started drinking daiquiris at four.

Tricia had come back for lunch, and was having her hair done, and a manicure and pedicure during the afternoon, and was frisky as a colt. During our third drink, Janet blurted, "Damnit Brad, if it was anyone but you, I'd be tickled pink. Finally getting the little tramp laid. This is so weird. Look, are you okay with this? I mean, she's a sexy little thing, and she'll probably be hot once it's done. You've seen the way she flaunts it. I want you to make it nice for her, but not enjoy it too much. Fuck."

I was just drunk enough. I whispered to her "Look, Janet. it's two separate things, but I won't be able to get her through it without, um, well, enjoying it some. It's stupid to wham bam the thing." Janet glared at me, then took my hand. She pulled it under the table we were sitting at, and under the thong of her white bikini. It tickled her big clitty, and she relaxed, smiled, then tensed up and climaxed, right there. Her hand urged mine on the whole time. When she came down, she breathed "I'm a little confused, Brad. I don't want to lose you. I'm going up to shower and change. See you at seven." She was wiping her eyes as she left me.

Just before lunch, I had gone by the main desk and arranged to have any bills either woman ran up at the beauty shop or the several shops in the lobby charged to me. I'm not sure why, it seemed like a good idea at the time, an effort to be fatherish, husbandish. When I got to my room, the message light was flashing. It turned out to be Janet, and she picked up the minute I dialed. She was more buzzed than when I had left her, and sounded excited. "You son of a bitch, why'd you do that? She bought a fucking three hundred dollar frock that makes her look like a whore. So I had to find something to compete." Then she chuckled, maybe a little higher pitched than usual. "Brad, look, this is fucked, I know, but she has some grass here, got it from that kid Milo. So I'm flying, babe. Let's have some fun with this, okay? I mean, we're committed now, can't back out, so let's not be assholes. You get to play with two hot babes tonight, and I have a picnic basket here, we're gonna do this thing down on the beach, under the stars, with god and everybody watching. Pick us up in ten minutes. Can you be ready by then?"

Hot babes is the least of it. Tricia wore this yellow sarong that came off one shoulder, and she had bought it a size too small. Her right boob was falling out of the thing, the inverted v of the hem came all the way up to her abdomen, and you could see the side of her groin. These six inch heels that matched the color of the dress made her nearly as tall as her mother. Her long California hair had been gently styled so it was glossy and curled inward just over her shoulder.

Janet had an opaque white mini dress on, and her tits and pussy were suggestively shadowed through it, depending on the light. She'd put her hair up, in a sophisticated, yet wild way. Her makeup was heavier than usual, and the two of them posing as I walked in through the open door took my breath away. A voluptuous blonde and a sleek, sexy brunette. I shut my eyes briefly, prayed the dream would continue, then opened them to find, by george, that it had.

An elderly couple in the elevator could hardly believe it. In the lobby, as we headed out toward the beach, the guy kept looking over his shoulder at these two fantasies, and the woman was chirping angrily at him, pulling him along by the arm. I walked behind them watching their asses swing, Tricia's wobbling, Janet's swaying jauntily. They took off their shoes as we got about fifteen feet toward the surf, while the gathering dusk gave a slight impression of sunset. Tricia ran toward an outcropping of rocks near the end of the hotel's property, with just a far off house on the other side. As I got beside Janet, she stopped, fumbled in her bag, pulled out a reefer, lit it, and passed it to me. "We're already lit, babe. You go ahead."

We turned the edge of the rocks to find Tricia standing there waiting for us. The instant she saw us, she giggled, started to sway her hips, closed her eyes, and slipped out of the dress. Janet mumbled "Little slut" and pushed the spaghetti straps off her shoulders. "Unzip me, will you darling" she breathed to me. The dress slipped downward and revealed her completely bare body to the soft evening light. The grass started to hit me, as I watched Janet spread two big beach towels out, and Tricia came to me and started pulling at my shirt. She was still giggling, and couldn't manage the buttons, but she could hump at my thigh with her naked groin.

Suddenly, Janet was behind her daughter, one hand cupping a full breast, while the other expertly loosened my buttons. She finished, put both hands over the blonde's tits, and whispered "You do it, Brad. I told you, I'm gonna have some fun too." My mind was slowly fuzzing up as she dragged Tricia to the blankets, lay down on her back, and pulled the thick blonde hair into her twat. The girl never missed a beat, and I could see her mouth working as I pushed off my pants. Janet was groaning.

Tricia was on her hands and knees, so I lay down on my back and wiggled my head under her hips. Her cunt was drooling, and I reached up and spread the outer lips. She didn't have her mother's clit, so I started eating away, tongue moving downwards from her damp hole to her button. Her hips jumped, I heard a groan, and sensed an increase in her pussy's wetness.

That didn't last long. Janet started grunting, and I felt Tricia getting bumped around. Suddenly, as her mother let out a low, long moan, Tricia said "Mommy, Mommy, what's wrong?" I wiggled out from under and got on my knees in time to see Tricia with a look of panic on her face, and Janet snarling "Don't stop, goddamnit", grabbing for her daughter's head. Just before I buried my face in Janet's undulating pussy, I gulped "She's getting off, honey." I went ahead and sucked on that big clitty, drawing a loud, wanton moan from my brunette.

Her daughter lay down and started kissing the lovely, open mouthed face, muttering "Geez, that was fast. Do you do that all the time, Mom? Doris, she take hours, sometimes." Janet likes about ten minutes of that, and I kept at it until I felt her tire, you can tell by the less frantic jumps in her hips. Then I, too, crawled up to lie beside her, licking her damp face. After a minute, she looked at me, gave me a peck on the mouth, and whispered "Thanks, darling. Now go ahead, do it."

My thinking, if you can call what I was doing thinking, was to get the hard part over quickly. Tricia was staring at me, her hand down in her twat. She lunged over toward me, muttering "Yeah, yeah, c'mon Brad." I grabbed her shoulders, twisted her on to her back at Janet's feet, and dove into her pussy. I licked ferociously for just a moment, making sure it was wet, then pulled up, grabbed one of the stoniest woodies I've ever had, and began to probe the teen's labial folds. Her eyes widened, then fluttered, then closed. I pushed a little, feeling her open up. As she groaned, I pushed a little further.

The only cherry I'd ever taken was Mary Jo Clooney, a chubby freshman during my sophomore year in high school. What I recalled was that she really complained when I broke her hymen, but after five minutes got into it, and was a most satisfactory piece of ass. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I thought as I encountered the resistance about two inches in. I pushed gently, I thought, heard Tricia squeal, felt her hips jump, and the damn thing broke through. It hadn't put up much of a fight.

She kind of collapsed, breathing hard, and I stopped, but her hips were still moving, and I kept penetrating. In no more than two minutes, she opened her eyes, you could just see the admiration mixed with pleasure, and said "Shit, that wasn't so bad. Mmmm. You're so cute, Brad. I'm so glad it's you." There it was. Cute again. My marijuana fogged brain took umbrage, and I began to fuck the little bitch harder than I had intended, but she just smiled, humped back, and pulled me down on top of her. Her tits flattened a bit more than her mother's, but I was lost in her nubile, twisting body. After a few moments I calmed down, and started making sure I rubbed her clitty as I thrust into her. Dimly, I heard Janet's voice murmuring "God that's hot."

Well, look. Maybe five or six drinks over the last three hours, a rather potent toke of hash, and my first threesome. The minute I felt Tricia start to cum, I let go. It was a nice nut, that sort of drug induced length to it, but nothing special. Nothing special. I was very aware of Janet kneeling there. But Tricia went nuts.

She twisted and jumped wildly as her orgasm hit. "Oh god, that's soooo great, Brad, Daddy, Daddy." She kept on for a good two minutes, as I knelt there, still embedded in her, with Janet's arm around me, pressing her head to mine. As the undulating blonde began relaxing, her mother whispered to me "See, I told you, hot little cunt. Christ."

We all ran down into the warm surf, giggling and screaming, various loose body parts bouncing around lasciviously. The makeup had smeared on both their faces, and they washed it off. I must say, they both still looked great. It's sexy as hell, moonlight on hot bare skin that's wet. We all rolled around in the water, high as kites, giggling and laughing. Suddenly, Tricia jumped away, ran up toward the beach, dried herself off, and pulled on the yellow thing. She pumped back toward the hotel, carrying her shoes, and yelled, "Thanks, Brad, Mom. I'm gonna go find Milo."

Janet and I were just lying there in the surf, staring, and when we heard her daughter kiss us off, we looked at each other, fell together and began laughing crazily. I think we both thought she'd want to stay with us. We laughed uncontrollably for five minutes, easy, then, gasping still, Janet choked out, "See, fucking raging hormones on a spoiled brat. You can see her goddamn pussy in that dress. What's a mother to do?" That caused us another laughing fit.

We had a really hot night. She said she wanted me to do her ass, and I had to admit I'd never done that before. She said it made it last longer for her that way, which it did. She'd even packed some KY jelly in with the picnic. We marched bravely through the lobby at about midnight, looking like we'd slept on the beach. Which we sort of had. When we got into the elevator, alone thank god, we giggled all the way to my room. I think I asked her to marry me twice before we fell asleep. Just before we dozed off, she whispered "Yes, darling."


Funny how things work out. Our marriage only lasted three years and change. We never did the threesome thing with Tricia again, though one of the reasons for the divorce was that I slept with Tricia one night when she was home from College. She was feeling homesick, and seemed to me to need consoling. Dumb move. Janet was really pissed.

Janet didn't like the way my job dominated my time any better than my first wife. And she was a lot more independent anyway. We still love each other, I think, and sleep together regularly. But living together just didn't work. I gave her a nice settlement.

Tricia comes over to my apartment every once in a while, but she just likes to dredge up memories. At least I think that's all it is. She's turned into a real looker, and her boobs firmed up like her mother's. Talking about a movie career. I introduced her to a buddy of mine who's an agent. Also a good source of dates.

Oh, and by the way, we didn't get the GM contract.


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