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She is a Tease
by Teezer

My wife Sharon and I have been married for nineteen years. We are both in our mid-forties. Sharon has done very well in keeping herself in shape, a figure that she does very well at hiding under baggy clothes that cover her body from her neck to her ankles. Sharon is about 5ft 6in. tall and weighs about 125lbs,her figure is 36c-26-34, with long jet black hair, which she wears in a bun most of the time. Both of us have lived a very conservative life, and have done very well climbing the corporate ladder at each of our jobs. We were not blessed with children as many of our friends, so we did other things to make up for time that we would have spent with them. We were the volunteers for anything that came up. Her favorite was singing in the church choir and on occasion doing meals-on-wheels.

This is what happened that changed a lot of things for us. We were in a rut with our love life like what has happened to many of you. We tried different things like movies and things like that, but it never lasted long.

A recent business trip warped up sooner than we expected and I decided to catch the redeye home to surprise her with some extra time we could have alone. It was early morning, about the time that she gets up to shower that I walked in through the door. I had hoped to catch her in the shower so we could wash each others back {so to speak}. I entered the bedroom adjacent to our bathroom and quickly stripped off my clothes. Just as I was about to enter the shower she stepped out of it. What I saw on her stopped me dead in my tracks. She had several bite marks on her tits. She very meekly looked up at me and quietly said we have to talk. I nodded my head and followed her into the other room. I can't describe the anger that I felt nor the excitement of another man with my wife. This is one of the things that we talked about and she refused to do anything with anyone but me. The short version of her story is, that after choir practice the members had an evening snack of pizza and there was some wine left over from another party that was held at the church.

My wife offered to clean up after everybody left since it was a late night for them. Todd a young member offered to help. As they cleaned up, they finished off what was left to the wine and both of them were feeling pretty good. Todd and is a eighteen and lives just up the street from us, he also does some yard work for us on occasion, so he has seen Sharon in everything from shorts to evening dresses. She said she doesn't remember what happened, only that that were standing so close together and the next thing she knew was that were rolling on the floor trying to get each others clothes off. It was only after Todd had her blouse opened and bra off that she realized what was going on. After a great deal of struggling she finally pushed him off and ran into another room and locked the door behind her. She put herself back together while listening to Todd apologize for his actions and begging her not to say anything to me.

Sharon was almost crying and asking me to forgive her and she would do anything I ask. My mind was reeling with the thought of them locked in passion. Watching them explore each others bodies till they collapse with exhaustion in each others arms. I wanted nothing more than to release the pressure that was ready to explode from my cock in her. I led her to our bed and laid her down. I parted her legs and slowly entered her. To my surprise I fond her wet from her confession and more responsive to each of my thrusts. It was not long before we both had violent climax, like we had when we were first married. That whole weekend was spent in bed. The thought of them together with me watching from a hidden spot was a fantasy that could be a reality..

It was a while after this had happened and things were headed for the rut again, that Sharon told me that Todd wanted to have coffee with after practice one night real soon. As soon as she said his name I got started to get excited and she knew it, as she walked up to me and squeezed my cock through my pants. For sometime talked about her meeting with him and what she should do. Finally I said what I would like her to do and I think it was what she wanted also. I would like to see her tease him. I also reminded her that she said that she would do anything that I ask. She asked me, Are you sure? I said yes hopping for the answer that I wanted to hear. Later that evening in bed, she said she would do it only if I was somewhere nearby in case it got out hand for her to control. I agreed as her hand slipped into my shorts. As we made love that night ,I told her how excited it would make me feel to watch her tease him and what I was going to do afterwards.

Sharon set the date for coffee. It was a day after practice and it would be here at the house, when I was suppose to be away on a trip. For the next few days there seemed to be sexual tension for the both us. We discussed various things that she could do and things that each of us would like to see. Finally it was the night of practice. When she left, she was wearing a nice blouse with a short skirt not like what she usually wears. She gave me a long kiss and squeezed my cock and said "see you later maybe." It was a long night waiting for her to return. It was well after her usual time of coming home that I heard her car pull in the driveway. I sat on the couch waiting for her with a hard on that I thought would explode at any second. .She came in through the door and saw me waiting for her on the couch. She walked over to me and leaned down to give me a kiss. Her hand squeezed my cock, she could feel how stiff it was. I asked her how did it go? She said nothing as she pulled down my zipper and fished out my stiff member. When it was finally out, she straddled my legs and pulled up her skirt up to her hips, showing me the black stocking and garter belt. She pulled her black panties aside and lowered herself down till she rested on my lap. It was not after much rocking that both of us exploded with a climax. Never had she ever done anything like this before and wearing stockings that I always wanted her to wear.

She said she saw Todd at the church and everything was going along good. As the evening progressed she would look at him and smile or wink. A couple of times she was able to bump into him and rub up against him. Later she found herself sitting across from him. She made sure he got a good look at her legs and her skin above the tops of her stockings. As they broke for the night, she asked him to walk her to her car. He agreed and they said goodnight to everybody. As they walked she reminded him of their meeting at the house and they would talk there and not to worry , because I wouldn't be home for another day. As she got into her car, she let her skirt ride up her legs. As he looked down at her legs he could also look down her blouse and see a very skimpy half-cup black bra. Sharon said that she could see a bulge in his pants and she figured that it had to be longer and thicker than mine and how it would feel inside of her. I could feel the excitement building in her as she slowly began to rock back and my excitement building as I pictured them together.

The next day was a very long one for both of us. As an after thought I put a camcorder in a part of the room that it could record and hopefully not be noticed. I could hear the click of Sharon's heels as she made her way down the staircase. My heart was pounding faster with every step she took. As she walked towards , my eyes had never her look so beautiful. She wore a mini flair skirt that showed the tops of her black stockings with every step. .Her blouse was a small black wrap around tunic that was very shear and very small, yet it showed her full tits. Underneath you could see her half cup bra that allowed her nipples to just peek over its edge. She combed her hair out and it flowed about her shoulders. She did something very special with her make-up. She added some flair to her make-up. Her eyes were made up like I never saw her do before and her lipstick was a color that was almost a bright red that was made to put a ring around your cock. I wanted her right then, but she playfully teased me and danced away, flaunting her charms.

I poured her a third glass of wine and we talked excitedly of his reaction when he sees her. Sharon was feeling no pain now and then our moment came as the door bell rang. I blew her a kiss as I exited the room turning on the camcorder. From the other room I heard her invite Todd into the living room. He followed her like a lost puppy to the living room. She motion for him to have a seat and offered him a glass of wine, which she refilled hers. She put on a show for both of us as she walked slowly back to where he was sitting and bent over to hand him his glass of wine. I thought her tits were going to fall out of her blouse when she did this. She straightened up and slowly walked to a chair opposite from where he sat. I could not clearly hear what they were talking about, but I could hear her laughter and watch her movements. She played with the edges of her blouse, pausing between her tits. She kept on slowly crossing and uncrossing her legs, giving him a clear view of her white skin above her stockings. This went on for a while till I watched as he stood up and walked over to Sharon. He handed her something and she reached out and took it. Their hands were touching for what I thought was longer than usual and I was hopping to see something happen ,because I couldn't hold out much longer.

She motioned him to a small sofa. As soon as he settled himself in, she got up and walked over to the T.V. She turned it on and bent over to put a VHS tape in the machine. Her skirt had to ride up nearly on top of her ass. She stayed in this position giving him a long hard look. She stood up and smiled at him. In a very slow and provocative walk she made her way back to where he was sitting. Sharon sat down with her hips facing him and her body towards the T.V. Todd's eyes were bulging out of his head as I know he could see her black panties, the way she was sitting on the couch, only two very long feet from him.

I needed a better view of what was going on, So I quickly and quietly as possible slipped out of the house to look in through a window. As I peered in, I could see the whole room clearly. Sharon looked so much like a cock-teasing slut and Todd looked like he was ready to pounce on her.

They continued to watch the movie and sip their wine, every now and then someone would say something and they point to the TV. What I thought was just another movie, was a porno movie that Todd had given to her. Sharon was watching this type of movie with somebody other than me. On the tape a lady was doing a strip dance for her lover. As they watched the movie, they kept pointing to the screen and laughing. Sharon's hand accidentally fell on Todd's thigh and lingered there for a moment. You could sense the tension building between .them. She slowly removed her hand and their attention returned to the TV. The lady had stripped off all her clothes and was standing in front of her boyfriend masturbating. The guy was naked and stroking one the largest cocks I ever saw. Todd was pointing to the screen and Sharon kept shaking her no. At what seemed at his instance she slowly stood up and moved towards the center of the room. He began to clap his hands in some unknown rhythm. Sharon seemed very reluctant. But I knew she could see past him at me peeping in at them.

Her whole manner then changed. Her hips began to sway very slowly with her body. Her hands moved slowly up her legs and floated across and around her body. Todd was sitting on the edge of the couch still clapping with more enthusiasm, Sharon was getting more into his obvious request for her to strip for him. She parade about the room caressing her body, strutting her assets to him. She returned to the center of the room and began kneading her tits in a manner that was pulling her tunic apart. Finally it was pulled apart and she very slowly took it off. Then she ran her hands over her tits and down her body till she reached the bottom of her skirt. She pulled it up till she got to her panties and the she ran her fingers along the inside of her thighs. She said something to Todd and the next thing I knew, he was nearly ripping his clothes off.

As soon as he was naked he started to walk towards her, but she motioned for him to stop, which he did and returned to the couch. He slouched back in the couch and slowly pulled on his cock. Sharon continued her dance as she slid the zipper down and it floated over her hips till it puddle at her feet. She slowly walked towards him, till she was able to straddle his legs standing up. Her face was clearly flushed and contorted as her hands caressed and pinched her tits and nipples. Todd's hand was moving up and down at a faster pace as watched her in her black bra with matching panties, garter belt and stockings play only inches from him. Sharon then lowered her hand down and inside her panties. I could see the outline of her finger rubbing her clit as she looked very wantonly down at him.

Todd's hips began to buck upwards, trying to reach her with his very impressive size. Suddenly a long white rope of cum shot up and landed on her tits. Sharon in response was almost doubled over as she began to cum with him. More of his white hot liquid shot in the air covering her tits and stomach. There was a long pause as they bathed in the after glow of their climax and Sharon's hands rubbed his sticky hot cum all over her body. Finally she stepped back and I could see Todd gather himself up in his clothes. It was a wait that lasted forever as she walked him to the door and I slipped around back. As I entered the house I heard Sharon whisper my name and I responded. 'How was I"? My answer was the sound of my zipper sliding down as I turned her around and entered her from the rear. As I was pumping her she looked backed and warned me that this is just the begging of what she would like to do to him, if it was okay with me. I only smiled as I began to empty myself in her and dreaming of what we will do next time...

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