The Best Erotic Stories.

Pt. II: The Cabin
by Frederick Carol

Next morning, I was around for Suzi at ten to nine. She saw me getting out of the car and came out to meet me, shapeless in a sloppy tracksuit, taking my hand to walk back up the path to the house.

"What do you want for breakfast, Matt? Kaz and I usually just have juice and toast."

"That'll do me fine." I didn't tell her that I'd already had a bowl of cereal, scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee with Ma and Lynn.

Karen greeted me cheerfully as I went in, waving a piece of toast. "Morning, Matt. My baby cousin tells me you gave her a good time last night." There was an undertone in her voice that told me that Suzi had been very candid with her cousin. I flushed slightly and Karen grinned impishly at me.

"Don't mind me, Matt. What you two do is your business. Enjoy yourselves." I laughed at her cheerful encouragement.

Suzi busied herself with toast and juice and put them before me with a flourish.

"Right, Matt. You eat that and I'll go and dress. There's only me under here," she said, pulling at her tracksuit. My cock twitched at the thought as she laughed and went out.

As soon as she was out of the room, Karen grabbed my arm, her face serious. "Matt, I know you two fucked last night, 'cos Suzi told me." She held her hand up as I made to speak. "Listen!" she said urgently. "Suzi never fucked on a first date before. In fact she hardly ever fucked at all before. Her last boyfriend, Jack Selzman, treated her badly and she hasn't been out with anybody for months. I think she totally lost confidence in herself. It was Sally's idea that she should go out with you when Mike said you were looking for a date. I persuaded her that it was high time she went out again. I know your sister, Lynn, and she said you were OK." Karen smiled faintly. "When I got the big sister loyalty filtered out, you still sounded all right."

"Thank you for that, sis," I muttered. I buttered and swallowed a piece of toast.

"Matt! I'm not trying to stop you. I just want Suze to be all right. She came home on a high last night. I've haven't seen her so happy for ages. Be nice to her."

"I plan to be. I like Suzi, a hell of a lot. OK, we fucked. I thought she was wonderful and I think she liked it, too."

"She did! She told me so!" Karen gazed at me solemnly. "Suzi says it's the first time she ever came from having a cock inside her." She glanced over her shoulder at the sound of a door closing upstairs. She fumbled frantically in her purse and then gave me a small packet. "There's a dozen there. I hope it's enough." She grinned vividly as I realised she'd given me a pack of rubbers. "Use them well! Remember, Suzi's not on the pill. Don't be selfish!"

"I won't. My word on it." I stuffed the packet in my pocket. Karen smiled and nodded as Suzi came back into the kitchen. She was wearing a sleeveless tee-shirt and a pair of cut-off denims, battered sneakers and had her hair tied back in a pony tail. Without make-up she looked even younger than her eighteen years.

"What are we going to do today, then, Matt?" she asked, kissing my ear as she went past to sit on one of the breakfast-bar stools.

"I dunno." I shrugged. "Any preferences?"

She turned to Karen. "Do you still want those photographs for Jimmy, Kaz?"

Karen flushed, surprising me, but nodded. "Yes. I do." She turned to me. "Are you any good with a camera, Matt?"

"I have been known to get the end with the glass in pointed in the right direction," I responded lightly.

"Lynn said you won the first prize in O'Hehir's competition," said Karen. O'Hehir was the local Nikon and Canon dealer with a chain of shops along the coast. He sponsored a competition each year for high school and university students. I'd been lucky to win with a landscape that presented itself to me in the aftermath of a whirlwind on a trip to Texas. I nodded to Karen.

"Yes, last year. A lucky shot of whirlwind damage in Texas."

"That was yours?" asked Suzi excitedly. Oh, Matt, that picture was fantastic!"

"What are you like with people?" said Karen.

"I think I've got my portfolio in the trunk. Shall I get it?" I was curious. There was an excited undertone from the two of them that I didn't understand.

"Would you, Matt? Please?" said Karen. I shrugged.

"No problem, I'll be back in a moment." I swallowed the last of my toast and went out to the car. My camera bag was there too, so I took it and the portfolio into the house. There were some photos in the portfolio that I had never intended anyone other than myself to see, but somehow I knew I should leave them in. Three nude self-portraits, luckily not erect, or I'd really be embarrassed, taken to study the play of light and shadow on human skin. I had some others, taken at a studio with a hired model, but she'd known too much about posing and I felt I could do better with an amateur without preconceptions. That was why I'd practised on myself. If someone like Suzi or Karen would model for me, I'd be over the moon.

I handed the portfolio to Karen. "Have a look in there. I'm just off to the bathroom. If someone would point me in the right direction." I flushed slightly at the unconscious pun but either they missed it or they ignored it. Karen pointed vaguely towards the hallway.

"Second door, Matt."

When I came back a few minutes later they were engrossed in the portfolio, so I sat quietly. Eventually, Karen turned to me and held up two photographs. One of my nude self-portraits and one of Jenny, the professional model.

"Which one came first?" she asked, smiling slightly.

I pointed. "Jenny, last summer."

"Who's Jenny?" asked Suzi, too casually.

"A professional model. She's the daughter of a friend of Ma's. She posed for me at a discount!"

Karen and Suzi laughed.

"When did you take this one?" asked Karen.

"About a month ago," I replied. "I tried to make it a pattern, light and shade, you know the sort of thing."

"You succeeded, I think. The difference is noticeable."

"I felt a little inhibited with Jenny. She knew the poses before I did."

"It shows, a little," said Karen. She took a deep breath. "Matt, will you take some nudes of me? I want some for Jimmy. A surprise present. It's his birthday next month."

I blinked, but answered straight away. "I'd be honoured."

"I'll pay for the materials," she said quickly.

"Karen, I never surrender my negatives." I held up my hand as she made to speak. "Hang on a moment. I never surrender my negatives, but I'm prepared to undertake that the only people who will see the pictures will be me and you and anyone else only with your permission. In writing if you like, I don't mind. Either way, it's a contract so far as I'm concerned."

"OK by me, Matt." She laughed. "It wouldn't be the end of the world if someone saw me bare-ass naked anyway, but I'll accept your undertaking."

"Fine, when do you want to do it?"

"Jimmy's away again, I won't see him until next weekend. Today's Saturday, so today or tomorrow would be best. Could you have them processed by next weekend?"

"No problem. Next question, where?"

"I thought perhaps the back yard. No-one can see in," she said hesitantly. I glanced at Suzi who hadn't uttered a word yet, but she just smiled and gestured as if to say, 'carry on, pal, you're doing ok'.

I opened the camera bag and took out my light meter. "Show me the way."

Karen's back yard was fine except for one thing. It was boring as hell in terms of background. I frowned.

"Something wrong?" asked Karen, disappointment on her face.

"I think the background is lacking in ..." I shrugged and gestured. "Pizazz!"

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Dad is one hell of a tidy gardener. Indoors?" she asked.

The living room had possibilities, except that the big picture window would allow anyone to see in. Drawing the drapes would mean using flash and I prefer natural light whenever possible.

Karen's bedroom was fine, except that it too overlooked the street. Suzi's bedroom, the guest room, was too small and Karen point blank refused to use her parents' room.

Karen was disappointed, I could tell. So was I, because I'd got myself used to the idea that I was going to see her naked. I had a feeling that Suzi might join in, although she'd been a little subdued, but in fact it was Suzi who solved the problem.

"How about Dad's cabin?" she asked.

"That's it!" said Karen, excitedly. She turned to me eagerly. "Suzi's folk have a cabin at Bear Lake. Uncle Jack has had it a long time; it has no near neighbours because he bought a good plot of land with it. It has its own bay and best of all it's right at the far end of the lake from all the other cabins. No-one comes anywhere near it!"

"It's Saturday. Let's stay overnight," said Suzi. She turned to me. "Is that OK, Matt?"

"Great by me. I'll have to go home and grab a change of clothes. I'll get film as well. Black and white or colour, Karen?"


"Great. See you back here in forty minutes!" I made to go but Suzi grabbed me.

"Not so fast, Matt. Kiss me first!" I think we both put a promise into that kiss. Karen was looking very thoughtful when we broke the clinch. I waved and dashed out.

Fifty minutes later we were out of town and onto the two-lane blacktop leading to Bear Lake.

"Do you girls want to stop for lunch anywhere on the way?"

"All the food we're going to need is in that big cooler bag I made you put in the trunk," said Karen. "We'll not need anything, except possibly gas."

"The tank's nearly full. We shouldn't need any."

"Next stop, Bear Lake."

Shortly after twelve-thirty I turned off the blacktop at Suzi's direction and onto a dirt road. A hand-lettered sign saying 'Kendrick' pointed the way. Ten minutes later I pulled off the track and into a parking spot hidden in a stand of pines. Suzi and Karen grabbed their bags and mine and I took the cooler bag and my camera bag.

The cabin was built of hand-hewn timber and local stone and looked as if it belonged. There were two bedrooms, a double and a twin. A living-room, floored with polished timber and furnished with comfortable couches and a scattering of rugs went almost the full length of the cabin. The kitchen, with dining annex, was at one end and the bedrooms made up the back wall. The girls put their bags into the double so I threw mine into the twin.

"The sun is too high for interesting light at the moment, Karen. Any thoughts on particular locations? I confess, I've seen about five possibilities already." I was keen to start but the noon light would have been too harsh and not nearly directional enough to be interesting.

"I'll let you be the judge, Matt. Want to eat? Or shall we swim?"

"A swim would be nice. Can you wear something loose afterwards, so that there are no strap marks to show?"

"I don't think that need be a problem. Eh, Suzi?"

"No problem at all, cousin Kaz. Let's swim!"

Before I realised what was happening, the two of them had discarded their clothes in the bedroom and trooped out naked as jaybirds and down to the lake shore. I stood bemused for a moment, then shrugged, threw my clothes into my own room and followed them down to the water.

They were waiting for me at the water's edge. I don't know if it was the sight of the two of them naked but my prick was semi-stiff and they were both eyeing it. It was the first time I'd had a real chance to see Suzi naked. The drive-in didn't count because it had been too dark to see her properly. She'd said she was proud of her tits. She had cause. They were full and firm, standing out proudly from her chest, large areolas and erect nipples. If I had to guess I'd say a 34B. They look bigger because she has quite a narrow back. Her waist was slim, her hips shapely; definitely a woman's hips but not too wide. Her pubic hair was the same shade of red as her head, neatly trimmed to her bikini line.

Karen was an inch or so shorter than Suzi's five-eight, and a few pounds more voluptuous. Probably 36C, but firm and proud. Slimmer waist, slightly bigger hips, a perfect hour-glass. She was a natural blonde, I noticed.

I came up to them at the water's edge and took both their hands. "Are we swimming, ladies?"

In answer they began tugging me into the water.

Two hours later we were sitting around the table in the kitchen, still naked, eating cold chicken salad and drinking a crisp Chablis that Karen had liberated from her father's cellar. We had been discussing everything but photography, but I thought the time had come to think about the shots we were planning to take.

"Karen?" I said into a lull in the animated argument Suzi and Karen were having about the relevant merits of television.

"Yeah, Matt?"

"Jimmy doesn't know about these photographs. Right?"


"How would he feel about another guy seeing you naked? Like me, for instance."

"I dunno, Matt. Jimmy's not the jealous type, but you could have a point."

"Suzi? How good are you with a camera?"

"OK," said Suzi, grinning at me. "Not in your class, but competent. I know the basics and I have a good eye for composition, or so my art teacher tells me."

"Well how about if I set the shots up and Suzi finishes them off, Karen? That way, you don't need to mention me to Jimmy."

"Processing, Matt. He might want to know who processed them," pointed out Suzi.

"OK, Karen, you take some shots of Suzi and I'll process the lot. He can't argue about me processing shots of my girl, can he?"

"And what makes you think I'm going to be photographed buck-naked, mister?" said Suzi in mock indignation.

"Please, Suzi. I'd love some figure shots of you," I said quietly.

"They're yours, Matt, but you take them, not Karen," said Suzi quietly and solemnly. It was as if Karen wasn't there. Karen cleared her throat in the sudden silence. Suzi grinned at her. "No offence, Kaz?"

"None taken, Suze. No problem. Shall we to work, children?"

"Sure thing!"

Four hours, six cassettes of 35mm and four rolls of 120 film later, I put the Bronica away. I kept the Canon out, for I still had two cassettes of 35mm left, both fast slide film. I wanted to try some indoor shots by natural light. Karen and Suzi had put on long tee-shirts but nothing else. I had on tee-shirt and cut-offs. We were all barefoot.

I knew I had some superb shots, even without seeing the processed films. Karen was a natural model and I knew Jimmy would be delighted with any of the shots Karen planned for him. I planned to keep one or two for my personal collection. With the shots of Suzi I had tried as hard as I have ever tried with a camera. They were personal shots and I think it showed. Suzi had made no attempt to be coy or pretend shyness. As a result, some of the shots, taken in isolation, might be misconstrued because Suzi was more than slightly exposed. I think if Karen hadn't been there they might have been even more intimate. I hadn't planned them that way, it had just happened.

"Anyone for food?" asked Suzi.

"What have we got?" I asked, slouched on a couch, my feet draped over the edge, Suzi's head in my lap, her feet over the end of the couch, her position such that her pussy was just peeping out beneath her tee-shirt..

"Enough assorted bits and pieces to make a good variety of sandwiches, I think," said Karen lazily from the other couch. "I have no intention of cooking anything."

"Me neither," said Suzi. "Come on, Matt, help me make sandwiches."

"Sure thing, baby."

An hour later we'd finished eating, washed the dishes and were consuming the second and last bottle of wine, a soft California red with a delicious fruitiness to it.

"What time is it, Matt?" asked Suzi.


"Bed time," she said firmly. "Kaz?" Without a word Karen went into the double bedroom and came out moments later with her bag, taking it into the twin bedded room from where she emerged moments later with my bag which she took into the double room. She came straight out again, grinned conspiratorially at Suzi and went back into the twin-bed room, closing the door gently behind herself.

I looked at Suzi, eyebrows raised. She flushed.

"I thought you'd want to spend the night with me, Matt," she whispered. "Was I so wrong?"

I took her into my arms and hugged her wordlessly. "No, my darling, you were not wrong." I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom.

I placed her gently on the bed and she grinned at me, sat up and stripped off her tee-shirt and sat cross-legged, her sex pinkly inviting. She glanced down at herself and then up at me. My cock had started to stiffen, perhaps in anticipation. Her eyes went to it and her fascinated attention completed the process. In moments, I was hot and hard.

Suzi sighed deeply. "I want you, Matt," she said quietly. "I want your cock as deep in my cunt as it will go and I want it now. Hard, Matt, I want it hard!" She lay back and spread her legs in invitation.

I quickly unwrapped a condom and slipped it onto my pole, then knelt on the bed between her legs. I put my arms under her thighs and to her startled surprise, lifted her cunt to my cock and pulled myself into her. She was ready for me and I sank to my root inside her. I put her legs over my shoulders and leaned forward, driving deep inside her. She moaned and her arms clasped me to her. I rode her, back and forth, my cock like a piston in a smooth machine.

Her face broke out in perspiration; small moans, almost gasps, escaped from her lips and she began to tremble.

"Matt! Oh baby, oh you bastard baby, you're making me come! Oh baby, make me come! Make me come now, oh God, make me. . .Oh, shit! You did!"

She heaved beneath me as her orgasm hit her, her belly rippling, the tremors gradually slowing until she lay panting gently beneath me. I was still hot and hard inside her, close to coming, but not quite there, the sweat cooling on us. I kissed her nose.

She grinned up at me. "It was a big one, Matt. How about you?"

"I haven't come yet, Suzi, baby."

"I gotta do something about that!" She pushed me gently back until I had withdrawn. I was on my knees, her legs still over my shoulders. She pulled her legs back and slid them beneath me, then pushed at me gently until I was on my back beside her. She came to her knees and smiled down at me, then gently rolled the rubber off of my aching prick, discarding it at the bedside.

"I've never done this before, Matt. Tell me if I'm doing it wrong," she whispered, then gently took my cock in her mouth, licking its length gently, sucking at the head, letting her lips slide down the shaft as far as she dared, then sliding back up, then down again, again . . .

The sensations were building up in me. I stroked her hair gently, pushing it back.

"Suzi, baby, I'm going to come very soon," I gasped. "Are you sure?"

Without breaking her rhythm she managed to nod, her tongue making patterns on my prick. I felt the deep, deep pulse start way down inside me.

"Oh baby, I'm going to come! Suzi, oh Suzi, baby. Oh baby! Oh my god! Oh, Suzi!" And I came.

Suzi swallowed furiously, sucking me as I jetted into her mouth, as I spasmed in blissful release, swallowing the pulses of semen as I slowed, licking me clean as I stilled.

She smiled brilliantly at me. "Did I do it right? It tasted good."

"You did good, kid!" I jested, then hugged her to me, kissing her lips, tasting myself. She hugged me back, flattening her breasts against me, then lay back, holding my hand, her leg over mine. I put my hand on her pussy and stroked lightly. A shudder went through her.

"I love to feel your hands, Matt. God, did we only meet yesterday? I feel as if I've known you forever."

"Yesterday it was, sweet. I know what you mean, though. I love to feel your hands on me, too."

She squeezed my flaccid cock gently. "I'm going to the clinic on Monday, Matt. I want to go on the pill. I think it must be better without something between us." She grinned, then she surprised me again. "Matt, would you mind if Karen came in with us?"

"In here? Now?"

"Yeah. Silly, but I feel guilty about her being alone next door. I don't want you to fuck her or anything, although if the two of you want to, go ahead. I don't mind. Just let's all sleep together." She laughed. "Like a basket of kittens!"

I shook my head. "No problem, Suzi, if that's what you want."

"Great!" She sat up, then went out, still naked, returning in moments with a bemused Karen, still wearing her long tee-shirt.

"Climb in, Kaz," said Suzi. "Matt, shift into the middle."

Karen laughed. "Matt's getting too much of a good thing, from the look on his face!" She climbed into bed beside me and slid down under the sheet, then sat up and stripped off her tee-shirt.

"I feel overdressed with that on, seeing you guys!"

Suzi climbed in on my other side and I lay back and put my arm around each of them, lying on my back in the middle. Suzi and Karen snuggled in against me. It was a wonderful sensation, feeling soft breasts pressing against me from both sides. Soft lips kissed my cheek. I turned and kissed Karen goodnight. There was unmistakable promise in her kiss, her tongue darting into my mouth and playing briefly with my own.

"G'night, Matt," she murmured, mischief lurking in her eyes.

"Goodnight, Karen."

I turned to Suzi, who was smiling gently. "Goodnight, Suzi, sweet. Sleep well."

"I will, Matt, after that wonderful fucking you gave me," she murmured. She kissed me lingeringly, then settled herself for sleep.

To Be Continued...


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