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Surrender Ch. II
by D'Artagnan

He walks over to a table against the wall, picks up several items and returns. He lifts your head and brings a cup of very cool water to your lips. You had not realized just how thirsty you were, you drink greedily. The water tastes so good. When you have emptied the cup he sits it aside. He then produces a large bowl of fruit. Drawing out an apple, a large, red delicious apple. He takes a small paring knife and begins to cut the apple into slices, he then peels each slice. He begins to cut each piece into smaller pieces and feeds you each one. It is so juicy, the sweetness of it runs over your tastebuds.

You are famished. After eating most of the apple he puts the apple aside and picks up a very large, ripe strawberry. Put dips it into a small bowl of melted chocolate and lifts to your mouth. You bite into the berry, oh my, how good it tastes. He takes the remainder and finishes it himself. You realize that you are no longer hungry but are willing to continue this intimate dinner as long as he wants. He then reaches in and retrieves a very large peach. It is very ripe. He slowly cuts an "X" across the bottom of the peach, you do not understand this. He then looks deep into your eyes, the mischief and lust that you see excites you. He takes the peach into his hand and holds it over your body. He begins to slowly squeeze the peach, the juices are considerable and begin to release out the bottom. The nectar begins to drips across your neck, cool yet very sticky. He moves his hand down over your body, the syrup dripping down your chest, over and around each nipple, and continues down your tummy to your pussy, he then runs it slowly down each legs to your knee and back up again, you feel your own juices beginning to add to the fruit nectar between your legs. You anticipate what he will do to clean up the nectar.

Your nipples are tight across your breasts as he lowers his mouth to your neck, slowly, deliberately, licking and sucking the sweet peach nectar from your skin. His mouth is so hot across your body, his tongue feels like a torch to your skin. As he sucks the syrup from your neck he moves down your chest again, your senses are alive throughout your body. your breath catches in your throat as you moan in ecstasy, he is driving you crazy as he begins to suck the nectar from your nipples, his tongue moving up and down, pressing hard against you, twisting the tips of your nipples under the pressure of his tongue. You love the feeling of his mouth on you, but your pussy is craving attention, you want him to touch you there, to kiss you there, to fuck you. He begins to kiss down your stomach, traveling closer and closer to your steaming box, he can smell your strong scent, the juices that are pouring out of your pussy, they mix with the syrupy nectar of the peach, you have never been so wet. He reaches the soft, fine hair atop your slit. He blows softly across the mound, it sends shivers up and down your spine, as you feel his hot breath across your nether lips, you shudder uncontrollably. He slowly lowers his mouth to your sex.

He makes his tongue wide and flat, beginning at the bottom of your slit, he begins to paint your pussy with long, tantalizingly slow strokes, up and down, feasting on the mixture of sweet juices. He places the tip of his finger at the entrance of your hole and begins to press inside, your pussy filling with his finger, then two. He begins to rub inside the top of your pussy, your favorite spot. His tongue finally makes it's way up to your aching clit, as it slowly, teasingly makes contact, the jolts of electricity run through your body, from clit to your hardened nipples, up and down your spine, your body almost leaps off the bed, you pull at your restraints, Your voice becomes unrecognizable, your moans and screams echo around the room.

Just as your sweet release begins to build he raises his head almost as if he is reading every thought and feeling in your body. He looks up into your eyes and sees your face and eyes pleading with him, silently begging him to finish you. He smiles but waits....."Please let me cum Sir, Please Sir...", you beg him, in a voice barely recognizable as your own. He smiles and lowers his mouth to your clit. He takes it into his mouth and begins to suck it hard as his tongue pelts it up and down harder and harder. His fingers thrust inside your pussy in time with his tongue. Your orgasm hits you so hard and so suddenly that it takes your breath away, your heart pounds in your chest, you scream sharply as your vision fades, your face, chest and arms are numb, and just as you crest the waves of passion, he places a finger at the entrance to your sensitive ass and slowly pushes inside in rhythm with the fingers inside your pussy. Your mind explodes as the waves continue to drive your over the edge, you hear screams in your ears and realize they are coming from you. Your pussy melts into tremendous amounts of juice and he is consuming it all. You cannot stand it anymore, your clit is so hypersensitive, you have cum so hard that you have almost lost all control, never in your life have you experienced anything like this, he will not release your clit, sucking softly, bringing you down, your breath is coming in gasps, you feel your heart leaping in your chest.

Very slowly he releases your clit from his mouth, you exhale deeply. throwing your head back, you collapse, totally spent. Your hair is matted in sweat, your body glistens. He raises his face to look you right in the eyes, he has control of your body, the ability to control all your feelings, and you are so thankful of the sweetness in his touch, the gentleness of his soft caresses. He leans forward and kisses you deeply on the mouth. You love the taste of yourself on his lips, you meet his tongue with each caress.

As he leans back, his eyes smiling at you, you realize how much in control he is, he has pleasured you as much as he wanted to, you had no control over anything he did, and as this new world opens up to you, you realize just how much you liked it, no, you admit to yourself for the very first time, LOVED it! As your breath slowly returns to normal, he softly rises. As you keep your eyes on him, he walks to the foot of your bed, he begins to release the binds at your feet. Once free, you do not move your legs, not until he releases your hands do you even consider it. His next statement startles and excites you, "Roll over." Oh God, what can he have planned??

You hesitate just a second, then turn over, face down. He replaces the binds, there is more play in the restraints now, you have more movement in your legs. He tells you to lift your ass into the air, you obey quickly. He places a large pillow under you, you find this position very vulnerable, and strangely exciting. As you lay there, your wetness is fully exposed, as is your most sensitive ass. You feel his hands begin to caress your back. He runs his hands down your back, down the soft slope of your waist, out over your hips. You quiver as he moves down your thighs, his hands are so warm, the roughness, yet firmness of his hands feel like a thousand tongues running up and down the inside of your thighs. He suddenly stops, removing his hands from your body. You moan before you have a chance to stop yourself.

He quietly asks you, "Why did you hesitate when I told you to rollover?" You had hoped that he hadn't noticed, but it really doesn't surprise you that he did. He notices everything, he always has, that was what attracted him to you. You have no answer for him. You remain silent. This was a mistake. SLAP! You stiffen as his hand lands hard on your upturned ass. You exhale loudly. "I asked you a question, and expect an answer!" Your ass burns as you stutter out an answer, "I don't know Sir." "That will cost you, count for me." Slap after slap comes across your ass, your cheeks are bright red with handprints. You are on fire. You also have a river of wetness running down your legs. You are so hot! After counting to ten for him, each number coming out in gasps immediately following his punishment, he stops. You have tears running down your face onto the pillow. You feel how hard your nipples are pressed against the sheets below you, you slowly rub them up and down. Your ass has never been so hot.

You then feel him stand beside you and you look up as he slowly takes his shirt off, his shoulders and chest is broad and has dark, fine hair across it, there is a trail of black hair that travels down his stomach, he begins to remove his pants. Your breathing has stopped as he slowly lowers his pants to free his manhood. His cock is very hard with a large purplish head, it makes your mouth water. The first of many shivers run down your body. Your clit quivers. Oh My God, he is beautiful, long legs and strong thighs, you have always liked this about him. He slowly moves up to your face, his cock inches from you. His hands reach into your hair and pull you to him. You open your mouth to receive him. He tastes so good, strong and clean. He begins to move his hips as he holds your head with his hands. You open your mouth and throat as much as he wants, it is very difficult because of the size of him, he is using your mouth for his pleasure, you run your tongue across the underside glands with each thrust, he begins to harden even more as you begin to suck hard on his cock. You love the feeling of his hands in your hair, guiding and pulling, you are totally at his control, you love it. He pulls your mouth off him with a loud popping sound.

Your lips are red and puffy from use and you feel as if you can feel every inch of him in your mouth still, the taste of his pre-cum still lingers across your tastebuds. He moves behind you on the bed. Oh God you cannot wait to feel him inside you. Your ass is high in the air with the pillow under your stomach, you feel him place his hand on the small of your back, God you want him so bad, he begins to rub his hard cock softly along your slit, your juices pour into him. He begins to rub your clit with his hot cock. Electricity jolts through your body, you moan loudly, the pleasure is intense. Your clit is growing big against him, with each stroke against it your legs quiver and quake. You toss your head back and look over your shoulder at him, deep in his eyes, he sees the lust building inside you. As your eyes maintain contact, he places the head of his manhood at the entrance of your dripping hole. With a look of total domination, he plunges his entire length deep inside you. "AHHHHH!" You exclaim as he begins to thrust in and out of your pulsating nest. You feel him rubbing your very sensitive spot deep inside your pussy, across the roof, just inside your pelvic bone. Oh My God it feels so good! You feel his hands on your hips as he pulls you back against him. He is thrusting as hard as he can, your ass slapping against him. He is using your pussy for pure pleasure, you love him for it, you love to feel him inside you, pounding you. You know he is feeling it, loving it, that he will make himself cum inside you. With each stroke he brings himself almost all the way out only to thrust the entire length back in.

You begin to feel something building deep inside you. He places his hands on the bed beside you and puts his weight on you, he is now driving you into the bed. You can feel every inch of him pushing inside you, the weight of him on you, holding you down, your face in the bed, your deep moans lost in the sheets, Oh God it's beginning, deep inside your pussy you feel in start, the pit of your stomach begins to quake, the sensation spreads across your loins, bright lights flash in your eyes. The intensity of your orgasm screams in your mind. Your body goes rigid, a long, deep growling scream emits from your mouth. He feels your climax beginning and pumps even faster until you feel him swell inside you. At the top of your climax you hear him scream out as he reaches it too, his cock thickens and begins to pulse as shot after shot of his cum empties into you, Oh God, you can feel each wave inside you, you love this feeling, a long groan releases from your lips as he collapses on your back, totally spent.

After several minutes you feel his breathing calm down and him begin to move inside you, it hardly seems as if he has lost any size, your pussy is so sensitive. He begins to slowly grind his hips into you, God it feels so good, your pussy wants more and more of him. Within minutes he is fully hard inside you again and slowly moving in and out, long, very slow thrusts. You feel him raise up off you and then very slowly pull out of you, you moan with disappointment. He stands and releases your binds. He tells you, "Stand up." You obey, your legs are very shaky from the recent uses and your arms are stiff. You lower your head but keep eye contact as directed. He is standing there naked, his shining cock at full glory, he looks so delicious. He goes over to an overstuffed chair by the fireplace and sits down. He calls you over and you follow him. "Kneel," he says and you immediately do in front of him.

He spreads his legs and looks into your eyes, you realize what is wanted and do not require the order, God you want to do this more than anything right now. You move over and place your head in his lap. "Do not use your hands," he says. You place your hands on the legs of the chair and position your mouth over the tip of his hard cock and softly kiss it. You begin to kiss your way up and down the sides of him, running your tongue along the length of him. He lets you play this way for a very short time, then he takes your head and places your mouth directly over him and puts the head of his cock inside your mouth. You love to feel his hands in your hair, he keeps them there but is no longer putting pressure to guide you, he has told you what he wants without speaking.

You begin to slide your mouth down him, taking more and more of him into your mouth until you feel fine, course hair starting to brush against the tip of your nose, he is deep inside your mouth now, you feel him inside your throat, God he tastes so good. you can tastes the sweet mixture of your juices on him. You begin to raise your head and just as your have only the tip inside your mouth, you slide back down with a slight suction on him he begins to moan. You love doing this for him, bringing him such intense pleasure, your own pussy is still dripping from the hard fucking he gave you earlier and fresh juices from your excitement are beginning to join them. You begin to increase the pace of your sucking, each time taking the entire length of him in and out of your mouth, your saliva begins to slide down the outside of his cock. You start to concentrate your tongue across the underside of the head and into the hole at the top of his cock. His moans increase as your ministrations continue. You feel him begin to grow larger inside your mouth, his climax impending, you increase your speed on his cock. He howls loudly as he begins to erupt inside your mouth, his hands holding tightly on your head as he pumps thrust after thrust into your throat. You swallow each pulse of cum as quickly as you can, the taste is heavenly, your senses alive with pleasure as he continues to spend inside you.

Your mouth never leaves his cock and he slowly begins to relax his legs which had grown so tight. You suck softly on his cock as is begins to soften inside your mouth, he begins to quiver as the sensitivity increases just after cumming. You know it drives him wild for you to suck him at this point and you will not disappoint him, not now, never again. When he cannot handle it anymore, he slowly raises your head off him. He is clean, not a spot of moisture remains on his cock. He smiles at you and you are beaming that you have pleased him so, he lays your head on his thigh and you wrap your arms around his leg as you both look into the fire, feeling it's warmth. His hand slowly caresses your hair, you both sigh contentedly. "I love you," you say softly, your eyes never leaving the fire. As he leans down and tenderly kisses your head, "I know."

To Be Continued...


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