The Best Erotic Stories.

Pt. III: Karen
by Frederick Carol

Something woke me in the dim, grey light of pre-dawn. During the night I had turned so that I had my back to Karen. My left arm was around Suzi, her breast cupped in my hand, her hand covering mine. I was sort of half lying on my right side, my right arm behind me. Karen moved slightly in the bed and suddenly I could feel the springy brush of her pubic hair against my hand. I froze, but she moved, so very gently, and pushed against me again. Holding my breath, I moved my hand gently and brushed it across her bush. Her hand took gentle hold of mine and pressed it against her, pushing it against her mound. I extended my middle finger and began to stroke gently along her cleft. She brought her left leg over her right and put her foot flat on the bed, opening herself to my probing. She was wet and hot and my finger moved freely. I moved my finger inside her and let my thumb brush gently across her clitoris. Her moan was just a faint breath. I continued to rub gently at her clitoris, my thumb stroking gently across it. She was pressing herself against me now, her erect nipples rubbing my back.

My prick had stiffened and was pressing against Suzi's backside. She stirred and turned towards me, her hand reaching gently for my prick. She sighed gently at the feel of its hardness, stroking me slowly, then took my hand from her breast and put it to her groin. I stroked gently at her, feeling the moisture beginning.

Behind me, Karen stirred restlessly at my inactivity, pushing herself gently against me. I was beginning to feel cramped in my awkward posture.

"Just a moment," I whispered. Both of them stopped and I took my hands away, turning to a comfortable position on my back between them. I reached out and fingered them both. There were soundless exhalations on both sides, Suzi's hand reaching across to my prick. She put her mouth to my ear, whispering so that only I could hear her.

"Tell me if you're coming, and I'll take you in my mouth. We don't want to wake Karen."

For some reason I couldn't fathom, perhaps because of Suzi's bringing Karen into the bed with us, I turned and put my mouth to Suzi's ear, whispering, "Karen's awake! I'm diddling her with my other hand!"

There was a muffled snort, barely audible, and Suzi put her lips to my ear, whispering almost soundlessly. "Matt, make her come! I've never seen anyone come before." She grinned suddenly. "Except my own partner, that is!"

I thought for a moment. "Are you sure?" I breathed in her ear. In answer, she squeezed my prick, took my fingers from her cunt and kissed them, pushing me gently towards Karen, who was moving urgently against my finger on the other side. I squeezed Suzi's fingers, then took my hand from Karen's cunt, surprising her by rolling over towards her and sliding my left arm under her neck, my right hand replacing my left in the heat and wetness between her legs. I kissed her lips gently.

"Matt!" she whispered, almost inaudibly. "We'll wake Suzi!"

"Suzi's already awake," I murmured.

"What! Get off me, then, I won't hurt Suzi!" she hissed.

"It's all right, Karen, I don't mind. Can I watch?" said Suzi quietly. Karen was silent for a long moment, then chuckled quietly.

"You never cease to surprise me, little cousin. If you're prepared to loan me your man to satisfy my base urges, the least I can do is let you watch." She was trembling. Her hand reached down to my prick and she sighed deeply at the hardness she felt. Her lips came to mine and she kissed me hard, then surprised me by pushing me away.

"Lie on your back, Matt," she murmured. "I want to come on top."

I rolled to my back and Karen came to her knees beside me, more clearly visible now as the night brightened towards day. She smiled at me, then ran her fingers the length of my prick, squeezing the end gently as it twitched in response.

"Do we need a rubber?" I asked quietly. Karen shook her head.

"No," she said, "I'm on the pill." She lifted her leg and swung it across me, straddling my ribs. On impulse I urged her towards me, until I could reach her cunt with my mouth. She came willingly when she realised what I was doing, pressing herself forward as I ran my tongue the length of her cleft, flicking her clitoris in passing. She jumped when I did that, startling Suzi, who was giving us her rapt attention.

I let my tongue lap slowly the full, hot, wet length of Karen's cunt lips, sucking gently, nibbling her clitoris. Karen shook violently when I did that, gripping my hair fiercely. I mouthed gently at her clitoris and she shuddered, pressing her cunt against my face. She pulled back, shuddering, and smiled at me, then moved down my body until she reached my hot prick, raising herself until she could lower her steaming cunt onto my rigidity. She was soaking wet and I moved easily into her. She began to rock gently, letting my cock move in and out of her cunt.

I glanced at Suzi. Her eyes were wide with rapt attention, her right hand busy between her legs. She caught my look and flushed, then grinned, her fingers never ceasing their movement. I grinned back at her, then returned my attention to Karen, raising my hands to stroke gently at her rigid nipples, to cup her full softness in my hands, feeling her chest begin to heave as her breathing deepened, her cunt clamping on my prick as she moved urgently above me.

"I'm going to come, Matt," she whispered hoarsely, beads of perspiration on her brow, her hair half obscuring her face.

I pushed up into her in rhythm with her movements, my prick squishing wetly in her juices as she moved. She grinned wildly at me, a rictus, her movements quickening, her chest heaving.

"I'm coming, Matt," she panted. "I'm coming!"

"So am I, Karen," I gasped, "just hold on a moment, baby, just hold on!"

"I can't, Matt, you're making me come!" She shuddered violently, then came down hard on my prick, her face a wild mask. "Oh, sweet Jesus, I've come!"

"Oh my God, so have I!" Suzi's wail was counterpoint as she shuddered beside me and as Karen's cunt throbbed around my prick, I came too. Hard.

Karen collapsed on top of me as my ejaculation lessened, her cunt twitching as she came down from her high. I hugged her, then reached for Suzi's hand as she panted beside me. We all slowly trembled into immobility, then Karen stirred, sitting up. She smiled at me, then at Suzi.

"Thanks, Matt, I enjoyed that." She grinned at Suzi. "You were right, Suze. He does feel good in a girl's cunt."

I laughed out loud and lay back, content. True, I was still broke, but it looked like I had myself a girl, a very sexy, intelligent, good-looking girl. Not only that, but she had a very entertaining cousin. And I had some very interesting photographs to develop. The world was suddenly a much brighter place.

The End - for now...


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