The Best Erotic Stories.

by Dave C.

We arrived at my brother in-laws house early in the afternoon. My Sister-in-law and I had always been close. She is in her late forties, a little on the pudgy side but with nice large tits, a pretty face and olive skin. Well it was decided that her and I would go to the grocery store to pick some extra food. As we drove we started to talk about various things. As we talked I made a crack about my sex life, she responded that hers had not been that great, it seems that she had not had sex in about eight months. I explained to her that my problem was not with the amount of sex but the quality. We had never talked about this before, but I could see that she was not uncomfortable with it.

We continued to talk and I started to get graphic about my lack of satisfaction. She said that she wished she had that problem. As we left the car to enter the store I could see that she was deep in thought. In the store I made it a point to brush against her body several times just to see if I could get a response, she said nothing. We loaded the groceries into the car, you know we could solve each others problem if we wanted to, I said. She looked over at me, I put my hand on her knee and ran it up to the end of her shorts, she looked down and said, lets take the long way home.

She directed me to drive to an isolated area, I stopped the car. What did you have in mind she asked. Well tomorrow everybody but you is going out to the theme park, I could get sick and not be able to go. Then what she asked , well maybe you and I could satisfy each other craving, I placed my hand on her knee again. She thought for a moment, this would be just a one time thing she said, yes I answered, If that's what you want. I slowly had put my arm over the seat back and now dropped my hand down to the top of her exposed breast (she was wearing a halter top) I gently ran my hand over the top of her tits. She looked down at my hand, that feels good she said. Well what about tomorrow, I asked.

She turned her head and kissed me, I moved my hand down inside her top and gently looked for her nipple, once found I slowly and lightly rubbed it. she said maybe we better save something for tomorrow. I guess that this means that you want me to be sick tomorrow, I said, well not to sick she said. OK I said as I removed my hand from her breast. The next day I was sick, I told my wife that she should go with her brother and the kids, I would stay home with my sister in-law.

After they left we waited for about a half an hour, I had a scotch, she busied herself with working on the paper that she was staying home to work on. For a brief moment I thought that she had forgotten about yesterday. Finally she came over to me, I guess that you want what we were talking about yesterday, I thought you wanted it I said, yes she said but, I stood up and put my arm around her, and kissed her deeply, she closed her eyes. I put one hand on her breast and slowly started to rub her. She said nothing but moved a little so that I could get a better feel of her. With my other hand I slowly moved up her leg until I reached her crotch, she opened her legs slightly to give me better access.

I put my hand inside her halter top and found her nipple, at the same time I started to stroke her crotch. she said nothing. Slowly I slid up her top, exposing one of her large tits, I reached over and licked the nipple, it was now hard, I continued to stroke her crotch. Maybe we had better go upstairs I said. Yes she said as she opened her eyes. She pulled down her top and locked the doors. We went upstairs. she shut the bedroom door and was facing me, I gave her a deep kiss and moved my hands up under her top, I grabbed both tits and started to squeeze them and rub her nipples. I slid her top off over her head and looked down on two of the nicest big breasts, her brown nipples were hard.. I went down on each in turn sucking her nipples and flicking them.

I reached down and unsnapped her shorts pushing them down until they fell to the floor. She was standing their only in her panties. I reached between her legs, she opened slightly to give me room to explore her. I continued to lick her nipples as my hand started to explore her pussy. I rubbed her pussy through the panties, she made a small sound. I slowly placed my fingers inside the side of her panties and found the large lips of her pussy. Take them off she said. I slowly slid her panties off and they fell to the ground. Lay down I said, she walked over to the bed and laid down. I got down next to her and started to really work on her tits.

I am going to eat you I said, he never would do that she said, well I love to. Take off you cloths she said, I got up and removed my shirt and pants, she studied my cock. that's nice she said, well you will be getting all you want I said. I got on to the foot of the bed and spread her olive legs. Her pussy was large, the lips were not the tiny ones I was use to. I parted the lips, and found her large clit, I licked it and, it started to swell . I was use to a small clit, but this large one was really turning me on, it was almost like a little cock. She moaned, I started to suck on her clit while one hand continued to rub her nipples. she moaned again, I could see that her lips and clit were swelling with blood, she was starting to get wet.

Did you ever do a sixty nine I asked, no what's that, did you ever suck cock I asked, no. well I explained , I put my cock in your mouth and you suck it, and I keep eating you. Anything you want she said. I moved my cock up to her mouth, she opened it slightly, wider I said, she opened up and took in the whole thing. I went down on her as she was sucking me. As I licked her she increased her motion on my cock, mumm, she moaned, I was licking her clit and her love hole rapidly, moving over all of her. I took one hand and fingered her, she moaned, I then started to finger her ass, she started to go crazy on my cock. I am going to come. I said, will you take it, she did not answer and I came in her mouth.

I pulled out of her mouth, stopped the work at her pussy and went up to her face, cum was coming from her lips. I kissed her. Did you like that I said. I never thought that I could do it she said, referring to taking it in the mouth. I continued to stroke her pussy with my fingers. You are a very sexual woman I said. She smiled, It feels so good. I am just getting started I said, she moaned again as my fingers increased there motion on her clit. I went back down to her pussy and licked her clit then sucked it. I pushed up her legs and positioned myself at her love hole. I slowly entered her, she moaned and said yes, yes. I was slowly pushing against her love hole, she was tight for such a large hole.

Finally I was totally inside of her, I stroked her slowly, she was enjoying each inch. she contracted her pussy and was squeezing my cock, the feeling was great. I started to stroke her rapidly, she responded to each of my strokes with a thrust of her hips, finally I came. She smiled, that was wonderful. I went up to her breasts and licked her nipples, she had not come yet. Roll over on your side I said, she did, I reached down to her wet cunt and spread the moisture from her pussy to her honey pot, she seemed to know what I had in mind but did not object. Wet me I said, she licked my cock. I spread her cheeks and placed my cock against her little rosette. She took a deep breath, but did not protest.

I slowly put pressure on her until the head of my cock entered. She moaned deeply. I reached around with my one hand and found her clit again, the other hand found her nipple. I used two fingers to rub her clit while I started to slowly enter her, all of a sudden she thrust her butt at me and four good inches entered her tight ass. She moaned. I started to stroke her with my cock and increased my play on her clit and nipple, she was quaking, she came once then again , then the third time in a final hard shaking, I came and pulled out of her. she looked up at me with her brown eyes and said that was the best I have ever had. It was good for me I said. We laid on the bed for several more minutes, I with my hand on her breasts, she with my cock in her hand. We still have time for one more fuck she said. I moved down between her legs again.

No she said, in my ass. I was shocked, I rolled her over. Let me do a little work first I said. I moved down to her ass and spread her legs. I licked the cum from her love hole, then spread her cheeks and exposed her little rosette, cum was seeping from her, I licked her lovely rosette, she moaned again. I placed my cock at her tiny pink opening and pushed into her, All of it I want all of it she said. She thrust her hips up to capture all of my cock. I was all in her now, she moved her hips up and down, this was wonderful, she kept fucking all of my cock until I came, she came again in one quiver. I pulled out and opened up her legs, I went down and cleaned her up again. Then I went up to her face and kissed her deeply, sharing the contents of my mouth with her. We laid their a little longer then got up and went down stairs, we had been at it for three hours.

When the others came home he husband noticed she was walking funny, he asked her about it and she told him she had pulled something coming down the stairs. We all had dinner that night, the next morning she and I went out to get some beer. She directed me to a deserted stretch of road, there she sucked me off. We left the next morning. We have visited them again since this but true to my word I have not tried to have her again. I am waiting for her to ask for it.
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