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Stranger in the Night
by Chocoholic

I was alone in the house one night when I heard a noise that sounds like somebody unlocked the front door...since I normally sleep naked, I put on a robe to check on the noise. I saw a silhouette in the living room but before I could scream, the stranger gagged my mouth...then blindfolded me.

Still shocked, I was rooted to the floor as the stranger untied my robe and took it off... I heard a sigh as my silk robe fell to the ground...the stranger fondled my breast none to gently. I still don't have any idea who broke into my home except for one thing, it has to be a man due to the enormous hand fondling my breast. The stranger put my hands behind my back then tied it together using the belt from my bathrobe. I'm getting really scared now...I can't see anything and now my hands are immobilized too....but somewhere in the back of my mind, I can feel some excitement...

I've always dreamed of being helpless and tied up. He clasped my hair and dragged me forward towards the direction of my bedroom,(I think) and I was pushed face down on my bed. I can hear drawers being opened and closed...all of a sudden, I felt something being forcibly inserted in my anus...I realized it was a vibrator when I heard a continuous humming and felt a stirring inside my anus. "Oh my God, he found our toys!!!" I thought.

He then roughly positioned me in the middle of the bed, spread my legs apart and tied each of them to the bedpost....he then untied my hands, only to tie it back on the bedpost. I can hear him doing something but I don't have any idea what it heart is beating faster and I can feel my cunt getting wet...WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! It caught me by surprise as five consecutive whacks hits my butt, it was so painful but it just made me wetter...WHACK...WHACK... WHACK... WHACK as the next set hit the inside of my thighs...

I'm crying in pain and my grimace is silenced by the gag. I was pretty turned on nonetheless and my juices dripping.... WHACK...WHACK... WHACK.... WHACK... WHACK as he hit my buttocks anew...the entire time, the stranger hasn't muttered a single word; four more hit my thighs....the pain is spreading towards my cunt and making it tingle in delight....I totally forgot about the vibrator that is in my anus until it popped out as he gave my butt five more "whippings".

I was bracing myself for more whipping that not totally turns me on when I felt warm lips kissing and gently licking my buttocks....I was surprised....he's actually kissing all the places that he "whipped" and he's doing it oh so juices are flowing out of my cunt by now....I can't even whimper in pleasure because of the gag. The stranger untied me but only to flip me over then retire me again, still spread-eagled. My sore butt being pressed on the bed....making me squirm. He slapped my breasts repeatedly with his hand until they ached so much...then he put one breast in his mouth tugging and biting it with his teeth while squeezing the other one.

For ten minutes he alternated between sucking each breast and slapping them. He started stroking my pussy and felt his hand bathed with my juices...before long, he started licking down towards the center of my heat....he started flicking his tongue around my pussy and then started sucking my clitoris until it felt so swollen...."this guy is enjoying himself , I thought." He started fucking me with his fingers, inserting them one by one until he got all four of them inside and swirled it around and around....before I know it, he has his entire hand inside me and fist-fucking me!!! I just couldn't take it anymore....I'm screaming in ecstasy but couldn't hear myself...

I was coming all over his hand. He took his hand out and started lapping my pussy like a cat lapped his milk, savoring every single drop there is. He got off me but only to take off his pants I soon realized when I felt his enormous cock penetrate me.....It was so huge as I feel my cunt getting stretched out. He started thrusting so hard it touches my womb....he kept fucking me harder and faster as I feel my head spinning in delirious pleasure....I can hear his breath getting ragged as he moves in and out of me... THUMP... THUMP... THUMP.... THUMP... THUMP...

He grabbed my nipples and pulled them as he kept on thumping in and out of and out until he exploded inside me. He pulled his cock out of my cunt after a couple of minutes....He then undid the gag...just as I was about to scream, he forcefully inserted his still hard cock in my mouth. I did not have any choice but to lick it and suck it. I can taste myself on his cock as he fucks my mouth and at the same time he's feasting on my cunt juices....licking me, sucking me while continuing to move faster and faster in my jaw muscles started to hurt as his cock grew bigger and bigger with each thrust. When he finally came in my mouth, I barely tasted it as it shot straight down my throat. I just kept swallowing....The stranger seems to can't get enough of me. He kept his limp cock inside my mouth while he continued to eat me.....sucking, licking, nipping, and tonguing my pussy....he was driving me wild but since I'm tied up, I really can't do anything but enjoy it. He grabbed my sore butt and squeezed it as he sucked harder....the orgasm that ensued felt like a thundering herd of wild stallions coming through.

If I could have jumped off the bed, I probably would have, instead I thrust my cunt up towards the stranger's hungry mouth. He drank of my juice and licked me dry. When he finally took his cock off my mouth, I just groaned in spent to even say anything. The stranger untied my feet then surprised me by sucking each of my toes....gently nibbling them...the he nibbled on my legs....the back of my knees...the inside of my ears.

Then he started kissing me gently....coaxing my mouth to open as he gently prod it with his tongue. The sweet kisses melted me.....I finally opened my mouth....gently dueled with his tongue...his kisses seems familiar. The stranger finally took the blindfold off....but I kept my eyes closed while enjoying this intimate exploration of my mouth...

I matched him kiss for kiss....when I finally opened my eyes, I found myself staring at the wonderful hazel eyes of my husband...the stranger finally said three words: "I LOVE YOU!"...and that's enough for me. He untied my hands and we fell asleep.


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