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Strangers in the Night Pt. II
by Marezmare

The thrill of our last encounter stayed with me all week. It was so exciting, sneaking into his house and fucking a total stranger in the dark. Every night I hoped he would ask me to come again. It was two weeks before it finally happened. He called me and asked if I had enjoyed myself and would I like to do it again. Of course I jumped at the chance.

I dressed quickly. The same black demi bra, but with black stockings and a garter belt this time. I knew he would like them. Nothing else but my shoes and my coat and out the door I went. My pussy was already damp as I thought of his hard cock waiting for me.

I was driving down a rather deserted stretch of road when I saw a young women flagging me down. I pulled over and asked her what the problem was. She said she had an argument with her boyfriend. That he had been drinking and driving erotically. She wanted to drive but he would not let her. He got so mad at her that he stopped his truck and told her is she did not like his driving, she should get out and walk. So she did. She wanted to know if I would drive her a few miles down the road to a phone to call for a ride. I said of course it was no problem.

As she climbed into the car I saw her more clearly in the overhead light. A gorgeous young women about 20 years old. Long brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes that were red from crying. She was a knock out with a body to match. Firm breasts peeking out of the top of her tee shirt and long tanned legs. I can imagine both men and women lusting after this beauty.

Her name was Molly. She was 22 years old, recently graduated from college and looking for just the right job. As we spoke, I tried to reassure her that she had done the right thing by getting out of the truck. I also learned that she lived about a mile from where I was going and told her I would take her all the way home. She turned to me and reached for my hand. Giving me a smile that would make any cock hard or pussy wet, she squeezed it and thanked me.

Sometime during this exchange my coat had slipped open showing the lace topped stocking I was wearing. With another killer smile, she nodded to my exposed left breast and asked me were I was going. Even at 41 I blushed and giggled like a teenager. I told her the story of my encounter with the stranger in the dark. She just stared at me mouth slightly open, her breathing just a bit faster as she listened tot he details. "Wow" was all she could manage at first. I smiled and felt the juices in my pussy flow. She asked a few questions which I gladly answered, then in a very dreamy voice asked if she could come with me.

My turn to think "wow." How I would love to play with this sexy girl. And I knew Louis would love the surprise. "Are you serious?" I asked. She shook her head yes and told me that after the fight tonight she could use a little fun. She leaned towards me and placed a hand over my semi exposed breast and ran her fingers tips softly around it. She came close to my ear, after giving it a lick, she whispered that this would be a good way of thanking me for the ride. I almost came right then and there. Without further hesitation I told her she was coming with me. She smiled and continues to stroke my breast.

We arrived a few minutes later, which had given us time to work out a plan. Before we left the car, I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this. I could still take her home. Her response was a kiss from the softest lips I had ever tasted. Her tongue slid over my lips and into my mouth. Our tongues dancing at the shear pleasure of being together. It was so good, we purred in unison.

We entered the dark house, I removed my coat and shoes, then helped Molly out of her tee shirt. My hands grazed her tits, sending a shock through both our bodies, as they moved downward to help her out of her skirt. She was naked now, I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight, then lead her down the hallway.

As before, Louis was laying naked face down on the bed. What was different was the small lamp burning nearby. Just bright enough to actually see him for the first time. My body shivered, my pussy creamy with excitement. I wanted this man in my hands. I moved to the bed and straddled his body, pouring lotion on my hands I began the massage. He sighed and told me how good it felt. I chuckled to myself knowing he would be feeling a whole lot better very soon.

Molly had walked quietly into the room and was watching me work on his body. She was standing behind the bed and in a shadow so if he had opened his eyes she would not be seen. After a few minutes I asked him how it had been to have one of his fantasies fulfilled. "Great" he replied. "Good now I want you to tell me another one," hoping he would not prove me wrong in what he liked.

"Oh that is easy" he said without hesitation "I want you and another women to work on my body together" I smiled, I knew I was right.

"And would you like a nice young thing with long brown hair and hazel eyes to stare into yours. With a luscious mouth and beautiful tits that would make your mouth water." I turned to Molly as I said this and saw her smile...that killer smile.

"MMMMMMM that would be nice"

I was sitting over his body just above his ass, my hands still moving over his shoulders as I motioned Molly to join us on the bed. As she reached out and touched his feet, his eyes flew open wide. Beautiful baby blues. "Who else is with you?" he stammered.

"Just another one of your fantasies dear heart, relax and enjoy the ride."

She worked her way up his legs to the cheeks of his ass. She squealed with delight and she squeezed them, feeling how tight they were. I felt her close to me. She straddled his ass and moved in closer behind me. I felt those beautiful tits press up against my back. The nipples hard little points. Her hands slid around my body and came to my own nipples and began to play with them.

"Hi Louis" He strained to look behind him to see who our new playmate was. He smiled with delight at the picture in front of him. "I hope you do not mind me coming along to play with you two," she said with a devilish grin.

"Not at all, your are welcome anytime I am sure."

As he rolled onto his back Molly and I moved to either side of him. Our hands running up and down his body. She was the first to lean over and kiss him. A ragged groan soon escaped his lips. I knew what he was feeling form our earlier kiss. A minute later it was my turn. But instead of kissing Louis, Molly intercepted me and kissed me hard on the mouth. Louis reached up and took a nipple from each one of his playmates and squeezed them hard. Smiling like crazy knowing another one of his fantasies was about to come true.

Molly's mouth was hot and wet as our tongues darted in and out of each other. She tasted so good I did not want to stop. But tugging fingers reminded us of another player. I moved to his mouth while she went to his very sensitive nipples and began to suck on them. Using her hot mouth she worked her way down his body kissing and licking him all over until she reached his cock. By now it was standing tall, straight up from his body. She gave a small sigh of appreciation as it was staring her in the face. It pulsed with a life of it's own, a drop of pre-cum glistening in the faint light. She licked it and his moan disappeared into my mouth. I looked up to she what she had done as her mouth slid over his shaft. I moved down to her and watched as she took the length of it in her mouth. All of it in one gulp without gagging. I wondered for a moment how she did that, then moved on to his balls, caressing them before taking them in my mouth. Louis raised himself to his elbow to watch two beautiful women go down on him together. He could not believe how lucky he was!

After a few minutes of oral respect given to his cock and balls Molly and I changed places. Her mouth taking his balls in, making them warm and wet. My tongue sliding up and down his cock, licking the tip, teasing him. We changed places several times before our mouths met at the tip of his rock hard cock. We kissed for a long time. What a sweet mouth she had. Our tongues played with each other as our hands roamed freely over each others bodies.

"I want to taste all of you" I managed to say.

I pushed her down on her back laying her next to Louis. He at first was unhappy about leaving him alone, but soon realized what he was about to see was going to be just as good. I kissed her mouth again then nuzzled her neck before finding my way to her hard nipples. Louis had already claimed one and was taking good care of it. I took the other in my mouth and flicked my tongue all around it. Molly's hands went to the backs of our heads to pull us closer but I had had a better place to be and pulled away. I quickly moved down her body and laid between those gorgeous legs. Pushing her legs open to expose her sweet pussy. What a beautiful sight I looked at it for a long time. Her lips were pink and puffy just begging to be licked. I could smell her sweet scent as I drew closer to her opening. My fingers slid over her lips, she was so creamy. Then my mouth took over and licked her slowly from bottom to top. Her body jerked from the pleasure I had just given her. I continued to lick her slit. My tongue sliding in and out of her hole, drinking from her creamy box. "MMMMMMMM, Molly you taste so good"

My tongue found her hard little button and sucked on it. Trying to give her as much pleasure as I can. "More please, More" was her response.

I was happy to continue. It had be a long while since I had my face buried in the dripping pussy of a women. If it pleased her, it pleased me. My tongue slid back to her hole and curling it up slid it in and out, fucking her as best I could. My fingers rubbing her clit in little circles with more and more pressure. I know this makes me cum, I was hoping it would work on her also. As I pressed hared and faster, I could feel her hips moving beneath me. "MORE" she screamed. I can hear Louis somewhere int he background talking to Molly. "Do you like that Molly? Do you like being eaten by a women? Do you want to cum for her? Do you want to cum all over her face?" I lost his voice in her please to not stop, I knew she was close. She was panting hard, her body rocking to meet my strokes. I pushed her over the edge when I slipped a finger into her ass. She screamed "fuck yes" and had the first orgasm of the night.

Louis was very pleased with what he had just seen but he still had a raging hard on that need attention. He also wanted to taste a my pussy. He laid me down next to Molly and started to tongue my dripping twat. But Molly would not have it. She pushed him away and climbed on top of me in a classic 69 position. My brief whimper at losing Louis turned into a sigh of happiness at having Molly pussy back. I was in heaven...her pussy in my face and her mouth on mine. I could feel her fingers sliding in and out of my hole as she sucked my clit. It felt so good. I was so close to cumming when Louis over the top of me. He was ready to fuck. He positioned himself at Moll's creamy hole, his balls hanging near my mouth, and slowly thrust his way into her sweet pussy. Slow strokes in and out. My tongue licking his shaft as it moved. After a few minutes of working on each other, we all came like dominos, falling one after the, Molly, Louis. Laughing we fell into a heap on the bed.

As happy as I was I still need his cock buried in my pussy. It did not take long with Molly and I playing before his cock was ready for action. I straddled his hips and slid his cock deep in my pussy. I rode his cock with everything I had, squeezing it tight. Molly sucked my tits and played with my clit. He filled me up, it felt wonderful. I came hard soon after, leaking pussy juice all over his cock. I moved aside and Molly jumped on his still hard cock. "Fuck me big boy, fuck me hard" she yelled. And he did. She came twice more before he unloaded his hot cum deep in her pussy.

We kissed and licked, stroked and fondled, sucked and fucked in many different positions and combinations till the wee hours of the morning. We had just about fallen asleep when the alarm clock went off. Louis had to go to work and it was time for Molly and I to leave.

Naked, Louis walked us to the door to retrieve our cloths. He hugged and kissed Molly and I, telling us he had a wonderful night. He kissed me again thanking me for making another one of his fantasies come true.

Molly lived a mile away. The sun was just rising as I pulled into her driveway. We embraced and kissed tenderly. She thank me again for picking her up and for being nice enough share Louis with her. She took a pen from her purse and wrote her phone number on my hand. "Give me a call if you want to play again...with or without Louis." With a quick kiss she was gone.

While driving home, I felt very happy and excited about what had happened. I wondered what my next encounter with my stranger in the night would be.


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