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Surrender Ch. IV
by D'Artagnan

The drive into town is a beautiful bouquet of fall colors in the trees along the road. As you ride with the window down, the wind blowing through your hair, you can't remember the last time you took the time to notice nature's wondrous splendor and enjoyed yourself like this. You love to drive his car, the quick 5-speed that handles like a sports car. Of course you could concentrate better on the road if his hands where not driving you crazy. It seems you can never drive without his hands starting on your thigh and working their way up, caressing your face and neck, or just holding your hand up to his warm mouth for a kiss. You seem to lose your concentration during these periods as you manage just an occasional moan as he takes one of your fingers into his mouth and begins to suck on it.

You do prefer this kind of treatment over some of his past antics. Sometimes he just sits over there, turned towards you in the seat and slowly strokes himself through his pants. It is not uncommon for him not to be wearing underwear under his shorts in the summer and he will let you see his growing cock. Sometimes you're just about lose your mind. On this trip he is slowly caressing your thigh and gently pushing his hand between your legs to the exact point above your clit. You swear he has the perfect ability to find it through numerous layers of clothing. He really does know how to touch you. You respond by opening your mouth and sucking in air, swallowing loudly, and blinking your eyes quickly. You almost forget you are driving. You ask him not to do that right now, saying that the simple, windy road becomes a grand prix race when you cannot concentrate on it. He laughs as he removes his hand and holds yours firmly. You really do love his touch.

As you enter the town ahead you ask him where exactly you should go. He laughs and tells you to park in a small shopping plaza containing numerous clothing stores. You pull into a parking space and get out of the car. As you naturally place you arm in his, you enter a woman's boutique. You walk back into the dress section. You see several beautiful dresses displayed. The very pretty young saleswoman comes over and smiles broadly at him and he nods to her. "Room number 3," she says and disappears back to the front of the store. You look at him in wonder as you enter the fitting room, closing the door behind you. He remains outside, sitting in an overstuffed chair obviously designed for the man who has been brought along.

Inside the room you find numerous dresses and outfits, all of them are very pretty and VERY feminine. They appear to be in order so you begin to undress and put on the first dress. It is a very classic black dress, long with a low cut back. You will not be able to wear a bra with this one. It fits you very well, at least you think so, but all the mirrors in the room have been removed. A smile crosses your face, you understand now. It really doesn't matter what you think about the dress, this is all for him. Your nipples begin to harden at this, the excitement is felt at many parts of your body. You open the door and walk out towards him, smiling as you twirl around, the dress whirling around your legs, a true dancing dress.

"Very nice," he says as you stop and look into the full length mirrors before you. You see his eyes on yours in the reflection. You could not agree more with him, it looks incredible. You see him stand and walk up behind you. He takes his hand and runs his finger down the back of your neck to the base of your spine. The sensation only causes your chest to stick out even more. The affect on the front of the dress is alarming as your nipples press against the silky fabric. He smiles and holds you close to him, his arms curling around your waist. He looks lovingly into your eyes. "You really look beautiful," he whispers as he kisses your cheek and then swats your butt. You recoil from his spank and try to hit him back but he is expecting your move and you miss him badly, almost losing your balance. He laughs as he sits back down in the chair. You put a smug look on your face as you march back into the fitting room to change. Once inside you cannot help but smile at yourself. You are really enjoying this time together.

The next outfit is a very form fitting combination. The sleeveless shirt is a pullover and barely reaches the waist, the pants hug your hips tightly and flair slightly at the bottom. They are both a very deep green velvet. The feel of the fabric on your skin is intoxicating. You are glad that your panties are designed to remove all possible panty lines. It bothers you to think he planned that much ahead. You walk out to the mirrors forgetting that you were supposed to be mad at him. You smile as you see how nice your ass looks in these pants. You don't know if you like the outfit, you look at him to read his face. He asks you to stop biting the inside of your mouth, a nervous habit you have had forever. He looks over the outfit, his eyes lingering on your butt, you smile because you know how much he loves your butt. "Interesting," is all he says. You return to the room with a smile.

As you remove your clothes, you look at the next outfit and are a little shocked. It is a very sexy burgundy camisole and matching tap pants set. Made of 100% silk, the top slides softly into place, the bottom wears comfortably on your waist. The shear elegance of it causes a shudder down your back. Did it get cooler in here? He cannot want you to come out into the store wearing this did he? You feel the breeze on the cheeks of your ass as you walk out into the mirrored area. He cannot hold back the smile that appears on his face. He motions you to him and you walk over to him. "Delicious." He runs his hands up your legs, holding you by the hips. He raises an eyebrow when his hands slides under your tap pants and comes in contact with your panties, surely he didn't expect... He laughs as he reads your mind. "Not this time sweetheart, not yet.." he says as he takes you onto his lap, wrapping his arms around you and kisses you full on the mouth. It is all you can do to keep your legs together, keeping some semblance of being a lady. He helps you to your feet. You twirl once more and laugh as you head back to the room. You are really enjoying this.

The next, and last, outfit is hanging against the wall. If the last outfit shocked you, this one totally terrifies you. The problem you have is that you can still see the wall completely. It is a white lace corset and panty set with matching garter belt and stockings. The lace is very beautiful but almost completely sheer. As you begin to dress into the outfit there is a soft knock at the door. "Yes?" you answer. "Do you need some assistance with the last outfit?" The voice is the young saleswoman. You realize, much to your chagrin, that you may not be able to fasten the back of the corset yourself because it is laced with a drawstring, not with hook fasteners. You open the door wearing only the panties and garter belt with the corset loosely fitted across your chest. She steps into the room. "You look very nice," she says as you blush and feel the heat spreading across your face and down your neck. She stands behind and you stand still and allow her to touch your breasts through the fabric. She adjusts you in the top of the corset, your nipples hardening against her hands. A soft moan escapes as you blush even deeper. You feel her move closer behind you, her breasts against your back. Her voice becomes a soft whisper in your ear, it sends chills down your spine. She tells you how beautiful you look and how great the fabric feels against your body. You feel the dampness growing in your panties. She runs her hands around your bodice and begins to lace up the back of the corset. She finishes without having to pull hard against your body and your fill completely encased in the garment. It feels like a second skin but is not restricting. It also covers your part of your body you are least proud of and accentuates your feminine features. You are glad that she is no longer touching your breasts and your breathing starts to return to normal. "Do you need help with your stockings," she asks? You are not sure if there is a double meaning to the offer or maybe you are imagining the look she is giving you and your body. "No, but thank you for your help," you reply with an innocent smile. You swear you saw an flash of disappointment before she smiled and left the room.

You sit down on the bench and slowly slide the stockings up your legs, feeling the silkiness against your skin. There are few things that feel as feminine as wearing stockings. You never really wore them until you found out that he really loves them and finds them incredibly sexy. You feel the wetness between your legs as you press your thighs together, rubbing your legs up and down with your hands. You step into the shoes provided for this outfit, white 4 inch heels. You enjoy the extra height and the elegance it adds to your outfit. You are still anxious about leaving the room dressed as you are. You have no idea who could be in the store when you emerge.

You open the door slowly and let out a deep breath you had been holding as you walk out into the store. A quick darting look around the store reveals only him, you shudder with relief. He laughs at your expression but you can see that your appearance has caught his eye. He looks you up and down, you read the desire in his eyes. It is immense, but that is not all. You see the lump in the front of his khakis begin to grow. You almost trip as your knees weaken. Your insides twist as your body immediately responds to what you are seeing. Your nipples harden quickly and your feel the flush of heat run down your chest all the way to your clit. Your pussy moistens as your breath catches. "How does he do this to you?" you begin to wonder. No one, absolutely no one, has ever done this to you! But just the mere sight of him, the heady softness of his voice, or even the warmth of his touch sends your body in shivers. He stands and walks over to you as you face the mirrors. "You look absolutely fantastic!"

You smile at his compliments. His hands wrap around you from behind and you melt into him, feeling his warmth. You also feel his hardness against you. You involuntarily move back against it. He sighs and brings his hands up to cup your breasts. You close your eyes, forgetting where you are and are lost in his caress. You are shocked that his hands move to your hips and stop. "You made one mistake with the outfit, my love." You quickly turn to face him and look down your body, "What?" "Your panties always go on the outside of the garter belt. It allows you to remove them easier..... for lots of reasons." You blush at his meaning and smile, slightly embarrassed. That is something you would have never thought of but somewhere deep inside you are so glad that he did. He kneels in front of you and unsnaps your garters one by one and slides them under the thin strap of your panties. He then snaps them back onto the stockings. When he is complete, he looks up into your eyes and you nearly melt when he leans over and kisses your wetness softly through the panties. You know he can smell your scent and he smiles. You shudder as you feel fresh moisture appear on your nether lips. You quickly look around as he kisses you again. His tongue searching out against your panties, you quickly realize that you are still in a public store and anyone could walk in any minute. The excitement of this and the pleasure his talented tongue is bringing you causes you to lean back against a mirror. You see no customers in sight, but you can see the beautiful sales clerk in one of the mirrors. She does not know you can see her and she is touching herself as she watches you. You let out a deep, long moan when his tongue pushes aside your panties and enters your pussy. Your excitement is doubled by the fact you are being watched. Your whole body begins to quake as his tongue finds your enlarged clit and begins to suck it deeply into his mouth. His mouth continues it's attack on your sweet pussy as his hands move up to hold your ass cheeks tightly. He pulls them closer to his face, mashing your mound against him face. You feel your orgasm approaching quickly, this is so fast, you can hardly believe it. He begins to quickly lick your clit, harder and harder, just what you need to take you over the edge. His fingers pulling tight on your ass. The sensations from his tongue, his mouth, his hands, and the tremendous excitement you feel seeing the clerk's face as she shoves her hand down the front of her pants watching you sends you over the edge. You almost scream as your orgasm overcomes you, your head is thrown back as you try to escape from his mouth, your pussy on fire and it spasms over and over. Oh My God, you cannot get away from his sucking mouth. It takes you higher and higher. You cannot continue as you collapse against the mirror, his hands and face holding you up. He gently lowers you to a sitting position as your senses begin to return. He gently kisses your face and you taste your juices on his lips. He leans back and smiles broadly and says, "I think we will take this one. What do you think?" A smile is all the answer you have strength for.

By the time you return to the room and dress in your street clothes your heartbeat has calmed down and your breathing is almost normal. The hard part is facing the saleswoman. You are not sure who is embarrassed more as you stand there with him as he pays for items selected. You do wear a very large smile for the clerk when she manages to say with a straight face, "Please come again." "Absolutely!" is your only response. You manage to see the deep blush on the clerk as you turn and walk out of the store with your arm locked tight in his.

To Be Continued...


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