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Sharing Janet
by Lacadie

Our relationship changed after Fred fucked Janet, during our weekend at the motel. Fred had to work Monday, but was invited to dinner Tuesday night. When he arrived, Janet greeted him at the door wearing a white teddy. Her nipples, ass and bush were clearly visible through the material.

As we sat down to eat dinner, Fred reached over and undid the crotch snaps, exposing her bush and ass. After finishing dinner and cleaning the kitchen, Fred suggested we go out for dessert. We agreed.

Janet said, "I'll be dressed in a minute."

Fred said, "You already are dressed."

"You want me to go out wearing just this teddy."

"I'd like you to go out nude, but the teddy is fine."

I agreed with Fred.

Janet put on a raincoat, to get to the car. In the car she took it off.

We decided to skip dessert and take a walk on the beach. We parked the car and got out. Janet wanted to wear her coat but I dared her to leave it in the car. She smiled at me as the three of us walked away. As we walked Fred reached over and pulled her shoulder straps down. While he held them Janet pulled her arms out, leaving the straps hanging at her sides. Further along I reached over and pulled the top down below her tits.

"Are you guys going to strip me?"

"That thought has crossed our minds," I said.

"You two really enjoyed exposing me to that man in the hotel, didn't you? You enjoy it when I act like a slut, letting you expose me and use me."



"Ok. I'll be your slut. You can expose me and use me whenever and wherever you want except when our family and friends are around."

"Does that include Fred?"

"Yes. Fred can expose me and use me whenever and wherever he wants. Fred, you can't come in me anymore though. I don't want to get pregnant."

"I'll wear a condom."

"Ok, that will be fine. I suppose you two want me to take this teddy off and walk around completely nude."

I reached over and pulled the teddy to her feet. As I held it, she stepped out of it.

We continued walking, eventually seeing a couple walking toward us. As we passed each other, we said hello. Janet made no attempt to cover herself.

The next strangers we encountered were two men carrying fishing poles. I started a conversation with them about night fishing. Janet stood there allowing them a good look at her nude body, even joining in the conversation for a while.

We said goodbye to the two men and continued walking for a few minutes when Fred said, "I can't take it anymore." He took Janet in his arms and began kissing her, his hands on her ass. When he started to push her down she broke the kiss.

"You're not going to do me right here on the beach, are you?"

"I can't wait until we get home."

"At least take me to the dunes. I'll be embarrassed if someone sees us."

We walked up to the dunes and found a clear spot out of sight of the beach. Janet lay down, waiting for Fred to join her. They were both very horny and it wasn't long before Fred was fucking her. Not having a condom, Fred pulled out at the last second and shot his load on her stomach and bush. Fred cleaned her up with his handkerchief and stepped aside. I joined her and began kissing her. She hadn't cum yet and was still very horny. My turn became a quickie as I soon slid into her and came in her pussy. Having two men fucking her was enough to put her over the edge and she came about the same time I did.


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