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Swimming Lessons
by RRHomepc

As I stretched out under the sun in the lounge chair next to the pool, I kept my mind busy reading some erotica, yet somehow managed to eye him every time he walked by. He was busy working around the yard and I was just getting some rays before I left my island. Claiming heat and needing to cool off from the Caribbean sun, I got into the pool. The coolness of the water was inviting, my nipples responded quickly, and obviously. Toward the back of the pool there were some water jets. They felt so good against my nipples and around my back. Before I knew it, I was slowly lifting myself up on the edge as the water barely gushed against my clit. Already feeling aroused, the pressure and vibration against my pussy was exactly what I needed -- not to relieve the situation, but rather to keep it from fading. I'm not usually shy when I'm horny so I openly enjoyed its massage and felt myself falling under a spell of sensations. Inviting him into the pool with me, was not a problem, as he could clearly see what I was doing. As he walked down the steps, his erection became obvious, the wetness of his baggy trunks clung mercilessly across his hips, outlining his big cock.

I playfully swam around, slow deliberate moves, my long legs spreading ever so far then diving under right in front of him. My ass playfully close to his face, my pussy's lips pressing obviously hard against my bikini. He took a playful dive himself, stripping his trunks and setting his cock free. Diving up towards me he ended naturally between my legs. As I lifted my legs to encircle his waist, I began caressing his nipples which were extremely perky and responsive. A dull hollow groan was extracted from somewhere deep within him. As he held me up against his hardness, he cupped my ass roughly, forcing me to press even harder against him. My moans of need and pleasure an obvious indication of my consent. We kissed deeply, hungrily. Another dive from him and there went the bottom of my bikini. Playfully he came up behind me and showed me the treasure he found as he undid my top with his teeth. Bending me over slightly, actually dipping my head into the pool, he stroked and caressed my pussy from the back with his hand and with the big head of his cock.

My pussy lips were full and swollen, my insides were pulsating and wet, ready for entry. As he turned me around to straddle him, he began making an entry. Water is not a friend of intimacy. No matter how ready both persons are, it just counteracts with the smoothness of intercourse. But, through our kissing, feeling and playing we continued. It was a challenge. As his head made entry, I felt my insides slowly giving in to him. I wanted him inside me so bad that I believe this too, was causing tension between us and preventing us from achieving any swift motion. But, we continued playfully, playing with each other's nipples, tongues and asses. My pussy is naturally very tight, so just being there is a challenge in itself; once you're inside, however, you are welcomed by it's moistness, heat and hug. My gasp at one of his thrusts was a clear indication that he made it inside me all the way; his grunts acknowledging his victory. We fucked real slow. We fucked real hard. We fucked real fast. Our bodies were under the beautiful Caribbean summer sun and we could feel its heat on our bare skin.

There were no houses close by and those that were, stood unoccupied. Mounting in desire, as we continued our savagery we progressively got louder, and louder. As I usually find myself lost somewhere during my ecstasy, I usually don't realize it, but I can get pretty loud and just not give a fuck. I could hear him calling my name, saying "Oh God, Rosa, yes, yes" and praising me for having such a warm, wet pussy that clung on to him like no other. Once in a while, he shoved me by the chest and dunk me into the depths of the pool while he still fucked me. I could practically bend over backwards and touch the pool's floor. With his hard cock ramming into me and my legs wrapped around his calves and thighs, I sometimes felt like I might drown. Devilishly, he would hold me down a bit longer when he saw I was trying to come up for air or to make a sound, and would drill me even harder, causing me to want to moan and take in a breath underneath. Eventually he would let me up and just as the water passed my face I would take in a breath that would send me back into the depths of the pool and my pleasure.

There were times I thought I would pass out from lack of air and the thought was extremely erotic. Yet he always seemed to save me at the right moment. He took me to the stairs and bent me over, allowing me to hold on to the rail. My moans, screams and sexy instructions could be heard clearly by anyone within a half mile, but we didn't care. We continued our animalistic behavior and enjoyed so much what we were experiencing, that we had nothing to hid from, nothing to be ashamed of, just pure lust, sex and pleasure. Come as many times as I may, somehow I never run out of moisture and that's what he likes best about me. He likes to look down when he is behind me and see his cock covered in my wetness. The smell of me engulfing his senses and begging for his climax. We had often talked about me drinking his come, but I never had because he took such pleasure in coming inside of me.

But this time, as his climax approached, he asked if he could come in my mouth and I hungrily took him in. His cock was wet and slick from my come and smelling that, tasting on him, was one of the most erotic things that I have yet experienced. As I licked him clean, and hungrily took him into my mouth, he held on to the curls cascading around my shoulders. Loudly he screamed for release, his balls, tight and small now and his head ever-growing in my mouth, confirming his threat. As he spilled in my mouth I felt a flood of new emotions. My senses took in the flavor, the texture, the saltiness, the sweetness, the sticky, warm fluid that filled my mouth and confused my taste buds. Just as I thought my mouth couldn't hold any more I felt the come pumping down his shaft again, making me swallow and open up for more. I drank him down completely and as I did, he stood there, straight and tall, his head back a bit, eyes closed, mouth open, praising me and just enjoying the experience. He said no one had ever done that to him before, and I hadn't done it for anyone else either, so it was an extremely gratifying experience for both of us. Every time I licked my lips that afternoon, I thought about what we'd done. As if that was not enough, occasionally warm pool water would drip out of my pussy and caused me to smile mischievously.


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