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Sushi Lover
by Lisa

I guess sex with someone new or with a stranger is more exciting than sex with just your plain ol' lover, so that is why I choose to write this story into my journal. Names have been changed to protect someone's job. Our favorite sushi restaurant is on Sunset Blvd. It's more of a party atmosphere than a serious sushi restaurant, that's why we choose to go there when we want to go wild, with no hang ups or attitudes.

My boyfriend Jay picked me up in his S. U. V. around 9 P.M. We had been fighting that whole week and since it was Saturday night, we decided to try to make up and drink our frustrations away. I was feeling good, dressed in a short, blue skirt and white, backless shirt. It was a thin material and slightly see through when enough light was on it. It was dark out, so my only problem was my nipples poking through because it was chilly out.

We sat in a booth on the second floor. The place was busy. No one was acting the fool as they usually do by 11 P.M. The booth was kind of low to the ground, not the best situation for someone in a short skirt and of course, no panties. Our waiter's name was Damon, a very handsome actor-type, just making a living. He was very cool. We started with a large bottle of sake and appetizers. We drank the sake down quickly and I was drunk really fast. Just then Tom, one of Jay's best buddies showed up. He was already weeded out and obnoxiously loud. He plopped down next to me.

He whispered into my ear and told me that if you stand up in front of the table and look down at me, that he can see my pussy.

I said "I know!" and smiled.

"OK!" He laughed. I readjusted myself in order not to "flash" anyone who didn't deserve it. We ordered more drinks and the waiter started bringing shots of tequila along with our drinks that were "on the house."

In a half of an hour, we were all pretty trashed. At that point, I lost all modesty and purposely made sure that Damon, the waiter got a full view of my shaved pussy every time he came to our table, which was quite often. I was getting horny, which happens whenever I get drunk. I started grabbing at Jay's crotch, feeling his rock-hard cock and tugging at his zipper.

He was too drunk to stop laughing. I turned towards Tom with my legs spread, showing him my now wet pussy. I peeled back my luscious lips and dipped my finger inside, then pulling it out revealing it's wetness. Tom smiled as I stuck my finger into my mouth and licked it clean. Just then the waiter came over and brought us another round of tequila shots. This time I played with my lips as he watched for a second. We shot it down quick and he left. Another half of an hour went by and we drank and laughed and laughed. Soon I was feeling a little dizzy. Tequila is not my friend. The waiter came by one more time and I told him that I was not feeling well at all. Jay and Tom were laughing at me. Damon, being the nice guy that he is, helped me to my feet and led me to the unisex bathroom on the first floor.

The place was packed by then. Everyone knew I was drunk by the way I stumbled across the room. We went into the bathroom and I went straight for the bowl. In seconds I was sick. Damon held by hair back. It was over quick and I sat on the edge to regain control. I started laughing and said I was embarrassed. He said not to worry, that it was his pleasure. I looked down and noticed that my right breast was almost out of my blouse. I looked at him and put it back in. His crotch had a huge bulge in it. I smiled and put my hand there. He backed up and said he couldn't because he could get fired because I was drunk and could try to sue him and the restaurant later on.

I told him that I was in control and not to worry. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It sprung out, leaking with clear and sticky pre-cum. I hoped all of that "flashing" earlier on got him turned on. His cock was kind of thick, not long, so I was able to deep throat it real easily.

I pumped three times with my hand and BOOM! He started squirting cum in my mouth. I pulled it out to swallow some of it before I choked and he kept firing in my face and hair. Big chunks of jizz shot everywhere. I was thinking "Damn! What kind of diet is he on to shoot like cum like a fucking horse?" I started laughing and he apologized. I told him that he should not worry, because that was the whole idea, it's just that I was not ready for it.

He grabbed a paper towel and wiped my face clean. He left the bathroom first, then I left. I walked through the crowd, not stumbling, but still drunk. I had a couple of spots of cum on my dress, but it was dark, so no one really noticed. I sat back down to the table and Tom and Jay were still laughing. The looked at me and stated laughing louder. "WHAT!" I yelled. "I told you! I told you! Jay started yelling to Tom. Jay leaned over to my ear and whispered, "I know what you did in the bathroom. I have evidence." He reached over and grabbed a couple of chopsticks. He brought them over to my head and reached into my hair, pulling out a chunk of cum with the sticks. "Ah ha!" He yelled. I smiled. He slowly fed me the chunk of cum that he pulled from my hair. I knew he wouldn't care or freak out at the fact that I just blew the waiter because he totally loves shit like that, as long as he knows about it and feels involved. I was loving the special sushi he was feeding me The waiter came over with more free drinks. Jay and Tom gave him high fives. I guess Damon felt the relief of knowing that he wasn't about to get his ass kicked. Jay asked him, "But you didn't get to fuck her did you?"

"Nah man!" he responded.

"It's real sweet!" Jay continued as Damon left. We drank and drank some more. Soon it was 1 AM and time to go.

Damon came over and said that everything was "on the house." We left him a hefty tip, but he returned it to us, saying that I was "tip enough!"

"Wow!" I was thought, a waiter with a heart. He offered us a ride home, since we were really, really drunk. But the guys said that they were fine to drive. Tom lived right down the street from the restaurant. Damon offered to drive behind us, just to make sure that we got there al right. We got our S.U.V and drove off to Tom's house, leaving everyone behind.

We drove to the house. Jay had my skirt off and I was naked from the waist down, outside in Tom's driveway when we got out of the car. For some reason, the other two cars took a while and I was standing in the cool LA evening air, almost naked. Jay walked up to me and pulled out his cock.

It was already throbbing hard. He leaned me over the hood and slid his dick into my wet pussy. So here we were, fucking outside in a strange neighborhood, in plain view of anyone who was around. It felt liberating and dangerous. I liked it. Tom and Damon pulled up, shining their head lights on us. We waved like it was no big deal. Before they even got out of their cars, Jay came inside of me, squirting a heavy load of cum in my pussy. "Damn that was quick!" I yelled out.

He laughed and laughed. "That was just a taste! I couldn't hold it anymore! So shut up!" he said playfully. Tom and Damon walked over, smiling. We walked to the front door and went inside. As I walked, a small stream of cum dripped down my leg. "Where's your dress Lisa?" Tom asked. I just shrugged my shoulders.

Tom house was really posh. I laid onto the leather sofa, it was cold on my naked skin. There was a wall of mirrors right in front of the couch. I took my shirt off and peeled open my pussy lips, looking Damon right in the eyes. "You want some of that?" Jay asked Damon.

He smiled and nodded yes. Everyone laughed at his boyishness. I motioned for him to take off his pants. In one big swooped, they were off. His huge cock throbbed and danced in the air. He sat down next to me. I stood up on the couch and squatted over his dick. My head felt clear, my buzz was gone. In one quick motion I mounted his big dick. It slid into my cum filled pussy with ease. I was totally in charge. I let it throb inside of me for a brief moment, then I started to move my hips slowly.

"Oh SHIT!" Damon moaned.

Everyone laughed again. "Go on girl! Rock his world!" Jay shouted out. I moved my hips even faster. Damon was biting his bottom lip from the pleasure. I looked over my shoulder to see us in the mirror. It looked good. Jay's creamy cum was dripping out of my stuffed pussy as I noisily fucked Damon's rock hard cock. My asshole was being stretched open as Damon continually squeezed and pulled my ass cheeks apart. I put my three fingers in my mouth, wetting them with saliva and put them inside of my ass.

I looked over to find Jay, hoping he was digging the show that I was giving. He was making drinks at the bar with Tom. They weren't even paying attention. I stood up, letting his cock slide out slowly. Out dripped a string of Jay's cum onto Damon's shiny, throbbing cock. I turned around to face the mirror. Slowly I lowered myself onto his dick, this time letting it slide into my asshole. I had to hold his cock in place as I struggled to get it's head inside of my puckered hole. I put a lot of my weight on it and it popped inside. I must admit, it HURT at first from the width of his cock. Within a few strokes, the pleasure subsided the pain.

I watched in the mirror, his thick cock sliding in and out of my ass. My pussy lips were wide open from the excitement and kinda flapping with every stroke. Small amounts of clear and white cum dripped out of my pussy as Damon's cock pushed inside of me. This went on for a few minutes. Finally Tom and Jay came back over and sat in front of us to watch. They both had drinks in their hands, which they sipped on. I was bracing my body up with my hands with the back of the couch and all of the action was in my hips. I was "working it!"

I felt an orgasm build up and I came, swinging my head around like a wild woman. Tom and Jay clapped, applauding Damon's good work. Unlike a guy, I was not done after my orgasm. I wanted even more. I stared into Jay eyes. He was really liking this. I looked into the mirror. Jay's cum was dripping more and more from my pussy. Using my hips only, I raised up, letting his cock slide out of my ass. I lowered myself back down, letting it slide back into my pussy, coating Damon's cock with the mixture of sperm and my juices.

This felt wonderful! I lifted off again and slid it easily back into my ass. It went in so smoothly, that I felt another orgasm building up. I started fucking in a rhythm. I slid his cock out of my ass and into my pussy, then back and forth over and over, not once did I have to use my hands. Both holes were open and willing to except his thick cock. I came again, grinding my pelvis with his cock buried inside of my ass. I still wanted more. I was about to turn around, when Damon moaned and started to cum. I felt wads of hot sperm fill my ass. He growled in pleasure as I grinded my hips back and forth until he finished his orgasm. His cock begin to shrink inside of me. I slid off of it. I looked at him as I slowly put his soft and wet cock into my mouth. I slowly sucked it clean of all of the juices. I made sure that my ass was facing Tom and Jay, so they can see how stretched open it was. I deliberately flexed my ass muscles, causing the sperm to ooze out of my ass and drip down to my already dripping wet pussy. This went on for a few minutes while I sucked and licked Damon's cock, which was not getting erect at all.

It wasn't long before someone's cock slid into my gaping asshole. I turned around and it was Tom. Still with a drink in his hand, he slowly pumped in and out of me. Since I was on my knees, I arched my back even more, so he could go deeper. Soon, I got annoyed at the fact that he wouldn't even put his drink down and that Jay wasn't apparently paying attention. I quickly got up and his cock slid out of my ass with a loud pop. I walked over to the bar, purposely avoiding eye contact with Jay. He walked over and asked me, "What's wrong?"

I wanted to know if he was having a good time watching? He said "Yes!" That's all I really wanted to know. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down. His cock was dripping with pre-cum, even though he just came about 30 minutes ago, he was semi-hard and ready for more. I slid his dick into my mouth and sucked on it. It sprang into erection. I motioned for Tom to come over.

He walked over with his cum slicked, hard cock, bobbing in the air. He put the drink down as I laid him onto the floor. I squatted over him and slid his cock into my ass. I eventually got on my knees, so that my back was arched more. His cock was kind of small and it barely stayed inside of my well used and slick asshole. I guess that's one of the down falls of have anal sex all the time. I looked up at Jay and winked. He knew what I wanted. Jay moved in behind me and started to stuff his cock into my ass as well. "Hey! HEY! What's going on back there?" Tom yelled out.

"Shut up!" Jay and I yelled simultaneously. Finally my ass stretched open enough to allow Jay's cock inside with Tom's cock already in my ass. Tom's dick seemed to get even harder with the introduction of Jay's dick. That's when it hit me.

I asked Tom "Are you bi?"

He just smiled and answered, "I only give it. I don't take it!" The conversation ended right there as we both were lost in the pleasure zone. Eventually, I couldn't hold back. The feeling of two cocks in my ass was too much and I came again. By that time the sun was coming up. Damon was still there watching and stroking his semi hard dick. Jay's rhythm was faster than Tom's and I knew he was about to cum.

Within seconds, he came in my ass. His dick slid out almost immediately from the force of Tom's cock pounding me. His cock slipped out from the slickness of the sperm. I grabbed his dick and slipped it inside my pussy. My ass was too slick and stretched to keep his smallish cock inside if it. Within a few seconds he was exploding inside my pussy. He grabbed my hair as he came. For some reason, that got me off and I came again. Everyone was satisfied. I was dead tired and sore. Both holes were filled with sperm. My knees were red from the carpet. I really wanted to go home. Jay and Tom were too drunk to drive me. Jay, of course thought I was being a "brat," got pissed and locked himself in Tom's guest room. I asked Damon, who gladly obliged to drive me home. I only could find my shirt. I put it on and Damon grabbed me a towel from the bathroom. I wrapped it around my waist and we left. We barely spoke in the car.

I was not angry at anyone, I just wanted to be in my own bed. I was thinking about what was went on that evening and I started laughing. He pulled up to my house and I kissed him on the forehead. I didn't know what time it was, but the Sunday newspaper truck was on our street making deliveries. "Thanks!" I said to him. I took off the towel and threw it into the back seat. I knew that newspaper guys were watching, so I waived to them as I walked half naked up my driveway and into the house. I went straight to bed, sleeping for only 5 hours, before being awakened by my brother and his noisy friends watching basketball.

There was nothing I could do, but be pissed. It's his house.

After laying in the bed for a while, my interest was peeked, finding out about Tom's "Bi" interest and wondered if my boyfriend Jay had the same interests as well. But hey, that's another story.


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