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Slut Lessons

Through out high school everybody had their own little group of friends. Yes, there was a particular group who considered themselves the coolest, but for the most part, it was just kids hanging around who had common interests. The guys on the basketball team would be close, the heavy duty drug users were tight, the smart kids usually hung out together, and everybody else seemed to clump together too. Yes, of course, all us guys lusted after the perky cheerleaders with their tight sweaters, but this story isn't about them. This story is about a girl I barely knew, who was of no group, and it seemed, no past. I guess, up to this point, nobody really knew each other at all.

Like many people from our past, we don't remember the whole person, just a snap shot of them. With this one girl, Chantelle, I can only remember her in one way, although the image is so striking, it lies right behind my eyelids on some days. The image before me I see is this: a girl barely known to us before this evening, but now is lying on her back, arched, so only her buttocks and shoulders are touching the ground. The smell of sweat and sperm is everywhere, probably because its drooling out from between her legs, stuck in clumps in her hair, and frothing from her lips. Her thighs are spread open not for just one man, but any and every man who's close enough to smell it. This physical invitation is vulgar, and yet repulsively irresistible. But, I get ahead of myself, let me lead you to this final scene which is so exactly etched in my brain.

About half way through Grade 12, we students were slowly waking up to the fact that our social groups meant nothing. One Saturday night in our quaint little suburb, 3 parties were going on: the druggies were under the overpass, the cool group was in some rich kid's house, and the smart group was at my home. There I was, drinking and smoking with my friends on an early spring night, when the door bell rings. I stumble to the door to see about five cars lined up in front of my driveway, and am greeted by their welcoming party. Turns out their party was shut down by the cops, and now the rich kids wanted into mine. Well, there's no way in hell they were coming into my house, but the night was warm, so I let them into the backyard. Besides, when a half drunk cheerleader starts to plead with you to let her in, it's damn difficult to say no. Well, now I'm nervous cause I'm not sure how these groups are gonna mix, and I'm afraid my house is going to get trashed. I've stopped drinking but am smoking like hell, cause I'm getting nervous, when the door bell rings again.

Yup, the cops proceeded to shut down the illegal underpass party, and now the druggies want in. I would have said no, but Tony is there, who's smoked me up for free a number of times, so I owe him one. So now, I'm nervous like a cockroach. There is a huge gathering of kids in my backyard, many of whom are smoking up for the first time, as the already high druggies decide to share the wealth on this momentous occasion. The final ring of the doorbell was the biggest shocker though, it was Chantelle. She had come alone. We knew each other casually from school, but her being in the remedial stream, and me in the honours stream, our interaction had been limited to say the least. Sometimes I'd see her walking to school in the mornings, living just down the street from me. Standing there, at my door, her eyes met with mine. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Her hands were fidgeting in the front pockets of her jeans. I just figured she wanted in like everybody else, and I pointed her around back where the party was. Her eyes broke contact with mine, but she smiled as she turned away. I always figured she had come from a broken home, and perhaps a little rough because of it, but that smile let me know she wasn't so untouchable. I must have taken a lot of bravery to come to this party alone.

As the night became morning, most people had already left, leaving behind empty bottles and cigarette butts everywhere. The cleanup was going to be hell. There were a few stragglers still hanging out, but since the group was small, we headed into the house. Sitting on the "L" shaped sofa in front of the TV, us all half baked, we settled down to the "still buzzed but sobering post party" conversation. I guess by that point, there was about nine of us left. Eight of us were sitting around talking, and the ninth, Chantelle, was sitting close enough to hear, but not speaking herself. After an hour or two, the last two girls except Chantelle left, and though it was strange having six guys and just one girl sitting around, she didn't seem to mind. During the ensuing conversation, I kept looking at her to see if she was alright. Other than looking softer and prettier than I had imagined her up close, she seemed okay. She still didn't speak, and the conversation persisted as if she wasn't there.

With most of the girls gone, the macho stuff stopped, and we started talking about how strange it was we had never really hung out together till this evening. We were all from different social groups, and were realizing that the differences between us weren't so great. We felt, in this early morning conversation, we were starting some kind of new day, where who you are didn't matter, you were accepted all the same. It was one of those weird moments, where everyone present shares a moment of clarity, a feeling of acceptance. They all started thanking me for bringing them all together, as if I had lead this revolution, when in truth, I was reluctantly nominated its host. In a stupor, each guy got up and hugged me, thanking me for this chance to feel accepted. Yeah, we were still drunk. Then, when an awkward lull appeared after the last hug, a most unexpected move broke the silence.

As I was about to sit back down, Chantelle stood up, took two nervous steps towards me, and hugged me. She placed her arms under mine, held me close, and placed her head on my shoulder. Holding her in my arms, her body pressed close to mine, I felt an instinctive need to protect her, and perhaps that thought triggered something inside of her. Instead of speaking, she started to cry, and her slight convulsions also shook my body. Although I should have been touched by this moment, I couldn't break my mind away from how nice her breasts under white T-shirt felt jiggling against my chest. Even in her state of exposed vulnerability, I couldn't restrain my animal reaction; I couldn't keep my thoughts pure. I think she felt the hardening bulge in my jeans, because she quickly drew her head from my shoulder to look me in the eyes, although her body remained pressed close. Now it was my turn to not to be able to speak, instead I must have blushed, trying to find the right excuse. But, to my great surprise, she merely smiled. Perhaps words eluded her, but this was something she did understand. I guess her life had taught her only one way to show gratitude, and she dropped to her knees to express it.

Although I was highly aware of the six other guys watching in disbelief, she seemed oblivious to them, as if complete focused on what she was about to do. As her thumb and forefinger slowly drew the fly of my jeans down, her fingernails scraped along my jeans. My cock, already hard, furiously tried to spring from under the cloth of my underwear. My legs felt weak, and I braced myself on the top of the couch behind me. Pulling my cock through the underwear flap that has no other purpose, she looked up at me for approval. I closed my eyes, turned my head, and groaned, which was all the confirmation she needed. I felt an incredibly moist tongue lightly touch the underside of the tip of my cock. As the tongue swirled underneath, I felt her lips slowly close on the head. At that moment, I totally forget about the other guys there too. As she held the shaft of my penis with her hand, she gave me the best blow job I've ever had. Other girlfriends had blown me as if it was merely a requirement of dating, but this girl was embracing me with her lips and tongue, giving me pleasure for her own reasons. When I would open my eyes every once in a while, I saw her always looking up at me, trying to judge how much I enjoyed each movement. Suddenly I felt my whole cock slip into the mouth, the tip actually pressing the back of her throat. Her nose came right into my public hairs. I could her breath coming strongly and rapidly through her nostrils, fighting for oxygen, and yet at the same time her being unwilling to let up on the constant sucking of my penis. On her final bob, I felt my penis go wholly inside of her mouth and throat, and shot my load right then. I don't she even had a chance to taste the first spurt. But she must have tasted the rest, as she cleaned up every last drop, sucking me dry as I groaned and groaned, feeling the tightness of my balls. As I caught my breath and opened my eyes, she was still between my legs, staring at me. When I smiled, the big grin every man smiles after an incredible orgasm, she smiled back, I guess happy to have pleasured me.

I saw a few of the other guys had their dicks out already. I guess some of them must have been masturbating while watching me get sucked, and I would have felt embarrassed except I was still glowing. Looking up at me, she touched my knee with her hand and smiled again, before crawling on all fours to the guy sitting next to me. Now it was my turn to watch, as she put her head right in his lap. His cock disappears in her sucking cheeks, but I guess he wanted more of a show. As she sucked, he leaned over her back, and stretched out her arms to grab her shirt. As the shirt tail pulled out of the jeans, the strap of her white bra became exposed. She had to stop briefly from her cock sucking to let him pull the shirt over her head. At one point the shirt got stuck, we all saw her twisting with her shirt over head, and boobs bouncing around. I don't think a single man in the room didn't want to grab them right then and there. When her T-shirt came off, she licked her lips, and got right back down to business. Another came forward, and undid the clasp of her bra. Her tits came free, and hanging down as she sucked the seated man, seemed larger than possible. Two men went to each side of her, who was still furiously finishing the seated guy. They each took a breast in hand, and began fondling her. It started to take effect, as now not only her head bobbed, but her ass, stuck up in the air, started to grind against an imaginary cock. When the guy on left gave her nipple a little pinch, she gave a quick whimper, as her body contracted. I felt myself starting to get hard again. A forth guy came up behind, and started to undo her jeans. After undoing the top button, he waited to see her reaction, but she was too busy doing the final stokes on the guy, the same strokes which had finished me just ten minutes earlier. Try as he might, the jeans wouldn't come off with her bend over in that position. Right when the getting sucked was about to finish, he suddenly pulled out of her mouth, and shot come all over her face, she shut eyes and opened her mouth, catching as much of it as possible. Her tongue moved all over her upper lip, catching some dripping right under her nose. One of her eyes remained closed, as a big blob of come was hanging on her eyelashes.

The coffee table was quickly moved, and they flipped her on her back. I grabbed a tissue and quickly wiped the come from her eyes. Once on her back, it was much easier for the guys to pull the jeans from her body, exposing her panties. He public hair stuck out a little bit on the sides, and the front patch was already wet with moisture. As a hand slipped inside the top band, her head tilted back and she purred almost like a cat. His whole hand slipped inside the drenched panties, and his middle finger must have hooked inside. The two guys on the side started to suck her breasts with their lips, while the forth guy started to rub her under her panties with is fingers. Her cheeks became pink because of such attention all over her body. I couldn't believe she was letting so many strange men play with her. A fifth guy knelt with his cock hanging down towards her, knees to each side of her head, and she quickly obliged him. I guess she had a pretty good view of his balls from that angle. Her face was still covered in come, and this guy looked like he was already ready to add some more. Me and the other guy who had already finished watched these four sex hungry guys surrounding this naked girl in my living room. Her panties quickly came off, and were thrown onto the floor. The guy who had been masturbating her quickly pulled off his jeans and underwear, revealing the biggest cock in the group. But looking at her glistening pussy, lips which must have been spread wide by his fingers, she should have no problem handling him. He stopped the action just long enough to place some cushions under her to raise her pussy up. With her head back, we could see come dripping down her chin, and there's no way she could have known who was about to fuck her. From the way her body arched, and the furious points her nipples had become, I don't she cared. She accepted all of us as a group, allowing us easy access to her inner most parts. He rubbed the shaft of his cock up and down her spread pussy lips, both teasing and preparing her for his entry. She started groaning like crazy, knowing she was about to be spread open by an enormous cock. Holding her legs apart, with each knee bent around his forearms, he slowly started to press into her. Her body quivered, and it became too much for the guy she was blowing. He shot his load right over her head, and his sperm splashed all over her breasts. One of her nipple tormentors got away in time, but the other caught some of his come on his cheek. She grabbed his head, and then proceeded to lick the come from his face, severely fogging up his glasses.

Now, we all watched, including her, as her penetrator started pumping in and out of her. As he drove as far in as he could go, we started to hear the slapping of his balls into her buttocks. Her breath was now coming is quick pants, as she alternated from watching herself get fucked, to closing her eyes to enjoy the feeling. Her hands came up and started to rub the come all over her breast and stomach. She then put her fingers in her mouth, as he continued to fuck her. It didn't take long before he started to finish. His first squirt must of been inside of her, because we saw his balls start to spasm. He pulled out before the second squirt, and his come made a mess of her already messy pussy. She raised herself on her elbows, and started to rub his come all over her pussy. She looked at each one of us, as if to ask who else wants to fuck to smelly, come covered slut?

Although the two guys who had been licking her breasts still hadn't finished, neither stepped forward to stick his prick into her pussy, which was now leaking come. Instead, she sat up, and we saw the come start to run down the front of her body. Some was leaking down her leg from her crack. She went to the guy whom she licked to come off of earlier. She finished pulling off his pants and underwear, and gently motioned him onto his back. Then, with her back to him, she straddled him. Using one hand for support, and the other one to aim his hard prick, she lowered herself onto him. At first, I couldn't figure out why she was grimacing. The first guy she fucked had been so much bigger. Then, I realized, she was leaning back too much. His cock was being guided into her yet unfucked anus. As she slowly lowered her hips onto his body, she gritted her teeth and let out a slow, low moan. I could see the delicate flesh around her anus being stretched inward, as his cock slowly disappeared up her ass. Suddenly he gasped as she slid all the way down. He must of just pushed through her knot of muscles, and fully sodomized her. She very slowly lowered and raised herself on his cock, enjoying feeling his dick fully penetrating her most private of places. Finally the last guy who hadn't gotten any couldn't hold back any longer. Come filled pussy or not, he was fuck her. He straddled his friend's legs, pulled his achingly hard cock out, and pushed all the way into her fully lubricated pussy in one stroke. As they both attempted to fuck her at the same time, they could feel each other's cock in her body. They quickly set-up a rhythm, where the top guy would push in first, filling her pussy with his dick. Then the bottom guy would push into her ass, which was already under pressure from the top dick. She left all the observers know how violated she must have felt, by tossing her head from side to side every time her rectum was filled. With her holes filled, she really squirmed from side to side. I wasn't sure if she was trying to get away, or trying to increase the pleasure. The sounds she was making no longer sounded human, more like a cat being fucked by a bulldog. When finally both came, and pulled out, she fell back exhausted. As she lay on her back, the come on her chest becoming sticky as it dried, the come in her pussy and anus was leaking out. The air was so pungent with sperm, it felt thick enough to eat. We all started at her come covered face, breasts, pussy, and ass. We really fucked this slut, who, half asleep from exhaustion, was still moving slightly from our efforts. Her legs were still spread in a vulgar display, and a snap shot was taken in my mind.

Although many of the guys already had second hard-ons, I started to feel remorse for my actions. Here was a girl who, in a moment of vulnerability of finally feeling accepted, had been massively fucked by six guys. I sent the other guys home, and pretty much had to force them out of the door. Who knows what else they would have done that night. When I returned to her, she was awake with her eyelids half closed laden with lust, and smiled at me. At first, I tried to apologize for what had happened, but interrupting me she said, "Just consider it an thank you. But, there is one thing you could do for me. I haven't actually finished yet. Do you think you could...". She pointed to her sperm encrusted pussy, and I could also see her anus which had been stretched open, leaking come. I stripped naked, not wanting to get come on my clothes, and slowly climbed on top of her. She put her arms around my back, and slowly drew me to her. As my chest touch her breasts, I could feel the sticky come spreading over my naked skin. The smell was overpowering, especially from the sperm that was stuck in her hair. I wanted to gag, but my dick was harder than it's ever been. As our flesh mashed, squirm squirted out the sides, and I felt some go into my belly button. I slowly pushed into her, feeling the come of two men squirting out of her pussy. Her pussy was so wet and raw. My dick, in this well fucked hole, met with little resistance. She kissed me, and it was very, very salty. As I slowly worked my way in and out of her, our skin keep trying to stick together. Somehow, the repulsiveness of it all made it more erotic, and I finished inside of her before I knew it. I could tell by her face she still had not finished, and there was only one thing left to do. Yes, I crawled between her legs, and saw her raw pussy, wet with her juices, slimy with other men's come and my own. Her public hair was a tangled, sticking mess. As I closed my eyes and tasted my own come on her clitoris, her thighs closed around my ears, making them wet with juices. I wanted to puke again, but I also wanted to finish the job. Call it guilt, call it determination, but I felt a debt was owing, and this was a small way to repay it. As I licked and licked, her hands, spread flat on the carpet, started to move back and forth. I knew it wasn't going to be much longer. Her orgasm had been waiting through the abuse of six men, and was built up now like a dam. She needed to release if not for pleasure, then to retain her sanity. When she came, her pussy contracted, and white fluid, whether her own of some more come from deep inside I don't know, squirted out onto my face. This time I really did gag, but nothing came out. With my eyes closed, I felt her hands at the side of my head, and then her tongue on my nose. Carefully, like a mother cat, she licked every inch of my face clean. Feeling her tongue on my eyelids tickled me more intimately than any kiss. When I opened my eyes she was silently smiling at me. Sitting there, covered in come, with this strange little slut holding me, I both lost and gained something.

The End.

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