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Spirit Lover
by RV Randall

It was pretty quiet in the apartment as Stacey doffed her coat, shoes and purse having arrived from work in an agitated state. Agitated because of an encounter she had in the copy room when a so-called suave salesman tried to put moves on her. She moved out of the confrontation, but was left drained and distraught from the flirtation. She WAS lonely and would love to have somebody's arms around her, hugging and touching her in the most quiet and intimate ways, but this jerk just wasn't who or what she was after.

She opened the fridge and vacillated between a cup of yogurt or some fruity cottage cheese. The fruit won out. Stacey poured a glass of white wine to go with her feast and headed to her computer in the bedroom.

She'd set it up in the bedroom ever since she had placed an ad on the Internet seeking a contact to fulfill some of her fantasies and maybe meet someone through cyberspace and even, sigh, in person. She had read through many of the ads and had gotten sensually aroused because some of the promises and offers did seem quite exciting and satisfying.

Satisfying, since she had the computer alongside her bed and could read the ads and imagine what it might be like as she touched, rubbed and manipulated her most erotic buttons and sensing points. Many a night she had climaxed when her fantasies really carried her on a cloud of ecstasy. Having read so many different desires and needs, she summoned up the courage to place an ad about herself.

She didn't put much in it, except wanting to hear from others about their life's' experiences, their feelings, desires and thoughts of meeting others through the net. Tonight was the 3rd day since her ad had appeared, and there still had been no response. Well, a couple of guys wanted to come over and have a gang bang, but that just didn't set well with her idea of intimacy.

"Maybe tonight", she thought, as the computer hummed and clicked and she clicked on her provider. She began to moisten at the thought of meeting someone.

The home page came up, the ads flashed on and off for a new credit card, then she clicked on the bookmark for the "Loving Singles Network" and waited for the selection of whom she was seeking. Tonight she picked Women Seeking Women, mainly because the ads here seemed more sincere, more loving and more haunting. She watched as the screen went blank and the numbers and words whipped by in the attempt for her computer to contact the Network.

As she took a sip of wine, the screen changed subtly, light pink almost flesh colored and filled the entire window, slowly coalescing and forming. She gazed intently, trying to figure out what was happening, what new device had the computer nerds come up with now. Transfixed, she watched the image pixels formed into solids and a very strange, yet exciting form was finally completed and even seem to be pulsating. As if someone were breathing because before her astounded eyes was ...a woman's breast!!!

"Oh my God!", Stacey breathed catching her breath. The nipple was hard and continued to pulse as she stared completely awed by what she was seeing. The moisture between her legs increased and she ran her hand there with a touch of excitement never felt before. As she slowly rubbed her breast with the right hand, she slowly extended her left to the screen, drawn to this image like a moth to light. As her fingers touched the screen, right at the nipple, a golden light blazed around her and she was literally transported to......"Where am I?", Stacey exclaimed. As if on a soft gold cloud she lay immersed in soft pleasure and an aura of feeling never felt in her whole entire life.

Things began to happen, light kisses on her neck, soft lips nibbled at her ear, gentle caresses were felt on her breast and even between her legs. BUT SHE SAW NO ONE!!! She sat up, fearful, but yet longing for the attention to continue. She looked around, saw only the golden haze like a cloud around her, no furniture, no bed and actually no computer beside her.

The nuzzling continued as if nothing had happened, she slowly calmed and felt the touches and began to truly wonder how all this was happening, but decided she did not want it to stop. Without being aware of it she very lightly removed her clothes so that she could not only be open to all that might happen, but it would be unrestricted by cloth. All the time she felt the light kisses and feathering nips on her neck. They moved down to her shoulder, then her throat, then...then slithered to her left breast. Touching nerves never before felt in all of her 29 years. She shivered, then groaned thrusting her breast outward to the loving touch which now began to suck her nipple, seeming to savor each indrawn moment.

The, (were they really lips?) moved into the valley between her breasts and then excruciatingly climbed up to the pinnacle of her right one, and began to suckle. "Oh Jesus!!!", Stacey burst out as she realized BOTH breasts were being suckled at the same time!!!!!

She felt,"Good crimeny, what do I feel, except gloriously treated and being brought upward to a pinnacle I've never been". The lips also tugged at her nipples creating the most erotic and sensual enjoyment Stacey never imagine existed. But she knew more was to come yet nothing had even come close to her clit or vagina. And then she climaxed!!......three times heaving herself up and up with an ever spiraling coming.

Panting heavily, but still aware of every spot being fondled and loved by this....this....."God, what can it be?" Stacey cried. She lay back, not sure what to do with her own hands which had begun to rub and touch and move all around her breasts, then between her legs and her fingers began to reach into the love box and gently rub her "love button". But her hand was moved away, then brought to her mouth where she sucked on the finger which had just been inside of her. Then it was moved slowly back down, hesitating at her breast, squeezing her nipple which was hard as a rock.

Then her hand moved to her stomach and began to make circles enlarging their radius at each completion and finally she was once again between her legs. But she wasn't allowed to rub herself. Her hand was stopped just above the pubic line and held there by an unseen force.

But, the sensation below her hand began to throb and pulsate as if a drum were being thumped in a soft and quiet manner. She began to undulate, almost against her will, but it was so natural to do. She heard the drum beat and began to match its rhythm. Back and forth, up and down, back and forth, up and down....increasing in its intensity as she felt the massaging of her vaginal lips, then the "love button". Ever faster and ever stronger. She couldn't stop, she wouldn't anyway even if she wanted to, and going through this most sensual and exotic feeling was not in her being to even think of stopping.

Up and down, back and forth, faster and faster, the pressure and movement matching her stroke for stroke, in and out, back and forth, up and felt as if it were reaching clear up into her ovaries or even farther! Faster and faster, breath bursting from her in gasp after gasp, her hand found her breast and squeezed, but she didn't have to, the spirit was there too!

Rising and rising as the manipulation of every erotic spot inside and outside of her body was touched, rubbed and massaged with such a deftness she could hardly breath, let alone think. There was one, no two!! "Oh My God!!!!" she silently screamed, it feels like 4 "hands" touching, rubbing, manipulating, teasing her breasts her vagina her erogenous zones as on the breath of gossamer wings, ALL AT THE SAME TIME! There was nothing to think about, she floated and jabbed, flew and crashed into herself as the excitement continued to build within herself. These "hands" caressed both of her legs, gently squeezed her breasts, massaged her buttocks, and all this was intermingled with constant light kisses all over her body! As she gasped for air, she felt a "tongue?" enter her mouth and dance softly with hers. She instinctively began sucking on it, as more kisses were now felt on her breasts, between her thighs and all the time the "hands" were caressing her EVERYWHERE!

Up....up.....up....and just when she thought there was no further height she could reach, she still climbed in ecstasy to a height never even dreamed of......and finally she climaxed.....and climaxed and climaxed.....and even twice more before the spirit eased itself away with light feathering touches and gentle kisses all over her body.

Gasping and disoriented, Stacey held her eyes closed so as to not forget one second of her trip. Slowly her breath began to even out, then she heard a slight chirp, listening closer it was actually a beep. She opened one eye and found she was back in her bed, staring at the computer, the origin of the beep.

She had e-mail. Gathering herself lethargically to a sitting position, seeing her clothes strewn about the floor and feeling the soaked bed sheets, she reached over to the keyboard and clicked on her e-mail icon, "Hello Stacey, you have 1 message in your in-box". She clicked on it and stared in wonderment at her screen as the words flicked on, "Hope you enjoyed our time together", signed "SPIRIT LOVER".

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