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Still Love
by Crystal

I can feel the gentle breeze of the fan sweep over me from side to side. I can hear its distant clicking in the back of my mind but all else seems to not exist. All else but you of course, you my beautiful perfect lover. You are lying on the bed, cushioned by lace and soft fabrics that curl around you in a solemn embrace. Your eyes are shut and your face seems pale as the moon, lacking in warmth and comfort. I feel the instant need to cherish you and protect you and so approach the bed where you lie. I gently sit by you and allow my fingers to gently caress your soft face, playing with your lovely blond hair, brushing your soft brown eyelids with a touch. I hear the noise of laughter and sunshine and realise that it is our first anniversary that I am remembering. We had decided upon a picnic in the forest and had laughed and loved like never before. The sun had shone magnificently through your hair making it sparkle like the small patches of sky visible through the thick trees.

As we drank and ate I felt increasingly aware of your presence, your aura. I felt attracted towards you and wanted only to feel your wonderful hands and breath over my face. And so, we embraced and life was perfect. The feel of your tongue gently tasting my own and the feel of your hands gliding round my chest took me to an abstract plane where all was love and all was right. Sitting on the bed beside you, I remember how we had made love that day, alone in the trees. You had carefully pushed me on my back and had gently removed my clinging garments staring at wonder at my poised manhood and lovingly taking it in your mouth. The sensations that I felt that day will stay with me forever and the sight of your luscious wonderful body poised over me before succulently sinking down and down until we were one shall never leave my mind.

As I sit with you remembering and stroking your hair I realise that again like on that sunny day, I feel compelled to be near you, to be close. I slowly lay down by your side and begin to caress your vivacious curves parting the silky gown that hides you from me. As the gown slips away, I gasp at the perfection of your body and wonder at its pale milky consistency. I stoop my head so that I may kiss your perfectly flat stomach and there I find comfort. Soon my face finds your rounded breasts and my tongue your flattened nipples. I start to suck hard on them but stop remembering how sensitive your breasts are and how painful they can become. My hand gently descends the line of your stomach and hip and soon finds the soft warmth of your sex. There it lingers as my fingers play a soft tune on your mound losing themselves in your hair and your lips. I am disheartened to find no moisture there but gently place some of my spittle so that my passage may be facilitated. I climb over y! ! ou and place my erect member between your sweet lips allowing your hair to part gently to allow me through. As I gently force my cock through into your body I look at your face with tears in my eyes. Still you lie there, still you do not move. As I force my cock into you again and again I ignore the pain and lack of moisture and continue until finally I come inside you.

I lie again at your side panting and crying desperately hoping, praying that my essence could somehow give you life.

But to no avail - you lie there lifeless, unmoving still.


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