The Best Erotic Stories.

Scott's Little Brother
by Casey D

My Dad and I fight a lot these days. This particular day we were fighting about some stupid thing until it escalated and suddenly he was saying I either did as I told till I was old enough to leave home or if I didn't like living by his rules he'd send me out to my real father in Los Angeles like he wished he'd done when I was born.

He looked like he'd shocked himself by saying that but I didn't wait to hear any more. I took off. You see, we fight a lot, but I really love my Dad. I'd do anything to make him love me like his real son. And you can only guess at how much it hurt hearing him say that. I walked around a while trying not to cry over it - I'm too old for that kind of shit, then found myself in my brother Scott's neighborhood. Dad doesn't like me coming over here that much. Scott's gay for one thing and he has a kind of wild lifestyle. Lots of parties and drugs and that kind of thing. I'm curious about some of the things I guess that Scott does. But I figured I liked girls too much to experiment. But regardless Scott was the one person in my family I could count on to be pleased to see me, regardless of whether I'm only his half brother or not.

On this occasion he didn't look so pleased to see me. He answered the door to his apartment bleary eyed, when he saw it was me he opened the door all the way and let me in. He was naked. I didn't think that much of it, since Scott was really relaxed about that kind of stuff and besides I was preoccupied with my own problems. I plonked myself down on the sofa and started telling Scott some of the things that had gone on while he had the decency to wrap a towel around himself.

I figured I'd got him out of the shower or something, except he didn't look wet. Soon it became obvious just what I'd interrupted when this young guy a little older than me came through. He was just wearing boxer shorts. He threw me a curious look then went over to Scott and kissed him right in front of me. I stopped what I was saying and stared. Scott sort of smiled and hung his arm around the boy and introduced us. The boy didn't seem much interested in who I was, he was more interested in stroking Scott's nipple and I could tell by the way Scott started breathing faster he was getting turned on by it but he tried to push the boy away and told me to keep talking.

The boy went over to a table and started rolling a joint. He offered me a toke and at first I said no but then Scott told me to go ahead, it might calm me down, so in the end I took a couple of puffs. Scott sat down with the boy sitting so close to him he was nearly in his lap and the two of them smoked it, passing it backwards and forwards. Scott was telling me not to mind Dad, he used to just get mad all the time, but while he was telling me I could see this boy start to slip his hand under Scott's towel.

I watched fascinated as Scott pretended nothing was going on but his voice got a little more breathy. I could see a bulge start up in the boys shorts. God, I thought, he's jerking him off in front of me. I got up and pretended to be busy making some coffee. When I looked back again the boy was kissing Scott over his face and Scott was just making this soft sighing sound as the hand worked away industriously under the towel.

I started to get a little uncomfortable at this point. Not because I was turned off, but more because I was getting a little turned on. Like I said I prefer girls but this was pretty horny stuff, watching my brother get his stiff hard on stroked by this slutty boy who looked like he sucked cocks for a living. I shifted myself around so it wasn't so noticeable I hoped. The boy looked at me and smiled then twisted Scott's nipple, looking at me while he did it. Scott gasped and clasped his hand on the boy's arse and kissed him hard pulling him over so he straddled his lap. I could feel my face get hot not just from embarrassment. The boy got his face free while Scott busied himself licking the boy's chest. He looked over Scott at me.

"Want to join us?" he asked. Scott just moaned in this kind of delirious way, clearly in his own world of pleasure now.

"I think I'll go wait in the other room," I said awkwardly.

"You can watch," said the boy. "Scott?"

"Let him go wait," said Scott hoarsely. "I think there's only one sex slut in our family."

I watched as my brother pulled down the boy's boxer shorts and then grabbed his arse, at the same time sliding down a little so he could take the boy's cock up to his mouth. Then started sucking for all he was worth. The boy just grinned at me.

"You should try this, kid," he said with Scott's noisy sucking sounds punctuating his sentence. I felt frozen watching them. He sort of moaned and it went right through me. It seemed to me the most raw animal sound. "Man, you should try this. He wants to give it to you. Don't you, Scottie, you'd like to fuck your cute little brother huh."

The moans escaping from Scott's rather full throat suggested that maybe he would. The boy pulled Scott's head away from his cock roughly.

"Would you like to be sucking off your pretty kid brother, huh?"

Scott looked at me wildly and I felt my cock jump to full attention at the hungry look in his eyes.

"He loves cocksucking don't you Scottie," said the boy, wriggling round so that he was on all fours hanging onto the sofa armrest, waving his arse in Scott's face, "Next to fucking arse its his favorite thing to do."

Scott looked at the boy's brown arse like it was a steak on a plate in front of a starving man, he stroked it gently, slipping his finger in, then looked up at me. I swallowed hard, I moved my hand to the front of my jeans and brushed my hard cock. Was I going to beat off watching my brother fuck this boy? Scott saw me do it and he moaned hard like it excited him.

"C'mere," he said hoarsely. I backed away frightened suddenly. "Come on watch this, you'll love it."

He spread the boy's cheeks and the towel slipped from his waist. I saw his hard fat cock, pressing against the arse, the boy moaned as Scott thrust at him.

"Like that?" Scott said, the boy just moaned, clinging to the edge of the sofa. Scott pulled out so I could see he looked at me to make sure I was, then he mouthed my name and thrust his cock hard at him. The boy yelled this time. I think it was probably hurting him but at the same time he seemed wildly excited. Scott pulled out and then shoved it in again, this time he said my name and I understood. He was pretending he was fucking me.

"I have to go wait in the other room," I said finally although part of me wanted to stay. A big part of me wanted to go closer. To put my hands on Scott's arse and feel him hit at this kid hard fucking him. But I was scared suddenly. I escaped to Scott's bedroom and closed the door. I could hear them in the other room, moaning calling each other sluts and generally just fucking each other as hard and rough as they could. It seemed to get them off more that I was in the next room. I sat on the bed, and then I realized the TV was showing a video, porn.

Three guys fucking and a fourth stroking off a dog, getting it ready to arse fuck the youngest boy on the video. There were condoms scattered around the room, Vaseline; I picked up a dildo. Wow, no wonder Dad didn't like me coming over here. All the time I could hear the long moans coming from the other room as my brother fucked his young lover.

I watched the video a while but it was only turning me on half as much as the thoughts of what Scott was doing to that boy. I was scared at the thought of anything to do with being gay but it was a an exciting thought getting my cock stroked like that boy had done for Scott. However the image that I kept seeing was the particularly kinky idea of getting it stroked off by my big brother. Then I thought about how Scott had sucked at the boy's cock.

I moaned involuntarily, and slipped my hand into my jeans. Fuck my cock was hard. I eased it out and rubbed some of the Vaseline on it. It felt warm; I gasped and started moving my hand up and down. I got out of my clothes as my excitement increased and lay down in Scott's bed, which was still damp in places from love juice from earlier fuck sessions. I picked up the dildo and wondered how it would feel up my arse. It didn't look half as big as Scott. God he had a lovely big cock.

Uhhh, I sighed at the thought of it with my hand rubbing my cock frantically. He was a lot bigger than me. I imagined how it would feel to have all that meat pushed up by arse. I moaned, fuck this was the best I'd ever felt jerking off. I watched the porn movie, they were getting the dog to lick the boys balls and cock. I moaned, I wanted to try that, then the men were getting the dog to mount the boy. Fuck that was exciting. I rubbed myself harder and harder and I felt the pleasure coming in waves. I started to grunt as I felt myself start to come, and then it occurred to me it had got quiet for a while in the other room.

I also realized if I could hear them before, they could hear me, but it was too late, I was too far-gone so I kept beating my meat and moaning and grunting until I heard the door open. Scott looked in, just in time to see me moan and jerk my cock up so my cum shot all over my stomach. Scott smiled and I was too exhausted to feel embarrassed.

"I was going to apologize but I guess you liked it so I don't have to," he said moving over to me. He was naked still, he seemed to inspect my body and I saw his cock start to stir. I just breathed heavily exhausted from my cumming. "Want me to lick that off?" he asked with a grin. He trailed his finger over my cum soaked belly, pausing at the shaft of my now limp penis, although it jumped at his touch. He smiled and moved his finger up to my nipple and flicked it gently. I gasped. "Want me to?" he asked again suddenly serious. I shook my head but I wondered what it would feel like. Scott looked at me like there was nothing he liked better than to lick me all over. I thought of him licking me and shuddered. But with pleasure.

"You're a really beautiful little boy," said Scott softly. "Has anyone fucked you yet?"

I shook my head.

"Anyone sucked you off?"

I shook my head again. Scott looked at my cock even more hungrily now and it responded, I tried to roll over trying to hide it. Scott laughed and reached around me and stroked it. The effect was electric. I moaned.

"Shouldn't be too much longer," said Scott. "I bet lots of people are dying to take your cherry, huh." He raised an eyebrow. "Should you want some help losing it, let me know."

"Scott," I managed to sound horrified and he smiled as though he was joking but I wasn't so sure.

"Okay," he said suddenly business like. "I can't stand here gazing at you all day, go take a shower or something. I'll get you lunch, then we can talk."

I got up and he kind of gave me a friendly pat on my arse, I jumped and he smiled. I smiled shyly back; he put his arm across me and squeezed. "You're okay, not too freaked out?"

"Nothing you do surprises me, Scottie," I said and he laughed and sort of hugged me. I think it began brotherly but then his hand slipped down to my arse and he stroked me. I held my breath, I could feel him pressing his hairy groin against mine. He sighed and rubbed his cheek next to mine.

"Take a shower," he ordered.

"Yes sir," I said and skipped to the bathroom.

His boyfriend came in when I was in the shower but just to take a leak. He talked to me through the shower door. He said Scott loved giving head and some other things that were a little more intimate than I expected to ever find out about my brother. Then he asked me again if I wanted him to suck me off when I got out of the shower. I said no. I'd found the stuff he was doing with Scott turned me on but this guy didn't. He took it good-naturedly but I guess he'd had quite a bit of fucking in the last day or so.

I got out of the shower wearing a towel. By then the boy had gone and Scott had started to clear things up and get lunch ready as if nothing had happened. I sat on the sofa where my brother had earlier fucked his teenaged lover and picked up a magazine. It was a boring arty magazine so I hunted around until I found another bondage magazine and flicked through that. Scott told me he had been planning to take some LSD, did I want some too. I thought it seemed a good way of spending a day and if I was tripping I wouldn't have to think of that thing my Dad had said so I said yeah sure. Scott gave me my lunch and a tab, then sat next to me talking about how he and Dad used to fight when he was my age. I listened then all of a sudden, I thought the room started getting brighter, I looked about and I saw Scott smile.

"This is a day of firsts for you, huh," he said seeing this was obviously my first time tripping.

I snuggled next to him. I felt good. Warm and happy and close to Scott. He pulled my head against him and it seemed natural when he pulled me into his lap. Scott looks a lot like my Dad and it was nice having him cuddle me like I was a kid. I squinted my eyes and pretended he was Dad, he rocked with me a little when I started crying about how much I loved Dad and how he hated me. Scott patted me on the back and murmured it was okay. He shifted around a bit. I could tell he was starting to get a hard on. I was too stoned to be embarrassed. In fact, I wriggled about a bit to put pressure on it and he moaned. "Good boy," he murmured and I pretended he was my Dad praising me. "Can I get you to..." he started, he moved my head a little and got me to brush my lips against his neck. I did that while he praised me some more, he shifted me back gently and pulled his tee shirt off then moved my head so my lips brushed his nipple. I stuck my tongue out experimentally. "Yes good," he said enthusiastically. "Good boy, Daddy's pleased with that." I sort of smiled, I was so stoned, and I didn't even notice him work the towel off so I was now sitting in his lap naked. He stroked my arms and the back of my head as I flicked my tongue over his nipples. "You're a quick learner," he whispered. "You want to do this, huh. Maybe you're as big a slut as your brother huh, you like getting fucked, huh?" I shifted uncomfortably. That word surprised me and it was like I suddenly caught up with what I was doing it. He seemed to realize this because he gave me a nice hug and told me I was a good boy again. I hugged him back and it just seemed so nice to be loved by somebody. My Dad's not really affectionate. Then it seemed to go from Scott giving me this comforting hug to something else. He tightened his grip a little and I noticed his breathing quickened. Then he nuzzled my neck and then slowly he lowered his head to my nipples.

"Oh," I cried out, I didn't expect them to be that sensitive. Scott smiled then nipped at me playfully.

"Are you a bad boy sometimes?" he asked dreamily. "You think nasty things? Were you watching that video? That's naughty, yes it is, you're making Daddy unhappy with you when you beat off to sick videos. Tell Daddy you're sorry."

"I'm sorry, Daddy."

"Kiss him," said Scott and I turned my face up for him to kiss, which he did, then he stuck his tongue in my mouth. I pulled away. "Don't be afraid, Clinton," said Scott, "Daddy is going to make you feel good. Tell Daddy you love him."

"I love you Daddy," I said.

"Again," he commanded.

"Love you Daddy," I said.

And that turned me on. Scott knew because his hand instantly slid to my cock. I gasped. He squeezed a little. "Do you like that, baby?" he whispered.

"Uh huh," I gasped because now he was rubbing me and it felt so good to have somebody else touch me there. The fact it was my brother who looked just like my Dad and who was making me call him Daddy made it all the more exciting. I'm going to get jerked off by my brother I thought and it made my cock swell. I could see the pleasure. I guess it was the drugs, but I could see these hot pink bursts of color and I moaned.

"God, you're so sensitive," murmured Scott. "You must be pretty horney, huh Clint?"

"I think I'm stoned," I mumbled because the thought of my brother stroking my cock would never have occurred to me if I were straight.

"Just enjoy it baby," said Scott. "Forget about everything. I'm going to make you feel so good." He played with my cock a while, he seemed to know exactly how to bring me to an excited state then leave me wanting more. I was panting and moaning out just about out of my head with wanting to come but he wouldn't let me get that far gone and he wouldn't let me finish myself on. I writhed in his lap, against his big old hard on and he talked to me in this calm voice sounding exactly like my Dad.

"Come into the bedroom," he said after a while of this. "I want to suck you off."

He pushed me out of his lap and had to help me walk through to the bedroom. I was dizzy and started heading the wrong way, Scott steered me back to his room and closed the door. He had me lie down on the bed then straddled me kissing my face, my neck, working his way down. I was shaking. Part of me was disgusted at the thought of a guy taking my cock in his mouth, but I was also turned on and the sensation of his kisses was wonderful, I moaned as he flicked his tongue against my nipples.

"Enjoy this," Scott whispered between kisses. "I'm going to make you feel so good baby."

I mumbled my thank yous and patted his head, he licked my belly and worked down further and further until I felt his tongue touch the tip of my penis.

"Oh God," I moaned as fear and desire leapt up. Oh God what was I doing? Scott licked the head slowly and carefully, then took just the head in his mouth, I moaned, it felt so hot and so good. I wanted to push his head down further but I just lay there, then he licked my balls and that was a whole other sensation I moaned.

"Tell Daddy you like it," said Scott urgently. "Keep telling Daddy how much you want this."

"I want it," I said, I sounded drunk. Scott lifted his head, I strained up at him and he smiled, he knew how excited I was.

"What do you want?" he said teasing me.

"Suck me," I said. "Please Scott, suck me."

"You want your Dad to suck you off not me, right?" Scott gave my cock a quick lick to remind me how good it felt.

"Just suck me," I said urgently. I tried to push his head down.

"If you asked Dad he probably would," said Scott mysteriously, then he lowered his head and I sighed in relief as I felt his lips slide over my cock. He would stop unless I kept telling him to do it and that I loved it and for him to suck hard. It was the most incredible feeling I'd ever had in my life. I had no idea I could feel so good. I begged him to keep at it. Scott started making those loud sucking noises he had with the other boy and I loved it, the sensation had me yelling loud enough to let his neighbors know exactly what we were doing on a Saturday afternoon. Scott seemed to get off on it too, while he sucked me his hand worked his tool rhythmically, he took my whole cock in his mouth, then slid his lips up the shaft to touch just the tip, playfully flicking his tongue.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck," I moaned. "This is so good, don't stop, you're going to get me to cum. God, keep sucking."

Scott moved me a little so he could stroke my arse at the same time, he broke off sucking to remark I had a tight little hole

"Don't hurt me," I whispered although I was so far gone I was already fantasizing about getting cock up my arse. I was also picturing doing it with Scott and his boyfriend.

"This'll be good, baby, promise," Scott's lips closed over my head again and he slid his mouth up and down, at the same time teasing my anus with his fingers, slipping one in finally. I gasped as he rotated it. It didn't hurt but it felt good along with his sucking, he pulled away briefly to get some Vaseline and rubbed this around my hole and slipped the finger in again easily.

"I'm going to fuck your arse," he whispered. "Before tonight's over, that's a promise."

"I don't know..." I started.

"You'll be begging me for it," said Scott confidently and worked in two fingers, I gasped and thrust up at him and he grabbed me in his mouth and sucked hard. I was in this delirious state for a short time, but I knew I was going to come very soon. It was a miracle I hadn't come the second Scott had touched my prick I was so turned on. I began to pump against Scott's mouth and told him I was going to cum, he was making me cum, he didn't stop sucking, but did it faster until I was yelping like a puppy and finally with a loud yell came in his mouth, he drank down my cum greedily. I sank back exhausted. I could feel his fingers in my arse still but it was getting less pleasurable as the feelings of my orgasm faded into exhaustion.

Scott lay next to me and peered at my face. "Okay?" he asked.

I nodded and touched his chest, he moved my hand down to his big hard cock all the time looking straight into my face, he closed his eyes as my hand went over his head. I thought I owed it to him to beat him off, but after some time Scott shifted around and pulled me on top of him, I was still exhausted and limp and just let him arrange me however he wanted, he moved me round completely and so my mouth was down by his penis.

"Please," he said. "Come on, honey, return the favor."

I licked the head experimentally, but I wasn't so sure I'd be able to even take the head in my mouth he was so big, let alone swallow him like he had managed with me. I put my lips over the head and Scott murmured something I couldn't hear but he was breathing hard, he arranged me so he could stroke my arse with his finger and slip it in and out, then I felt his tongue on my arsehole, I yelped and I felt Scott laugh.

"Like that?" he asked.

I felt my excitement levels rise immediately. "Yeah," I said and he licked me again, I moaned and he told me to remember I was meant to be sucking him off so I took his cock in my mouth again and as he licked me I licked him. It was an unbelievable feeling having him lick my arse. It was so soon after my last orgasm but could feel myself get aroused, the more aroused I got the more cock I sucked greedily until by Scott's moans I could tell I was doing quite a good job on him.

"Let me stick it in you," he moaned. "You're ready to be fucked I can tell."

"Not yet," I said and realized I'd meant to say no.

"I won't hurt, promise, I'll look after you," he pleaded. "Come on you're my little brother, I'll make sure it doesn't hurt."

I sucked him hard and resisted when he tried to move me round so he could enter me so after a while he gave up and just concentrating on the hard sucking I was giving him. When I felt him get close to cumming I moved my hand up and down his cock. I was good at that. Practice on my own tool. He came and I directed his cum away from my face. I wasn't quite ready for that.

Scott pulled me up roughly for a hard kiss on the mouth. I was still limp and tired.

"Fuck," he whispered. "You are good. You're a natural. I'm going to teach you so much, baby," I nodded blissfully tired. I was a little hard after the tongue action on my arse and Scott rubbed my cock lazily, it felt good, I snuggled in close to him. "I'll teach you everything you need to know to give me pleasure," Scott whispered. "And you'll be my own sex machine, huh." He increased his pressure on my penis and I moaned. Scott chuckled. "You are so horney, kid."

I let him play with my penis a while, I could feel him hardening against me after a while but I was too tired to respond much. He started rubbing himself against me and then took his penis in his hand and started to grimly jerk me off. I came quickly again and then fell asleep before he finished off himself.

I woke up hours later considerably straighter with the weird sensation that something really huge had happened that I should remember. Then I realized I was naked in bed with my brother with my hand over his semi hard penis while he slept.

Shit, I thought, how the hell did that happen. Then I remembered how much I'd loved him sucking me and I thought that's how it happened. I felt like I was transported to another world. I just loved him sucking me and as I thought about it the more I wanted it to happen again. I increased the pressure of my hand on Scott's penis and he stirred in his sleep. I stroked it and licked his nipple. I was straight now but it seemed natural to keep having sex. I felt Scott wake slowly and he gasped in pleasure at being woken this way and before long he'd found my cock with his hand and we were slowly solemnly getting each other hard for some more fucking around.

"I really think you're ready for fucking, Clinton," said Scott, rubbing himself against me. "Let me do it baby. Then I promise I'll suck you off like you've never been sucked before."

"I've e only had my cocksucked once before," I said. Scott smiled. "I don't want to do that Scott. Please."

"Will you fuck me then," said Scott. He stroked my cock. "This is such a nice cock. I want it in me." I shivered at his dirty words. He reached over and got the Vaseline and put a daub on my cock and rubbed it in. Then he asked me to work some Vaseline into his arsehole. I did as he said but I was really nervous. I thought I seemed little compared to his huge cock and I wondered if I would actually be able to give him a good fuck. Still I desperately fanaticized about what it would be like to be in a tight hole. I rubbed the Vaseline and Scott instructed me to move my fingers in and out. I did as he said and he moaned his appreciation.

"Do it with the dildo first," he said and I reached over as instructed. Scott coated it with Vaseline and then rolled over. I nervously poked at him and Scott told me impatiently to do it, he was rubbing his penis, I pushed it at him and he moaned deeply.

"That's good," he moaned. "Now pull my cock as well." I did as he said and kept pushing the dildo up and then moved it in and out. "Good boy," he moaned, he shifted around and instructed me to suck him and keep moving the dildo. I did as he asked and I was getting excited even though he wasn't touching me, the idea of pleasuring him as he instructed was a huge turn on as was the anticipation of climbing on him and sticking my hard cock into him. He moaned and came in my mouth and this time I swallowed and he smiled happily at me, letting me know he approved. Then I knew I was ready to fuck him. I rubbed some more Vaseline on my cock. I saw Scott shiver and I pulled the dildo out and pushed my own cock against him. "Good boy, come on," Scott whispered. I pushed at him and couldn't quite get in, Scott shifted around so I was bearing down on him, I tried again and the head pushed in. Scott gasped and I howled, it was such a great feeling, I pushed hard, Scott tried to tell me to take it slower but I was just lost in my own desire and thrust all the way in and moaned just pumping against him. I knew I wasn't showing much finesse but I was just too excited to listen to Scott's urgent instructions to go more slowly. I just hammered at him hard for about two minutes before shooting my load and yelling I was fucking coming as I did. I panted over him muttering fuck over and over. Scott rolled over and pulled me into his arms laughing.

"You were a bit keen then, I think," he said. I was still shaking from my experience and unable to speak. Scott stroked my face and looked at me lovingly. "Don't worry I'll teach you baby. This is just the start of your instruction."

Afterwards he kind of held me, and started talking to me again about Dad. I felt embarrassed for all the talk where I called him Daddy, but Scott said it had turned him on but he was curious to know if my Dad had ever done anything like that to me. I said no and Scott said he thought I probably wanted him to. I said yeah, but I didn't think that was really the case. He told me I should try giving Dad a blow job some time and see what happened. That got me embarrassed but that was Scott all over. He asked me if I wanted to watch a video and without waiting for my answer slipped in a porno movie, the one with the kid and the dog. I asked Scott if he'd ever done that, he grinned and said yeah and I decided there wasn't much Scott hadn't done. He also seemed insatiable getting hard again watching the video. I knew I was pretty horny but I thought that was through waiting 18 years for my first blow job but maybe it just ran in the family. This time though I was so tired that I couldn't watch the movie, I just needed to sleep and then I'd figure out what all this meant tomorrow.

I got woken at dawn by Scot licking my anus, I went to push him away and realized he'd tied my hands. A bolt of fear went through me. Scott leaned over me and whispered I shouldn't' be scared he was going to give me the best fuck I'd ever had. Considering it was my first fuck that was no guarantee. I tried to argue but he was already rubbing the Vaseline in my arse hole and there wasn't anything I could do with my hand literally tied. Then he roughly pulled my legs apart and tied them to the bed. I moaned and in spite of myself I was getting a little excited. He started with the dildo first, to open me up, he said. He was twice the size of the dildo so I was terrified when the dildo started pushing at me and it hurt. I yelped and Scott told me to shut up. He put his hand over my mouth, he'd undergone a complete personality change now. He was determined to fuck me and I knew I was going to be fucked whether I wanted to or not. I felt the dildo push in about an inch.

"Relax dammit," said Scott irritably, he spanked my arse and I jumped. Scott sort of laughed. "Have you been bad, honey? Does Daddy have to give you a smacked arse." He smacked me again and I gasped not just with pain and Scott seemed to realize, he pulled me over his lap and I begged him not to hurt me, he told me I had been bad and he was going to smack me.

"Have you been sucking cocks?" he asked. "Did you like it, you bad boy," smack his hand came down on my arse and his other hand immediately pushed the dildo in and out, then in again. I yelped and he shoved the dildo in further roughly. I writhed across his lap, his hard cock sticking into me. "You liked it didn't you, tell Daddy."

"I liked it, Daddy," I said.

"And you want Daddy to suck your cock, don't you?"

"Yes," I said helplessly.

"Yes what?"

"I want daddy to suck my cock," I said and Scott went pink with excitement.

"Beg Daddy to fuck you," he said and smacked me hard, working the dildo in and out. The pain was excruciating and all I could think was his big hard cock would be worse. He started telling me how he was going to fuck me and he was going to get his friends to fuck me. He pulled my nipple hard, I yelped and he reminded me I was supposed to be begging him for a fucking.

"Please Daddy," I said and now the rhythmic sliding in and out of the dildo didn't seem so bad. Feeling Scott's hard cock pressing into me was exciting too. I could feel my cock start getting hard and so did Scott. "Bad boy, " he said and hit me hard again. I moaned now because my cock was so hard. He moved me off his lap and started to suck my cock, still working the dildo in and out. I moaned. I loved being sucked. I told him this and kept begging daddy to suck me, it transported me to some kind of heaven and along with the hard dildo hammering into my arse I was excited and about to cum. He stopped suddenly and got behind me. I could feel his hot flesh and he grunted, managing to get just the tip in. I tried to writhe away from him but I was tied and couldn't move much. He yanked my tied hands above my head and pushed again making this animal grunt and another inch got in. I moaned in pain more than ecstasy this time.

"I'm doing you baby," said Scott. "I'm going to get you busted open, Jesus you're tight though." He lunged at m again and slid in a bit further, inch by painful inch until I was totally impaled by him feeling full of his tool. He moved it experimentally and that felt good, he jiggled in me a bit and moaned how tight I was, then he with drew it a long way then slid in again> I gasped that felt really good. He slid in and out and got an effective stroking rhythm going I moaned and moaned as he started to bring me to a state of arousal again. I could hear Scott grunting like a bull behind me slamming it in and out and I knew he was loving it. He kept calling me his boy slut and was rougher with me this time which I don't think I liked so much but I think he did. He slammed into me over and over and then I heard him gasping oh god oh god and I knew he was going to come and that gave me this curious shiver the thought of his sperm inside of me. My brother's sperm in me. I moaned and he liked this he groped around for my semi hard cock, which immediately hardened to his touch, he worked it in time with his rhythm and I started pumping my arse against him. He called me a slut for this and beat my cock harder and I said yes I was a slut and I loved this and pumped and pumped until I felt him cum. He came for a long time and was still hard pumping against me when I cam shortly afterwards. I felt him collapse on me then he slowly untied me and kissed me hard.

"Tell Daddy you love him," he said and I did and kissed me again and said he loved me too. He pulled me to him and stroked my sweaty back, I loved this too and even though it wasn't sexual I loved him hugging me.

He was already up when I woke up the next day. I went out to find a note saying he was meeting Chuck the boy that was here yesterday and that I should go home because Dad had phoned looking for me and the last message he left sounded really worried. I played back the ansaphone message and sat there a while trying to comprehend what had happened to me. I was starting to feel dirty and disgusting. I went back into Scott's room and started to replay the stuff that had happened. He'd taken some polaroids of my cock and when I looked in the drawer he'd put them in I saw there were hundreds of other pictures. I sat down shakily. My arse seriously hurt and my cock was swollen. I wasn't sure I wanted to go home. I thought if my Dad knew ho dirty I was he'd definitely send me away so I stuck around till Scott got him later in the evening. He seemed annoyed that I was still there and said if I didn't go home he'd call Dad to come get me. I started to talk about how we should probably discuss what happened and he interrupted me saying it was nothing and I should forget it. He seemed really cross with me so I shut up. He wanted to pretend nothing happened fine. I went to hug him goodbye and he allowed himself to hug me back, I felt my cock start to get hard and he pushed me away. I started to cry, which was embarrassing, but I was so confused and he seemed mad at me now. Scott sighed and pulled me into his arms. I pretended it was Dad and listened to Scott tell me I took things way too seriously. He sat down and let me cry a while and then I realized he was stroking my jeans. He reached in and took my boner lazily masturbating me to a quick climax. Then he kissed me quickly and said there now I was ready to go home and, while he wasn't exactly kicking me out, he was expecting somebody in a few minutes and...

I trailed in home late. I'd walked around a while after Scott pushed me out and tried to figure out if I was gay too or not. I had really loved a lot of the things we'd done. Particularly him sucking me. That just drove me wild. I'd do anything he wanted for that. Maybe I was. I let myself into the house and went to my room. I was tired even though I'd spent most of yesterday in bed and had slept for most of the day while I waited for Scott.

My dad came in a short while later and he seemed nervous, he apologized for what he said and I said it was okay but I was cold and distant with him and I knew this bothered him. He was used tome being the one to apologize when we fought. He sat on the bed and sort of patted my head and told me he would never send me out to my real father that was a promise. I just nodded and he looked at me worriedly.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah," I said but I wasn't and I think he saw tears spring into my eyes.

"Is it about what I said?" he asked and he looked scared too. "Oh shit, I wish I could take that back. I hate seeing you hurt like this."

"I'm okay," I said and he kind of pulled my head against him in what he considered a really affectionate gesture. He went to say something then smiled in a goofy way. He wasn't great on emotion. I think he wanted to say he loved me but couldn't. Maybe because he didn't really and I thought if he knew what I'd got up to with his son the last few days he definitely would hate me. He told me to get some sleep and switched my light off. I closed my eyes and slipped my hand down. My penis had got hard while he'd been there. I wondered if Scott was right that Dad would like a blow job and while I imagined it, I rubbed my penis and tried to remember how it felt to be half swallowed and sucked by a man.


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