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Santa's Little Helper
by Randy1012

It was Christmas Eve, and not one person was awake. The children slept peacefully, hoping Santa stopped by their house tonight. The parents also slept peacefully, hoping that they had gotten their kids the right gifts. And the only noise in the night was a faint jingling sound.

Santa Claus's sleigh suddenly appeared over the city, with nine reindeer pulling it along. Santa himself sat in the sleigh, holding the reins, with his assistant sitting next to him. Nestled in the back of the sleigh was a bulky bag full of Christmas presents for everybody on the planet. Santa yelled out "Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!" as he neared the city, then let out a sigh.

This was the last city he had to deliver to tonight before he returned home. Usually Christmas Eve wasn't so stressful for him, but this year he had been more tense than usual. His assistant, an elfgirl named Noel, looked at him. "Are you alright, Santa?" she asked.

"Yes Noel, perfectly fine. It's Christmas Eve, why shouldn't I be fine?" he said with a lame attempt at a smile.

Noel shrugged. "This is the last stop anyways, the night's almost done," she said with a small hint of regret in her voice that Santa didn't detect. "Then it's another year of receiving letters and making toys."

"It's a living," Santa said. "Besides, it's better than working in some cubicle covered with Dilbert clippings."

Noel nodded in agreement, while staring at Santa. He was not as people believed him to be, a big man with a belly like a bowlful of jelly. He was actually well-built, and pretty handsome, and his beard wasn't as puffy either. He had always turned her on ever since she started working with him, and the elfgirl started to become aroused. Squirming, she smiled at Santa and turned back towards the city. She was incredibly good looking herself, with long blonde hair, ice blue eyes, creamy white skin and pointed ears. She was voluptuous, with 36D breasts and a perfectly proportioned body. Her skintight red leather outfit without sleeves or leggings made her look even better, with her red silk stockings, panties and garter belt she wore underneath her suit. She wished Santa felt the same about her as she did about him.

The sleigh pulled to a stop on the roof of the first house, and Santa and Noel started brining gifts inside. After they were finished, they proceeded to the next house and the next house until they were almost done. Noel handed Santa the package of gifts for this house, then followed him down the chimney. She watched with a small smile as Santa Claus placed presents under the tree and in the stockings, saw his tired look. "Santa, you sure you're okay?" she asked.

Santa looked up and gave her a tired smile. "I'm fine, just a little stressed tonight. There have been a lot of new people on the lists this year, and it's been rough getting them their presents on time. I'm just a little tired, is all; I can't wait to get home."

Suddenly Noel's smile grew larger. "Poor Santa all stressed out?" she asked teasingly. She walked over to him seductively, unzipping her leather suit. Santa looked at her with a confused look, his mouth slightly open. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him, her tongue exploring his mouth. Soon he started to respond, and took the elfgirl into his muscular arms. Noel broke the kiss and with a sly smile slipped out of her leather suit, allowing her firm 36D breasts to be exposed. Santa grabbed one of her breasts and started sucking on it, as Noel moaned with pleasure. She pulled him back up and unbuttoned his red velvet shirt, kissing her way down his chest and stomach. When she reached his belt she looked up at him with a devilish smile on her face. She unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles, and there was his 8 inches of solid manhood staring at her. She opened her mouth and took him inside, causing Santa to let out a soft moan. He grabbed her blonde hair and started fucking the elfgirl's face.

Noel took it like an expert, she'd been practicing for years with her elf friends up in the North Pole, she started to hum as Santa fucked her face, causing the man to moan uncontrollably and start fucking her mouth harder. She pulled off and pushed his cock to his belly, then started licking at his balls. She took them inside her mouth and rolled them around, then took his cock back inside, bobbing expertly. Soon Santa started to moan loudly, "Noel, I'm gonna...I'm gonna cum!" She just looked up at him as she kept sucking and winked, and that's all it took. Santa's cock exploded in her mouth, gushing streams of delicious cum down her throat, and she swallowed it all.

When he was done, his cock was still hard as ever. Santa pushed her back so she was laying down on the floor, then pushed his cock between her massive tits and started pumping. Noel pushed her tits together and grinned at Santa. "Yeah baby, fuck my tits, cum all over them baby, cover my tits with your cum," she said as she licked and sucked at his cockhead when it got close to her mouth. Soon Santa started groaning and bucking, and his cock twitched and fired again, shooting cum all over Noel's neck and chin. Santa whipped his cock out from between her tits and pumped his cock, shooting cum all over her breasts and face as Noel laughed happily. "Ooo yeah baby, that's it, cover me with your cum!" she cried.

After he finished cumming, Santa ripped her panties off and flipped Noel onto her hands and knees, then plunged his still rockhard cock into her pussy from behind. Noel moaned as he fucked her, pushing her ass back at him as he thrusted wildly. "Yes baby, fuck me hard, I'll make you feel better, yeah come on yeah!" Santa leaned forward and pulled Noel's head back by the hair, making her scream with pleasure. He smacked her ass with his other hand, making her cry out again. Letting her hair go, he leaned all the way forward and Noel turned her head towards him, and they kissed as Santa fucked her harder than she'd ever been fucked. Breaking the kiss, Santa moved back again and grabbed her hips, and started fucking her even harder. His balls churned as they both got close. Soon he reached the point of no return and smacked Noel's ass again. "Oh yeah! I'm cumming baby, I'm cumming inside your tight pussy! Uuuunggghhh!!!" He smacked her ass again and again as he shot so much cum into her, it started to trickle out, mixing with the juices of Noel's numerous orgasms. When he finished, he fell backwards, gasping.

Noel put her clothes back on, then turned to Santa, lay down and licked his cock clean. Then she helped him get dressed. They finished distributing presents, climbed back up the chimney, got into the sleigh and left, headed for the North Pole.

She looked over at him, with a grin on her face. "How do you feel now, Santa?" she asked.

Santa smiled. "Much better, but I think I'm still a little tense..." He patted the tent in his pants.

"Easily cured," Noel said as she unbuckled his pants, brought out his cock and started sucking on it. Santa Claus decided from then on that he would always have Noel be his little helper on Christmas Eve...

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