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Slut Lessons Pt. I
by AhMyGoddess

** When I was in middle school we heard a lot of strange rumors about the sex contest that some of the girls at the high school were having. These stories are based on those rumors. **

Renee ran up the stairs, burst into her best friend Stacy's bedroom and threw herself across the bed in an attitude of woe. Her long brown hair spilled over the bed in a silky pool and her hazel eyes scanned the room for her friend. "Oh, Stacy! I've gotten myself into the craziest mess!" she exclaimed with a pout.

Stacy turned slowly from the desk where she was sitting and allowed herself to drink in the sight of Renee lying on her bed. Her green eyes trailed up the smooth length of Renee's legs and over the mounds of Renee's firm round breasts straining against a soft pink sweater. She lingered at Renee's beautifully pouting lips before finally meeting her friend's eyes. Stacy bit her bottom lip as she felt the familiar warmth of desire growing heavy in her stomach. She sucked in a deep breath, shook her head and turning back to the desk, resumed painting her nails. She had to get control over herself and stop lusting over her best friend before Renee figured out what was going on and stopped talking to her. She took another deep breath and did her best to make her voice sound bored and flippant. "What have you done now?" she asked.

Renee frowned at her friend's remark and putting extra drama into her explanation said, "You are never going to believe this! Yesterday we were in the locker room after cheerleading practice and Diane Ames and Lisa Monroe started fighting. You know Bobby Wilson dumped Lisa and is dating Diane now. Anyway somehow...I don't even know how! Somehow it turned into a fight over how sexy they are and how many guys they could have sex with...and then it turned into this big contest!"

Stacy blew on her nails and looked at her friend, her interest piqued. "A contest? What kind of contest?"

"Well, Natalie is going to keep a record of how many guys we've slept with. Every time you have sex with a new guy and tell Natalie about it you have to give her a quarter. And at the end of the year whoever wins gets all the money. They're even talking about pulling some strings and making the winner prom queen!" Renee was practically bouncing on the bed she was so excited about her strange gossip.

"So you are in the contest?" Stacy questioned, looking at Renee in disbelief.

Reminded of her dilemma Renee was once again forlorn. "Yes," she moaned, sinking into the bed. "I know that I shouldn't have. I've only had sex with Tim and we broke up ages ago...but I was embarrassed because everyone else was signing up. And Cathy said that I should do it... I didn't want to look like a prude or anything. I didn't think that anyone would really take it seriously...I thought it was a joke because it's just so crazy. But today a bunch of the girls came in and had Natalie write down the guys they'd slept with. Three of the girls said they had sex with two guys yesterday!" Renee wailed and looked at her friend for sympathy.

"First of all, Renee, you are a prude!" Stacy watched Renee frown at her remark but Renee didn't try to contradict her. Stacy remained silent for a moment. This was her big chance and she knew it... If she just played her cards right... "Second, I guess you have to decide whether you really want to do this contest or not. You've either got to let your record of zero stand or start taking slut lessons."

Renee's brow wrinkled as she contemplated Stacy's advice. Why did she always have to be so logical and to the point? "I...I don't want to leave that zero there... I know it's silly but...I have to have something there. But I don't think that I could ever compete with some of those other girls. I'd really need slut lessons then." Renee said slowly.

"Well, slut lessons wouldn't be a problem," Stacy crossed the room and sat next to Renee on the bed. Renee had pulled her legs up and Stacy couldn't help looking up Renee's skirt at the dark shadow of bush pressing against Renee's white panties. She took a deep breath and looked up into Renee's eyes. "If you really want them of course."

Renee tossed her head and laughed, "Where would I get slut lessons?"

"Kate's a slut. I'm sure she'd help you. In fact, I might take some lessons myself," Stacy said, her eyes narrowing as she watched for Renee's reaction.

"Kate!" Renee exclaimed, picturing Stacy's beautiful older sister. "Kate couldn't be a slut!"

"Well, I guess she isn't your regular kind of slut. She isn't one of those girls who sleeps with tons of guys to get attention. She just really likes sex and has a lot of it. She even goes to orgies and sex parties and things. If you want advice I'm sure she could give you some. Actually, I've been thinking of being a little more slutty myself...Kate really seems like she's having a lot of fun," Stacy explained, her voice containing excitement for the first time.

"Really?" Renee asked, surprised. "Are you really going to do that?"

"Why don't we do it together?" Renee looked as if she were going to refuse and Stacy grabbed her hand and squeezed it. "Just think about it Renee, we could be more mature, and womanly. Really sexy and independent...we'd be doing exactly what we wanted with our bodies, not just what everyone is telling us to do. You'd be able to hold your own in this contest. And I think it would be really fun. Kate is really enjoying it, she's always telling me stories."

"Well...." Renee said.


Two nights later Stacy was applying make-up to Renee's face as Kate gave them advice. "This really isn't an orgy is it?" Renee asked for the third time, her voice worried.

"No, like I said before it's just a frat party. There will be a lot of guys there and they'll all be looking to score. You'll be able to have as many as you want," Kate said, trying to keep the impatience out of her voice.

Renee looked up at Stacy. She was looking through eyeshadows trying to decide on a color and she was smiling at Kate's words. It was obvious that Stacy thought she was going to have a great time having sex with all of those college guys who were going to be at this party. Renee wished that she could be as optimistic as Stacy, she was worried that the whole thing was going to be a complete disaster. "Are you sure we're doing the right thing?" she asked quietly, looking at Stacy pleadingly.

Stacy lowered the eyeshadow and brushed her red curls away from her face. "If you don't want to do this you don't have to Renee. I know that you always worry about sex. You've got some hangups. You don't think you're any good at it and Tim never did anything to change that opinion. He never did anything to make you like sex either. I want to do this because I think it will be a blast. I think you should do this to gain some confidence in yourself and so you can learn that sex can be really fun. I don't want you to do this because of some contest or because you think you're in too deep and can't get out. I want you to do it for yourself. Okay?"

"Yeah...I would like to be more confident..." Renee sighed and looked anything but.

"Then give this a chance. And if at anytime you want to leave just come and get me and we'll go home," Stacy smiled reassuringly.

"Thank you," Renee said, picturing herself looking frantically for her friend amid a crowd of partying college students. Everyone would be having fun and she would be having a fit. She closed her eyes and made a vow to herself that that would not happen.

"No problem, now let me finish making you look like a slut. You're going to die when you see this," Stacy smiled mischieviously as she applied a thick layer of eyeshadow.

Kate walked over and stood next to Stacy to see the results. When Stacy was finished Kate said, "Great job, Stace. Now, take your shirt and bra off Renee."

Renee blushed but removed her shirt and bra, being careful not to disturb her hair and make-up. As Renee watched breathlessly Kate grabbed some liquid rouge and knelt down in front of her. Kate looked up into Renee's eyes and then her slim fingers began to caress Renee's nipples, rubbing the rouge into her soft skin, darkening their dusty pink color. The way that Kate had looked at her, the way that she was touching her nipples... Renee's blush deepened and she squirmed a bit in the chair. "Why?" she asked, looking down at her darkened nipples.

"You'll see," Kate finished applying the rouge and gave it a light dusting of powder so that it wouldn't rub off. "Put your shirt on, no bra."

Renee buttoned up the white shirt that she was going to wear to the party and went to the mirror to look at herself. "Oh my god," she breathed. Stacy had curled and arranged her hair, giving it a sexy tossled look. Her make-up was applied heavily, defining her features and making her hazel eyes look huge. The white shirt that she was wearing was tight and her pert young breasts pressed against the soft material, her darkened nipples clearly visible.

She turned back to Stacy and Kate. "Oh, I don't know...How can I go out of the house looking like this?"

Kate smiled at her, "We're going straight to the party. No one will see you except the guys that this get-up is meant for or girls who will be dressed like you or wish they were."

"All right," Renee moved to continue getting dressed, her heart beating fast, doing her best to hide her anxiety and dread. Stacy started doing her own make-up. Renee looked at the garter belt and stockings that Kate had lent her in confusion and Kate came over to help her put them on.

"No panties," Kate said. "It'll make things a lot easier."

Kate watched Renee hesitate for a moment and then slip off a pair of little white panties. She asked Renee to hold her shirt up above her waist so that she could put the garter belt on her. Kate let her eyes slide over Renee's smooth features, the darkened nipples straining against the tight white shirt and the silky bush of dark brown hair hiding Renee's pussy from view. Renee looked nervous and lost like a little girl. Kate smiled at her and stepped close to put the garter belt around her waist. Her movements were slow and she let her fingers trail over Renee's soft skin at every opportunity.

When she was finished with the garter belt Kate put her hands on Renee's hips and guided her to a sitting position on the bed. She slid her hands slowly down the outside of Renee's legs all the way to her toes and then began to put the stockings on Renee, her fingers working their way caressingly back up Renee's legs as she applied the silk to Renee's skin.

Kate looked up at Renee. She could tell that Renee was awed and a bit confused by her action but she also knew that Renee was a little turned on. Kate glanced up and met Stacy's stare. Kate was momentarily shocked by what she saw in Stacy's eyes but then she smiled in pleasure. Her little sister wanted to eat Renee's pussy just as much as Kate did, maybe even more. The two beautiful teenagers were about to start out on a roller coaster of sexual experiences and Kate was going to make sure that she was there to teach them a few tricks herself.

Renee stood up to allow Kate to attach the garters to the stockings and Kate remained kneeling, at eye level with Renee's delicious young pussy and then her firm round ass. Kate shared a knowing smile with Stacy and then looked back at Renee who was stepping into a short blue plaid skirt and a pair of black heels. Renee was obviously nervous. Kate knew that it wouldn't be long before she would be eating Renee's pussy, sharing it with her own little sister. She trembled in anticipation and then smiled encouragingly at Renee. "You look like you escaped from a Catholic school. You'll have the guys drooling for your pussy in no time!"

Soon Stacy had finished dressing, her outfit was almost identical to Renee's but she was wearing a short black skirt. Renee kept catching glimpses of Stacy's rouged nipples pressing against the white material of her shirt and blushing, thinking that her nipples must be just as blatantly visible. Every time she took a step she could feel a cool draft of air slide up between her legs and lick at her bare ass and pussy, it made her shiver and tingle, kept her constantly aware of where she was going and what she was going to do. Kate went to change and came back wearing a tiny red dress. The front of her dress was cut so low that the tops of her nipples were visible and her every movement caused the back of her dress to slide up and reveal a bit of her firm round ass.

Renee looked at Kate, she was so sexy, so beautiful, so happy and ready to go and fuck, to get fucked by all those guys at the party. She looked at Stacy, she was filled with anticipation, her face shone with it. Renee knew that Stacy had only had sex with a couple of guys and hadn't been too impressed by their performance, but still she was ready to go and get fucked by strange guys, she was so confident in herself and in the fact that those guys were going to satisfy her. Could it be so good? Would it be so good? Would she meet a guy who would kiss her and touch her and put his cock inside of her and make her feel all of the things she never felt with Tim? Stacy obviously thought it would happen. Kate had done it before and she was sure it would happen. Renee closed her eyes and prayed that it would happen.

Twenty minutes later they walked up the front steps of the frat house. It was obvious that the party was already in full swing. A guy was sitting at the front door, he was collecting the entrance fee for the party and he was supposed to be checking id's. "Hey Katie, what do you have here?" he asked, his eyes roving over Stacy and Renee. "They don't look legal."

Kate smiled and said, "Maybe not Sean, but they're really interested in having a good time."

Sean laughed and let them in. Kate led them into the house, got each of them a plastic cup of beer and said, "This is my last piece of advice. If you don't want to have sex with a guy don't let him take you off to a room, stick to the rooms where everyone is. It'll save a lot of hassle. No guy's gonna be happy if you back out halfway through, so make sure it's what you want to do before you start anything."

Renee and Stacy agreed and Kate pointed them to a room where people were dancing and disappeared into the crowd. Renee and Stacy made their way into the room. A large space in the middle of the floor was cleared for dancing. The girls stood at the fringe, nervously taking drinks of their first beers to keep their hands occupied. Renee leaned close to Stacy and whispered, "This stuff tastes awful!"

"I know, but we'll have to get used to drinking it sometime," she whispered back. The two girls had finished most of their beer when suddenly Stacy's eyes widened and she said, "Look!"

Renee looked up and saw two guys approaching them. They were tall, well-built and good-looking. The two girls struggled to catch their breath and remain calm. "This is it!" Stacy whispered and the guys reached them and asked them to dance.

Renee blushed and agreed to dance with the dark-haired guy who had asked her. He said that his name was Tom. She watched as Stacy followed the blond guy into the crowd of dancers with a smile of anticipation on her face. Renee wished that she were as confident as her friend.

Tom led Renee onto the dance floor and they started dancing. Renee could feel the beer taking effect, making her feel a little dizzy and relaxed. Soon Tom pulled her close and put his mouth next to her ear, talking loudly to be heard above the throbbing music, telling her that she was beautiful and he just loved her outfit. His hands were on her waist and they started to slide down her hips and then over to her ass. She gasped as he squeezed her ass, inadvertently pushing closer to him, feeling her breasts flattening against his chest.

"Mmmmmm," he sighed into her ear, cushioning her body with his own, enjoying the feel of her firm young curves pressed against him. He started raining little kisses on her ear and neck.

Renee sighed and tilted her head, giving him better access to her neck. Oh it did feel so good, his hands on her ass and his mouth on her neck, in the darkness and the loud music, couples dancing all around them. Tom's mouth trailed up to hers and he began kissing her fully and deeply. She put her arms around him for support, she felt herself melting into him. She'd never been kissed like this, his lips and tongue were so strong and confident, taking what they wanted, making her want to give more, making her feel wonderfully warm and sexy.

His hands slid down her ass to the back of her thighs and then back up again, slipping under her skirt. "Shit," he breathed as he felt her smooth bare ass in his hands. He continued kissing her as his hands cupped and fondled her tight ass, pulling her close to him so that he could grind his hardening cock against her.

Renee moaned into his mouth and kissed him harder. The feel of his hands on her bare ass and his cock rubbing against her was making her feel tingly, making her breasts and pussy ache. The feeling increased when his fingers slipped down the crack of her ass and began to stroke her pussy. Renee's eyes were already closed and she squeezed them tighter. She could feel layers of herself slipping away, she could feel herself becoming a new person. All those times that she had had sex with her old boyfriend and she'd never felt like this. Never wanted him to kiss her and touch her and fuck her like she wanted this strange guy to do. Her pussy was hot and wet and she wanted to open up and offer it to him like a flower, wanted him to come inside of her and teach her as much as he could. She would become a new person, new and different, older and more mature. She wanted that more than anything. The supreme transformation of his cock in her pussy. Deep in her pussy, deep in herself.

One of Tom's hands slid between them and his fingers delved into her sweet pussy, his other arm remained around her, his hand cupping her ass to give her support. He broke their kiss and she put her head on his shoulders, nuzzling the dark hollow of his neck and breathing moans against his skin as his fingers explored her sweet young cunt. He slid two fingers up inside of her and she took them eagerly, whispering her approval and thanks into the warm skin of his neck. His thumb found her clit and began to stroke it while the fingers in her pussy began to move back and forth, rubbing against her slick sensitive walls, sending waves of pleasure all the way down to her toes. She breathed hard and pressed against his hands, feeling herself falling further into pleasure, letting herself go and forgetting everything else.

She could feel the pressure and throbbing in her pussy intensifying, building and growing until it was the entire focus of her body, the only things that mattered in the world were those two fingers filling her and that thumb delighting her clit. Her legs were trembling and Tom's hand left her ass so that he could encircle her body and hold her up, hold her pussy in his magic hand. Her breathing was coming in gasps now, little "ah, ah, ahs" of pleasure as she held him tight and begged him to never stop. She felt a strong wave of pleasure emanating from her pussy, a pool of cum was building within her. She could feel the cum making his fingers more slippery, could feel it seeping out of her hole and flowing down her thighs. Then the sensation of pleasure grew even stronger, her pussy was spasming around his fingers, clenching and unclenching, she pressed harder against his hand and her "ahs" grew louder. His mouth searched for hers to muffle the sound of her cries but she was too lost in her orgasm to accept a kiss.

He waited for her orgasm to finish, the first orgasm that she had ever had, waited for her to come to her senses and to realize that she still stood in the middle of a crowd of dancing bodies. When she finally looked at him with clear eyes he smiled at her and said, "Come on, let's go upstairs."

She followed him out of the dancers that walled them in and up the stairs without a thought.

To Be Continued...

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