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Slut Lessons Pt. II
by AhMyGoddess

Tom led Renee up a of flight of stairs and down a hallway. He stopped at a door and took out a key to unlock it. Renee stood behind him in a daze staring at a couple a few feet away at the end of the hall. The guy was leaning up against the wall and the girl was on her knees in front of him, her mouth working his long cock. After a moment the scene penetrated into her brain and Renee realized what they were doing. She was shocked at their audacity but then it occurred to her that she had just let Tom finger-fuck her in the middle of the dance floor. She knew she should be ashamed of herself but she just felt warm and amused.

Renee looked up and met the guy's eyes. He gave her a nasty smile and began fucking the girl's face slowly, his hands holding her head, while he stared hard into Renee's eyes. Renee gasped, the guy's actions were so blatant that she could almost feel his cock in her own mouth.

Tom had opened the door to his room and grabbed Renee, pulling her inside after him. He filled a couple of large plastic cups with some cheap wine and they sat on his bed drinking it. Renee stared into her cup and drank the bittersweet wine, so many emotions were spinning through her mind that she didn't know what to feel. She was shocked at how she had behaved on the dance floor, she almost couldn't believe it. It had been good though, so good to feel Tom's hands on her ass and pussy, his fingers deep inside of her. It had been just what she had wanted. He had made her feel the most wonderful things, things she had only dreamed about, things she had never imagined. She was still warm with the pleasure of it. Dazed. Giddy.

And her pussy was still demanding more. She was so surprised, it was almost painful, so strong that she was having trouble concentrating on anything else. The few times she had let her old boyfriend fuck her she had never felt anything close to the need that was filling her now. He had never satisfied her the way that Tom had on the dance floor, he had never given her an orgasm. And that had only been Tom's fingers in her cunt.

She peeped over the edge of her cup at Tom's crotch, wondering how big his cock was, what it looked like, how it would feel deep inside of her. She was nervous of course, really alone with a college boy, but she was excited too. She wanted him to fuck her, wanted him to give her another orgasm. She kept drinking the wine, feeling it coursing through her body and relaxing her even more. More relaxed than she ever thought possible.

She finished the cup of wine and looked up at Tom. He smiled and started asking her questions and she told him that she was in high school and a cheerleader. He grinned and asked her if she could do the splits.

"Of course I can," Renee laughed. She was relaxed and she felt so sexy.

Tom took the empty cup away from her and said, "Show me."

Renee moved up on the bed and slowly did the splits. Tom moved close and slipped a hand under her skirt to caress her bare pussy. Renee moaned and said, "Oh that feels so good..." She turned out of the splits to give him full access to her cunt.

He smiled and pushed the material of her skirt up. "You have a beautiful little pussy," he said.

Renee giggled, she'd never thought of her pussy as beautiful before. She looked down at the pink skin covered with a soft brown fur that was glistening with juices. Tom's fingers were rubbing over her pussy lips and clit. It was beautiful. It was so beautiful and it was making her feel the most beautiful things. She grabbed Tom's shoulders and said, "Fuck it. Fuck my beautiful pussy. I want you to put your big dick in my pussy and fuck it hard."

"No problem," he said and stood up to remove his clothes. He took Renee's shirt off and laughed as he rubbed his fingers over a rouged nipple. "We have to get rid of this. It looks great through your shirt but it tastes terrible." He grabbed the bottle of wine and pouring some onto his fingers, washed away the rouge. He tipped the bottle up and drank most of what was left of the wine. He passed the rest to Renee and she quickly finished it.

Renee dropped the bottle down next to the bed and ran her hands over her naked body. She felt as if she were aching all over and it was all centered around her pussy. She couldn't believe how much she wanted him, how much she needed him, how much she had to have him deep inside of her. "Let's go," she moaned. "Start fucking me now. You have to start fucking me now or I'll die."

Tom chuckled and pushed her down on the bed. He flipped her skirt up and Renee spread her legs wide, giving him whatever he wanted. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit, each time it touched her little clit Renee would moan and her body would buck and jerk. "Tell me what you want, slut. What do you want me to do?"

"Fuck me. Please fuck me. Put your cock in me and fuck me..." Renee thrust her hungry pussy at the cock that was teasing the entrance to her aching hole. Her body was tingling, full of need, her whole body wanted that cock. Tom grabbed her hips and plunged his thick cock into her tight hole. Renee cried out and closed her eyes, she had never felt so full, she had never felt so wonderful. He began to fuck her pussy and she met each of Tom's hard thrusts, feeling sensations building in her pussy with each stroke, crying out with pleasure.

Tom continued thrusting his hot cock in and out of her wet pussy. It was so hot, so fast. The sensations and pressure in her pussy were growing stronger and stronger. She couldn't believe how good it felt, but it was so strong, she was going to explode. Her pussy and clit had become so sensitive, his every small movement had become so intense, each one of them caused her to cry out in pleasure.

She grabbed his shoulders, not knowing what to do. It felt so good that she never wanted it to end, but it was so overwhelming that she was frightened. All that she could do was moan and plead and let out little cries of pleasure and take the cock again and again and again.

And then, oh it had to be impossible, but the pleasure was even more intense, her pussy even more sensitive. Her pussy and the sensations that Tom's big cock were causing was all that she could think about. Her pussy was so sensitive, so swollen with blood that she felt as if it had grown in size, it felt huge, it was the center of her world. She began screaming with pleasure as her pussy began to spasm, trying to clamp down on the thick cock that was thrusting in and out, trying to keep it deep inside.

She was screaming, there was only the overwhelming pleasure. Her legs were shaking, her body was jerking. Somewhere in the background she could Tom's voice, "Is that good slut? Is that what you wanted?"

Then Tom groaned and pulled his cock out of her pussy. He began shooting hot cum all over her stomach and breasts. She lay there on the bed, her body still spasming with the aftermath of her orgasm, watching blobs of thick white cum splashing over her body.

Tom groaned and lay down beside her on the bed. "You've got a great pussy. It's so hot and tight." He put a hand between her legs and began playing with the wet lips of her pussy. Every time he touched her supersensitive clit her body jerked in response.

Renee heard a noise and looked up, a naked blonde girl was standing next to her. Before Renee could collect her thoughts enough to wonder who she was the girl knelt on the bed and began lapping up Tom's jism, her little pink tongue sliding over Renee's tummy and titties.

"How's the cunt?"

Renee looked up to see a guy standing next to the bed where the girl had been. It was the same guy who had been getting a blowjob in the hallway. The girl who was now sucking on one of Renee's nipples must have been the one sucking his cock.

"Perfect. Hot and tight. Probably fresh too," Tom answered. He stopped playing with Renee's pussy and moved his hand up to tug on the nipple that the blonde was not sucking. "How many guys have you fucked before me?"

"Just one," Renee said. The bed dipped and she looked down and saw the other guy kneeling at her feet, like the blonde he was naked. Renee stared in awe and fear at his cock. It was huge. It had to be almost ten inches long and it was so thick.

The guy saw her staring at his cock and smiled. "Have you ever seen a cock this big? What do you think it's going to feel like up in your little whore pussy?"

"I...I..." Renee closed her eyes and tried to get control of herself. The cock was so big, it was going to tear her in half.

"Let's get rid of this," the guy said and Renee opened her eyes and saw him reach for her skirt. He twisted it around, undid the button and pulled it off of her. The he gave the blonde girl a little push. "Go on, go find something else to suck on Ginny."

Renee watched as the blonde girl let go of her nipple and looked around the room. She looked as if she were high on something.

"Come here, Ginny," Tom said. "You can suck on my cock for awhile."

The girl walked around the bed, knelt down between Tom's legs and sucked his cock into her mouth. Renee felt hands on her ankles and looked back down at her own naked body. The guy bent her legs up to her stomach and then spread them wide.

He ran his fingers over her pussy and spread it wide for his inspection. "Nice," he said. "Very nice." He sought out her little clit and rubbed it, checking for her response, grunting approval as she twitched and gasped. He slipped a finger up inside of her wet hole and then two, testing her tightness. As with Tom, two fingers was almost too much. They filled her and she moaned as the walls of her pussy began contracting around the Big Guy's fingers.

He removed his fingers and smiled down at her, licking her cum off of his fingers. "Aren't you a hot little slut. Your pussy is just begging me to fuck it."

He turned around and grabbed a pillow. He lifted Renee and placed the pillow under her ass. She lay there watching him in curious wonder. He moved closer to her, his huge cock in his hand. She watched in amazement and slight horror as he began rubbing the head of his dick over her pussy. It felt so good to have his hot cock touching her, sliding up and down her slit, in between the folds of her pussy lips. She couldn't help but buck her body upwards against his hard cock, begging for his touch, begging to be fucked. But she was afraid too, as much as she wanted him to continue touching her and making her feel so wonderful, she was afraid. His cock was enormous. Beneath its caresses her pussy looked so tiny. She had never imagined a cock so big...what would it do to her?

She was afraid but her body was in control. It was still bucking up to meet the Big Guy's pussy caressing cock. His cock was now slippery with her juices. She was aching, shivering with her need of the cock. She started to moan and beg for it.

The Big Guy was pleased, he laughed and promised to give her all of his hard tool. He spread her pussy lips open wide and started pressing his long thick cock against her entrance.

It hurt. "It's not going to go. It's too big, it can't fit," she thought and started drawing herself away from him. The Big Guy grabbed her hips and held her in place, relentlessly pushing his giant cock against her entrance. She let out a scream as the head of his cock finally gained access to her hot wet chamber. She felt as if he had torn her open. She continued screaming as the cock slid deeper and deeper inside of her. She thought that it would never stop.

She screamed and flailed her arms, grabbing at the blankets beneath her naked body, hitting at the Big Guy, tearing her fingers through her hair, grabbing at her pussy to have her hands batted away. A couple of times she even hit Tom and Ginny who were still lying next to her, Ginny's head between Tom's legs.

Tom's face was grinning, laughing down at her maidenly distress as he watched the huge cock penetrating her body. The Big Guy was talking, telling her what a hot tight cunt she had, how fucking great she felt around his cock, how he was going to fuck her brains out.

He was in. All the way in. Renee was gasping, moaning, tears streaming down her face. Her body was in confusion, trying to spasm and jerk under the pain but each movement only increased the torture. His hand came between them and found her clit. He was gentle. Gently rubbing her clit and her pussy was responding to his caress. Relaxing, softening around his invading cock.

Renee breathed deep as her body changed around the cock. The tears dried on her face. Her toes wiggled. Pain was turning into pleasure. The Big Guy took her ankles and wrapped her legs around his waist. She sighed in relief and pleasure as her pussy opened up a little more.

His huge cock began to move within her.

Shock. Breathlessness. A million little tingles of electricity inside of her pussy. Outside of her pussy. Spreading everywhere. All over her body. The cock was fucking her. Moaning and screaming. Begging the giant cock to move faster and harder. Loss of control. Loss of her senses. The pounding cock. Her legs fell weakly from around his waist. Down to the bed. She lay there mindless. There was only the cock and all of those wonderful feelings. Fucking fucking fucking. Feelings that just kept growing in intensity. The cock. The cock was everything. The cock was pounding into her. Smashing her ass into the softness of the pillow beneath her.

Her hands covered her face. Closing her eyes. Blocking out everything but the feel of the cock. She screamed into her palms. Pressed her palms into her wailing mouth. The pleasure. The millions of tingles were moving. Centering. Centering on the front of her pussy. The cock kept moving. Rubbing over the center of all of that pleasure. So hot. So hard. So good.

She was shaking. The pleasure just kept building. So intense. So intense. She was bucking her hips weakly, mindlessly to meet his endlessly pounding cock. He grabbed her hips and did the job for her. Pulling her hot begging pussy up hard to meet his thrusts. The pleasure intensified even further and finally exploded. She screamed and screamed. Her pussy spasmed around the cock. Her body spasmed beneath the man.

The cock kept pounding her pussy. Keeping her twitching beneath. Keeping her unable to catch her breath. Finally the cock was pulled from her and the Big Guy moved up her body. She looked at him in wonder and curiosity. He brought his cock to her mouth, he was pressing that huge cock against her lips, telling her to open and take it in. She obeyed him, she was so relaxed, unable to muster a protest. The thick cock moved between her lips, over her tongue. Hesitantly she tasted it, stroked her tongue against it. It tasted good, it must taste like her, she was tasting her own pussy along with the big hard cock.

The Big Guy was telling her to suck on his cock. She tightened her mouth around it and did her best to suck it, to suck it as hard as she could. The Big Guy was making grunting noises, she could tell that he like it. She sucked on the cock while the Big Guy worked his fingers on the length of it that would not fit into her mouth, while the Big Guy fucked it in and out of her mouth. Then it was exploding, exploding and filling her mouth with hot wet stickiness. Somehow she wasn't choking, the wetness was everywhere in her mouth, seeping out of her lips. The cock was gone and she was swallowing the wetness, it tasted good, really good, she felt as if she were swallowing sex, filling her stomach with sex.

The Big Guy climbed off of her and walked away. She lay there with the taste of his cum on her tongue. She tried to catch her breath. She tried to think. To gather her thoughts and put them together so that she could understand. So that she could make sense of what had happened. She couldn't.

To Be Continued...

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