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Sibling Love Chapter II
by Arial

Jenny and Will became much closer after the first time they had sex, 2 weeks ago. They were alone all day and their parents went out during the weekends, so they had the house to themselves to do what they pleased. Sometimes though, they would fool around when their parents were home. Many times they ended up making out in the den, or Jenny would give Will a quick blow job or he would suck her nipples or eat her pussy. Any moment they got alone would be spent on giving each other pleasure.

One day Jenny decided to have a friend over. Her and Will would then have her friend participate in their love making, all she had to do was choose the right friend. Jenny's friend Suzy lived down the street and they decided that she would be the one. Jenny called her up that night and invited her over. Suzy already knew that Jenny fucked her older brother, and was more than willing to join. Suzy had long dirty blonde hair and a nice body with big tits, but not as big as Jenny's. Once when Jenny stayed at Suzy's house and her parents were out, she and her had got a little frisky. They ended up naked on Suzy bed, kissing and cuddling. Jenny sucked Suzy big, hard nipples and fingers her hairless pussy, then slowly licked her way down to tongue her wet cunt. They ended up 69ing and Suzy got out her dildo and fucked Jenny's pussy with it. Jenny ended up shoving it in Suzy's ass hole and fucked her with it for a while until they fell asleep together.

Jenny told Suzy she couldn't wait to fuck her again, and that her pussy was real wet for her. She hung up with her and then got Will to make the rest of their plans. Jenny decided that they would go to an adult porn shop downtown and pick up a few things before Suzy came over. When they got there, they looked at many different dildos, and decided to get a strap on with a cock on each end for both girl's pleasure. They also got an X-rated movie, which was very nasty and very kinky. When they got home around 5:00, they decided to take a shower together and then have a quick fuck session before Suzy came over. In the shower Will washed Jenny's tits and ass slowly, and she washed his cock for him. They got out of the shower and began kissing, licking at each other's tongues. Will decided he couldn't wait and had to have her right then and there so her bent her over the sink and rammed his hard cock deep into Jenny's pussy, making her cry out and say to him, "ohhhhhh big brother, fuck me, ohhhhh, it feels so good!".

He pumped in and out of her for what seemed like ages. He knew he would cum soon so he pumped harder. Jenny then cried, "Will fuck me harder baby, ohhhhh I'm gonna come!". Will slammed in and out, harder and harder. This caused Jenny to orgasm violently and she rammed her hips against Wills cock again and again. Will still hadn't came so she allowed him to fuck her beautiful little ass. He lubed his cock up and her ass hole, and slowly pushed the head of his cock, and then slowly all of it, into her twitching ass hole. He pumped in and out of her, slow at first, and then got harder.

Little did that know that Suzy had arrived and heard them upstairs and went up to see the show. Suzy opened the door to find Jenny getting rammed up the ass by Will. This caused her to become very horny and she began to strip off her clothes and was soon naked. Will pulled out of Jenny's ass and Jenny gave Suzy a long sexy kiss and tweeked her hard nipples, getting her anticipated for what was about to happen. Then went into Jenny's room and Jenny told Suzy to lie down and that she was going to get the best cunt licking of her life. She crouched between Suzy legs and began licking her sweet wet pussy, dipping her tongue in and out of her love hole and sucking on her hard clit.

Will sat down near them and began to massage his hard meat. He knew he was close to coming and soon was pumping his fist up and down on his cock. He got behind Jenny and pushed his loving cock into her ass hole, making her cry out and she lapped at Suzy's pussy. He slammed his cock deep into her ass, and laid on her back and whispered that he was about to come. She rocked back against his cock faster and faster, still licking Suzy's pussy. Suzy's screamed that she was close to coming and begged Jenny to lick her clit. Jenny herself was going to come again and all of a sudden Suzy and Will came, Will shot his load deep into Jenny's ass and Suzy's pussy oozed it's love juice into Jenny's mouth. Soon Jenny too came and she screamed with delight and Will smashed his cock into her hot, tight ass.

The three of them laid in Jenny's bed for a while and caressed each other. Suzy and Jenny faced each other, while Will spooned Jenny. Suzy sucked and licked Jenny's nipple, rolling her tongue around on it, while Will rubbed Jenny's hot wet pussy, dipping his fingers into her dripping cunt hole, making her moan and whimper. Jenny decided to get out the strap on dildo and try it out on Suzy, who in turn would get on her hands and knees and suck Will's cock. Will laid Jenny down and inserted the 10 inch dildo into her cunt hole and slowly fucked her with it, then strapped it on. Suzy got down on all fours while Will knelt in from of her.

Jenny pushed the thick, long cock into Suzy pussy and began working it in and out, the pleasure for them both was huge. Suzy licked and nibbled on Will's warm balls and licked his shaft and head up and down. She took him into her mouth and pumped her lips up and down his cock, deep throating his huge package until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. Jenny slammed harder and harder into Suzy's pussy and knew she was close to coming. She told Suzy she was going to and pumped harder and harder, which in turn caused her to suck Will's cock in a wild frenzy. Jenny moaned and her pussy exploded and she orgasmed for a full 30 seconds, soon Suzy orgasmed and Will shot his load down into her throat. All three were exhausted and decided to take a nap. Will got in between them and wrapped his arms around them, holding them close so they laid their heads on his chest.

Will awoke around 10:00pm to find Jenny and Suzy sucking and licking his balls and cock. Jenny was pumping her mouth up and down his rock hard cock he now had and Suzy sucked and licked his balls and occasionally licked his puckered ass hole. He felt his load of sperm building in his balls. He told Jenny to suck his cock like a good little slut sister and that he was going to fill her belly with his hot load. Suzy licked his ass hole and pushed her middle finger deep inside, twisting it around and making him moan. All this drove him wild and he shot his load into jenny's mouth and it dribbled down her chin. When he finished pumping his load into Jenny's mouth, Suzy licked the remains off of her chin and slowly licked the rest off of her tongue. By the times they had finished there love making it was 12:30pm and they were all really tired. Since their parents wouldn't be home that night. They slept in each other's arms for the remainder of the night.

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