The Best Erotic Stories.

Slut Lessons Pt. III
by AhMyGoddess

The Big Guy had left. Tom was gone. The girl came between her legs. The blonde girl called Ginny. The one that looked high. She spread Renee's pussy and started licking it, sucking up Renee's juices and the Big Guy's cum. Her tongue was all over Renee's pussy, kissing, licking and sucking. Renee couldn't believe that a girl was touching her pussy, tasting it, she couldn't believe how good it felt. No one had ever kissed her pussy before. It was wonderful.

Ginny was fucking her hole with her hot tongue and her fingers were circling Renee's clit. Renee could feel herself getting so hot and excited again. Would it happen again? All of those wonderful feelings? Ginny's fingers and tongue changed places. Her tongue was playing with Renee's clit and she had two fingers fucking Renee's hot hole. Renee watched the girl's face in her cunt, amazed at what Ginny was doing, what Ginny was making her feel.

The Big Guy was back. He climbed onto the bed behind Ginny, lifting her onto her knees, spreading her legs. As Renee watched his huge cock entered Ginny's pussy from behind. Renee was amazed at how easily the huge tool seemed to slide into Ginny's pussy. The Big Guy started fucking Ginny hard. With each thrust Ginny's face was smashed into Renee's pussy. Ginny was so excited. She was sucking Renee's clit and finger-fucking her wildly, moaning into Renee's sensitive skin.

Renee felt the pleasure building again. Building so fast. An orgasm hit her. She was screaming and pressing her pussy against Ginny's face and hand. After the orgasm her clit was supersensitive but the girl just kept licking and sucking it hard. Renee finally pushed her head and hands away from her pussy and clamped her legs shut. Ginny laid her head on Renee's tummy and the Big Guy just kept fucking Ginny's pussy.

The girl moaned and screamed into Renee's soft tummy and the Big Guy grunted and moaned as he pounded her pussy. Finally the Big Guy was finished. The girl collapsed to the bed as soon as she was released. The Big Guy went away again. Renee and Ginny fell asleep.

Renee woke up some time later. Ginny was asleep. Tom was back and asleep. The light was on and the door to the hallway was open. Renee thought that she should try to find Kate or Stacy. She got up off the bed and found her clothes, pulling on her shirt and skirt. Carrying her shoes she left the room and walked down the long hall. Many of the doors were open. Couples or small groups were fucking, drinking, smoking, sleeping. Renee glanced into each room trying to find her friends.

She looked into a room and stopped. A girl was lying on a bed. She hat jet black hair and pale skin. She was lying naked, her legs spread wide open, her titties pointing up. She was asleep and there was a guy lying on his side next to her. Also asleep. Renee was staring at her pussy. It didn't have any hair. She'd never seen one like that before except on a little girl.

Renee walked quietly into the room and over to the bed and looked down at the girl's pussy. It was smooth. Renee felt her stomach tighten. She remembered Ginny's mouth on her pussy. How would it feel to put her mouth on this girl's pussy? It was so pretty and smooth... The girl's legs were spread wide... Such a beautiful invitation.

Renee dropped her shoes to the floor and climbed between the girl's legs. She ran her fingers over the girl's pussy. It was so smooth...but not perfectly. Renee leaned down to get a closer look at it. It dawned on her that the girl must have shaved off her pussy hair. Renee shivered at the thought of a razor on her pussy.

Her face was near the pussy. She could smell it. It smelled good. The smell sent shivers through her. She moved closer to the pussy. Extending her tongue. Gliding it over one of the smooth outer lips. It tasted good. It felt good. The heady smell was so much stronger.

She licked and licked over the outer lips of the girl's pussy. Enjoying it, beautiful under her tongue. She glanced up to find that the guy was awake, his eyes watching her tongue on the girl's pussy. She blushed and hid her face in the cunt. The outer lips pushed open. Soft inner lips. Dark pink and wet. The glowing clit, peeking up at her. She licked and licked. The juice tasted so good.

She was getting hot and excited. She remembered the Big Guy and Ginny between her legs. She looked at the guy on the bed. "Why don't you fuck me?" He was behind her, pushing her skirt up. His fingers were playing with her wet pussy, making her shiver. She pushed her tongue up into the girl's hole. It was full of a delicious hot wetness. She thrust her tongue in again and again, lapping up the sweet juice.

A cock was entering her own hole. She moaned into the pussy and clenched her muscles around the cock. She moved, taking the clit in her mouth, pushing fingers up into the cunt, just like Ginny had done to her own pussy. The cock started fucking her. She started sucking and fucking the cunt. Moaning into it. Screaming into it. Shivering with double pleasure. The delicious pussy in her mouth and hot and wet around her fingers. The man's hot body covering her from behind. Pleasure building and exploding in her pussy as the cock fucked her hard and fast. Shaking and screaming as she orgasmed between the two naked strangers. Finger-fucking the pussy. Hot cum splashing over her ass. The pussy was orgasming around her fingers. The clit was dancing in her mouth.

She took her face out of the pussy to look at the girl. She was still asleep, passed out. The guy lay back down beside her, closing his eyes to return to sleep. Renee stood up and picked up her shoes, returning to the hallway. Her face was coated with the juice from the strange girl's pussy. It was all over her fingers too, she raised them to her lips to lick it off as she walked down the hall. Cum was dribbling down her asscheeks, down her thighs.

She walked up stairs to the third floor and went walking down the hall. Again there were many rooms with open doors and people inside. She looked into a room and saw a couple lying together in a bed, kissing and fondling each other. In the other bed she saw Stacy, she was lying there naked and beautiful. Renee felt her stomach clench with desire as she thought about tasting her best friend's pussy. She went into the room.

To Be Continued...

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