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Slut Lessons Pt. IV
by AhMyGoddess

Stacy followed the tall blonde guy out onto the dance floor. He said his name was Brad. He was so good-looking. She couldn't believe that he was going to fuck her. It made her shiver all over. It made her pussy feel all tingly. He pulled her close and they started to dance.

"You look like your sister," he said into her ear, his breath against her skin making her sigh.

"Yeah, everyone says that," she answered putting her face up against his. He was just so sexy and his skin was so warm, all that she wanted to do was touch him.

"Do you fuck like her, too?" he asked, his hands dropping from her waist to caress her ass through her skirt.

"I don't know. I haven't fucked her yet," she said, pressing against him, loving the feel of his hands on her ass.

He liked her answer. He sucked on her ear and kissed her neck. His hands came up and started unbuttoning her shirt. Her shirt was white, small and tight, falling down to her waist, revealing her bellybutton above her skirt. He unbuttoned all but the last two buttons and spread the shirt open to reveal her large breasts.

Right there on the dance floor. It was so naughty! It made Stacy so hot and excited. Her stomach quivered. She glanced around and noticed people staring at her firm titties. She loved it. She'd wanted this for so long. To be bad, naughty, sinful, abandoned to sex and pleasure, not caring about anyone or anything else. She looked up at Brad. His thumbs rubbed over her stiffening nipples.

"I love titties," Brad said. "You've got great titties."

She put her hands around his neck and let him play with her titties. Rubbing, pinching, flicking, twisting. People watching them. How many of them were getting hot, hard or wet watching Brad play with her big titties? It was making her so hot and wet. She felt wetness oozing from her bare pussy, soaking her bush, coating her thighs.

"Oh, you're making me so hot," she told him. "I need fucked so bad."

He pulled her out of the dancing people, out of the room, into the entryway, towards the stairs. Her shirt was wide open. Her large breasts free, her nipples hard. People stared. She saw the shock and desire in their eyes. Brad saw a friend, it was the guy who had tried to card them at the door, Sean. Brad asked him to join them. They started walking up the stairs.

Two guys!! Stacy was so excited she could barely contain herself. Sean was behind her on the stairs. He could see up her short skirt. He had a clear view of her naked ass and cunt. She felt his hand slide up between her thighs and reach for her hot pussy.

"Looks like you're ready for some cock," Sean said, his fingers slipping through her wet lips.

"I can't wait for it," Stacy replied.

Up the stairs to the third floor. Down the hall and into a room. The room had a sink affixed to one of the walls. Brad led her over to it and washed the remaining rouge off of her nipples with cold cold water. Cold drops of water streaming over her quivering tummy. Sean stood behind her, his hands coming around her and playing with her hot wet pussy under her skirt. His hard cock pressing against her ass, grinding against her ass. It felt so good to have hands all over her. To just stand there and let the two guys do whatever they wanted with her.

Brad took her shirt off. Sean her skirt. She stood naked before them, loving the feel of their eyes on her skin. They lay her in the middle of the bed. Brad spread her legs and pushed his cock up into her wet cunt. She moaned with pleasure at the hot bold entrance.

He removed his cock. She watched in confusion as he moved up her body, straddling her tummy. His fingers pulled at her nipples. His cock slid between her big titties. He pressed her titties close together and started fucking his cock in and out of the hole that he had created. She watched in wonder as the head of his cock rammed in and out of the hole, her breasts tingling.

She felt hands on her thighs. A mouth on her pussy. Sean's hot tongue was licking over her pussy lips. Sucking and tasting her juices. Sucking her clit up into his mouth. Shoving a finger up her hole. He sucked and rolled her clit and the finger pounded her pussy. Brad's cock kept fucking her titties. It all felt so good... She closed her eyes and enjoyed it...

Brad suddenly pinched her titties hard between his fingers. So so hard. She screamed in shock and pain. She tried to buck the heavy man off of her body. He was cumming, pulling back, shooting hot jism all over her bruised titties. She was gasping, sobbing, writhing beneath him. But the pain in her breasts had sent pleasure shooting to her pussy making Sean's finger-fucking and tonguing feel so much more intense. Her legs tangled about Sean's body.

Cumming. She was almost cumming. Her body tightening and straining for release. Brad moved off of her. Her hands went to her breasts to sooth her throbbing flesh, fingers running through his jism. She was going to lick it off her fingers. Sean began sucking on her clit hard, sucking her into orgasm. She screamed and grabbed his dark curly hair, pulling his mouth into her pussy, pushing herself into his mouth, smearing Brad's jism into his hair.

Sean was rising up, sliding up her gasping body. His hands slid over her sore breasts, gathering Brad's cum, moving up to tangle in her hair.

"What are you doing?" he breathed harshly, his mouth close to her ear. "Fucking cum in my hair."

"I'm sorry. I..." she began but his mouth covered hers and her words were forgotten as his tongue tangled with hers. Oh God she could taste herself on him. She could taste her own pussy and it tasted so fucking good. She wrapped her arms and legs around him. She wanted to feel his hot skin all over her naked body. She wanted his cock inside of her.

He rose up, his hands left her hair and moved to her hips, pushing her down into the bed. She released her hold on him, her legs falling to the bed, her hands running over his strong chest. His fingers opened her pussy. His cock pushed in. She moaned long and low, feeling his hot hard length deep inside of her, straining the walls of her pussy.

He tangled his hands into her hair once again and began thrusting his cock in her cunt. Slow, long, hard thrusts. Again and again and again until she was moaning, wrapping her legs around him, pushing against him, grinding into him at the end of each thrust. Begging him to fuck her fast, his fingers pulling her hair.

Finally, oh finally, he was fucking her hard. Giving her pussy just what it wanted. She quivered and shook and moaned and orgasmed beneath him as his cock rammed in and out of her cunt.

She was shaking and gasping, trying to find herself again. He was out of her, moving up to her head, feeding his cock into her mouth. Oh... She tasted herself on his hot skin, tongued his hard cock. She sucked and he fucked her mouth. Hot sticky cum shot into her mouth and she did her best to swallow all of it.

She felt so good. Her breasts bruised and sore. Her pussy bruised and sore. Used and fucked by two men. Two great orgasms. The taste of jism in her mouth, the stickiness of jism on her titties. So bad and so fucking naughty. It felt so good.

Sean got up and went to the sink to wash the cum out of his hair. A guy appeared at the door, Brad had left it open when he left. The guy's eyes ran over Stacy's naked body lying on the bed.

"Brad said there was an open cunt up here," the guy said.

"Go for it Deek," Sean said from the sink.

Deek walked over to the bed and looked down at Stacy. "You ready for some more?"

Stacy shivered with anticipation and said, "Yes."

Deek shed his clothes. Stacy lay there looking at his naked body and semi-hard cock. Deek sat down next to her and gently ran his fingers over her breasts, they were lightly dusted with blueish bruises. "Looks like Brad's finished with you."

"Mmmmmm," she mumbled as his head dipped down and he began licking her titties. Her pussy clenched hungrily and began to melt and grow wet again. She ran her fingers through his short brown hair, enjoying his tongue on her skin.

He softly drew a bruised nipple into his mouth and gently sucked. Her extra-sensitive nipple sent strong signals to her pussy and her pussy cried to be touched. Stacy pulled him closer to her and pressed her cunt against his leg. His mouth moaned around her nipple, tingling vibrations. His leg pushed into the wetness of her pussy and she wrapped her legs around his thigh.

"Oh please, fuck me. I need to be fucked, my pussy is so hot," she ground her pussy against his leg. He released her nipple and raised his head to look at her. His hands pried her legs away from his thigh and spread them open. He moved down to run his tongue over her pussy.

His tongue was playing with her clit. A finger entered her wet hole and fucked it a little. The finger left her hole and moved down to her asshole. She felt the wet finger rubbing over her little asshole and moaned and pulled away in shock.

He told her it was alright. He told her to relax. She remembered her sister mentioning getting it up the ass. She knew that Kate liked it. His finger pressed past her entrance and slid inside. It was strange. Full. So much pressure. It made her clit wild. White hot. The stroking of his tongue was now too much. She was moaning loudly and pleading with him to suck her clit hard. She felt herself shaking apart in an orgasm with the finger up her ass and the hot mouth on her clit.

His hard cock was entering her wet hot pussy. She moaned and clamped down on it, wanting to keep it in her forever. It felt so good, after her orgasm and with her ass still tingling from his finger. His cock left her and she moaned. He was rolling her over. He was going to... He was going to... Oh, she pressed her face into the bed and felt his hands spreading the cheeks of her ass open.

She moaned and moaned in anticipation of the strangeness, the pain, the unknown. The head of his cock was pressing against her asshole. She moaned. It was opening. Little by little. Letting him in. Oh, she moaned. It was so strange. Painful. He was coming in. His cock slipping past her entrance. All of him. Filling her ass. She moaned and she moaned. Her pussy clenched again and again.

He was talking... talking...telling her..."...feels so good. I'm going to fuck your tight ass long and hard..."

Her hands were clenched in the sheets. He was pulling his cock out of her ass. She screamed at the painful movement. Writhed painfully beneath him. In again. He was coming in again. Oh. Oh. It was easier this time. Oh.

Ooooh. He was moving out again. And in again. It was easier. Ah. Easier. Her pussy was clenching. She felt her clit swollen. Throbbing. Her body was moving and changing beneath him. Around his hard cock. It was easier. It was good. She moaned and he was going faster. In and out. Ah, ah. Pushing her pussy and begging clit into the bed.

He felt so good inside of her. Big and hot. Moving faster and faster. Fucking her ass. Her tight little ass. Oh. She was moaning. She could feel pressure building. So much pressure. From her full ass, her clenching pussy, her throbbing clit. Oh his big cock. Fast fast fast. She moaned and screamed into the bed, shaking with an orgasm. She felt hot cum flowing our of ther pussy. His cock kept moving in and out of her ass. Her orgasm seemed to go on forever. She moaned and moaned, taking his cock into her ass, pussy tingling.

He thrust into her deep and fast. She felt hot liquid pumping out of his cock. Filling her deep inside. She sighed and moaned into the bed. His cock was soft, slipping out of her ass. He rolled off of her. She rolled over onto her back.

She was fucked. She was so thoroughly fucked. She opened her eyes. A guy stood next to the bed, hard cock in his hand. Waiting for her pussy. Ready for her pussy.

To Be Continued...


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