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Slut Lessons Pt. IX
by AhMyGoddess

Renee and Stacy met at lunch and started to walk off campus. As they weaved their way through the cars in the parking lot Renee said, "Leslie wants to have sex with a guy."

Stacy laughed, "What, after one night she's decided that we aren't satisfying her enough? Where is she anyway?"

"She doesn't have lunch until next period," Renee replied. "I think she wants to fuck a guy because we've done it, we like it and she wants to be like us."

"Mmm, you're gonna let her get fucked I guess. Who are we going to get to do it?" Stacy asked.

"I can't stop her. I was thinking about that man from the Country Club on Sunday. The one that I fucked," Renee said. "He was really nice and I think that he would be, you know, gentle and stuff with her."

"Yeah, is there any way you can get a hold of him?"

"He gave me his business card. His name is Richard Shaunessy and he works at Delco."

"Great, we'll call him as soon as we get back to school. Okay?"


They'd reached the house with the underground basement door. They went down the stairs and ate each other's pussies, trying their best to muffle their cries as their bodies shook with orgasms against the door. They walked back to campus and went to the phone booths. They closed themselves into one of them and Renee dialed the number on the business card.

His secretary answered. Renee tried to make her voice sound older but the woman was obviously surprised to hear her ask for Mr. Shaunessy. She asked if he was expecting Renee's call and Renee answered no, but he would know who she was. She gave the secretary her name and a couple of minutes later Mr. Shaunessy answered the phone.

Renee was so nervous, "Mr. Shaunessy?" she asked in a small voice.

"I think you can call me Richard, Renee," he said, his voice warm. "What can I do for you?"

"Ummmm, this is gonna sound a little crazy..." she began.

"Stranger than two girls offering to fuck two strange older men?" he asked with a chuckle.

Renee laughed a little, "Uhhh, yeah. Stranger. See, my little sister wants to have sex with a guy. She's a virgin, well when it comes to guys anyway. And well, I wanted her first time to be special. You know, with someone nice who'd make sure that she had a really good time and stuff. Anyway, I thought of you."

"I'm really honored, Renee, and I would be happy to do it," he said.

"Thanks. Ummm, are you free this evening or sometime soon?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm free this evening."

"Could you pick us up at my friend Stacy's house? And could you maybe bring a friend or know, for me and Stacy?" she asked, embarrassed.

"Yeah, I don't think that will be a problem," he answered.

They set up a time and she gave him Stacy's address. After she hung up the phone she felt exhausted. She hadn't realized just how tense she was, talking to him about such a strange matter on the phone. She told Stacy that he had agreed to everything and she found Leslie after 7th period in the hall and told her what was happening. She felt her heart skip at the mixture of pleasure and embarrassment and fear on Leslie's face.

Cheerleading practice, she was too nervous about Leslie to even notice the other girls, and then home to dinner. After dinner she and Leslie assured their Mother that their homework was complete and walked to Stacy's. The three girls sat on the front porch, nervous, not talking much. Renee felt as if she were holding her breath. It was one thing to introduce her sister to girl sex and she hadn't even been sure about doing that, it was a whole other thing to hand her sister over to someone else. She just kept telling herself that it was Richard, reminding herself how nice and kind and gentle he had been.

A mini-van pulled up in front of the house. The three girls walked up to it. Richard was driving. There were three other men inside. They opened the side door and climbed in. Even with her concern for her sister Renee found herself checking out the other three men. They were around Richard's age, very good looking. Richard introduced them as business associates.

He drove them to his apartment. It was near downtown. The three girls sat in the backseat, Renee holding Leslie's hand. They arrived. They walked up a couple of flights of stairs, entered the apartment. It was really nice. Richard offered everyone a drink. He gave the girls soda and the men each had a shot of whiskey. They talked a little, Renee could tell that Richard was trying to make everyone a little less anxious. Chatting wasn't working.

They moved to the bedrooms. There were only two. The master bedroom had a king size bed, the guest bedroom had a double. Richard offered to give the master bedroom to Renee and Stacy and the three men. He took Leslie to the guest bedroom. Renee almost felt like her heart was going to stop. She followed everyone else into the master bedroom and turned to the men. She looked at them. She wasn't really in the mood to fuck but she wanted them to make her forget what was going on in the other room. She needed to forget or she'd explode.

She looked at Stacy. Stacy looked at the men with a smile, "So, are you guys ready?"

"What do you and your friend have in mind?" the blond man said.

"Mmm, anything at all really. But I like getting fucked in the ass and Renee has a thing for sucking cock," Stacy explained.

The blond man looked at Renee, "You don't like it up the ass?"

"Oh, I've never tried it," Renee answered quietly. "Stacy's fucked my ass with her finger though."

"And you didn't like it?" he asked.

"No, no. I liked it."

"Then I think you should try a cock," he said.

She looked at him. "Okay."

He led her to the bed, stripped off her clothes and lay her down on one side of it. The other two men were stripping Stacy and laying her on the other side. Renee lay on her stomach, waiting for the blond man to remove his clothes. She looked at Stacy who was waiting for the other two men. Stacy smiled at her, "I think one of them is going to fuck me while I suck the other one's cock. How did it end up that you're getting it up the ass and I'm the one sucking cock?"

Renee laughed. She felt the man climbing onto the bed, straddling her legs, sitting on her thighs. She could feel his semi-hard cock pressing against her legs, it made her shiver. He leaned forward and combed her long brown hair away from her back and neck. He began kissing and gently sucking her neck, his mouth hot, his lips soft, his tongue wet. His hands stroked up and down her back. His mouth moved to her shoulders.

His hands moved around her, slipping between her and the bed, cupping her titties, pinching her nipples again and again and again. His mouth moved all over her back, hot and wet. He was all over her, warm body, hot mouth, his weight crushing her into the bed. She felt herself relaxing under him, relaxing into him. He moved down, his mouth to lick and suck her asscheeks, his hands to finger her soft wet pussy. She spread her legs to give him better access to herself, pressing her face into the pillow, moaning. Oh yes, it was all going to be okay. This felt good, so so good and this is what Richard was making Leslie feel. Her little sister was going to be alright.

He was moving up over her, his hands lifting her, opening her up. He had a tube of something, cold and wet on her asshole, his fingers rubbing it over her hot skin. His cock was at her asshole. Gently pressing. His fingers spreading her open. His cock pressing harder, harder... She popped. Her ass popped and he was inside of her. So big. So painful. He must be tearing her. She couldn't take it. She tried to move away, to escape. But he was holding her, pressing forward, pushing his long hard length into her. She was moaning, crying out, sobbing into the pillow. There was no escape, no relief.

His hands were rubbing her back, trying to calm her. He kept sliding into her. It felt as if he would never stop. It would never end. But it did. She felt him all the way inside of her. His body snug against her. She couldn't catch her breath, couldn't stop moaning and sobbing. She felt another hand on her. Stacy's. From far away she could hear Stacy telling her to relax, calm down.

She took breaths. Deep breaths. The man's hands were still caressing her back. Caressing her asscheeks. Her ass filled with his cock. Filled to bursting. Filled will pain. Her breathing had calmed. She'd controlled her sobs. Tears still fell from her eyes onto the pillow. She wanted him out of her, away from her. "Please..." she pleaded. "Get out...get out of me."

"Give it another minute," he said, his hands all over her. "You gotta relax. Just relax."

Renee felt as if she couldn't take another second of him within her. A minute was an eternity. "No," she moaned. "I don't want to. Please get out of me." He wasn't moving, his cock still lay deep inside of her. She grabbed the bed and tried to pull herself away from him. The movement made the pain worse. She cried out but she still kept moving, she had to get away from him.

Stacy was talking to the man, telling him take his cock out of Renee. The man was angry, yelling at Renee, calling her a tease, a slut, a whore. He grabbed her waist and pulled her back, began plowing his cock in and out of her ass. Long hard thrusts full of pain. Renee was screaming in pain, again and again. Stacy was screaming at the man, hitting him, trying to help her friend.

The bedroom door slammed open and Richard entered the room, saw the scene on the bed, ran to pull the blonde man off Renee. A few blows were exchanged. Richard yelled at the blonde man, at the other two men for not helping the girls. He threw them out of the apartment. Renee lay on the bed crying, the other two girls holding her, trying to calm her. Richard came to the bed, hugged Renee, apologized for misjudging the other men.

The four sat on the bed, the question of Leslie was brought up, was Richard still supposed to take her virginity? Leslie was still interested. Everyone looked at Renee, how did she feel about it? Renee closed her eyes in confusion. How could she turn her sister over to a man after what a man had just done to her? Stacy spoke up, she didn't think Leslie should be left with this memory, she still wanted to have sex, she should learn that all men aren't bad. Renee reluctantly agreed, she really couldn't stop her sister anyway. She and Stacy went to shower, Richard and Leslie went back to the guest bedroom.

Leslie turned to face Richard as they re-entered the guestroom. They hadn't gotten very far before Renee's screams had interrupted them, mostly they'd just talked. Richard had asked her a lot of questions about herself, about school and her friends, about her boyfriends, her limited experience with guys, her experiences with Renee and Stacy. Leslie liked him, he was kind and gentle like Renee had said. And he was very handsome, really sexy. Leslie remembered how it had felt to have the other girls put their fingers up her hot pussy, she imagined that Richard's cock would feel even better.

Richard closed the door and looked at Leslie. "I hope that didn't scare you," he said.

"I was afraid because Renee was being hurt. When I heard her screaming like that... I never want to hear that again," Leslie said.

Richard came and stood in front of her, ran his hands up and down her arms. "You know, I can't promise you that this isn't going to hurt. In fact I think it usually does."

"I know, Renee and Stacy told me all about their first times. I have to do it sometime, right? And I trust you. I want you to do it to me."

He brought his hands up to cup her face and gently kissed her. He had been kissing her before the screams. The familiarity of his lips warmed Leslie's blood. As before she was impressed by his size, his strength. It was so much different from being held and kissed by a boy her age, by Renee or Stacy. She put her arms around his neck, pressed herself close to his warm body. She opened her lips, sucking on his lips, she wanted to feel his tongue on hers, wanted to taste him.

His tongue responded to her invitation, slipping inside her mouth, stroking her tongue. She felt it all the way down to her toes, warming her, melting her. His hands caressed over her slim back, cupped her tight ass, made her pussy shiver, she felt it growing hot and wet. She wanted to feel his hands all over her, she pressed herself against him again, gasping into his mouth as she felt the hardness of his cock pressing against her stomach. The hands on her ass pushed her harder against his cock and she moaned, burying her face in his shoulder, feeling the shape and the hardness of his cock pressing into her stomach.

He pulled away from her and slipped her shirt off, his lips and tongue traced the edge of her white bra over her titties. He knelt down before her, caught her nipples between his teeth, nibbled them through the soft material of her bra. She put her hands on his shoulders and moaned. She felt as if she were sinking deeper and deeper into him, even though they were barely touching. His hands were unhooking her bra, sliding it down her arms. She watched him drinking in the sight of her young breasts, running his fingers gently over her soft skin, over the hardness of her nipples.

Then he buried his face in her breasts, raining kisses over them, tracing patterns with his tongue over her burning skin, sucking and nibbling her nipples. She was moaning, she felt funny all over, too big for her skin, ready to burst, her knees were weakening. He lay her on the bed and came over her, covered her, kissing her again, deeply, kissing her breasts again, trailing his tongue down her sensitive stomach.

His tongue dipped into her bellybutton making her giggle, tingle, wiggle beneath him, instinctively spread her thighs. He unbuttoned her jeans, slid the zipper down, his tongue following it, leaving a wet trail over her skin, over her panties. He took off her shoes and socks, slid her jeans off. She could barely breathe in anticipation. He ran his fingers over her panties and then began pulling them down, kissing the skin that he exposed, kissing her tummy, the top of her mound, her slit, down her thighs, over her knees, her calves, her feet, sucking on her toes...

She moaned, she wanted his mouth on her pussy so much. He was moving up her legs and she spread them in anticipation of his hot mouth. He smiled and opened up the lips of her pussy with his fingers, ran his tongue from her hole to her clit. Oh God, he felt so good! She shivered, she could feel wetness pouring from her hole. She could feel his tongue licking it up. Then his tongue was poking up inside of her hole. Exploring, licking, fucking her gently. She could feel her pussy starting to clench in orgasm, her body starting to vibrate. His mouth moved to tongue her clit and she screamed as her orgasm intensified, her body shook and bucked beneath him.

He moved up, kissing her titties, kissing her lips, she could taste herself on him, it tasted so good, she sucked his hot tongue. "Are you ready?" he asked. She said that she was. She watched as he removed his clothes, his body well-muscled, firm, his cock hard, standing up, the sight of it was strange but it made her tingle all over. He moved back onto the bed, she spread her legs and he came between them.

She watched as he guided the head of his cock to her wet little pussy. He stroked it over her slit, making her cry out as it bumped over her clit again and again, sending electricity through her. She felt him pressing against her entrance. His cock was big, stretching her wide, pushing up into her. It did hurt, she could feel herself tearing a little. She moaned and tried to control herself. Closed her eyes, tried to block out the pain. Slowly he was driving into her, then she felt him stop, heard him whisper that he was all the way in. He was running his hands over her hair, over her cheeks and lips, asking if she was okay.

She said that she was. He was so big, so big inside of her. Filling her completely. She was breathing heavily. Her hands moving, touching him mindlessly. He asked if she was okay again, he needed to move. She said okay, okay... He began pulling out of her, she gasped and moaned. There was pain, a little pain but it felt good, his cock moving inside of her. She wiggled beneath him, pushed towards him. And he was moving into her again. Slowly. Out and in. She was moaning, breathing, getting used to the feel of him. Kind of like fingers inside of her but better, so much bigger and better, so much more. Touching her everywhere, filling her completely, she could feel it in her fingers and in her toes. The cock filling her made her feel so good all over.

He began moving faster within her. Faster and faster and faster until he was pounding hard and fast. She was crying out in pleasure, grabbing his shoulders, trying to meet his wonderful thrusts. She felt herself orgasming again, her body shaking, her pussy clenching. This is why it clenches, for the cock, to grab the cock and keep it deep within her so that it would never go away. Her orgasm finished and she melted into the bed, the cock still thrusting in and out of her. She watched the man above her, his face full of concentration, dripping sweat, the cock moving between her legs, in and out, so fast, his whole body behind it, pounding it into her. He thrust deep and stopped, she could feel something hot and wet inside of her, it must be his cum.

He lay on top of her and she felt him growing soft within her, felt him sliding out of her. He rolled off of her and kissed her. He looked tired. She felt wonderful, full of happiness and energy. She wanted to jump for joy. She had done it, had sex with a guy, an older gorgeous guy and it had been fantastic. She asked him if she could go talk to her sister and he said of course. She got dressed quickly and rushed into the apartment to find Renee and Stacy and tell them everything.

To Be Continued...


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