The Best Erotic Stories.

Slut Lessons Pt. V
by AhMyGoddess

Stacy looked up at him. A tall black guy, standing next to the bed. Naked. Cock hard. He'd been watching Deek fuck her ass. Waiting for her pussy.

Deek was off the bed, leaving. The guy was on the bed, mounting her. Spreading her legs. A short cock pushing up into her wet wet cunt. It was thick. So so thick. Stretching her pussy wide. She wrapped her legs around his waist. He fucked her hungry, tired pussy. Hard and for so long. It seemed to go on forever. She had small orgasms. Several. Shallow and wide. Relaxing. Spreading all through her body like water. She moaned and sighed beneath the man fucking her. Taking his cock again and again.

He came in her, filling her with his seed. She smiled at the hot wetness. He stood up and put on a pair of shorts. Left the room. She lay there, his jism oozing from her hole. There was a couple in the other bed. Naked. Fucking. The girl was on top, riding the guy's cock hard. Moaning and screaming, demanding. Stacy watched them. Watched the pretty girl's titties bouncing as she worked her pussy on the hard cock.

"I'll have to try that," Stacy thought. "I'll have to try that..."

She fell asleep.

Soft lips were kissing her. A tongue was licking over her lips, pressing to be let inside. She opened her mouth and the little tongue slipped in, tangled with her tongue. Mmmm it was so nice.

She opened her eyes to see who was kissing her. Her eyes tried to focus on the close features. It was Renee. Renee was kissing her. Renee was kissing her. It was impossible. She had to be dreaming. She pulled back a little but the mouth wouldn't let her go far.

"Renee," she said into the lips, around the tongue.

"Mmmmm," Renee said, kissing her even deeper. Sucking on her tongue. She felt so good. Tasted so good. Renee. It was Renee. How long had she wanted Renee? Beautiful Renee.

Renee's mouth left hers and trailed down her throat to her breasts. "Jesus, Stacy, what happened to your titties?" Renee asked, looking at the bruises covering Stacy's large tits.

"That guy... That guy fucked them," Stacy said. Renee's lips were smoothing over her soft breasts.

"Bastard," Renee said softly, kissing and licking Stacy's nipples. "Bastard...bastard...bastard..."

Stacy was filled with wonder. Renee's hot little tongue licking her sore titties. Kissing and sucking. She felt her body growing hot, her cunt wet. She tangled her fingers through Renee's long hair.

Renee was moving down, trailing her tongue over Stacy's stomach. "Oh, God," Stacy moaned. "Oh God." Renee's fingers were combing through her red bush. Renee's tongue was tasting her pussy. Little hot licks from her tongue making her quiver. Oh. It felt so good. She spread her legs wide, opening herself to her friend. Her best friend. How long had she wanted to taste Renee's pussy and now Renee was devouring her cunt.

"Ooooooh," Stacy moaned. Renee's hot tongue was thrusting into her hole. In and out. Stacy wondered if Renee could taste the cum of the men who had blown their loads inside of her.

She couldn't believe how good Renee's mouth felt on her pussy. Kissing and licking and sucking. Her mouth moved up to Stacy's clit and she began flicking and sucking it. Stacy moaned and moaned. For a few minutes she was gasping, trying to catch her breath. Trying to stay in control of herself. Renee's mouth sucked hard on Stacy's clit. "Oh God!...." Stacy cried, pushing herself into Renee's mouth, it felt so good and it just kept getting better.

Stacy realized what she was doing and stopped trying to catch her breath. Gave up control. Let herself fall into the bed, fall into Renee's wonderful hot mouth. An orgasm began building in her, growing stronger and stronger. Two fingers pushed up into her wet hole, her pussy shivered and spasmed around them. Welcoming them in, clenching, drawing them in further. Stacy shook and screamed in orgasm. The mouth kept sucking and the fingers kept fucking. Again and again and again.

Finally Renee was finished, crawling up Stacy's young naked body. The friends wrapped their arms around each other and tried to catch their breath.

"God, Renee, that was wonderful. I can't believe you did it..." Stacy pressed her face against the white shirt covering Renee's breasts.

Renee sighed. "I can't believe I did it either. But I love it. I really love it." She giggled, "I love eating pussy."

Her hands went up to begin unbuttoning her blouse, baring her breasts for Stacy. Stacy watched Renee opening her blouse. She'd seen Renee's titties so many times. She'd wanted them for so long. She bent down and took Renee's hard nipple in her mouth, sucking it and licking it, tasting Renee's beautiful skin. She sucked and licked Renee's titties forever. She couldn't get enough of them. They were so soft under her fingers and mouth.

Finally Renee was moaning and begging, pushing Stacy's head and shoulders down. Demanding attention for her pussy. Stacy closed her eyes and took a deep breath, felt a fluttering in her stomach. She was going to see Renee's pussy hot and wet and spread open, waiting for her. She was going to touch it, smell it, taste it. Oh, she'd been waiting for this for so long.

She moved down Renee's body, kissing over her stomach. Licking her little bellybutton. Trailing her tongue down down down. Down to her friend's precious pussy. Oh yes, it was beautiful. Pink and red, soft skin and crevices, glistening with hot juices. Its scent made Stacy tingle. She had to taste it. She ran her tongue up the inside of a puffy pussy lip. Oh, hot and delicious, so soft.

She licked over the soft hot pussy again and again. Tasting, feeling, exploring with her tongue. Renee was pleading for release. Stacy sucked her clit into her mouth. Oh, she loved to feel it poking against her tongue. She licked and sucked it hard. It sounded so good to hear Renee moaning and screaming, pushing into her mouth. Begging for more.

And orgasming. Renee was orgasming under Stacy's mouth. Shivering and spasming. Juices flooding from her pussy. Stacy moved down to lap up all of that delicious hot juice. She never wanted to move. She wanted to keep her head buried between her beautiful friend's legs forever.

Renee pulled her up and the two girls tangled their naked bodies together. Renee kissed her and Stacy tasted herself on Renee's tongue, knew that Renee could taste her own pussy on Stacy's tongue.

Renee moved away from the kiss and looked at Stacy. "Thank you, Stacy. Thank you for talking me into this. It's all so amazing. I love it. I love being a slut."

To Be Continued...


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