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Slut Lessons Pt. VI
by AhMyGoddess

Kate finally found Stacy and Renee on the third floor. They were lying in a bed, naked, tangled together, asleep. Kate drank in the sight of their beautiful young bodies for a few moments. They'd really become sluts tonight. Kate had spoken to several of the guys. She knew that Rob Hanley, the guy all the girls called Five Pounder, had fucked Renee. Kate's eyes skimmed over Renee's petite body, wondering how her inexperienced pussy had taken that massive cock.

Deek had told her that he fucked Stacy up the ass and that Brad had obviously gotten a hold of her. Kate had been so angry. Full of sisterly protectiveness. She felt the anger welling up inside of her again as she looked at her little sister's titties, black and blue with bruises. Fucking asshole Brad. Most girls didn't go near him, just the ones who had a thing for pain. Kate should have warned the girls, but maybe it was best if they learned early that some guys liked to make girls hurt...

She sighed and leaned down to gently shake them awake. She watched their eyes as they opened. She saw their eyes light up as they remembered the night and all they had done. They were so happy and proud in their new sexiness and satisfaction. The two girls got dressed and they walked downstairs to the car. Giggling as they told each other all the things that they had done, proudly telling Kate all of their accomplishments.

They got into the car, the two younger girls in the backseat. Within minutes they were making out and Kate was having trouble keeping her eyes on the road. She'd much rather watch the two girls through the rearview mirror. She drove through their neighborhood towards their house listening to the sounds of her sister moaning in orgasm. Wishing that she could see Renee's head between her sister's slim white thighs. Dying to taste those two young cunts.

She parked in the driveway and Renee's head popped up over the front seat. "Hey, your parents must be home by now. Are they going to freak out because we got home so late?" she asked.

Kate looked at Renee's cheeks covered with her little sister's pussy juice. "No, they don't care what we do. They're pretty free spirited and into sexual experimentation. They just want us to be home before dawn, before the neighbors wake up and see their slutty daughters coming home."

The girls got out of the car. Stacy said, "I don't think it matters much if the neighbors see us since Kate has fucked half of them. I think they already know that she is a slut."

"Really?" Renee asked. "Jerry Lake, have you fucked Jerry Lake?"

"Oh, yeah," Kate said. "He's my favorite neighbor!"

"He's my uncle!" Renee exclaimed. "I can't believe he's cheating on Aunt Mary!"

"Don't worry about it," Kate smiled. "I've had Mary's pussy too. If they've both committed the same sin don't they cancel each other out?"

"Unbelievable!" Renee cried and the girls giggled and went into the house.

Up the stairs. Into Stacy's bedroom. Kate pushed Stacy down on the bed. Flipped up her little sister's skirt and dove into her hot little pussy. She tasted so good, hot and wet. So soft. She licked her sister's pussy, drove her tongue up her hot hole, sucked on her clit, fucked her tight cunt with two fingers. Stacy was moaning and pushing her pussy up into her big sister's face. Begging for more. Oh God, her own sister's pussy, hot and wet and quivering under her tongue. Stacy was orgasming and cum was flowing and Kate licked it up. Licked it all up, while Renee pushed up Kate's red dress and kissed and licked her asscheeks and fingered her hot wet slit.

When she'd licked up all of her little sister's juices Kate lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide, watching Renee's face pushing into her pussy. Stacy came and pushed Kate's red dress down, baring her big titties. Her little sister kissed and sucked her titties while her little sister's best friend finger fucked her cunt. Kate was corrupting the young and it felt so fucking great. Their mouths felt so fucking great on her body.

Kate moaned as her pussy clenched and spasmed under Renee's fingers and hot little tongue. Kate's orgasm receding, Stacy pushed Renee's face out of Kate's cunt and pushed her own face between Renee's legs. It went on all night. All three girls eating each other's pussies again and again and again. Until the bed and their bodies were soaked and stained with cum and sweat. Until they fell asleep in a tangled mass of naked limbs.

They didn't wake up until noon the next day. Stacy and Renee moaning and complaining about sore pussies and aching limbs. Then giggling, bouncing and smiling knowingly as they remembered the previous night. The three girls slipped down the hall bare-assed, Renee in wonder, why hadn't she noticed that Stacy and Kate's parents were so cool before? If Stacy had so much freedom why hadn't she been using it? They piled into the shower together, soaping and shampooing each other, hot water and steam and bubbles, hands exploring and caressing. Hands everywhere. Heads between legs and mouths on cunts, mouths on titties, mouths everywhere. Naughty mouths and dirty tongues all over shivering clean wet skin.

The water ran cold and they reluctantly left the shower to towel each other dry. The phone rang. Renee stood naked in the hall on the phone talking to her mother. Why wasn't she home yet? Renee hung up the phone, pouting. Kate smiled and hugged her, she had to return to the real world sometime. But what would Renee do without pussies to touch and lick? Without someone to touch and lick her own pussy? Yesterday she'd never had it but today it seemed impossible to live without.

Kate hugged her again and taking Renee's hand put it between Renee's legs. Renee sighed, her pussy melting as Kate ran Renee's fingers over her own pussy. "You can always play with your pussy, Renee..." Kate's mouth found Renee's and kissed her deeply. Kate's hand left Renee's and Renee's fingers remained in her pussy, touching and exploring. "Perfect," Renee thought, she could touch herself in exactly the right ways... Kate's mouth moved to Renee's pert titties and sucked up a nipple, her hands were on Renee's ass, squeezing gently. Renee's fingers were frigging her tiny clit, in this direction, back and forth, not too fast. Perfect, shivers of pleasure running all over her body. Renee's body orgasmed, her knees weakened and she sank to the hallway carpet, gasping for breath. She put her hand to her mouth and sucked her juices off of her fingers.

Stacy pulled Renee to her feet and the girls returned to Stacy's bedroom. What were they going to do tonight? They had to do something. Did Kate know of another frat party? No, Kate was going with a friend to an orgy in Milton. The girls couldn't go along. What would they do?! They had to find someone to fuck! Kate said that they must know someone, and if they couldn't find anyone they could always fuck each other.

Stacy and Renee brainstormed as Renee got dressed and combed her hair. What about Robbie Lake? If Kate enjoyed fucking the father so much the son should have some talent... "No way!" Renee cried. "He's my cousin!" Stacy pointed out that she had just spent half the night eating her own sister's pussy. Still, Renee was not ready to fuck her own cousin. Neither of the girls had a car...they couldn't go far in their search for cock... "The twins!" Renee exclaimed. "Mark and Marlowe?" Yes, they were just down the street and there was a country club thing tonight so their parents wouldn't be home... It sounded great, Stacy would spend the night at Renee's and they would fuck the twins.

Renee left Stacy's full of excitement and anticipation. When she got home it faded a little. Her new sexual self didn't seem to fit in with the old house. She remembered when she'd let her old boyfriend fuck her a few times. She'd always felt hurt, disappointed and overwhelmingly guilty afterwards. Those feelings had fit in fine in this house but her new feelings of sexiness and happiness and power didn't. She felt closed in, caged, in the house. She spent a boring afternoon on edge. She couldn't even play with her pussy, her little brother or sister might barge into her room at any time and if she locked her door there would be questions... She definitely felt trapped.

Stacy called and they discussed their plans for the night. They couldn't wear anything too sexy or Renee's parents wouldn't let them out of the house. They wore short shorts and little button-up tops. They told Renee's Mom that they were taking a walk to the park, something they did all the time. They left the house, took their bras off and stuffed them into the front hedge. They walked to the twins' house.

Marlowe answered the door and the girls asked him what he was doing. He said he was watching TV with his brother. Did they want some company? Yeah, of course. He was staring at their legs and their hard little nipples standing up under their thin shirts. The girls followed him inside and downstairs, eyeing his firm ass and trying not to giggle. Mark was sitting on the couch and Renee sat next to him, close to him. So close she could feel his warmth tempting her. Marlow sat down in a recliner and Stacy perched on its arm. The guys spent more time watching the girls than the TV.

Renee shot Stacy a glance and Stacy moaned and said that it was really hot. Renee agreed and asked if the air conditioning was on. The girls unbuttoned a button on their shirts exposing the tops of the titties. The guys stared into the exposed cleavage and Mark explained that their Mother got cold easily so the aircon wasn't on very high, he would go turn it up. He went and turned it off.

He returned to the TV room where the girls were getting hotter. They took of their shoes and finally unbuttoned another button on their tops. The one right over their titties, it was easy now to catch a glimpse of their full breasts, their hard nipples. Beautiful breasts and lovely thighs that they just had to touch and feel. The brothers shared desperate glances with each other, they should make a move...they should make a move.

The girls were sexually charged, tingling with anticipation. Tingling with the thought of what they were doing and what they were going to do. Each time a pair of eyes blazed a hot trail over their titties or thighs they felt as if they had been physically touched. Their nipples were hard, their pussies were wet and their clits were begging for attention. And the guys were so cute, they wanted to touch them, lick them all over, feel their bodies pressing against their own. Would the guys make a move? Should they make a move? Each time their eyes met they were filled with that question. Each time finding the answer was more urgent.

Marlowe grabbed the lever on his chair and reclined it, as the back lowered Stacy slid closer to him, leaning against his chest. Her hand went to his chest to steady herself and it remained there, gently rubbing over one of his nipples. Marlowe knew that he had it made as he reached a hand up to Stacy's titty to return the caress.

Renee saw Stacy's hand exploring Marlowe and she could no longer keep her own hands off of Mark. She leaned in close to him and ran her hands over his chest. "You must be so hot too, Mark. Why don't you take your shirt off? If I were a guy I'd take mine off in this heat." Renee helped him off with his t-shirt, as soon as it was off her hands were all over him, touching his hot skin. She lowered her head and licked and sucked on his flat nipples. She'd never known until last night how much she loved tasting and sucking on other people. It felt so nice and Mark was certainly enjoying it.

Mark mumbled something about it not being fair and started unbuttoning the rest of the buttons on her shirt. Renee let her shirt slide off her arms and thrust her titties out so that Mark could touch and taste them. His lips and tongue felt so good on her breasts and oh, he was nibbling her nipples! She felt little lightening bolts of pleasure shooting all over her body, her toes curled and her pussy was suddenly super wet.

On the recliner Stacy had straddled Marlowe and removed his shirt. She was grinding her pussy against the hard bulge of his cock, relishing the feel of it against her cunt. Marlowe was taking off her shirt, he stared in shock at the bruises on her titties, he had thought they were shadows when he'd been peeking under her blouse. "What happened?" he asked and she explained that some guy had fucked them and he'd been really rough.

Marlowe was shocked at the level of sluttiness Stacy's story implied. And her pussy kept rubbing against his cock. He buried his face in her big titties and cupped her little ass in his hands, pushing her cunt harder against his raging hardon. Stacy arched her back and thrust her nipple deeper into Marlowe's hot wet mouth. Her hands went to her shorts and she started unfastening them. She wanted his cock inside of her so much her pussy was aching.

On the sofa Renee was guiding Mark's hand between her legs, he fondled her hot pussy through her shorts and Renee moaned and sighed in pleasure. She begged him to take off her shorts and panties and touch her naked cunt. He pushed her back so that she was lying down of the sofa and slid her shorts and panties down her legs. He stared at her beautiful body lying naked on the soft cushions. Her lovely face begging him to touch her. Her little pussy glistening with her juices and emitting an erotic scent.

He ran his fingers through her hot cunt and she moaned and begged him to kiss it, taste it, lick it. He hesitated. He'd never eaten pussy before but the sight, the feel, the smell of it was enough to convince him. He buried his face between her soft thighs and tasted her box, hot and dripping with juice. It was delicious and he couldn't seem to get enough of it. He licked and sucked and drank up as much of her sweet juice as he could find. She was begging him to suck her clit and he found her tiny little nubbin of pleasure and drew it into his mouth. He was amazed at her loud cries of pleasure and he sucked harder and faster, listening to the sounds of her pleasure grow until her legs were shaking around his head and she was orgasming into his mouth.

On the recliner Stacy had removed her shorts and panties and Marlowe fingered the hot wet lips of her pussy while she undid his shorts and drew out his long hard cock. It looked so good, she wanted it inside of herself so badly. She raised up and lowered herself down onto it, impaling herself on his stiff shaft. Feeling his hot cock filling her, pushing at the walls of her pussy, bumping up against her womb.

She looked into his eyes and started to move on his cock. Experimenting. It was her first time on top. Her first time in control. She moved this way and that, up and down. She found the best movement, it drew his cock over the inside of her pussy perfectly. She began to move faster and harder on his cock. It was awkward, the position and being on the recliner but it felt so great that she wasn't going to stop, wasn't going to give up control. His hands cupped her ass and helped her, lifting her up and pushing her back down on his cock. She needed his help, she was moaning and shaking, orgasming, losing control, she did her best to continue to pound herself on his cock, she never wanted to stop. He squeezed her ass hard and thrust his hips, thrusting his cock deep inside of her, she felt his load of hot cum filling her. She'd have to stop now, she felt him softening inside of her. She collapsed onto his chest.

Renee pushed Mark out of her pussy and moved to undo his shorts, she pushed them down his legs and off, staring at his hard cock the whole time. She moved forward and took the head of it into her mouth. She wanted to taste it and suck on it, fuck it with her mouth the way that she had seen that girl Ginny doing to the guys last night. She wanted to feel Mark's big hard cock moving in and out of her mouth. How many times had her old boyfriend begged and demanded that she do this and she had always refused. Now she wanted it more than anything.

She took as much of it into her mouth as possible and began to move up and down on it, sucking hard, exploring it with her tongue. There had been a sticky liquid on it when she first took it into her mouth. It had tasted good, it reminded her of how good the Big Guy's cum had tasted and felt in her mouth. She wanted more, she wanted to taste cum again. She felt Mark's hands on her head, helping her rhythm as she fucked his cock with her mouth. She moaned around his shaft, she loved the feel of it in her mouth, moving in and out, filling her, bumping up against her throat. And then he was cumming, shooting his hot cum into her mouth and she did her best to catch and swallow all of it. It tasted so good, she caught the hot stickiness that was escaping her lips with her fingers and pushed it back into her mouth. She had to have all of it.

Stacy was there, pulling her up and kissing her, seeking the taste of Mark's cock and cum, pressing her naked body against Renee's, pinching her nipples. She moved away from Renee's kiss and said, "How long will it take you guys to get hard again? I want to watch both of you fuck Renee." She leaned forward and whispered, "Remember the contest." into Renee's ear. Renee whispered back that she wanted to fuck both of them contest or no contest.

Mark and Marlowe didn't think it would take too long for their cocks to get hard again. Especially with the two beautiful girls kissing and touching each other on the sofa. They watched as Renee pushed Stacy down and ate her hot little cunt until Stacy was screaming and shaking in ecstasy. Their cocks were hard by then, raging hard, and they spread a blanket on the floor and lay Renee down. The two brothers shared her tight little pussy. Each of them fucking it long and hard while Renee moaned and writhed and bucked beneath them, relishing the feel of their cocks pumping deep inside of her. They shot their cum deep into her hot box and thought about their brotherly jism mixing inside the pussy of the naughty little slut.

The two girls got dressed and walked back to Renee's, stopping at the front hedge to find their bras and put them back on. They went up to Renee's bedroom to spend the rest of the night in slow exploration of their bodies. They licked and sucked all of each other's bodies. They played with titties and clits, finger-fucked pussies and assholes. They experimented with masturbation, bringing themselves to orgasms as each girl watched the other play with her own pussy. They ransacked Renee's bedroom looking for things that would fit up into their pussies. They fucked themselves and each other with markers, hairbrush handles, perfume bottles and batons.

They were insatiable. They couldn't get enough even though their pussies and nipples were achy and sore. The pain of fingers and makeshift dildos fucking their hungry cunts only added to the pleasure. They wanted more more more and they never wanted to stop. Even as they kissed and touched each other they talked about who they could fuck next. The future seemed like an endless expanse of new fucks. The future was suddenly a lot more exciting than they had ever imagined

To Be Continued...


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