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Slut Lessons Pt. VII
by AhMyGoddess

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Renee's family were strict church attendees and the two girls had to get up early the next morning to go to church. As they dressed Stacy spoke of her concern about the contest. If Renee was able to convince the other girls that fucking a girl should count just as much as fucking a guy then Renee had fucked 9 people. If not her total would be 5. It certainly didn't seem like enough. Stacy said they needed to figure out a way to fuck a lot of people that day and most of the day would be wasted on church and Sunday dinner.

They sat in their Sunday dresses in church and thought of ways to find a lot of guys to fuck. Finally Renee said that they might as well just go to the Country Club. Stacy agreed that that was as good a place as any. When they'd finished helping Renee's Mother with the Sunday dinner dishes Renee's Father drove them to the Country Club. The first thing they did was to walk around the Country Club, they'd been there countless times but now they were looking for dark corners and places where they could fuck without getting caught.

When they'd found enough of those they debated about where and how to pick up guys. It all just seemed so difficult and awkward. They definitely needed some practice and they should have asked Kate for advice. They even tried calling her but apparently she still hadn't made it home from the orgy she went to the night before. Renee finally agreed with Stacy's suggestion and they walked over to the caddy shack. They knocked on the door and a guy answered it, there were three other guys hanging out inside. Stacy looked at Renee and the two girls stepped inside.

They were wearing what Stacy had started calling the Slut Suit, short skirts and no panties. The two girls looked at each other and the guys waited for them to explain what they wanted. Stacy remembered her sister saying that getting a guy to fuck you was the easiest thing in the world, most guys would fuck almost any cunt that was offered. Stacy took a deep breath and looked around at the caddies, they looked college age and they were good looking.

"My friend and I are a little bored. We were wondering if any of you would be interested in a little fun," Stacy said, she could barely hear herself over the loud beating of her heart. She caught the edge of her skirt between her fingers and pulled it up so that the guys could see the side of her thigh, pulled it up high enough to where they would know she wasn't wearing any panties. It seemed so lame but she didn't want to flash her cunt and she couldn't think of anything else. She took another deep breath and met the eyes of the guy who had let them in. "So what do you say?"

It was that easy, just like Kate had said. The guy stepped forward, grabbed her, started kissing her. Within seconds he had a hand up her skirt, his fingers stroking over her pussy. It felt so good, she loved to be touched, she wanted his fingers all over her pussy and in her pussy, she moaned into his mouth and pressed herself against him. His chest was broad and strong, it felt great under her hands but what she really wanted was is cock. She undid his pants and pulled out his hard rod. It was nice, really big. He looked around but another guy already had Renee on the old couch, he cupped Stacy's ass in his hands and lifted her up. She guided his cock to her entrance, felt its long hard length sliding deep inside of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he pushed her back up against the wall and started fucking her hungry pussy.

Renee was on the dilapidated old couch. One of the caddies had taken her hand and led her there. He lay her down, pushed her skirt up and spread her legs. He knelt between her legs, pushing her shirt up and pulling her bra down, baring her titties. He sucked on her nipples and fingered her hot wet pussy before shoving his short fat cock inside of her. Renee moaned under the guy's weight and the force of his hard deep thrusts. Unfortunately he didn't last long. In what seemed like a minute he had shot his load up inside of her. Renee watched in surprise and disappointment as he pulled his limp cock out of her and got up.

Stacy was moaning, her back slammed against the wall with each of the guy's powerful thrusts and each time her pussy clenched hard, gripping the invading tool. She moaned and begged for more. The guy finally shot his load and sat her back down on her feet. She wavered there for a second before one of the other guys took her over to a small rug on the floor. He pushed her down on it and spread her legs, fingering her wet pussy. "Do you take it up the ass?" he asked, his wet fingers sliding out of her hot hole and down to rim her asshole. "Yes," she said, trembling as his finger tantalized her ass and the guy flipped her over and spread her asscheeks. His cock dipped into her pussy and then started pushing at the entrance to her ass. Once again it was tight and painful, so strange. But she liked it, it made her feel the most amazing things. The guy started pounding his cock into her ass and soon she was meeting his thrusts, her ass in the air, her titties smashed into the floor, rubbing against the rough material of the rug. She was moaning in pleasure and pain, begging for more.

Another guy was joining Renee on the couch, telling her not to mind Terry, everyone called him the Minute Man. The new guy promised not to stop fucking her sweet cunt until she screamed in orgasm. Renee smiled and spread her legs wider as the new guy undid his shorts. He pulled out his cock, it was strange, it was curved. Renee watched him push it slowly into her cunt. It felt different inside of her, so strange, but then he started fucking her, his curved cock moving in and out of her wet cunt. Each long hard stroke was better than the last, touching her pussy in all the right places. She couldn't believe how good it felt. Before long she really was screaming, her pussy quivering and spasming around the cock, it was giving her a great orgasm, she could barely control herself. And the guy didn't stop fucking her. She had two orgasms. Two great orgasms lying beneath that strange guy on the old couch in the caddy shack, screaming in pleasure.

The first guy that had fucked Stacy was hard again and he fucked Renee on the couch as soon as the curved cock guy had finished with her. Stacy was rolled over onto her back and given a short fuck by the Minute Man. The two girls rearranged their clothes. Renee gave her phone number to the curved cock guy, he said his name was Mike. The two girls left the caddy shack and went to get a drink. They sat at a table and drank tall cool fruit juices.

They talked a little. They felt very strange. Today had somehow been different. On Friday night they had fucked people at a party, it had been very wild and very strange but it had been part of the party atmosphere. On Saturday night they had fucked Mark and Marlowe, guys they had known all of their lives, it had almost been a joke to seduce them. But this. Today they had really behaved like sluts, like whores, offering themselves to strange men in a strange place.

It had felt good of course, even great, but they had crossed a line and they knew it. They'd finished most of their drinks before they could talk about it. Real sluts. Was that what they really wanted? What was the difference between fucking guys at a party and fucking guys in a caddy shack? At the party the guys had been in control, this time it had all been their decision. Did that make it worse? Was it just easier to be able to blame beer and the good looks of some guy? Even if they had purposefully gone to that party to get laid?

The girls sighed, depressed because they couldn't seem to find the right answer. "We should be happy," Renee said. "We did it. We got fucked and we did the seducing thing all by ourselves, even if it was really easy and sorta dorky."

"It was pretty silly," Stacy agreed with a laugh. "You're right we should be happy. We got exactly what we wanted and if you are going to do this contest you are going to have to keep doing it. Is that what you want?"

"I dunno," Renee answered. "The contest really isn't important to me anymore, maybe it never was. I think I just wanted to get fucked, really fucked and have orgasms and all that. I still want that, I love getting fucked now and I don't think that waiting around all week for Friday night frat parties is going to work. I wanted to get fucked all the time. So I'll have to be a real slut. Oh, or get a boyfriend."

"Yeah," Stacy replied in an unexcited voice. "We can always get boyfriends."

Renee laughed, "Right, I kinda like being fucked by lots of different cocks. Doing the same one all the time wouldn't be as good, maybe someday it will be but not today."

Stacy agreed. "So what do you want to do now? Go home, go for a swim..."

Renee followed Stacy's eyes to two men standing under a tree talking. "No way Stacy! They're men! That is totally different from high school and college guys!"

"Yeah, I bet it is totally different. Don't you want to know what it feels like to be fucked by a real man with tons of experience?" Stacy asked.

"Oh yes!" Renee exclaimed, she felt her pussy clenching at the thought. "But we couldn't even figure out something good to say to those caddies! What would we say to men?"

"Just leave it to me," Stacy stood up and walked off the terrace, Renee followed her in nervous anticipation and disbelief.

They reached the two men who stopped talking to look at them questioningly. They noticed the men looking at their titties and legs and Stacy sent Renee a look of victory. "I'm sorry for the interruption, my friend and I were wondering if you could help us with something. You see, we were just over there talking and we were wondering about the difference between men and boys. We've fucked a few boys but we've never had a real man. Of course, for a real answer we'd need some firsthand experience. Do you fellas think you can help us?" Stacy drawled, Renee listening in amused amazement, the men in amused excitement.

The man with brown hair said, "Why don't we go then."

They went out to the parking lot and got in a car. Stacy explained that they'd have to be back at the Country Club by 7:30. One of the men said they weren't going far, his house was nearby. He lived in a huge, beautiful home. The girls looked around, really impressed by its level of sophistication. Renee got up the courage to ask if they could take a shower, she felt awfully dirty knowing that her pussy had been fucked already and was full of cum.

The man showed them to a bathroom with a huge bathtub, Stacy laughed and said with a bathtub like that they might never come back out. The man assured them that if they took too long he and his friend would be in to get them. The girls filled the tub and sank into the hot water. They soaped and shampooed each other, paying particular attention to their pussies.

Stacy sat up on the edge of the tub and spread her legs so that Renee could eat her pussy. Her cries echoed around the tiled walls of the bathroom. When Renee had finished Stacy said the men were probably ready to tear into their pussies after hearing that. Stacy finger-fucked Renee's pussy, adding Renee's cries to the entertainment. As they lay relaxing in the water after getting each other off Renee mentioned the girl whose pussy she ate Friday night, the one who had shaved off all her pussy hair.

Stacy was really interested and agreed that it must make eating pussy so much better. She said that the two of them should shave their pussies as soon as possible. She hopped out of the tub and went through the cabinets, looking for razors and shaving cream. When she found them Renee asked if they should be using things without asking. Stacy threw a towel around herself and went dripping wet to ask the man if they could use his shaving things. He agreed but told her to hurry up, his eyes devouring her as she stood there in only a towel.

Stacy skipped back to the bathroom and the girls prepared to shave between their legs. Renee said that the girl's pussy that she had eaten had been completely bald. Stacy said that she had seen Kate's pussy shaved sometimes and she had left hair at the top. The girls shaved each other, each tried to leave a neat triangle of hair at the top of the other's pussy but ended up messing it up. They shaved their pussies bald and then hurriedly dried off to go downstairs and meet the men. To go fuck the men.

They wrapped up in dry towels and went downstairs. The guys were sitting in the living room, waiting anxiously. When the girls appeared they each took one by the hand and led them back upstairs to different bedrooms. The girls smiled at each other as they parted, silently wishing each other a good fuck.

Renee walked by the man with the black hair and into one of the guest bedrooms. It was beautiful, decorated in cream and blue. She stood looking around and the man came up behind her, running his hands over her bare shoulders, over the towel that covered her back. And her ass. And the backs of her bare thighs. She closed her eyes and let out a little moan, his hands felt so good, so slow and hot and strong on her body. She couldn't wait to feel them all over.

He pulled her back against him until she was pressed up against his hard body. One of his hands came around to rub circles over her towel-covered stomach. His other hand was caressing over her shoulders, tangling into her long brown hair, pulling it away from her ear. She felt his hot breath tickle over her ear a second before he spoke. He whispered, "So tell me, what were you and your friend doing in the bathroom? What did you want the shaving supplies for?"


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by AhMyGoddess.

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