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Slut Lessons Pt. VII
by AhMyGoddess

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She was trembling with desire, leaning up against the man. He was so sexy, she had never known anyone so sexy. She did her best to control her voice and answered in a whisper, "We were washing each other and...and playing with each other's pussies and then we shaved our pussies. She shaved mine and I shaved hers."

The man took a deep breath and the hand on her stomach pushed her closer to him. She could feel his cock growing hard against her ass. She trembled. The hand on her stomach moved down until it was level with her pussy. It began to move back and forth, skimming over the towel, touching the tops of her thighs, barely fluttering over her pussy. She gasped, her pussy was growing hotter and wetter with each passing second. He whispered, "You shaved your pussies? Why did you do that?"

Her voice was really trembly now, gaspy and jerky, she wanted him so much. She whispered back, "We thought that it would be nicer for sex and for eating pussy. I...I ate this girl's pussy on Friday night and her pussy was shaved. It was so nice..."

The mans soft hot lips were kissing slowly down her neck and she was going to melt. She was just going to melt right down to the floor but she couldn't. If she melted she wouldn't be able to feel the warmth of his body behind her, his hand moving teasingly over her thighs. He licked her shoulder, his tongue hot and wet. "Oh, I agree," he whispered. "Pussies are so nice when they are shaved. They feel so good when you touch them. So soft and silky..."

Oh God he was just so sexy. Her eyes closed again and her head dropped back, she couldn't hold it up anymore, her head dropped back until it was resting against his shoulder. His hand slipped under the folds of the towel, searching slowly until it found her young hot cunt, soft and so wet, covered in pussy juices. His fingers moved, glided over her puffy outer lips and she moaned. She really was melting and his other hand untangled from her silky hair and slipped around her midriff, holding her up, holding her firmly against him.

His fingers slipped between the outer lips of her pussy to explore her inner folds, his thumb skimmed over her inner lips, a finger rimmed her tight little hole, a finger found her sensitive clit. She moaned and her legs trembled beneath her, she tried to press her pussy against his exploring fingers. His hand moved away from her pussy, the towel had come undone and was open, falling down, held up only by the arm that encircled her, the arm that was holding her up. Her firm little titties were bare. His hand moved up, his fingers pinching and pulling at her little nipples, smearing them with her juices.

She was moaning constantly now, totally lost, there was only his hands and the pleasure that he was giving her. She couldn't think of anything else, didn't want anything else but for him to keep on touching her forever. He moved her to the bed, dropped the towel, lay her down and followed her. Covering her young naked body with his own large, manly strength. He stripped off his shirt and caught her up in his arms, pressing her young flesh against him, her titties smashing against his hard chest.

He kissed her, long and deep, his tongue plundering her mouth, taking everything, forever leaving his mark. He tasted her sweet lips and tongue, victorious in the knowledge that the rest of her body was open for him to taste and explore. He left her sighing mouth, his lips kissing and his tongue licking down her neck to her breasts. She was so young, she still had a teenager's body, so slim, so tiny. Her titties were small, her hard nipples pointing upwards, begging his mouth to taste them.

He licked over her titties, fondled them with his hands, drew her nipples into his mouth and sucked and nibbled them. Her lovely little body arching beneath him, seeking his heat and his strength, his hard cock, the pleasure that he could give her. His mouth kissed and sucked down her belly, his tongue delved into her little bellybutton. The smell of her sex was getting stronger and stronger, filling him with an animal need to taste her and fuck her.

His tongue slid over the silky outer lips of her pussy, tasting her true taste for the first time. She was so young and fresh and sweet. He drew her puffy outer lips into his mouth and kissed and sucked on them. He split them open with his hot tongue, seeking her inner heat. He licked and sucked her inner lips and her clit. Her moans turned into cries. His tongue slipped down her pussy and then up, up into her hot hole, wiggling and exploring, searching for more of her delicious juice.

Her cries were turning into short screams, her body was aching for him, crying for him, there was only the need for him, she was only need and desire. She begged and pleaded and his mouth left her quivering pussy. He stripped of his pants and his cock was seeking an entrance, finding it, entering her slowly and firmly. Given the cock that it craved her pussy demanded more. Her body moved beneath him, arching up, begging to be fucked. He moved within her tight tunnel and began thrusting in and out.

She met each thrust, her small body shaking as the long cock pounded into her. Her mouth was screaming with pleasure, her body and mind were screaming with pleasure. Her pussy was clenching and spasming around the cock, her arms and legs wrapped around him, her body doing everything it could to keep his wonderful cock inside of her, to keep the pleasure that was invading every inch of her. She orgasmed, shivering and shaking and pulling at him. He slammed her into the bed and filled her with his hot seed, collapsing on top of her.

The man with brown hair led Stacy to the master bedroom. She stood in the middle of the room and turned to face him. He had closed the door and he was leaning against it, a smile on his face, naughty and sexy. He looked like a cat who'd just caught a bird. It made Stacy shiver with anticipation.

"Do you and your friend do this often?" he asked.

"No, we're new at it. We just started learning to be sluts, my older sister is giving us lessons," Stacy walked slowly towards him, when she was standing just out of arms reach she dropped the towel that covered her. "So if you have any suggestions I'm all ears."

"I think you're doing just fine," he answered and stepped forward to pull her into his arms. He was a little rough and she liked it, he kissed her hard, ravishing her mouth while his hands kneaded her asscheeks. His mouth tore from hers in midkiss, making her whine in disappointment, his tongue found the hollow at the base of her neck and he licked and sucked at it. His fingers ran up and down the crack of her ass and rimmed her asshole.

Was her going to fuck her asshole? Could she take it twice in one day? His mouth found her nipple and she felt his teeth nipping her tender flesh. She moaned and pulled him against her body. It didn't matter what he did as long as he did it to her. He continued nibbling her titties and she felt the tip of a finger poke up into her asshole. It fucked her gently, a bit of finger moving and in and out of her ass while his lips and tongue and teeth explored her big titties.

The finger in her ass was making her so hot, she wanted fucked so badly. She started tearing at his clothes, unbuttoning his shirt and unfastening his shorts. He put his hands on her hips and pushed her back to the bed, he lay her down across it and climbed atop her. Pulling his hard cock out he quickly thrust it into her pouting pussy. She cried out at his sudden entrance and wrapped her legs around him.

She dug her heels into his ass and begged him to fuck her hard and he did. His cock pounded into her pussy again and again, shaking the large bed, smashing her ass into the soft mattress. It was so hot and hard she was orgasming almost immediately, his forceful entrance making her mind reel. Her legs shivered and shook as they circled him and she cried out at the pleasure of his cock in her cunt. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and pumped it, sending cum splashing onto her titties.

She remembered Brad's cum covering her titties, remembered that she had been about to taste it. She put her fingers in the man's cum and brought it to her lips, licked it off her fingers. She knew that Renee loved to eat cum but she thought that it tasted strange. Not too bad though, when she noticed that the man was watching her taste his cum she scooped and licked up more of it. It obviously pleased him and he stood up to remove his clothes.

She watched him. He was so good looking and he had a great body. She couldn't believe that she had fucked him. He went over to a bedside table and pulled something long and black out of a drawer. She watched him. He came back to the bed and rolled her over. His fingers and mouth were all over her ass, touching and licking and sucking and nibbling. It was sending shivers to her pussy and down her legs.

Then he was gone for a moment and she heard a humming noise. He spread her legs open wider and she felt something pressing against the opening to her pussy, it moved inside of her. It had to be the black thing from the bedside table. It was long and thick and it was moving! It was vibrating in her pussy, it felt like it was vibrating through her whole body. It felt amazing in her cunt and he left it there. The whole full length of it buried deep inside of her, shivering her tingling pussy until her whole body was shaking.

His hands spread her asscheeks and she felt his mouth kiss down her crack and then he was kissing her asshole. Oh God that thing was vibrating inside of her and his tongue was circling her asshole, pushing up inside... She started screaming and orgasming, grabbing the blanket that covered the bed and pulling it towards her, forming a pillow that she could bury her face in. Her pussy moved and clenched around the long tool that was shivering inside of her and the man's tongue fucked hot and wet in and out of her ass.

Orgasm followed orgasm as the man ravaged her body. When he had tired of tongue-fucking her asshole he grabbed the vibrator and rammed it in and out of her pussy, fucking her hard, fucking her with all of his strength. Then he slowly slid the cum covered tool up her ass and fucked her slowly with it. Countless orgasms as the man fucked her with his magic tool and when he had finished with her she lay with her head in the balled up blanket, lying in a small pool of her own pussy juice.

She lay trying to catch her breath and find her strength, she felt as if her pussy and ass were humming. She thought she would never be able to get up but it seemed like seconds later that Renee was knocking at the door telling her that they would have to leave soon. The man opened the door and let Renee in. She looked in shock at her exhausted friend and she and the man helped Stacy into a cold shower to clean and revive her.

The men dropped the girls off at the Country Club and they waited for Renee's Father to pick them up. When he came he found Renee mothering a pale and worn Stacy. Stacy's voice was hoarse from all of the screaming and Renee's Father admonished her for swimming when she must have had some sign that she was coming down something. The girls smiled tiredly at each other and they'd both fallen asleep in the backseat by the time they reached their neighborhood.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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