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Slut Lessons Pt. VIII
by AhMyGoddess

The following day at school Renee and Stacy were highly uncomfortable. Their pussies were itchy because they were healing after so many fucks and itchy because they wanted to be fucked again. The girls crossed and uncrossed their legs through their classes, trying to relieve the aching in their cunts. At lunch they cursed the fact that they didn't have cars. They walked through the neighborhood surrounding the school looking for a hidden place. They finally found a house that looked as if no one was home, in the backyard it had a set of stairs leading underground to a basement door.

They went down the stairs and each girl took turns leaning against the door while the other girl knelt down and sucked and finger-fucked her aching pussy. It made the rest of the afternoon easier to bear but it was still difficult. During cheerleading practice Renee was shocked by how turned on it made her to watch the other girls jumping around in their tight practice clothes, their titties bouncing and their asses wiggling. She figured that practice was going to be rough from then on.

After practice, when the coach had left the locker room, the girls gathered around Natalie to tell her how many guys they had fucked over the weekend. Renee noticed that many of them were looked at her in surprise when they saw her line up. When it was her turn Natalie said, "And how many for you, Renee?" in an amused and sarcastic tone of voice.

Renee looked at Natalie and the rest of the girls. A few days ago she would have been so embarrassed and afraid of them. She was different now though, she knew that she was so much stronger and sexier than the other girls. She looked Natalie in the eye and said, "I guess it depends, does it count if I had sex with a girl?"

The locker room was filled with surprise, gasps and whispers. Natalie was shocked, blustering. Diane came over and interrupted Natalie, said of course not, the contest was supposed to be about how many guys you could fuck. Girls definitely did not count. Renee faced Diane and the rest of the girls, she reminded everyone that the contest was supposed to be about how sexually alluring you were. If that were the case girls should count because they were a lot harder to seduce.

Diane was still saying no when Lisa spoke up. The fight had originally been between Lisa and Diane, Lisa was ready to take sides against Diane. Natalie was angry at the way that Diane had interrupted her, she changed her tune and said that she thought girls should count. It was three against one and the other girls quickly agreed that girl sex should be okay. Natalie looked at Renee and asked her how many again, this time with more respect in her voice.

When Renee answered thirteen and handed over $3.25 everyone was shocked. Had Renee had sex with 13 girls over the weekend? Renee explained that she had had sex with 4 girls and 9 guys. All the girls were surprised and Diane, angry because she had lost both the fight and the high score for the weekend, questioned whether Renee was telling the truth. Renee explained that she didn't even know the names of some of the people that she had fucked but if they wanted some proof they were free to ask Stacy about it. Renee was so sure of herself that the topic was dropped.

Renee walked home happy and victorious, none of the other girls had had close to that many sexual partners over the weekend and many of them were now looking at Renee with admiration. Real admiration, Renee had expected that they might look down on her. When Renee got home she found a note from her Mother saying that she had gone to a last minute business dinner with Renee's Father, so Renee and her brother and sister were supposed to order a pizza.

Renee started walking upstairs. The house was quiet and Renee assumed that Leslie and Teddy weren't home yet. She threw her books on her desk and lay down across her bed. Stacy wasn't supposed to call her until after dinner and she'd have to wait for Leslie and Teddy before she ordered her own dinner. She had some time to kill.

Her pussy was wet and itchy. It had been so achy all day. Renee looked over at her nightstand, there was a baton lying across it. She pictured the baton up inside of her pussy, she remembered Stacy fucking her pussy with it on Saturday night. It had felt so good. She felt her nipples tightening and tingling at the memory. She closed her eyes and stretched. She was going to touch herself all over. Strip her clothes off and touch herself all over and then fuck herself with the baton. She trailed a hand over her stomach...


Renee sat up quickly, taking her hand away from her stomach. Her younger sister Leslie stood hesitantly in the door. Renee's heart was beating fast, her face was flushed. She tried to calm herself down, there was no way that Leslie could have guessed what she was about to do. She probably hadn't even noticed the hand tracing circles over Renee's stomach.

"Hey, what's up?" she said, trying to keep her voice steady. Trying to sound normal. Failing miserably.

Leslie walked into the bedroom, stood next to Renee's bed. She looked around the room and then down at Renee. "I know what you and Stacy did Saturday night."

Renee's eyes widened, she covered her face and fell back on the bed. What had happened? Had the twins been telling everyone that they had fucked her and Stacy? "Oh God, how do you know?" Renee moaned.

"I saw you... I was really bored and I heard strange noises so I opened the vent," Leslie explained.

Renee uncovered her eyes and looked up at the vent, it had two sides, one opening into her own room and one opening into her sister's. The slats were wide open, the piece of cardboard that usually stood between the two vents to block spying eyes and light was gone. "Oh, Leslie, how could you? I thought we agreed that we were too old for spying years ago!" Renee wailed.

"How could I? How could I? How could you?!" Leslie exclaimed.

Renee covered her face again. "You aren't going to tell Mom and Dad are you? Promise me that you won't tell them, Leslie."

"I won't tell them. But I want you to do it to me," Leslie said.

"What?" Renee peeked out from under her arm at her sister.

"I want you to do what you were doing to Stacy to me. And I know that it doesn't matter if I'm your sister, I heard Stacy talking about doing it to Kate."

Renee sat up and looked at Leslie, she sounded so resolute. "No Leslie, you're too young."

"I'm too young? What are you talking about? Lots of girls in my grade are having sex with boys now. And I know that you used to have sex with Tim Watson, I found the pills in your desk and I could just tell that you had done it. I always knew that you had sex with him and you weren't much older than me."

"Leslie, you don't even know what you're asking for."

"How old do you think I am, three?" Leslie's voice was rising, she was getting angry. "I know what I'm talking about. Lesbian sex. Girl on girl sex. Eating pussy. Licking carpet. I never really thought about it before but when I saw you and Stacy doing it I knew that I wanted to do it too. You definitely liked it. It looked amazing and I want it too. I can start having sex anytime I want to, I want to have it now and I want to have it with you."

Renee looked up at Leslie. Renee knew that she was right. But it was her little sister and she just wanted to protect her. No matter how much Renee enjoyed sex, no matter how much she loved being a slut, for some reason it didn't seem right introducing Leslie to any of it.

But isn't that what Kate had done? Introduced her own little sister to sex, to fucking, to being a slut? It was a little different, Stacy was older than Leslie was. But Kate hadn't become a slut until she went to college, she was teaching Stacy to be a slut while she was still in high school. Kate didn't think that Stacy needed to be older. What would Kate think about Leslie?

Renee looked at her sister. She really wasn't that young. And she was right, many of the girls her age were already having sex. Renee had been having sex. And Renee did want to protect Leslie from that. From being a cunt that some horny boy could fill full of lies of love and then use, not caring about Leslie's own satisfaction, maybe not even able to satisfy her. Renee wanted Leslie's first experiences to be full of pleasure and Renee could give her that. Renee wanted to teach Leslie how to enjoy sex even if she was just being used by some guy, she wanted to teach her how to use guys for her own pleasure. She felt like she could teach her that.

Leslie had grown impatient. "If you don't do it I will tell Mom and Dad about you and Stacy."

Renee stood up and walked over to close the door. She turned and faced her younger sister. Taking her in. Young and beautiful. So innocent. Had Renee looked like that to the boys and men she had fucked over the weekend? Is that what had attracted them to her? The fact that there were so many things she didn't know? So many things they could show her for the first time? It was like a power. The power to grant sexual knowledge and pleasure.

She walked over to Leslie. Ran a hand up her sister's arm. She felt tingles of pleasure run up her own arm as she touched her sister's smooth skin. She looked into Leslie's eyes. Was her touch making Leslie tingle? "Alright, Leslie, you win," she whispered and leaned forward to touch her lips to her sister's.

Her lips were soft and warm. Renee licked them, stroking a tongue across them, tasting her sister. So close she could smell her. Feel her warmth. Leslie was tense, unsure of what to do. Renee pulled her close, pressed her to her own body, felt her arms and her breasts and her hips bumping up against her.

She stopped kissing her sister, put her hands on her slim waist, pulled away to look into her eyes. "Just relax, Leslie. That's rule number one. Everything is so much better if you relax. Now kiss me."

She leaned forward to kiss her again and Leslie's delicious mouth met her halfway. Yielding. Soft and pliant and opening to let her in. She licked over Leslie's lips and then pushed her tongue into Leslie's mouth. Oh God, she was surrounded by her sister's taste. She moved the hands that were on Leslie's waist, slid them under her t-shirt and up her back. Over her warm smooth skin, soft like silk.

Her tongue stroked over Leslie's and she felt Leslie's tongue moving, meeting hers, seeking Renee's own warmth and flavor. Renee felt her pussy raging, melting, her little sister was making her so hot. She unhooked Leslie's bra. Broke their kiss. Moved back a few inches, just enough so that she could look into Leslie's eyes. See her reaction as she brought her hands around to Leslie's stomach, caressed her warm skin and then moved up. Slipping her hands under Leslie's bra, cupping her small breasts in her hands, squeezing them gently. Running her thumbs over the hardening nipples.

Leslie gasped, her quick intake of air pressing her titties into Renee's palms. Renee watched her little sister close her eyes and start to melt under the wonderful feeling of hands caressing her titties. Renee kissed her again. She had to taste her again. Feel Leslie against her tongue. She kissed her deeply, her fingers playing with her little nipples.

Leslie was moaning into her mouth, meeting her tongue and the movements of Renee's hands and body with need and innocence. Renee stepped back and took off Leslie's t-shirt, slid her bra down her arms. Renee stared at her sister's titties, they were a little bigger than her own but they were still so young, still that funny shape of new breasts. She lay Leslie down on her bed and covered her with her body, felt the material of Leslie's jeans against her skin.

She was leaning down to lick and suck a firm titty when Leslie's hands stopped her. She looked up questioningly. "Wait. Take off your shirt too. I want you to take off your shirt too." She knelt above her sister and took off her shirt and bra, watching Leslie drinking in the sight of her naked breasts.

Leslie sat up and the sisters sat in each other's laps, their legs tangled. Renee watched her sister reach out in wonder, run her fingers over Renee's titties, making Renee shiver. They played with each other's titties, stroking, swirling, pulling, pinching. Learning the reactions of the other girl. What caused a sigh, a moan, a shiver. They took turns, leaning forward, kissing and licking and sucking soft titties, nibbling tender flesh.

Renee was hot, so so hot and she could tell that her sister was hot too. She ran her hands over Leslie's jean clad thighs and pushed her down until she was lying back on the bed. Her hands were all over Leslie's legs, stroking over Leslie's mound, she listened to Leslie moaning, watched Leslie pushing her pussy up into her hands. She unfastened Leslie's jeans and pulled them down, took off her shoes and socks, pulled the jeans all the way off.

She looked at her little sister lying there wearing only a little pair of blue panties. She rubbed her fingers over the soft panties, feeling the softness of Leslie's pussy under them, feeling her wetness soaking the cloth. She pushed her fingers harder against the material, deeper into her sister's young cunt, enjoying her gasps and moans. She spread her thighs wider and buried her face in the blue material, licking it, tasting the cloth and her sister, her delicious sister. She nibbled and bit gently at the pussy through the panties. Leslie was moaning and moaning and moaning.

She reached up and pulled the panties down, baring Leslie's pussy. Her family was very conservative, very uptight. She hadn't seen Leslie's pussy since they were very little girls. She looked at it now, covered in silky fur, puffy pink skin peeking through, glistening with juice. She touched it, pushed her fingers past the outer lips to the inner lips, wet wet wet. Her sister was moaning, crying out. Renee's own pussy was quivering, her sister felt so good under her fingers.

She found her sister's little clit, circled and pressed it with her fingers. Leslie was crying out in shock and amazement, she couldn't believe how good it felt to have her sister touching her between her legs. She never wanted her to stop. Renee's mouth dove into the hot pussy again, sucking up the taught little clit, loving it with her tongue. God she tasted so good and she was going crazy under Renee's tongue.

Renee knew that Leslie was going to orgasm any second. She sucked hard on her clit, tickled it with her tongue. She gripped her sister's firm little ass in her hands, squeezed it, pushing her up harder into her mouth. She felt Leslie's thighs shaking against her head, her pussy quivering beneath her mouth, her clit dancing under her tongue. Leslie was crying out, screaming. Her orgasm receded and Renee removed her face from between her sister's legs. She lay next to her sister, held her, Leslie continued to sigh and moan as her body shook with the aftershocks of her orgasm.

Leslie recovered herself, pulled Renee even closer, kissed her cheeks and lips, thanked her again and again. "Let me do it for you," she begged and Renee sat up and removed her skirt and panties. Leslie stared at her shaved pussy. "What did you do to your pussy?" she asked. "It's better this way," Renee explained. "It makes it nicer for you to lick and I can feel more."

Renee gasped and moaned as Leslie's fingers slid over her smooth cunt. She lay back and spread her legs, opening herself to her sister's exploration. Leslie touched her all over and then said, "Tell me what to do. Tell me how to do what you did to me." Renee guided her fingers to her clit and said, "Touch me here, lick it and kiss it and suck on it. Don't stop, just keep doing it until I tell you to stop."

Leslie's fingers rubbed, circled, tugged on Renee's clit. Renee lay back and closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasurable sensations that were flowing all over her body. Soon she felt Leslie's little tongue lapping hesitantly over her pussy, tasting her, learning to love the taste of a hot pussy, finding her clit and licking and sucking. Renee bucked her pussy up against her sister's hot little mouth as she devoured her clit. She moaned and grabbed her own titties, pinching and tugging at her aching nipples. An orgasm rocked through her body, leaving her clit ultra-sensitive but she didn't ask Leslie to stop. Her mouth kept licking and sucking and Renee orgasmed again and again until she could take no more and she pushed her sister's mouth away from her pussy.

Leslie moved up and hugged her. Renee thanked her and told her she'd done a wonderful job. They lay naked, tangled together, enjoying the feeling of hot smooth skin pressed up against them. Recovering from their orgasms. Whispering to each other, saying how good it had felt to have their sister's mouth on their pussies. Until they heard the front door slam and knew their younger brother was home.

They jumped up and dressed, giggling with excitement and fear at the thought of getting caught. They skipped downstairs to meet Teddy, to talk about pizza toppings, to order pizza and eat their dinner, super hungry from their afternoon activities.

After dinner Stacy called, Renee said that she was bringing a surprise. She showed up at Stacy's door with Leslie in tow and she shared her sister's beautiful young cunt with her best friend. The two girls licked and sucked all over Leslie's body, sucked her clit and finger-fucked her hole, making she orgasm again and again. Until she was familiar with the hot, lightening, overwhelming sensations of orgasms. They offered her their bodies for exploration and taught her how to please them. They moaned and cried out as her hot mouth moved all over them, as she sucked their clits and finger-fucked them until they orgasmed beneath her mouth.

Renee and Leslie walked home, their mother pleased to see that Renee and Stacy had included Leslie. They got ready for bed. Leslie slipped into Renee's bedroom. They slept naked in each other's arms, each waking several times throughout the night to devour her sister's pussy.

To Be Continued...


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