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Sunday Magazine
by Hardwriter

I had just started working at the newspaper when I got the assignment, and at first I thought it was the most boring story I could be sent out on. Maybe this was their way of testing me at the beginning. But I soon found out that it would prove to be the most interesting interview I had ever done before, and have ever done since. Edith was her name, and if you think that sounds like an old person's name you're right - one hundred years old to be exact. They sent me out to do a human interest story, so off to the retirement home I went.

She was a nice enough lady alright, and to my surprise very alert and rather talkative. She told me all about her professional life and her marriage, her children and grandchildren - plenty of material with which I could write the sweetest Sunday magazine story for the paper. But just when I thought we were finishing up, I managed to ask her a question that made her open up about a completely different side of herself. "Edith," I asked, "tell me what has been the most exciting part of your life."

She paused and got a mischievous grin on her face, then shook her head and said out loud, "No I don't think you can put that in your paper."

I had no idea what she meant by that. What on earth could this nice elderly lady tell me that was unpublishable? She got my interest going so I asked her to tell me more, "then just between you and me, not for the paper."

"Well in that case, I mean if you aren't going to tell anybody," she looked at me rather sternly, "then I'd have to say the most exciting time was before I got married, way back in the 1920's, when I was in my twenties myself."

"Oh of course, the Roaring Twenties, I've read about that. It sure seems to have been a lot of fun," I said.

She went on, "Well lots of people don't know just how much fun it was. I mean they're aren't a whole lot of people around anymore from those days, and those that are still around don't admit to a whole lot. You see, morals are a little different now."

"Morals?" she had me confused a little bit.

"Yes, morals. You see today people are all worried about being politically correct and all - it spills over into their sex life. And while young people are going around dressing half-naked, they still don't have the kind of sexual freedom that we enjoyed back then."

"Edith," I said, "what exactly are you trying to tell me?"

She went on, "There were a lot of political things going on for women. We were getting more power, and could make more choices and have more control over our life. But it wasn't just women - there was a lot of sexual experimentation going on." She stopped and pointed to a photograph on the wall that she hadn't talked about yet, "You see that man, the nicely dressed one? He introduced me to a world of stimulation I had never known before."

"Oh, you mean he was a good lover?" I asked.

She got a gleam in her eye, "Good lover?" She burst out laughing. "Young man, he had the longest cock I have ever seen in my life!"

"I beg your pardon!" I gasped.

"You heard me right, boy. But I'm not just talking about his cock. I'm talking about where he took me - orgies, sex clubs, fuck parties. I mean a whole of world of kinky goings-on the likes of which nobody knows of today."

She was dead serious. I couldn't do anything but just sit and listen as she continued. "Boy, I have been in some rooms! I have been in rooms where there were people fucking all around me - dozens of them, all naked and writhing around. The smell of sweat and semen mixing in the air, nothing but the sounds of groans and nasty talking. And I was right in the middle of it doing it too."

"You?" I managed to squeak out of my mouth.

"Yes me," she pointed out another photo on the wall, "I didn't look like I do today of course." She was right. In the old photo she was indeed a very beautiful woman with a killer body. And she was dressed in what looked to me like the typical flapper style, a short skirt with long beads hanging around her neck that fell between her big bosoms.

"I'll never forget the first party he took me to," she said. "I mean I had been with men before, but never that many at once. He told me to dress up nice but to be ready for some action. I was prepared for what I thought might be an intimate party between some friends. But when I walked through that door and saw that pile of naked bodies all fucking and sucking, my heart jumped up in my throat. I had so much adrenaline pumping through my body that I began to shake. Not from fear of course, but from the sheer excitement and lust. I started craving a cock right away. I looked at him and he must have seen the shock on my face because he told me I wasn't dreaming. He also told me to just join in, to find something I liked the looks of and just start. That was the last I saw of him for the rest of the night, but you know what? I didn't even care. Some people came up to me and took my coat and told me where I could put my clothes. I went down a long hall and into the changing room. I didn't even think twice about it and just stripped down naked."

I was in a daze. I never expected a story like this to come out of her mouth. And to my surprise she just kept going on, "The feel of coming out of that room totally nude was very liberating, and to know I was about to get fucked on top of it was even better. I walked back down that long hall to the first room I had seen when I first walked in. My nipples were rock hard and seemed to lead the way. There were lots of people paired off in couples or little groups, sucking cocks and eating pussies. I saw cum spurting and heard women groaning. Then I went through another door to an adjacent room and up on this sort of raised platform there was a foursome going on, two women and two men. It was such a twisted mound of naked flesh and limbs that I couldn't tell who was fucking who. But all around the platform there were men watching, just standing there naked and stroking their hard cocks as they looked on. They all seemed to have big full ball sacs hanging down just swaying as they jerked their meat and watched the fucking. I walked up behind the first man, a total stranger to me, who was tall and real good-looking. I eased up against his body with mine and reached a hand around to his front and started to caress those big round balls while he stroked his cock. He turned around to see who I was and when he did I put my tongue in his mouth. He kissed me with a passion that made my body go limp and then he asked me if I liked what I saw. I told him that I sure did and that I needed cock and lots of it, and asked if he and his friends would like to start paying some attention to me instead of that foursome. Well as soon as I said that the rest of the men that had been watching turned around and started to touch my body all over. I don't know how many there were, at least three or four, but all I felt was hands all over me. They groped my tits, felt my crotch, just covered me all over with their touch, and I had this overwhelming feeling of just giving into them. They picked me up, my whole body, and laid me down on my back on a coffee table. Two of them held my legs wide apart and another started to lap at my pussy with his tongue. I moaned out loud and as my mouth opened wide with a groan I felt a big thick cock lay across my face and touch my tongue. I started to lick and suck at it while the other man ate my cunt. I took the cock out of my mouth just for a moment so that I could ask for somebody to fuck me, then I went back to sucking. No sooner than I had started sucking it again I felt another cock at my pussy - it was the man that had been eating me. The other two still held my legs wide and he started to pump my cunt with that big fat cock of his. I screamed and begged for more. I told him to fuck my cunt hard. The man at my mouth started shoving that cock deeper in my mouth. I just keep gobbling it and rubbing his big round balls with my hand. Then the other men switched places and one of them that had been holding my legs started to fuck my cunt. The first man who had been in my cunt switched places with the one at my mouth. He started to fuck my face and I could taste my pussy on his cock. Before long I had lost track of who was fucking me and where. They all took turns fucking my mouth and cunt and rubbing my clit while another would pump my pussy with stiff dickmeat. I don't know how many times I came to orgasm but each time I did I would open my mouth wide and groan and whoever was fucking my face would pump a cock deep down in my throat. I was in fuck heaven and I sure didn't want it to stop. That's when the first one of the men said he was going to cum. I told him to get his cock up to my face and cum in my mouth. He stood there next to me jerking his cock until he spewed a hot load of sperm all over my face and my lips. I just lapped it up as he kept groaning and cumming. Then another one of the men came on my face, and then another. Soon there was only one left and he was fucking my cunt. When he pulled out and came on me I was dripping wet with sperm. I used my hand to wipe it from my eyes and then licked it from my fingers. It was dripping down my chin and around my neck."

Edith kept going, "That's when I felt a tongue on my face, lapping at the cum that was dripping off my cheek. It was one of the women from the foursome. I opened my mouth and she stuck her tongue in. That was the first time I had ever kissed a woman. As we tongue-kissed she reached down and rubbed my clit with her hand. The rest of the people from the foursome watched us. Then the woman straddled my head with her legs and lowered her pussy down to my face. I tasted her cunt and liked it. I started lapping at her pussy lips as she ground her crotch into my face. But before long she picked her legs up and leaned her body back a little bit. I looked up to see what was happening and could just see a cock hovering over my face. Then this man started to fuck the woman's cunt right over my face. He had his legs straddled around my head and his big fat balls slapped my forehead as he started pumping her cunt. I stuck out my tongue and let it glide along his shaft and around her pussylips while they fucked on top of me. I couldn't see anything else but I could feel someone groping at my tits and someone else rubbing my crotch with their hands. My body was so hot, and just tingling all over. I felt like I had turned into a wild animal. The two above me kept fucking, the union of their slapping genitals smacking my lips as they humped faster and harder. Before long I could hear the man groaning and I knew he was going to cum. I sucked one of his balls in my mouth and he started to pump her with long deep thrusts that got really furious as he came and filled her pussy with hot semen. He kept pumping and I sucked his balls until he had drained them completely in her pussy. Then he pulled out and she shoved her crotch back down on my face. I ate his cum as it dripped back out of her hole. Soon she was cumming and I just kept lapping her fleshy wet pussylips. She humped my head furiously and I felt her body tremble with orgasm."

Edith abruptly stopped talking and just stared at me, "Young man? Young man? Are you still there?"

I couldn't say a word and just stared at her. She spoke again, waving a hand in front of my eyes, "Am I offending you young man?"

In my daze I finally realized she was addressing me and I just blurted out, "No, no, but uh, I have to go now, uh...right now."

She smiled with a big wide grin and looked down at my crotch and said, "I think I know why."

I looked down at it too and to my complete embarrassment I realized I had the biggest tent in my pants I had ever had in public. I couldn't do anything but stammer and tell her the article would be in this weekend's paper.

"Without the last part right?" she said again, very sternly.

"Yes of course Edith, I can't print what you just told me."

"I didn't think so," she laughed. "Good then, come back next week and I'll tell you all about the really kinky stuff," she said.

When I got to the car I couldn't help it. I had to pull my cock out and start jerking it right there. The story she told me had got me so hot I couldn't think of anything else. Almost as soon as I touched it I could feel the cum stirring in my balls and before long I was spurting right in the parking lot of the retirement home, and all I could think of at the moment of climax was of Edith, in that old photo from eighty or so years ago with that flapper dress and beads, but with her tits bouncing and her cunt full of cock. Was she right? Are we kidding ourselves about our progressive notions of sexuality today? Or was she just a lonely old lady telling me a compelling story just to have someone to talk to? All these thoughts kept rushing through my head as I looked for something to clean up with. But as I drove out of the parking lot I seriously considered going back the next week. Nobody had gotten my cock that hard in year.


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