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Slight Misunderstanding?
by Softly

Pam was a twenty four year old virgin. She grew up in a small upstate NY village. Working in the library gave her little contact with men. One day, she overheard two local housewives discuss something about great sex they were having in Montreal. Pam got bits and pieces of the conversation. What she thought they said was that if you contact a Rene Labell at 12 Rue Blake, that he would arrange sex for you with fine men without any worries. In fact, they were two housewives that went to Montreal once in a while to get extra money as prostitutes. In most of Canada prostitution is under the control of the provinces, is legal, and is called "escort service."

Pam thought about that a lot over the next two weeks. She knew that she wanted to try sex, but was afraid to go to a local bar where everybody knew her. God, if she had sex with a local man, she was sure he would tell the world.

It was easy to find 12 Rue Blake. Pam sat in her car for twenty minutes getting up the courage to go inside. She went, instead into the bar next door. She had never had a martini, but tonight she downed three, one right after another. She marched into 12 Rue Blake and asked for Rene Labell. Rene was an older man that had run this prostitution business for ten years. He brought her into his office and ask her what he could do for her, in French.

Pam thought that he only spoke French, so she used her meager French to request his help. What followed was a classic case of misunderstanding.

Pam tried to say: She had no experience with sex. She wanted to remain unknown to her partner. She wanted it to go slow and easy. She wanted to learn different positions so she would know how to do them with other men. She placed her trust in Rene to make her experience a full one.

Rene's understanding was that she wanted to try all kinds of prostitution. She wanted to be blindfolded, restrained, have sex with several men, any way they wanted, and for as long as Rene wanted to use her.

Rene looked her over and liked what he saw. Pam was 5' 10", about 130 pounds, C cup, and long brown hair. With makeup she would be pretty. He was short some girls and had several of his long term client coming this evening. He bussed Sally, his assistant. He told her to take Pam to The Red bedroom and prepare her a B/D frolic.

Pam was at ease with Sally. She took a hot shower. Sally then did a strange thing, Pam thought. She rubbed Pam down with an oil, especially the insides of her legs.

In the meantime, Rene made some phone calls.

Sally put a mask over Pam's eyes. Then she had Pam lay flat on the huge bed and attached restraints to her wrists. "What is this", Pam asked.

"Only a game" was the reply. Pam's legs were spread and restrained. Pam shook as she realized that anyone coming into the room had total access to her privates. She tried to lower a hand to cover herself, but it was securely held over her head. Tape was placed over the eye holes. Soft music played in the background. Sally whispered into her ear that she would be back to clean her from time to time. "Time to time?"

Mr. Boise removed his clothes, his eyes never leaving the woman spread on the bed. A short man with a small penis, he enjoyed quick fucks, without any conversation. He put lube on his erect cock and climbed between Pam's legs. His right hand guided his member to her slit. The head at the opening, he pushed hard. Only the head entered. I will enjoy this tight one he thought as her thrust again. "Wait, what are you doing, wait" Pam wailed as his ball begin to slap her ass. Boise knew he would tip Rene well for this fuck. He grabbed her ass and ran his cock into her until his balls got tight and he pumped his jism into her pussy. Boise rolled off, grabbed his clothes and went to the bathroom to clean up. He flicked the call button to let sally know the woman was free for more.

Pam lay there wondering just what happened. A man was on her for four minutes, cum and was gone. She heard the door open and shut. From the voices, she could tell that there were several persons in the room. In fact, four twenty year old boys were there. A mouth found each of her tits. Her head was turned sideways. "Why?"

A penis was pressed against her lips, she opened her mouth to speak, and the cock was pushed four inches into her mouth. Her head now straddled the mouth cock was now fucking her mouth. A penis, larger then the first was slid into her exposed pussy. "Yahoo, a good fuck," came from that lad. Pam's mind could not track it all, yet the stimulation of her tits, and the hard thrusting of the cock made her insides tight and then tingle with a wonderful feeling. The cock in her mouth trust deep and unloaded a cup of jism which begin to rum out of her mouth as she moaned and then screamed out; Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Yesssssssss Yeesssssssssssssssss, Oh, Oh, Oh, Yeesssssss! The thick throbbing dick deep in her vagina gave spurt after spurt of jism. As he rolled off, another red cock was thrust into her exposed pussy and another begin his ride. Pam did not know what multi orgasmic was, but she was now to find out that she was such a woman. When the second dick got extra hard and his ball were tight, she cum again with him humping and her bucking. The next guy was only in her for three pushes when he unloaded. Suddenly, they were gone.

Sally entered the room. She douched Pam and put oil in her vagina and on her legs. Pam knew there was more to come. She pulled against the restraints, and at the same time was turned on by the fact that the unknown would continue to happen to her. Her womanhood was exposed for anyone to use. It was soooo exciting.

Juno was a man to behold. Two hundred ten pounds of rock hard muscle. Naked, you could not take your eyes off his dick. At ten inches it was long, but it was the thickness that was beyond belief. Thick as a beer can. He looked over at the woman on the bed and smiled to himself that he was about to get his moneys worth. First he smeared "ambersol" on the head of his now erect member. Then, he untied her legs. He wiped off all the "ambersol." Using a sheet, he tied her legs up beside her head in such a way that her pussy was facing the ceiling and there was no way she could stop him from complete penetration into her womanhood. Sometimes when a woman is first stretched by a huge cock they make a lot of noise, so he placed a ball in her mouth and taped it in place. Juno was ready. Pam, most decidedly was not, since she had no idea that anything like Juno existed.

Juno lay beside her and played with her tits. His finger found her twat. Even though just used, Juno could tell she had never been stretched by childbirth, or anything else for that matter. "Oh, well, he enjoyed the tight ones most of all, even though he knew she would be in some discomfort for a while." His finger felt the oil Sally had left when he explored her pussy. "Time for some good fucking", he thought as he got above her exposed vagina and lowered the huge cock head to her opening. Pam felt something at her entrance, but what? It extended on both sides of her cunt lips. Then Juno rubbed it up and down her pussy. Pam's clit loved that but it dawned on her that whatever it was it was big and was going to go into her. Juno's ass checks tightened and he pushed the head into her. Pam wanted to tuck her ass down, but the sheet held her in position. Juno let all his weight go onto his member. Pam's pussy could not hold it back, so six thick inches went into her. A burning pain came between her legs. Juno buried all his shaft into her. Her loins were on fire, as he rammed that rock hard shaft up and down as well as side to side. When you are big, really big, its hard to find a woman that can take all of you. Pam could, so Juno let his ass become a blur of action. On and on he pumped at the edge of orgasm. The ambersol did its work, as it was a full twenty-five minutes before his ball tightened and load after of load of sperm gushed into her cunt. In spit of herself, Pam had rewarded Juno with two hard orgasms of her own that tightened her twat, gripping his swollen member.

Sally knew that Juno had tricks to keep from coming, so she got busy with some other girls and forgot about Pam, especially since they seldom used the Red room.

When Juno walked out of the room, he noticed that Sally was not there, and that the door to the bar was unlocked. He forgot to turn on the, "She's ready light". Wanting a beer, he went into the bar. Juno liked to play tricks, so he told ten of the men to quietly go into the room beyond the door and they could have a quick fuck. All ten of them paraded into the Red room.

Pam was still blindfolded, arm restrained, and her legs held by a sheet on each side of her body near her head. She heard someone come into the room. It must be over she reasoned. Sally came down the hall and finding the door closed laughed at the idea that Juno was getting his moneys worth. She left the area. Pam felt the first man get on the bed. Other hands were on her tits. A cock slid into her exposed pussy. A true gang bang was now in progress. After the first man cum, she was rolled onto a second man whose cock was in her pussy. Oil and a finger went up her other channel and then for the first time a long thin cock begin its slow march up her ass. With both men humping away she cum yet again. She lost track of the cocks in her mouth, pussy and ass. Every five minutes, the men were rewarded by her orgasms.

When the last man was humping her, the rest returned to the bar. At last she was alone, untied. Pam removed the mask, and took a shower. The warm water felt so very good, as it washed off the cum, sweat and smells. Her pussy was sore. But yet, she was strangely happy. Nothing in her life was anywhere as exciting as the last four hours. Dressed, she stopped at Rene's office and thanked him for a nice evening. Unknown to her, Rene had made $400. He handed her $200 in cash. Pam finally understood what she had got involved with. It all fell into place, including the conversations she had overheard in the library. "Pam, I could use you next Saturday," Rene said.

There was a moment of thought, then Pam replied, "Will the man with the 'big' thing, be back?"

Rene laughed. "You like it big, Pam?"


"He will be back."

Pam said, "See you at eight," as the door closed.

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