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Seducing My Best Friend
by Tawny T

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The final move was at hand. I kissed downward, over her heaving stomach to her pussy. I slid the final few inches down and there was her beautiful pussy, lips spread, Bob's long cock gleaming with her juices, moving in and out. The heat of their bodies and the smell of her excited sex filled my nostrils. Her clit was just peeping out of it's sheath, being moved back and forth by Bob's cock as it slid in and out. I looked one last time, then raised my lips and placed them against her pussy. I slid my tongue out and ran it over her swollen clit. I heard her cry out.

I sucked the hard nub into my lips and alternated sucking hard and soft, the way I loved to have mine loved. I continued to suck her clit, waiting for what I hoped would happen. Then I gasped, her mouth came down on my pussy, her tongue slid between my lips and ran up and down my wet slit. We had done it! Jan was licking my pussy! I spread my thighs as wide as her arms would allow. She burrowed her face against my pussy and thrust her tongue into my core. I could feel her lips sucking the juices from within me.

It was such a different sensation from having a man suck my pussy. I couldn't tell you why. Maybe it was that I knew it was a woman, or her face and lips were so soft and knowing. Her soft body was on top of mine, her hot skin touching mine. Her erect nipples pressed against my stomach. I redoubled my efforts on her clit and was rewarded by her cries of passion, muffled by my own flesh. Her head threshed against me, her face going from side to side as she climaxed. Bob's thrusts came faster and harder as his beautiful wife came from his efforts and my lips on her clit. I watched from below as his scrotum drew tight, and shot his load of hot sperm inside her. I felt her body shudder and writhe against mine as she came. Juices flowed from her body around his pounding cock, his cum mixed with her juices, a mixture of passion.

Bob gave one last hard thrust. He held his hips hard against her for a long while, I licked her pussy lips avoiding her sensitive clit. Slowly Bob pulled his cock out of her. I hesitated a moment, then covered the slowly closing flesh of her red inflamed, wet vagina with my lips, and thrust my tongue into her sucking gently. I was rewarded by their combined juices, which I swallowed greedily. I had kissed my first woman's pussy and tasted her juices. God, what a sensation.

She was not through though. She moved her arms, and spread my thighs wide. Her fingers moved to my pussy and I felt them gently pry my lips apart. Her mouth came down on my spread pussy, and her tongue slid as far as she could into my dripping core. I felt the suction of her mouth as she tried to drink my abundant pussy juices. A finger moved to my clit and began to circle it rapidly. With her mouth on my pussy, her finger on my clit, it took almost no time at all, till I was screaming my climax out. It was one of the most intense climaxes of my life. My lovely friend seemed to know almost instinctively just how to kiss, suck, and lick my pussy as she made love to me. I went from one peak to another till I was spent.

She rolled off of me and moved around to kiss my face gently. Bob moved to the other side and kissed the other side of my face, and bent over to kiss Jan's lips from time to time. We all stroked each other gently. Bob kept looking from one of us to the other. I knew he couldn't believe we had finally done it - gotten his wife and mistress in bed together. And Jan and I had made love to each other, too.

"My God. I can't believe we just did that!" Jan said catching her breath. "I actually just ate my best friend's pussy. Wow! And I loved every minute of it. I never thought I would do that, not in a million years. Did you Pat?"

I just shook my head slowly. Inside I was overjoyed that our plan had worked. We had both made love to Jan. It was Bob's plan essentially, but I was glad that we had gone through with it. I guess every women wonders how it would be to make love to another women, and now I had. I enjoyed it immensely, every minute of it, and wanted more. "I never did. I always wondered though. Was this your first time with a women?" She nodded. "It was mine too, and I loved it." I said kissing her lips, then licking my pussy juice off of her face.

Bob spoke for the first time. "I wish you could have seen you two making love together. It was almost like twins making love. I almost couldn't tell who was who. Pat, that was some show you put on for us, bringing yourself off. My cock swelled up bigger than it's ever felt. I couldn't wait to get it inside Jan's tight pussy. She went wild too, knowing you were watching." He said kissing first one of us then the other.

I reached over and took his soft fat cock in my hand. I felt it swell slightly as I squeezed it. "Well, you certainly filled her up with this. It's so big around, and nice and long. I was envious, as I was down there watching it slide in and out of her beautiful pussy. Jan, I have to admit, I licked it too, while it was pounding in and out of you. It was covered with your juices and tasted delicious. Do you think I might borrow it some time, when you get tired of it?" I laughed.

We all burst out laughing. Jan suggested we all have a shower together, then a drink . Bob and I agreed. Naked we went into the bathroom, and crowded into the shower. There was a lot of laughing, and playful hands exploring in the shower. Soapy bodies slipped together, and Jan and I both slipped our fingers into each others pussies and asses, while we kissed. It felt so good to soap Jan, and have Jan soap my body. Bob's cock grew and pressed against the cracks of alternate asses, but didn't penetrate. Jan and I dried each other off.

"Look in the mirror!" Bob said. We turned and looked in the full length mirror. The surface was steamed slightly. He went over and wiped it off. Jan and I stood side by side and we were almost identical in face and body. We could have been sisters, or twins. We turned and kissed, our bodies molding to each other. Our hips thrust together , our pussy mounds rubbing. Even after the recent lovemaking, our passions soon boiled. Without a word, Jan took my hand and led me back to the bedroom. Bob moved aside and sat in a chair watching us, as we laid back on the bed and began to make love again.

We lay kissing, bodies twining, hands exploring. It felt unlike any other lovemaking I had ever done. She was so soft and smooth, her kisses soft also, so unlike a man's. Our breasts thrust together, moving from side to side, nipples making shallow dents in the other's flesh. Our thighs spread, each straddling a thigh, pussies humping against soft flesh, leaving wetness on them. I moved down first to kiss and suck her breasts, sucking her nipples to harder points, pulling them gently with my teeth, then my lips. Her hands stroked and combed through my hair, so sensually. I laved her breasts, stomach, then down to her pussy. I kissed on each side of it, teasing her, making her want my lips on her pussy, her clit. I kissed down to her thigh, and licked the juncture of her thigh and belly, the skin so sensitive there. Her fingernails dug into my scalp, giving an indication of her lust.

"Oh, Pat Darling, don't tease me any more. I want your mouth on my pussy. Eat my pussy, oh, please! Please! You're driving me crazy. Please, Darling, I want your tongue inside me. Pleaseeee!" She wailed. I moved slightly and ran my tongue up and down her pussy, parting the short soft hair, tasting her juice. The taste was salty and sweet, the odor so intimate, and so compelling. I had to taste more of her wet essence.

I pushed my tongue deeper into her pussy, parting the lips. My fingers caught the inner lips and pulled them apart, and outward, spreading her wide for my tongue and lips. I looked at her red hued pussy, her vaginal opening, her core, and thought how beautiful it was. I slid my tongue into her opening, thrusting deep as my tongue would go. If only it were longer, I could spear deep inside her and lick the walls, plunge to the bottom.

My lips came down on her wet velvet flesh, so slick and inviting. I sucked, and was rewarded with her juices, juices I had caused to flow within her. My nose pressed against her clit, and I rooted my mouth against her intimate flesh. It was such a wonderful feeling to do this, and have her body thrust upward, to hear her cry out from what I was doing to her, the first woman to make love to her beautiful body. God, it felt so erotic, so stimulating.

I explored her velvet hole, sucking and licking. Her pussy seemed an endless spring of her sweet, salty juices. I instinctively knew her needs, and moved my lips upward to find her sensitive little clit, and suck it. I slid two fingers up inside her with no trouble, she was so relaxed and so wet. I remembered hearing of a technique used by lesbian women on each other, known as 'the pistol'. I crossed my two fingers inside her, and as I slid them in and out of her slick hole, rotating the fingers at the same time, giving her opening an added stimulation. She cried out her joy. I concentrated on her clit, sucking it in and out of my mouth, the way Bob did to me, and which I loved so much. I used my free hand to put a finger on each side of her clit, and push upward sliding her firm clit from its hiding place in it's hood. I slid my tongue across the tip and Jan cried out, and her fingernails bit into my scalp again.

I thrust my fingers rapidly up inside her, sucking her clit at the same time, till her body went rigid, and her quavering cries echoed in the room. I almost came as she did. It was so exciting to know that I was making my lovely friend climax while I ate her juicy pussy. My fingers were drenched with her pussy juices and it spilled out and ran down over her small neat ,brown anus. I thrust my rotating fingers deep inside her till she howled with ecstasy. When her body finally relaxed after her climax, I moved my lips down to cover her vaginal opening, slid my fingers out and sucked the last of her abundant juices from her depths. I was amazed at how much juice her pussy produced. I had heard of women "ejaculating" juices from their pussy when properly excited. I wondered momentarily how much excitement it took to stimulate an ejaculation. Her fingers twined in my hair pulling me upward. I moved slowly upward, kissing my way up her body, loving every soft warm inch.

"Oh, my God. That was fantastic. I don't think I've cum like that in my whole life. The feeling was fantastic! Thank you, Darling. Are you sure this was your first time with a woman? You certainly knew your way around my body. I've never been finger fucked like that in my life." Jan said kissing me. She tasted herself on my face and licked my lips, like a cat licking a kitten. I loved it. It was such an erotic feeling. I looked over at Bob, and he was smiling, and stroking his swollen cock slowly.

"Yes, you are my first woman. The finger bit, I remembered reading in a book. Why I remembered it, I don't know. The rest was just knowing that I'm a woman, and I made love to you the way I like to be made love to. I think you did the same thing earlier when you went down on me. I was thinking the same thing - am I really her first? I said.

"Now, I want to make love to you again." Jan said kissing me. I lay back and let her move over me and begin to kiss and caress my body. It was so wonderful and sensual. She is a good lover and quickly had me panting with desire. She moved down to my pussy and her lips and tongue laved my pussy to waves of ecstasy. I climaxed violently while she sucked my swollen clit. We lay together after, stroking and caressing each other. Bob still sat on the chair idly stroking his hard cock.

"I'd love to see you lovely ladies making love to each other. A 69 is my favorite position, It's fantastic to see you two having so much fun. It's always been a fantasy of mine to really see two such lovely ladies make love to each other." He said moving over to the bed and kissing us in turn.

"What a chore. Think we could manage that, Pat?" Jan said A mischievous look on her face. My answer was to move to her and kiss her, and cup her firm breast. We slid together again and began to make love. It didn't take long for us both to become hot, and we turned and moved into a 69.

I made sure I was on top this time. I bent my head and feasted on her dripping pussy. Her face burrowed into my spread pussy. After we had made love for a while and were both panting with desire, Bob moved behind me and slid his cock between our bodies, aiming it at Jan's mouth. She took her lips from my pussy, and he slid his cock into her mouth.

I could feel his hips thrusting against my ass. Jan took him down her throat for a while, then pushed him away. My pussy was just above her mouth. She did what Bob and I both had hoped, and planned, she would do, she took his rigid cock and moved it upward to my pussy, and ran it up and down my slit. I was already wet, my pussy spread, his cock was wet from her mouth and with a slight push, his thick cockhead parted my pussy lips and as I cried out my joy, he pushed a little way into my body.

"Oh God, he's so thick! Bob, please go slow, you're stretching my pussy to the limit." I cried out convincingly. When we first started our affair, I did have a time accommodating his cock. I had never had one so thick or long inside me. Now I pretended it was the first time. Jan, below me, licked my clit and his cock as he worked it very slowly and carefully up inside my body. I gasped as the head touched my cervix and he pushed a little stretched my pussy further. "Ohhh, he's so deep inside me. I felt him against my cervix. I've never had a cock so big, or so long inside me. God, Jan, you are such a lucky woman. Go slow, Bob, let me get used to that big pole of yours" I begged.

He moved slow and carefully so as not to "hurt" me. Jan's sweet lips on my clit and her husband's cock inside me was too much for me, and I exploded screaming my ecstasy. Jan's lips managed to stay with my pussy and added to the total joy that enveloped my body. The feel of her soft body under me, and against me, sent me into a paroxysm of ecstasy. Bob's cock thrust to the hilt inside me and my pussy grasped it tightly.

The two kept up their wonderful assault on my body. They wouldn't let my body come down from the heights of passion. Finally, Bob's cock thrust hard and I felt his hot sperm flood my pussy. Jan slowed her kisses on my clit and I was able to calm down. I delved my lips into her pussy and her passion was so high, my sucking lips brought her to a climax too. She cried out against my wide spread pussy and I felt her teeth nip my inner lips a little, giving me a small climax. Bob slid out of me and Jan's lips covered my pussy sucking our mixed juices out. We licked each other's pussies for a little while softly and slowly.

Bob got up and went out. When he came back, we were side by side, kissing and stroking non sexually. He had made drinks for us. We managed to sit up and take them. We both told him we were exhausted.

"That was the most erotic thing I've ever seen. You two were - well - words fail! I've never seen anything to equal it. Thank you Darling, for sharing Pat with me." Bob said kissing her softly.

"It's the least I could do. I was making love to her, and you were right there. I wanted her to feel that magnificent cock of yours." Jan laughed. "I hope you didn't mind, Darling?" she said kissing me. "I didn't even ask if you wanted his cock. But under the circumstances, I didn't think I had to ask."

"Lord, no! That was the most fantastic thing that's happened to me. I just hope that this is something you and I can continue do in the future. I think I'm hooked on making love to you. I can't seem to get enough of your sweet pussy." I said kissing her softly as I stroked her soft cheek.

"I have to admit I want you to keep making love to me too. If my husband isn't threatened by it? Some men are." Jan said looking at Bob.

Bob, just shook his head with a smile on his handsome face. "Do I look threatened. If I get to make love to both of you two, then I'd be crazy to object."

Jan looked at me. "Hey, fair is fair. Unless you object, you sexy wench? I'm willing to share my husband with such a sexy wench as you. "

I smiled and shook my head. "I've never been put in such a delightful dilemma. No objection here! I promise not to try and steal him away from you." I said to Jan, then turning to Bob, I kissed him also. "I also promise not to steal her away from you. I can handle this, it will be painful I admit, but I think I could learn to like this situation. No, learn to love this situation." I laughed raising my glass in a toast to a new friendship.

That was a two years ago and we are all still very good, and shall I say, very intimate friends. There is no jealousy between us. Jan and I are ardent lovers, and the still the very best of friends. Bob and I still are lovers, with Jan's full consent. We make love often, at their house, and sometimes at mine. Bob says it's like having two wives - who are sisters - or twins. Even our closest friends have no idea of our relationship. Casual friends and business acquaintances see me with Bob, and think it's Jan. My love life had blossomed. I have a lovely ardent female lover, and her husband as well. What can I say? I love it, and both of them.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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