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Sunrise My Darling
by Jane T. Rolly

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This is the true narrative of the relationship with my uncle that turned sexual. To have covered the complete interaction would have taken a book. Therefore I have just covered the first sexual awaking between us. There always was a love bond between us and it developed into something greater. To me, it was of the foremost importance and a time of immense emotional and sexual maturing. I will not call this a story, because to me it is a narrative documentary - one that I have found very difficult to write in some areas. To you, it may be only the story of a young girl losing her virginity, or just an interesting tale, or an incestuous sexual story -- to me it was my life. I have gone into a full descriptive recital of our first sexual encounter. In documenting it fully, I am hoping others realize that a sexually love bond with an uncle is not a repulsive occurrence and can be very beneficial to a younger person. My confidence level and self esteem soared after this first liaison. For the longest time my libido was calmed and I was able to concentrate on other aspects of life (i.e., school). Yes, I actually became a better student. The union steered me away from other, possibly less benevolent sexual encounters with younger males that would not have had the deep love interest that my uncle demonstrated. I felt fulfilled and that I had completely entered the adult world. In the end it benefited me immensely, six years have past and I still count myself as being most fortunate. Love is a powerful emotion and though it, I discovered the joys of love-sex in an environment that was very safe, kind and understanding. I would like to talk about this more in depth after the narrative, so as to allow others who may not be interested in my message, to get on with the enjoyment of reading about my experience.

The main purpose of my writing is not to be pornographic (it is pornographic), but to share my somewhat rare experience with others. To do so, I have had to expose my young fundament feminine sexual urges. I have done this completely and honestly to the best of my ability. Having revealed the naked truth for all to see and ponder. I am hoping others in the same situation will benefit from it and quietly seek the love of ones who truly cherish them, be they an uncle or not. In conveying the information, I have tried to preserve my views and thoughts as I was, a teenager (18 years old) and write as such. This I found most difficult to do accurately. Much thought has gone in to it, so please enjoy, contemplate and discuss.


Mother was of half French descent and of half Polynesian. Father is part French and American, his family emigrating to American when he was only 4 years old. I guess this makes me still half French by decent. Mother is the family beauty, being long dark haired and of slender build with a warm Polynesian look. She is a kind compassionate loving woman who always was there for me. Father was supportive and loving, but often was gone for months at a time on work trips to different parts of the world. We lived in Hawaii, in a quiet area, your average family, with a slightly higher than average education. Our entire family is very heath conscious, very sports involved and fit. Most of my time was taken up in competitive swimming, gymnastics, school work or music practice. I loved my parents and being a single child they gave me much attention.

Mothers only brother, Uncle Chuck who lived close to us (several streets away in a condo), was a frequent visitor. Uncle Chuck actually had several small condos on the islands and one on the mainland, where he was gone on business numerous times a year. He was a bachelor, but had a constant female companion (that was Joan). Both seemed perpetually busy and in motion, although Uncle told mom that one day he would settle down and start a family with Joan.

Uncle was a man that has a zest for life and living. He seemed to do almost everything, but his favorite hobby was sailing -- which he included us in, taking us for day trips and the odd overnighter.

Most of his vacations revolved around a one week sailing trip, often with Joan and occasionally by himself. Mom said it was part of her families Polynesian heritage to go out on the water and that is why Uncle Chuck like the sailing so much. I do admit that the times Uncle took the family out, I enjoyed it immensely.

Uncle had promised to take us out for a five day trip this year, but dad had landed a big contract and was gone to Europe for the month. And this is where I will begin;

Finished swim practice and coming home, I bolted thought the gate, towards the kitchen patio and the kitchen. Mom was just sitting on the patio deck and working on her books. I gave a hug hello and scooted off to shower and to change. Coming back down I asked the classic what's for dinner question to mom, just as Uncle Chuck rounded house corner. He was in causal dress and looked very happy.

"Hey kiddo how's swimming going?" he questioned me.

"Hi Uncle Chuck, just great!" I responded.

Chuck looked at my mom and asked, "Hey Penny (that's moms short name) how about all of us going off on that sailing trip to Hanalei Bay (Kauai) we've being chatting about lately -- like tomorrow? The weather reports are just great."

I immediately cheered, having the next three weeks completely free and loving the thought of us all going over to Hanalei Bay.

Mom, frowned and replied, "Chuck, I'm right in the middle of closing two sales and just can't spare the time now. How about in a week and a half, I'll be free and so is Jane."

"Well I think that will be OK, but depends on the weather."

Mom looked at my slightly fallen face and made a snap decision, "Why don't you take Jane and go."

"Up to Jane, but it would only be the two of us, Joan's is on the main land for the next two months staying in my Seattle suite."

Mom looked at me and asked, "Well Jane, you want to go?"

I smiled and said, "Sure as long as Uncle Chuck can put up with me." Inside I was going yes, yes, yes. I had my Uncle all to myself for five whole days. It would be great -- I just did not know how great yet.

Now Uncle Chuck, was one of my best friends and I just adored him to the point I had a teenage crush on him at that time. He was always there for me and probably spent more time than anyone outside my mother, listening and talking with me. Many times I had sleep-overs when I was younger at his place, sometimes alone and sometimes when Joan was around. Uncle was easy to talk to and as I had progressed into my late teens always treated me like an adult. Many times we walked alone together and talked about anything that came to mind. I trusted him with things that I may not have told others and he never judged me. We covered drugs, smoking, drinking and social issues with teens. Sometimes I talked to him about boys and why they act the way they do. Interestingly enough Uncle Chuck never seemed like a parent to me. He never dosed out long tirades of advice, but offered a point here or there. I listen to him and did find it helped a lot, but most of the time he just listened to me.

The only time he seemed upset about our conversion was when I told him about the date I had with Dale Flint. (note#1) Dale was one of the high schools cool guys and he asked me out on a Saturday night. I OK'ed it, thinking that it might be fun to be dating him, since he had broken off with Jessica Hurst over six months ago. Some of the other girls talked about him a lot, but all I remember is he liked cars. Well, we went out and all he did was talk about what he was going to do and how he was going to make a lot of money. I tried to be polite and listen, but to be truthful, found him boring. On the way home he asked to stop by the beach so we parked and I could see he wanted to kiss me. So OK, at least he wasn't bragging anymore. He kissed me somewhat aggressively, then squeezed my breast very hard. I pushed him away and told him that, that hurt. It did, my breasts where very tender then. Not once did he consider my feelings and I asked to be taken home. I tried not to make a big deal out of it, due to the talk that can go around the school about this kind of thing. I wish I had told him I was busy that night.

He drove me home and I jumped out right away, saying, I'll see him around - still trying to keep things light. Well, I'm sure I heard him say bitch as he sped off.

Right, what did I do -- he was the jerk. That bother me and I was still a bit worried about it going around high school. My friend Molly told me that he had done the same to another girl previously.

Later walking with Uncle I mentioned what had happened. Uncle never said anything about physical violence, but I got the idea that he would like to punch the brat (as he called him) several times. (note #2) Uncle explained that this guy was still a boy and was needing to grow up. He cautioned me about only going out with guys I got to know reasonable well and actually liked. He explained there would be lots of boys to choose from. I didn't quite understand, but he said I had a natural beauty that would help very much (his words). I kept thinking that Mom was the beauty in the family (she is), I still don't wear much makeup (most of the time none). (note #3.)

Being in the last year of high school many of the other girls had sexual experiences. For some reason I had missed out on most of it, having been so busy with school, music, swimming and occasionally traveling with mom and dad. I often listen to the others talk about the guys they went out with and what happened. I didn't feel left out, just a bit curious. I had, had the typical girlhood crushes but nothing too serious. Molly, my best friend knew I was green and I knew she had lost her virginity to one of the guys on the football team. She never told me all the details, but I did understand that it was not good and he lost interest in her, almost right after. I remember Molly crying several times.



This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

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