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Sunrise My Darling
by Jane T. Rolly

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I packed up for the trip taking a duffel bag full of cloths for all conditions and a supply of tampons as my period was going to be due soon, lots of sun tan lotion and the standard assortment girl works. Mom picked us up several bags of groceries the night before and Uncle came by very early in the morning to pick me up. I hugged mom bye and jumped in with Uncle.

"Hey Jane, good morning, how you doing today?" he asked.

"OK Uncle Chuck. How's the weather look?"

"Absolutely perfect," he responded. Uncle seemed excited about the trip. We packed up the boat and where gone before sunrise, motoring for several hours. The trip from Oahu to Kauai is a fairly long one about 65 miles between islands across Kauai Channel and almost double that, port to port. As the sun came up Uncle Chuck hauled up the sails, as I took the tiller. We had good wind and made excellent time towards Kauai. Uncle had instructed me on sailing in the past, but I was not that good yet, due to lack of practice, but every trip helps. Uncle on the hand was in his element, although most of the time he let me handle the tiller. I enjoyed the excitement of tacking and the feel of the boat cutting thought the water and waves.

By lunch we could see the coast of Kauai, by evening we where rounding the corner in to Hanalei Bay. Personally I love Hanalei Bay -- I think it is one of the most beautiful places in the Islands. The evening scents where like flowers and warm jungle. Uncle dropped anchor in a quiet spot in the bay and set a stern anchor as well, keeping the bow to the small waves entering the anchorage.

"Well Jane I don't know about you, but I'm hungry. What do you say we fix dinner together?"

Together we prepared a light boat dinner, ate, then cleaned up. I was enjoying every minute with Uncle, I had my attention on him all the time. After dinner we listened to music and sat in the stern cockpit relaxing and enjoying the bay and stars. There is something about a day of sailing that wears you down. I'm not sure, but maybe the extra effort of moving around on a moving boat works the muscles more. I was getting a bit to relaxed, when Uncle suggested turning in.

"Jane, will the V-berth be OK for you? I'll will take the fold down bench berth in the main salon."

"OK Uncle," I responded with a smile.

I took first turn in the head and washed up and changed into a long T-shirt. I left my panties on, but removed my bra.

Coming out I pointed to the head and said, "Your turn." Uncle looked at me and I'm sure I saw his eyes on my breasts.

"Jane you are getting older and looking great," he observed. I smiled at the complement from an older man. Turning in, I started to think about Uncle and wonder what it would be like to hold him and fall asleep -- as I drifted off to sleep.

Next morning I was up just after Uncle Chuck, both of us being early risers. After breakfast we rowed the dingy to the pier and walked around the beach and explored the area. I liked being with Uncle and I liked people seeing us together as we walked the quiet street. I think it was at this point, that I started to realize, that I was really in love with my Uncle. It may sound dumb, like a school girls crush, but I started to think of him as my man - at least on this trip.

Mid morning we headed back to the boat.

"Lets go for a swim before lunch," suggested Uncle Chuck.

I thought a swim would be nice and went below to change. Rather than change in the head I pulled out my one piece swim suit and changed in the main salon. Thinking Uncle was up on deck securing the dingy and checking the anchor lines, I peeled off my clothing. Just as I pulled the suit up my bottom, Uncle came down the companionway.

"Opps" he said, as I stood bare breasted sideways to him.

I put my hands on my breasts and said, "That's OK," blushing a little. Uncle turned as I pulled my top up. Now, I don't know if I had changed there hoping to get caught, but my hands did not cover up all that fast. A few minutes later, Uncle told me I had beautiful breasts and not to worry. I did know what to say, but I sure like the complement and I liked that he saw me bare.

Diving into the crystal blue water we swam into the beach. In the near distance the cliffs towered up like idyllic green walls -- this was paradise. We swam and played for about an hour totally enjoying ourselves. Splashing each other and frolicking, Uncle picked me up and dunked me. I mocking protested loudly, but really wanted to be close to him. I jumped up on him and wrapped my legs around his waist as we fell back into water. I held him tight and was lost in a world of fun, play and romance.

Back at the boat we lunched on sandwiches and I chatted up a storm. Uncle made me feel so relaxed. After lunch we decided to rest in the sun on board and listen to music and read - a wind-down day.

Going below, I changed from my one piece swim suit to my bikini. Grabbing the suntan lotion, and my sun blouse I headed topside. Up on deck Uncle was flopped out on a towel with just his shorts on. Pulling up beside him, I plopped down.

"Hey sir, can you get my back?" I requested, turning over on my tummy and passing the suntan lotion.

"Where did you get that hot suit from?" he exclaimed. Teasing me, Uncle dripped cool lotion spots all over my back. I shouted though the ordeal in playful protest. What I didn't shout about was when Uncle started to rub it in. I laid back and closed my eyes as he rubbed my back going under the top straps. His hand on my back was arousing me and I was doing my best to hide it. I tensed as he went just under the edge on my bottoms. He then jumped down to the inside of my legs and I parted slightly to allow him access. He looked up and caught me looking at him, he smiled back and continued to rub the cream in down my legs. After he finished me, he paused, stopped, then rubbed my bum.

"How's that love?" he asked.

Whooo, I was heaven.

"Great," I responded, smiling back at him. Quietly we laid side by side, taking in the sun and relaxation. After about twenty minutes I put my sun blouse on, to shade a bit from the hot sun. Lying on my back, I couldn't stop thinking about how Uncle rubbed my bum and I turned to look at him. He was reading a magazine and dropped it as I looked.

"What up Jane?" he asked.

"Nothing Uncle ... well, I was just thinking - thank you for taking me," I responded. He reached for my hand and gently held it. I instantly wrapped my fingers around his and beamed at him. Something changed between us at that moment -- I think we both noticed it. He leaned over and lightly kissed me on the lips. I trembled and kissed him back. We held hands for the next ten minutes. I was becoming aroused just by hold his hand and did know what to do. Gently I rubbed him with my fingers. He squeezed back. Again I rubbed his fingers, looking, wanting something from him. Uncle turned and looked at me, saying nothing. I looked down, then up into his eyes. I locked eyes with him and could not look away. I couldn't hide what I was feeling any more.

Slowly, I heard him say, "Jane, I know, I understand."

God how could he know, when I was to scared to even think about the possibility. To be honest Uncle never was the aggressor between us. He only took me where I want to go -- maybe where we both wanted to go.

Rising, he put his T-shirt on. Then taking my hand, he peaceful said, "Lets go below."

I followed below as Uncle lead me. In the salon he sat down and let me stand in front of him. I knew what was going on and I could have just said no at anytime, but that was not what I wanted.

Still holding my hand Uncle eased me over to his knee and I sat down, putting both arms around me he held me. I did not waste a second. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I hugged him back. I did not know where this was leading to and I was to frightened to even think about it. Uncle, very tenderly kissed my neck. Turning I met his mouth and we fully kissed. Breaking the kiss, my heart was pounding in my chest. I gently rubbed his cheek with mine, not sure what to do next, but wanting more.

The Emotions of Love

Sitting on his knee I hugged him tightly, I could feel the sexual tension between us and I think he could also. Gently kissing my neck, Uncle asked if I was sure I wanted this to happen.

The best I could do was make a quiet, "Yaa" and nod a little -- I was extremely nervous and could not hide it. We had hugged many times in the past, but I knew this was much different. This man I knew so well and loved so much, was as gentle as you could imagine with me. I was a wreck, hardly able to talk and was very stiff. I was going to start my period soon and my teenage libido was peaked and raging inside me. As I sat on his knee, I pushed my head tightly into his.

Uncle slowly rubbed my back and whispered, "Easy Jane, easy." His warmth and smell had intoxicated me and I was in love. With a definite rhythm he massaged my back and moved around to my tummy. I tensed slightly and slowly relaxed as his warm hand drained away my inhibitions. Pushing me back a little, Uncle unbuttoned the middle of my sun blouse. Looking directly into my eyes, he ever so slowly slipped his hand into my blouse and touched my covered breast, cupping the left one completely on the outside of my bikini top. My breathing was forced with a nervous shudder to it.

Oh god that felt good, my nipples where absolutely rock hard. I sat on his knee with my chest rising and falling, my breath ragged and forced.

"Jane its OK," he said softly, to comfort me. "Its OK to be a little scared, I'm here to be with you and help you, I love you very much sweetheart."

Licking my lips, I managed a little nod back. Methodically Uncle unbuttoned the rest of my blouse and opened it up. Sliding his hand up the side of my waist he moved his hand to my top again. Cupping each of my covered breasts he felt me, then leisurely ran his finger tips deliberately over the bumps of my nipples. I quivered at each light touch, a warm glow starting to build in my body. I can never remember ever being so excited! Having only my sun blouse over my bikini, I did not have any thing else on and was in for a small surprise -- because I was aroused, I was leaking on my uncle's shorts not having a panty liner on.

"Lets make ourselves comfortable Jane," pushing me to a standing position, we both saw the small dark wet spot on his green shorts.

Embarrassed, I mumbled, "I'm sorry Uncle Chuck," as I simultaneously looked down at what I had done and at the large bugle in his shorts. I didn't know what to do or say and just stood looking, dumb, I guess. Uncle did not hesitate. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my lips not releasing his mouth, he rubbed his lips around on my lips. It became a very wet kiss. I absolutely loved this and at this point would have done anything for this man.

Gently breaking the embrace, Uncle folded open the bench seat on the boat and laid down.

"Come on Jane, come get on top of me," he commanded. I silently obeyed, gingerly jumping on top of him. Once more we kissed deeply and passionately. Uncle Chuck looked at me and asked how I was doing.

This time I answered, "good Chuck," making a little smile and dropping the uncle.

He smiled at me, "Jane I want to see your nervousness, it shows your innocence and turns me on." I didn't fully understand, but I like the idea I turning him on. Pecking kisses up at me, he stated being wet was just part of love making and that he loved the thought of me being wet. I knew I was somewhat ready for what was coming and felt it incredible. Sitting up on my Uncle as he laid on his back, I had my legs straddled around him like a horse. I looked down at him not knowing what to do or what I could do with him. Inhibitions filled me. After all, this was my uncle, but I was very aroused by him. There was no going back for both of us, but I still didn't know how to make love to him. He had to lead the way and teach. I would follow.

Opening the front of my sun blouse, Uncle pulled it off my shoulders to expose my bikini covered bust. I'm not large breasted, but do have long nipples similar to pencil erasers and both where fully erect at this time and protruding from the material and forming bumps. Pulling me down on to his chest Uncle reached around and undid the clip on my top. Lifting me back to my sitting position, my top was very loose. He placed his hands on the top of my hips as he slowly slid them up my sides towards my loose top. Carefully pushing away the flimsy material Uncle put both hands on my bare mounds. I quivered at his touch as the warmth of his hands spread into my breasts. The ends of my nipples tingled with sensation as they where caressed bare for the first time. My face flush with heat, as I blushed from my Uncle's attentions. Slowly he knead my young tits as I gasped, shaking and enjoying it. Maybe only women understand how nice this feels, but I loved the tenderness and intimacy. With a delicate touch he held my nipples in between his thumbs and index fingers and rolled and pulled on them. Electricity bolted though my body to my vagina and clitoris, I moaned out softly and uncontrolled.

"Jane," Uncle said bringing me back. Do you like that?

"Yes Uncle, yes.", I whimpered.

"Jane please tell me when you like something and I will do my best to turn you on." Pulling my mouth down to his we kissed again, this time I felt his tongue on my lips and I opened my mouth and allowed him in. As explored each other I lost all track of time, I was once again seeping on to him with my feminine juices. My god I was wet and nervous, but I loved kissing him and being close.

Uncle asked me to do something very strange at this time; looking into my eyes he asked me to spit into his mouth. I didn't understand why and I think my wide eyes expressed the wonder.

"Jane it's part of being extremely intimate. I want to show you that we are one."

Being nervous I could not get much spit up, but did manage a bit and dribbled it into his mouth. Uncle licked it up and then swallowed. This did something to me as I watched in wonder. I did not feel that it was gross and was starting to get use to close bodily contact, as usual Uncle was right, this as just a sample of what was coming between us.

Pulling me over his mouth Uncle Chuck started to kiss my ear lobe, like a small caterpillar his tongue ran done my neck. The attention was fabulous. Moving me forward and above him, my breasts pointed down (and looking bigger) at his face. I understood he now wanted to suck them, but instead kissed my upper chest and swirled his tongue around to the edge of my arm pit. Again, I was breathing heavily -- he was teasing me and it was working.

I heard him murmur, "Mmmmh Jane, your skin is so smooth and soft."

Sweat was forming on me now as my breast where inches from his mouth. Slowly he lapped at my skin then licked into my arm pit.

I giggled and yelped, "Oh Uncle, that feels nice."

Stopping for moment, Uncle smiled and replied, "You taste nice honey."

Quickly he licked my naked breast crossing my nipple. I pushed my chest out looking for more of that. Uncle responded by licking and sucking my nipples, both of which where fully erect. Shivers of sensation ran up my spine in delight as I watched Uncle, from above, nurse on me. Looking down, it just turn me on more that it was my Uncle. My breaths where coming in long deep shuddered pants now. My hip where starting to rub my Uncles tummy as I pushed into him with my sex. I could smell his body and both of us where hot. I craved the closeness of this man I loved. Both my tender breasts where in his hands as he licked circles around my crinkled areola and flicked at my nipples with his tongue. Pushing back against my breasts he sat me up, immediately I could feel his erect penis twitch between my legs. I pushed against it by instinct and it was Uncles turn to react.

"Go slowly Jane, we have lots of time honey," he whispered.

With that he pushed me over and got on top of me. My legs naturally went around the outside of him, in one submissive motion. Pecking kisses at me he asked if I was OK to go on -- he was controlling the progress of our love making and being very careful and cautious with me. I loved him all the more for it as he slowly drew me into a very long intense sex session. I will never forget this as my desire and emotions build from one extreme peak to another.

My quiet answer was, "I love you Uncle Chuck."

"Jane you have the most beautiful eyes, yes my little niece, the most beautiful eyes. Love gets serious after this my girl," he said firmly.

I nodded OK, not really being that sure. I was eighteen and understood sex, but was innocent, a virgin and a bit naive, both sexually and emotionally. What I did know, is I was intensely in love with this man and trusted him fully. I wanted this; there was no doubt about it. By referring to me as his niece, I felt very special to him, beyond just a lover.

"Jane, I will be with you in the morning and the next day, together we will work though this -- Ok?"

This made me feel contented and happy. I didn't know it at the time, but somehow he knew there was going to be some strong emotions revealed between us and from me.

For minutes we laid together kissing and looking at each other. It was so soft and peaceful and warm. My Uncle was taking good care of me and I was in heaven. This time I was on the bottom and with my legs around him in a love embrace. I was completely submissive and his to do with what ever he wanted. Methodically he worked down my neck kissing and nibbling me. Sitting up he grab both my hands and pulled my arms above my head.

"Jane your gorgeous," he said. Tapping my cheeks with kisses, slowly he moved his head to my armpit and started to lick it. I'm not sure why, but this started my hips and legs to contract around him as I was being driven into heat again. As Uncle licked my armpits, he hand massaged my bare breasts -- and Oh, how I loved it. As if he followed a pre-planned path, Uncle moved from one arm pit to the other, across my nipples. Anchored at my bottom end by his torso, I pushed my hips into him even harder and squeezed with my legs.

"Jane, I want you to keep your hands behind your head honey, OK?"

"Yeah," was my only response. Slowly he moved his licking down over my left breast and lower. I new what was coming and my nervousness built to a crescendo. Gently he placed his hands on my breast as he licked down across my tummy. Slowly his weight came off me as he moved down. As he kissed to the top of my bikini bottom, he checked one last time;

"OK Jane?" All I could do was to spread my legs a little wider in response. I was scared and excited beyond belief.

Over the next five minutes Uncle worked my bikini bottoms down as he followed it with his tongue. Just above my pubic hair he stopped and lifted my bottom and pull the backs off and then let me settle back.

I heard him murmur, "Mmmh Jane you are so wet."

Slowly his tongue went though my public hair to the top cleft of my sex lips. I felt shivers going up and down my spine as my most private feminine place was to be explored by my Uncle. Millimeter by millimeter he lowered my covering until I was bare in front of his face.

"Mmhh beautiful pubic hair," as he curled and pulled at my private hair with his mouth.

"Jane, lets take these off," requested Uncle.

As I swung my legs together he removed my bottoms. Uncle then spread my legs until my bare womanhood was fully in his face. I was glowing red with embarrassment, from his examination. First he smelt me with deep inhales as he kept repeating "Jane, Jane, Jane." My labia where swollen and full, moist with the dew of lubrication. Then I felt Uncle Chucks tongue lick my vagina. I wasn't ready for the effect as I gasped, shaking at his touches. My breathing was ragged and forced as he watched my response to his stimulation. My hands flew to his head as I held his hair.

"Easy Jane, easy," he repeated. "Are you ready for another one,"

"Yes Uncle!" I almost cried. Once again he gave my vulva a long slow lick. I lifted my hips and arched my back in an involuntary response to his tongue.

"Ohh Uncle ohh" I sighed softly. He let me rest for a moment, which only made me more desirous. Looking down at my Uncle lying between my naked legs was just turning me on, never mind the slow licking I was getting. Unconsciously I squirmed my loins in and out at him as I waited for more tonguing. I was intoxicated with this new feeling and craved more. He watched me for a moment then continued. (note #4)

Sweat was pouring out of every pore on my body at this time and I was flushed with redness as my Uncle explored me.



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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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