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Sunrise My Darling
by Jane T. Rolly

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

"Jane please let me know if you like this." God what a question to ask, I was as tense as possible and feeling extremely vulnerable. I'm not sure if Uncle understood how vulnerable I felt, lying in front of him with my legs wide apart and my bare vulva in his face as I released my most hidden sexual desires and responses. My lubricating juice was leaking out of me constantly now. I would not have been able to do this with any other man. Gently he kissed my labia, separating them with his tongue, (I do have large labia majora), striking my clitoris with a firm lick, I bucked up and started to undulate my legs. I was been driven crazy with this licking. Again Uncle's tongue circled my pulsating sensitive clitoris and I shuddered, pulling on his hair and ears.

"Easy Jane, easy my girl" he repeated again. Once again he licked me, this time he started low around my vaginal opening and ran up to my clit.

Once again I bucked up and cried out to him, "Chuck, Chuck." He looked up with an endearing smile. Dropping low he started to suck on me and probe my hole with the tip of his tongue. This was easier to take and not as intense as pressure on my clitoris. At this point I was a little self conscious about my wetness and my Uncle tasting me. I then suddenly realized he was lapping up my vaginal wetness! I pushed back his head and looked at him. Staring back at me we locked eyes and then I fully understood how much love there was between us.

"Jane your my lover now and I will not hold back on anything, I can't. Our love making is going to be as intense and intimate as possible."

With that I open my legs further apart and raise my hips in response. This had an immediate effect on him and he went at my feminine sex organs with rigor. Licking my sex lips rapidly like an ice cream cone, sucking me on each lip as he alternately pulled them out to their full lengths with his mouth and then releasing. All my inhibitions where being forced out of me and I displayed all of my passions. I didn't care what Uncle thought of me any more. I couldn't help myself, also I think this is what he wanted. I started to groan and oscillate as I responded to his mouth and tongue. I was out of control again and was drooling saliva out of the side of my mouth, as my young sensitive vulva was being expertly teased into raw lust. Below, Uncle Chuck slowly and deliberately ate my innocence away.

At one point he was holding me down as he worked my womanhood over -- I was actually crying at one moment from the sensation of the oral sex and the emotional intensity. Dropping low he entered my vaginal hole, (this I liked), in and out he went, wiggling his tongue as lapped at the insides. He was at the heart of my femininity and I nothing left to hide. I submitted fully to him and laid back oscillating and grinding to his tempo, my breath was raging and uncontrolled, goose bumps ran up my arms as my spine tingled. He had me and I was his, as I watched him suck my young juices up, and god I loved him. Slowing he started to kiss and mouth the inside root of my thigh as we rested for a moment. Then I felt his fingers on my lower lips, opening and spreading them, exposing my swollen clitoris. He alternately kissed it and blew across it. This sent me though the roof and was harder to take than the direct licking and pressure. I tried to pull away a little, but Uncle pulled me back and did it again. I moaned loudly this time and bucked harder.

"Please Uncle, please, more" I squealed -- I was in his control and doing what he told me. He reached up and held my hands.

"OK Jane, but you hold your lips apart for me." God I felt strange as I held myself open, as my Uncle inspected and kissed my clitoris. Then he dipped a little lower around my pee hole, rasping his tongue against it. I was very sensitive to this and quivered. As I felt his tongue slid over my fingers and my labia, it was the most erotic feeling I can ever remember. Uncle gently licked away at my fingers and vulva as we both slid up and down my sex organs. My hips gyrated to his touches. Reaching down he pulled my legs up high and above my body then apart, this forced my vagina out and spread it. Licking me again in long juicy stokes, Uncle dipped lower until he was just above my anus.

I cried out in embarrassment, "No Chuck, no," as I realized what we were going to do.

Uncle was also now breathing very hard, as he panted out, "Its OK Jane, I want you love." Ever so slowly he licked my anus teasing me partly, as he go a bit then back off. I went crazy as he had to hold me down. I sobbed in an emotional sexual whirlwind, but honestly I thought at first it ticked, but did enjoy it -- I loved it.

Uncle knew, he teased the raw desire out of me and made feel comfortable enough to display it. He loved it and so did I. Slowly he let me calm down. I watch him anew as he laid his head by my public hair and pulled at it with his mouth. We laid in a quiet sexually embrace like this for five to ten minutes. I rubbed his head and ears in an affectionate manner. I was completed nude with my Uncle and total comfortable, he knew how to make me feel at ease, as he took me though my desires and I guess his. The beach towel under my bottom was very damp.

Uncle got up and pulled a paper towel off the roll and wiped his face. I smile at him and he smiled back.

"Your very wet Jane," he reported.

I just looked at him with moon eyes and smiled more.

"You OK," he asked?

"Yes, I loved it," I told him. "I want to be with you."

Looking back I wish I had told him a million things about what we had shared and how I felt, but all I could do was smile and nodded. I think I may have been overwhelmed with my new experience and being with my Uncle.

I did one of the boldest things at that point. I reached over and felt the bulge in his shorts. I guess I was becoming more confidant. I put my hand on him and just held it there. I knew what a penis looked like and all about it, but this was my uncle. He stood there patiently while I gave his manhood tiny squeezes. I looked up and again our eyes met. We both knew were we where going and there was no stopping. I was going to be my Uncles woman today, he knew it and I knew it.

"Do you want to see Jane?" he asked.

"Please show me Uncle," I said in a whisper. "Show me everything."

He pulled up his T-shirt, I watch as his chest muscles flex and he smiled back. He was a fit man and well shaped. Uncle then reached for his shorts as I sat several feet away looking directly at his bugle. I was feeling a little nervous again, but my curiosity was peaked. I did not know where to look as he pulled down his shorts. I looked first at his face and then his exposing erection. My gosh he had a lot of hair as he kicked off his shorts. I had accidentally seen uncle naked before, when he was showering at the family pool. It was only a flash as I had open the door by mistake -- he never said anything about it. Now though he was fully hard and I was staring at him - at it. Lifting my hand he guided it to his penis. I held his shaft and was surprised at how warm it was and how smooth the skin was.

"I'm uncircumcised Jane this is my foreskin," he instructed as I looked on. I watch and listened with fascination. Here I was holding Uncles manhood, whooh, that was a rush.

He pulled back his skin and then let it go over again. "Here you try Jane." Gently I pulled it back and forth, as he demonstrated. Ohh how I loved being intimate with him. I looked at the head under his skin and noticed it was wet too. Also it did smell, not a terrible smell, but one that was strong. My hand went to his testicles as I held both, they where hairy, warm and extremely soft. Uncle stood still while I held him and studied a man close up. He was very patient. I traced the veins in his shaft and felt his foreskin as it covered his head, it was all so soft. I then pulled back his skin again, I touched the tip and rubbed my finger across the small slit on the head. Uncle groaned. Quickly I looked up and asked if I hurt him.

"No, keep going that just feels good."

Getting use to the smell, I then swirled my finger around his head and down to the skin letting the skin pop back up again.

"Jane take your hand and stoke my shaft start up on the head."

I did as I was told, pulling his skin back as I slid over the shaft. Uncle liked this as he pushed his penis out and up and told me to do it again. This time I just kept going. I knew what this was doing to him as he started to push into my hand. Uncle started making deep sounds from his throat. I was fascinated that I could turn him on like that. With my other hand I held his testicles. I lookup into his eyes and watched his face.

Yes, he definitely liked this.

"Jane stop, I don't want to finish like this." I stopped, but Uncle just looked at me. He then told me I can do anything I like with him. I kept looking up not knowing what he wanted, then it came to me, he wanted me to suck him. I put my face next to his erection and rubbed my cheek against the man I loved, while I still held his scrotum. I honestly was not ready to do this. I very much wanted to make him happy, but I just wasn't ready to do this. I looked back up at him and wished, hoped, he would understand. Immediately he bent down and cupped my face with his hands.

"Hey its OK, doesn't matter. Do only what you want to and what makes you feel good."

Oh god, I almost burst out into tears at that point, he was so understanding and compassionate with me.

The Emotions of Sex

Both us being totally naked we embraced and then laid back down on the long bench bed. We hugged and kissed enjoying each other for a while. Uncle asked if I want to go on. I told him that I was his and that I wanted to make love with him -- that was the truth. I very much wanted to go all the way with him. Uncle turned me over on my tummy and gave me a good back rub that went from head to toe. I must say I like getting my cheeks rubbed. I was so relaxed and mellow. He then flipped me over and started to kiss me and massage my breasts. Most of the time he kept his face close to mine and often looked into my eyes. I was still very aroused when he again worked on my nipples. I started breathing heavily once more. Slowing he move down, rubbing my tummy. I shivered in anticipation as he touched my pubic hair. Gently he pulled my legs apart all the time watching me. I tried not to be too nervous, but he knew I was. Methodically he swirled his hands across the inside on my thighs. I spread my legs every time he came close to my vagina. I was shaking now with excite, passion and a bit of anticipation. Uncle bent his head down and engaged me a long deep kiss at the same time I felt his hand on my vulva. He held me firmly pushing in on my entire gentile area. I broke the kiss, pulling for air, my mouth was open and my breathing was coming in shudders. I felt the pressure again on my clitoris and this had an immediate effect -- I pushed back. He started to work me with his open hand as I pushed my hips into it and he pushed back. Once again, I was leaking profusely in a sexual heat. Uncle started to work his finger into my vagina as I still pushed back. Jane I think you are ready my love. I nodded in assent as he wiggled his finger in heart of femininity.

"Mhh you are so soft and gooey inside honey," he whispered into my ear.

God, he had me so horny at this time.

Uncle Chuck pulled my legs right apart and kneeled over me. I could see his erection as he pointed down to my vagina. Opening my lips he pushed the head of his penis into my opening. I tensed and lifted my hips, my hands where shaking as I felt my most private space being opened and invaded. Looking at Uncle, he was focused between my legs, his breath was also coming in nervous pants..

Looking at me he reassured, "Don't worry Jane I will go slow." Feeling his tip spread my entrance, I wiggled slightly and his glands slipped into my vagina as I shook. Gently he rocked in me, as he pushed deeper into my body. My canal was stretched tight apart as I accepted him. I could feel his penis head cautiously move back and forth inside and I was pushing back to his rhythm. My body was stiff and tight as I locked my muscles. I forced my breaths in and out of my lungs with a deep nervous shudders as Uncle took me. Sex sweat beaded from every pore on my skin.

"Ohh so wet darling, so wet," he sighed. Slowly he came down on top of me as I wrapped my legs around him. His hands slid under my bum and lifted me a little. Uncle had now buried half his penis in me and he started to thrust. I hooked my arms under his and over to the top of his shoulders. On each thrust he went deeper and I lifted to meet it. The feeling of his penis deep in me was so strange. I loved the pressures as he met and pushed on my clitoris -- every feeling in my body seems to come from between my legs. (note #5)

Suddenly Uncle tensed and started pumping me rapidly. Shuddering, I moaned loudly, tightening around him. I was flushed, sweating profusely and mouth breathing. Sweat was running down my face, chin and chest where it dripped off. My nipples where erect and rock hard. I pushed back the best I could and squeezed on his penis as he thrusted me. Uncle was snorting his breaths out, he was hot and wet everywhere. His hands dug into my buttocks as he enjoyed me and his penis was now buried to the end and was touching my cervix. I held it the best I could with my vagina. Slowing Uncle Chuck started to stop. I wonder why?

"Jane, Jane," he panted, make it last. Dropping to a gentle thrust he push deep and instructed me to feel us together. He lifted a bit and both our hands slid down to our unison, and I felt his penis root as it penetrated into my vulva. I felt his fingers also exploring the moist area. My fingers combed though our combined nest of wet sex hair. He pulled out a little and pushed in several times while we felt ourselves. All the time uncle kept sighing and going augh, augh. I knew he was enjoying me now and I craved it. I squeezed back hard on his tip and I watched his face change. He started to wiggle his penis back and forth sideways in me and it was my turn to gasp as I felt his full length push on my sides, I shuddered again as he continued.

He looked down at me, he said, "You like that, don't you Niece?"



This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

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